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~Chapter 13~

At the end of the day Michael was at his locker getting everything he needed. As he shut his locker he saw Nika coming towards him. He smiled “Hey”

“Hey yourself” Nika said leaning against the locker next to him. “So what are you doing later tonight?” she asked.

“Ah Jill, Kristy, Sara, Sucre, and Ben are coming to my place to hang out. Do you want to come?”

Nika stood there thinking about it. She wanted to spend sometime with Michael. Alone. “Well I have some stuff to take care of maybe I’ll stop by.”

Michael smiled at her. “Great” as he started to walk away he turned back to her once more. “Listen you should talk to Kristine, she hasn’t heard from you and she wants to know if something is wrong.”

Nika gave a sarcastic laugh, “We talked yesterday morning” Nika snapped. She saw the surprise look on Michael’s face about the way she reacted and she didn’t want to start anything. “Alright, I’ll call her and tell her everything is okay. Oh I wanted to ask you there is a party Friday night at Anthony Carter’s do you want to go? I think Linc and the football players are going to be there.”

Michael said he’d think about it. After he says goodbye Nika watch Michael walk down the hallway. She was curious as to where he was going because the exit to the school was the other way. Slowly she followed him and saw him approach HER.

“Hey you ready?” Michael said as he walked up to Sara.

“Ah yeah” Sara said closing her locker and putting her bag over her shoulder.

The two had decided that they would stay at school until the football tryouts were done and then get a ride back to Michael’s house with Linc.

Michael and Sara made their way down the hall talking and laughing together. Both of them were oblivious to the looks Nika was giving them as they walked passed her.

Making their way outside, Michael and Sara climbed up the stands of the football field.

“Hey Michael” Veronica called as she waved them over to where her and Jess were sitting.

Michael nodded and then led Sara over to them. Veronica smiled at Sara. “Sara right?”

“Yeah” she answered as she and Michael took their seats in front of them.

Jess laughed when she saw Jill run passed a guy before he even looks at her. “I’ll tell Yay, Jill has been kicking their asses the whole practice.”

“She’s defiantly Justin and Sam’s little sister” Veronica said. “I remember how you, me, Linc, Jill and her brothers used to play in her back yard.” She told Michael when we were kids.

Michael chuckled “No we played, you picked dandelions.”

Veronica gave him a look and hit him on the back of the head.

“Ow” Michael groaned as he rubbed the back of his head and look at Sara for sympathy.

“Sorry you deserved that” Sara laughed

“Well Vee I’ll just say you always did seem to enjoy the tackle part” and before Veronica could hit him again Michael got out of her reach.

Veronica just gave a mischievous grin and smiled at Sara and Jess. Once it was safe Michael sat back down and watched the practice. They saw all the players’ start running and Linc threw the ball to Jill and she dodged Derek with what look like little effort. The four in the stand started laughing.

“Go Jill!” Jess called out.

Derek looked up in the stands at them with his hands up as if to say, “Who side are you on?”

They laughed at him. Veronica then turned to Sara. “So how are you liking high school?” she asked.

“It’s good, different from what I’m used to.”

Suddenly Veronica and Sara’s attention was back on Jess. “Come on Linc my grandma could have thrown the ball farther to reach Jill then you just did.”

Michael, Veronica and Sara started laughing at how into football Jess has become.

Veronica’s laughter was short lived when she saw Lisa with her cheerleading squad. The cheerleaders stood on the track and started a chant with very seductive moves as they showed off to the players.

Jess sees the way Veronica was looking at Lisa and put an arm around her. “Forget about her Vee she has been trying to throw herself at Linc for years and each time she falls flat on her face.” Veronica nodded and then began talking to Sara again.
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