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Chapter 23 is HERE! First Chapter of 2011

In a far off kingdom, a sweet Princess searches for her perfect Prince but finds out that love doesn't come as easily as she hoped. A chance meeting sets the stage for a forbidden love between a beautiful Princess and a handsome Blacksmith.

Can a love doomed from the beginning withstand all the obstacles thrown in its way? Can two very different people, in dueling classes, bridge the gap to find happiness?

Can they have a "Happily Ever After"?

*A MiSa AU PB Fairytale*

Rated: NC-17
Categories: Alternate Universe, Crossovers Characters: Agent Alexander Mahone, Agent Paul Kellerman, Aldo Burrows, Caroline Reynolds, Fernando Sucre, Frank Tancredi, Gretchen Morgan, Henry Pope, Lincoln Burrows, Michael Scofield, Nurse Katie, Original Character(s), Other, Padman aka The General, Pam Mahone, Sara Tancredi, Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell
Genres: Angst, Drama, Fluff, General, Humor, PWP/Smut, Romance, Tragedy
Pairing: Michael and Sara
Warnings: Character Death, Drabble, Drugs/Drug Use, Extreme Language, Graphic Violence, Sexual Situations, Work In Progress
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 23 Completed: No
Word count: 72835 Read: 31928
Published: April 15, 2008 Updated: January 09, 2011
Story Notes:
This story will start off very PG-13 but i plan to go beyond that in later chapters. Thank you for reading.

1. Chance Meeting by PBaddict4va [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2437 words)

Hello Everyone! Jacki here.

It has been a long road here for this story so let me start off with some background for a moment. This story was started as a joke and it quickly escalated to certain individuals blackmailing me to post it on the boards over in the PB Fox Site *Coughs Pbswimmer, Leikvin, Martinibaby1, and Kirsten2788* but the ringleader for that conspiracy was Jen, she promised me more Fic Love if I posted it and so being the Fic Whore that I am, I caved! : *shakes head*. So, now we come to this portion of the Conspiracy and this time my arch nemeses have been two people for the most part Martinibaby1 and Kirsten2788.

Although I love my sisters to death they have been real pain in the asses when it came to me posting here. LMAO...No they haven't been bad pains... they have been awesome! I know it was all love and for that THEY ROCK!!! But I have been resistant from the start and they always said “Oh come on Jacki its great, you know you want to.” But I was always able to resist and wiggle out of it. Well now I have finally succumbed to another carrot being thrown violently into my face as Kirsten threw down the gauntlet yesterday and told me that it was either, I post my story here or I would never, ever, ever…get another update in any of her stories and let me just say that the negotiations were fierce. Talks of us both quitting our stories was almost agreed upon because we were both so unrelenting on our positions ....would have worked fine for me but i needed my fix so I couldn't let her quit :( ....but now I stand here naked!!

Well sort of… not in the physical sense but in the emotional sense cause heaven knows no one wants the physical sense…LOL. THEY WON!!... *mumbles Damn it!* ... Damn my weakness for Fics, they knew how to play me from minute ONE!! So I EXPECT payment very very very soon!!!!! But all in all... I am surprised that they haven’t done this sooner…LOL! I am such a marshmallow...LOL!

So with that said, here is my story and needless to say that it’s my first fic. It’s a fairytale type story, completely AU and very MiSa Centric. Other characters will make their way through eventually but the focus will be MiSa for the most part. Also, it will start off PG-13ish but i plan to take it up a notch later on...I hope that everyone enjoys it and maybe some of you can drop me a line or two to tell me what you think of it…you know just food for thought. ;) I also want to thank everyone who has supported me through this up until now, I love you guys more than words can say and I really appreciate it all!



2. Bodies, Books and Coffee...OH MY!! by PBaddict4va [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2395 words)

Ok People i am back..

sorry It took me so long I was working on another update but since it wasn't ready I thought this one needed a another go so here is another chapter and I do hope that you like it. I know that i said that I would post something last week but apparently i lied...LMAO.. sorry about that but hopefully you can find it in your loving hearts to forgive me and I will most likely update soon, I am guessing Monday ;) hehe So on with the show.... SO WHO WANTS HOT COFFEE!! *giggles*

Oh and can i just say that I am still on an Apocalyptica high from last week so I am doing good. Sorry i just thought I would share. :D ..*hugs*


3. The Answer......the Truth by PBaddict4va [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2600 words)
Hello All Here is the next chapter of my little story. :) Of course I missed my Monday deadline and I am sorry, I am still caught up in another update and I have come to the harsh reality that I suck at Multi-tasking as of late. :( *hangs head in shame* Oh well, hopefully this is a temporary condition ...LOL but with my luck..not! Well Enjoy and let me know how you like it. :) NEW END NOTES!!


4. The Dream vs. Reality by PBaddict4va [ - ] (2273 words)

Hello All, Jacki here again. Sorry that it took me so long but work is a bitch and its making we work all kinds of crazy hours but enough about me and lets get to the nitty gritty!!


or at least i hope..hehe. I hope that you like this chapter cause i did a little experimentation with the beginning of this chapter. On the boards it was a very nice..PG 13. But NOW!! I tried to be more worthy of my NC -17 rating.*giggles* So i am just putting it out there for you all..its a pressie from me to all my readers but special love goes out to Ina and Kirsten for requesting the hot coffee..LOL!! I love you all and thanks for ROCKING!!! *HUGS*

Let me know what you guys thought of it. I am not sure how much smut belongs in a fairy tale but if you like it then more might be on the way....eventually..LMAO!! Enjoy!


5. Standing Up by PBaddict4va [ - ] (1902 words)

YAY!! I have blabbed for over 10,000 words! LOL..

6. Getting to the heart of it by PBaddict4va [ - ] (2634 words)

Hello! Heres another chapter and some answers are coming your way. Hopefully you will let me know what you think of it :) I want to thank Sammie again for her blessing on this chapter. :) *hugs*


7. Rendezvous by PBaddict4va [ - ] (2728 words)

Hello again... well i was going to wait until i hit 40 to update the story but since that didn't happen I have just decided to do it anyways since it seemed like something i should do. hehe :) ENJOY!

This chapter is for "Mi Ama"

8. Much Ado... by PBaddict4va [ - ] (2111 words)

Hello People!! Jacki is back and I have pictures!!

Ok.. I had to put this to a visual because OMG!! it is soooooooo hot!! Ok... here is a mini spoiler for the chapter, Mike and Sara are going to a Masquerade Ball and this is how i pictured Mike and Sara. The Sara picture i didn't do anything to and its just to help .. but just imagine them together...OMG!!! The idea was based on the Much Ado About Nothing Movie with Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson, Kate Beckinsale and Keanu Reeves, who is very hubba hubba in that movie even though he was a bad guy!!! but... that was my thought process on this. The Mike one i know is not the best but i just wanted to give you guys an idea. I had to share the vision in my mind so I made it so hopefully you guys like it!! I was distracted the whole time i tried to do this picture..it should have taken less time but..meeh...I am slave to my art..LOL. If i had more time i would have made a complete picture one... maybe for next time! Maybe some love can make it happen...hehe *giggles* Anyways..



HUBBA HUBBA!!! Well that is a pretty damn good looking couple so with that ......

here is the first of many chapters here at Kirsten's Birthday Party! This part was a birthday present back when it was Kirsten's Birthday...so Happy Birthday Sis! hehe

Thanks for everyone who continues to read this story I am very grateful! *hugs* for everyone!!

Let me know what you think... this is some fluff for you guys so if you want more.....*wiggles eyebrows* It does get better later on...so I want to get to 50 reviews before i update again... which is not bad... four! Only four! Come on .... *gives pouty look*

even gave piccys... ;) So four should be no prob...please..... :)


9. Discovering Colored Pant-Dom by PBaddict4va [ - ] (2338 words)

Hello Everyone! Thank you to all have been reading. Here is the next part of the chapter. More of Kirsten's Birthday Party and NOW we are getting into some interesting bits but this chapter ... but its still missing the ending ...so... if you want to find out how this part ends... *winks* you know what to do....hehe :)

Sorry for the delay in updating but i plan to update sooner than later. Enjoy the fluff ;) While you still can!! Muuahahahahahahahaaa

Thanks to Nikki for her help in some of the english terms :) Thank You my Queen!!!

Oh some small changes in this one as well... So with the help of Ina, Elke and Kirsten, the Van Roth's make their debut!! hehehe


10. Exploring the Heights of Colored Pant-Dom by PBaddict4va [ - ] (2084 words)

Here is the conclusion of this section of the Party. It will continue in the following chapters but just include other aspects of it. :) Hopefully you are enjoying it. More Muse involvement will also be in the next chapters.

I hope to be posting more regularly but we shall see if that can happen since its about to get more busy in RL soon so .. here's hoping! :)

Also the updates could be getting longer ... but hopefully not too long!

Thank you to everyone that is still reading :)


11. Instructional Couch Courses by PBaddict4va [ - ] (5592 words)

Hello Everyone.*waves* oh man i havent been in here in over a month.. meeh... RL has not been my friend. :( Anywhoo... This is part one of a two chapter set I believe. I was going to post both at the same time but I am still going over the second part since..... wait for it .. its a little heated ;) hehe ... so i thought to just post this part anyways but I will follow with the next one shortly... my goal is for tomorrow but we shall see if I make it.

I want to thank Elke, Ina and Kirsten since they continue to support their ficcy selves and Elke my dear, you have some *wiggles eyebrows* fun coming your way in the next bit...hehe ;) So there you go! Thanks to everyone who continues to read. :) Means the world! *hugs*

**NOTE: Oh these updates will be waaaaayyyyy longer than usual but it has been necessary :) hopefully they are not too much ..**

this update features WB Yeats poem, When you are old... Its one of my faves so i had to use it ;) hehe


12. Convince Me by PBaddict4va [ - ] (3088 words)

Hello out there .... well by the looks of it that longer wasn't better... so i have decided to cut this last chapter into 2... so instead on just chapter 12 you will get chapter 13 as well ... so here they shall be. But i must warn that chapter 13... the lucky one ;) will be ... heated. This is where i earn my rating heehee so look out for that one.

I wanted to do these chapters as a bday gifts for Kirsten and Elke but since we are now in October that ship has sailed but hopefully they like it just the same. Since these chapters are Muse Crossover Heavy I allowed my Muse ..hehe ... to expand all over the place to see if i could do it and this is what my little naughty mind concocted and hopefully they dont hate it... if so, tell me straight away and i shall fix it :) *hugs little sisters*

Thanks to everyone who continues to read this story :) If all goes well more by next weekend


13. Old Fashion NC-17 Love Song by PBaddict4va [ - ] (3200 words)

Well you clicked the Next button so here we are....HOT HOT Loving .. well hopefully. The jury is still out on that one but... Here is MY! Dream.. crap... i mean ..Elke's (wink wink) hot night with that beautiful Matt God!!! As a devoted worshiper of all things Matt...I hope this doesn't completely suck! cause then my membership will be revoked and I cant handle that right now *cries*

Sis i hope you like it...cause i am no doctor...but i think i may have gone a little over board.. but you know Matt!... you have seen him!!! can you really blame me? :) The man screams sex!!! and i couldn't deny him. ;) He kept giving me naughty thoughts ...and i kept writing them down ..well especially since I liked it ..hehe ... oh man ...me likey but of course there is a slim chance that I will be alone but... i still hope :) And also the fact that i .*coughs* sacrificed* my Matt ..I should get more points for that .. hehe ... pulling out all the stops for getting love here :)




So i think i have delivered on my rating i think on this one so if this is ok.. .then maybe some MiSa hotness shall definitely be in the works in the future!!! There is MiSa at the end of the update too and the next chapter will delve back to the main plot line and if all goes well i can see that happening maybe friday or maybe this weekend! :) But since is my first posting like this ....ever.. i am a little worried ... well i know there are way better .. but all i am looking for is not complete disaster! :) So hopefully we got there ;)

Thanks again to those who are still chugging along with the story...means the world to me! *hugs*


14. The Final Solution by PBaddict4va [ - ] (4018 words)


how is everyone this fine day? I hope well and fab! Well here is another chapter, since everyone recovered from the last one .. hehe :)

I am not sure when the next update will happen since RL will continue its horrid hold on me for the rest of the year i think but i will try my best ;)

Again ... thanks to all my loyal subjects!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! *hugs*


15. Pissing Contest by PBaddict4va [ - ] (2084 words)

Here is a short update. I will try to update again soon but we shall see how that goes. Enjoy!

16. On the Edge by PBaddict4va [ - ] (5188 words)

i want to thank Nikki for all her help, i still love the storming boobs .. lmao! So good!!! Any hoo.... there are some intense moments in this chapter so ... just FYI. Hope that everyone is doing good and that everyone has a great valentine's day for those who celebrate it and Happy BDay Wishes for the great Jeneral! I do it now since there are no plans to update before then so... YAY!!! *hugs*

17. Dream a little Dream by PBaddict4va [ - ] (5088 words)

Hello All in the Kingdom!!! The update is here and I am grateful for everyones patience! Hopefully people are still reading but I can understand that not updating for so long I may have lost some along the way, but maybe some are still lurking about. Its a good sized one but since its heavy in MiSa .. hopefully you won't mind.. hehe

One thing i can promise that Cristina is dead and will remain dead and be the good mom the boys remember cause the Whore in the White Suit... was seriously disappointing.. SO ... here you guys go ... hope you enjoy it! :) *hugs*


18. Looking Down the Barrel by PBaddict4va [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3011 words)

Well Hello to Everyone! Here is the latest chapter and i think it will be come in two parts but hopefully they will be close together since they are basically done and written so it shouldn't be bad. I will update now and then probably by the 18th of this month so it should be ok.

Thanks to everyone who continues to read, I am ashamed how long this has taken me and conceptually this story is almost 2 years old and that thought saddened me so I am pretty determined to do as much as i can before D Day.

Hopefully you like the chapter but let me know!

I want to thank Kirsten2788 and Ncoop for their help in these updates. You guys rock! Thank you! *hugs*



19. Biting the bullet by PBaddict4va [ - ] (4586 words)

Well here it is :) The other update! I am not sure when this will be posted but Enjoy! when it does. It gets heated!! *wink wink* Thanks to all *hugs*

20. Falling by PBaddict4va [ - ] (2518 words)

Here is an update before I leave for vacay. Enjoy!!


21. Talking it through by PBaddict4va [ - ] (3011 words)

Well another year, another chapter!

Here is the latest chapter, thanks to everyone who had input in this chapter. Old Flannel, Kirsten2788, Nikki, Warriors Movie Reference ;) hehe

Hopefully 2010 has been only filled with awesome!


22. In the Backseat by PBaddict4va [ - ] (6024 words)

Here is the latest chapter. It took me longer than i expected but here it finally is. I am inching closer to my goal and hopefully i will be able to make it! *crosses fingers*

Thank you to those who are still reading this! I appreciate it.

23. Rise and Shine by PBaddict4va [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1925 words)

Hello All!! I hope that everyone is having a great start the New Year and hopefully 2011 is treating you right :) Another year brings another update :) Hopefully this year will be better update wise as well ;) But we shall see!