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Michael, consumed with his grief of Sara's death finally goes insane. he is in a mental institution, he wont talk to anyone, he makes paper roses constantly. his mind had retreated to a dream world. Sara is dead and he cannot deal.

However, Sara is not dead, she was lost and only now has she found her way back. her first instinct is to find Michael.

A doctor is supporting Michael, he is desperate to help him, he wants to know what dorve the young man to this insanity.

Can Sara find him? If she finds him, can she convince him she is alive and not a figment of his imagination? Can Doctor Whitmore help him? Will Michael be able to leave his dream world? A world he has come to believe is real? A world he has come to feel safe in.

Rated: PG
Categories: Post-Escape Characters: Lincoln Burrows, LJ Burrows, Michael Scofield, Original Character(s), Sara Tancredi
Genres: Angst, Drama, Family, Friendship, Romance, Tragedy
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Warnings: Darkfic, Original Characters, Spoilers S1, Spoilers S2, Spoilers S3, Work In Progress
Challenges: Dream World
Challenges: Dream World
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Published: April 02, 2008 Updated: March 27, 2011
Story Notes:
This is in response to the challenge with the same title set by lyn. i was inspired to write it and despite having many other stories already posted i thought i would post what i have written so far of this. i hope you enjoy it. xXx

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This is from the doctor's POV.

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This chapter is sort of a fill in chapter if you know what i mean. i hope its ok.

4. To Be With You In A Dream by Celia_Rose [ - ] (540 words)

Hey, here's an update, i hope you like it.

5. Progress by Celia_Rose [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (611 words)
Hey, its been a while but I got some inspo back for this story so I thought I would just add another short chapter. Hope you enjoy.

6. Pieces by Celia_Rose [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (987 words)
Yay! another chapter! I hope you like it

7. Chapter 7 by Celia_Rose [ - ] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1147 words)

Its been a very long time since i updated this story. I thought I would add to it now.