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Story Notes:

I am still writing the other stories but i like a variety of things to write about so i can always have one of them on the go to suit my minf frame. this story will contain quite a lot of sex so that is just a warning. its a challenge for me because usually i just add a little bit of sex here and there and just focus on the main story plot. so here it is a story that has sex as part of the main plot. LOL


Author's Chapter Notes:

ok this is the first chapter.

He stood at the top of the building. It was abandoned but he lived there. He lived there with many others. Homeless. Body for money. That sort of thing. He had money, he went to college but a twisted part of him preferred this life. He never had much family to speak of. Never had much love. It was the same story most of the boys downstairs had. Sad stories of broken homes.

He liked living rough. He had friends. There were people he loved here. People he wanted to take care of. His nephew for one thing. He found him lost, selling his body, he had plummeted so far into the world of drugs that he did not care. Michael had offered him money. Offered him a way out. LJ took the money and wasted it on drugs. He was lost. All Michael could do was stay here and look out for him. Lincoln was no where to be found. He could probably be to blame for his sons downfall.

Michael watched the sun setting down behind the buildings of the polluted city. The light stung his eyes but he let it. Squinted a bit but he let it. The clouds were pretty wisps of pink and purple. Gold where the sun fell. But delicate colours everywhere else.

“Eh Mikey! Mikey, boy!” a voice shouted down below and he looked over the edge of the building to see some of his friends. They returned from a day of working. Or a day of fucking more like. He saw his friend Sucre had been the one to call up to him. He smiled and went down to meet him. The smell of food enveloped him. His stomach rumbled. He had not even thought of eating.

“Fried chicken and fries,” one of the others said in a mock accent and holding up a bag.

“What’s this, it sounds like business was good today, how much you make?” The man who controlled their money allowances walked into the room. His iced stone gaze surveyed everyone of them. He was really out of place in his smart expensive suit. He was after all a mob boss. They were there to earn him a bit more money on the side. This was his secret business. He probably got off on it. He grinned at them and another man followed in. He was closely linked to a younger man, his boyfriend.

“Good work, that’s what I like to hear,” the other man said in a southern accent as he strolled passed. He patted Michael on the shoulder. The mob boss cautiously eyed him. They never did get along. They forced themselves to for business sake. One of the boys put a chicken leg in his mouth and got to his feet. He hurried to Abruzzi and handed him the pouch. He emptied the money into a box and locked it. One last look at each of them, an even longer look at T Bag.

“Keep up the good work,” Abruzzi said before disappearing. The room burst into laughter.

“What a prick!” LJ laughed.

“Asshole,” Tweener laughed and pulled more notes out of his pocket holding them in the air for everyone to see.

“Good boys,” T Bag smiled and grabbed each of them by the hand. His cold dark eyes glistened in hunger when he fell them upon Michael as the boy laughed. The mysterious young beauty who would rather roll with them than the high class. He went to college but he threw his chance at life away. To be here with them. The boy puzzled him. The boy aroused him. Unlike any other. Magnificent.

The building was buzzing with a party of the homeless and the people considered scum of the city. Lowlifes. Dirt. Nothing. They didn’t care. Michael sat around a trash fire with his friends. They shared stories of their adventures. Some got drunk and spoke of how they ended here. They all bonded in these times. They were like a family. A group of people substitute for family. Many of them would say it was better than the real thing.

“Listen to this one, yo, guys, listen up,” Tweener was talking; sitting opposite the fire to Michael. The flames illuminated the boys skin in gold. “Aiight check it, I had this guy once, he picked me up off err, shit I cant remember where. Anyways, he had me tie him to the bed, he was on his hands and knees right, he wanted me to stick a bottle up his ass, he cried like a little girl. It turned the freak on though,”

“Eh Tweener you forgot the part when he wanted to do it back to you,” LJ teased.

“Well yeah there was that,” Tweener muttered embarrassed and the others laughed as he took a gulp of beer.

“One question, what?” Sucre asked and everyone burst laughing again.

“Some peeps are weird, yo,” Tweener replied looking at the floor in embarrassment. Michael stood from his position on the floor and went to LJ who had gotten up and joined T Bag. He smiled at his nephew, his eyes had dark circles underneath and his skin was looking too dull for a boy so young.

“Did everything go ok, today? You didn’t get trouble?” he asked and the boy shook his head and looked down at the foil he held, inside the foil was the white powdered substance.

“It was all good,” LJ said holding the foil higher indicating everything was good because he had his fix. Michael felt sad that his nephew had gone so low. He had tried to help him. The boy didn’t seem to want it. All Michael could do was stay close and look out for him.

“Pretty, I want you out on the streets tomorrow, you make me big money, they like you, and I don’t blame them,” T Bag said getting closer. LJ walked away.

“Yeah that’s fine, can LJ stay behind tomorrow, he worked hard today,”
“You mean he fucked hard,” T Bag smiled perversely. “Sure he can have the day off, I want Tweener out there though, your in charge on the street remember that, don’t let them take you for a fool,”

“Don’t worry, I got it,”

“Damn right you got it,” the older man flicked his tongue over his bottom lip and slid his gaze downwards and then back up to meet his eyes. “Mm mm,”

“Your not getting any of this, Teddy,” Michael smiled flirtatiously.

“We’ll see,” T Bag said.

“I don’t tend to fuck men for pleasure, you know that,”

“Yeah but everyone knows you get off on it. Maybe one day you’ll stop being in denial so like I said, pretty, we’ll see,” T Bag swaggered off and joined his young boyfriend on the couch. Michael’s gaze from him was torn when one of the boys jumped up shouting what seemed to be the punch line of a story and the building roared with laughter. He smiled and his deep eyes fell back onto their leaders who watched him from the other side of the room.

The sun was rising and the building had settled, the boys slept soundly in their blankets and some had sleeping bags. Michael was on the roof again; looking over at the sky. He loved the sky. It gave him a sense of freedom. Escape. Sometimes he felt like he could fly. The beautiful colours in the sky always had him hypnotised. They left him in a trance. He could hear the sounds of the city. The cars. The people. He closed his eyes.

“What you doing up here, papi?” he was snapped out of it.

“Hey, Sucre, I couldn’t sleep,” Michael replied.

“T Bag wants to send us out soon,” Michael could hear the resentment in his friends voice. His friend was Puerto Rican, quite big built and he had sparkling brown eyes. Michael had never been told how he ended up working this way. Maybe he did not want to know. Sucre’s twinkling brown eyes met his deep blues and they smiled. Sucre put a gentle hand on Michael’s arm, grazing his fingers in an almost stroking manner. “Time to work, papi,” he smiled.

The cars zoomed passed, the heat of the air was stifling in the suffocating hustle of the city. The high class ignoring the lower classes. Walking passed as if they were not there. Pretending they did not exist so they would not have to think about them. Would not have to think about the way they were forced to live. They rushed passed in their suits and carrying briefcases and a cup of Starbucks takeaway coffee. The all walked in a group, girls working with them too, Michael leading them. They walked right down the centre of the pathway. They weren’t going to move for anyone. People had to dodge them. This was reality. People like them existed and the world could not block them out. They all walked boldly. They didn’t care what people thought of them. Why should they? They existed just as much as the man in the Armani suit and with the fat wallet.

They got to their post and Michael spread them out so they could get better business. He kept close eye on them all. They waited an hour. Nothing. A black car pulled down the road and parked. They shifted in case it was potential business. A tall slim man stepped out. He wore a nice suit. He had money. He was in the wrong part of town by the looks of it. Great, he was probably lost and looking for directions. He looked at them a moment. He seemed shifty. No one spoke to him. They all observed curiously. Michael and Sucre exchanged a look.

“Excuse me, can we help you with something?” Michael celled out.

“Err, no, well, yeah, I err, I,” he stepped closer to him so he would not have to speak so loud. Michael stood observing him with a bold confident gaze. It was amusing when they came here and were embarrassed to ask for their services. “I heard there was err, working… rent boys here,”

“That’s right,” Michael smiled further amused at his hesitations.

“I have this err, would it be possible to have… two of you at one time?” he asked.

“Your new to this aren’t you?” Michael asked; his smile remained and he exchanged it with Sucre.

“Yeah,” the man sighed.

“Who do you want?” Michael asked and the man looked around at them all.

“You two,” he said motioning to himself and Sucre.

“Nice choice,” Michael smiled. He climbed into the back of the mans car, Sucre followed. It was more unusual for a customer to choose two of the older men in their group. Sure Michael was pretty and Sucre was masculine. It seemed this guy didn’t really know what he liked. At least they were getting some business. The man was silent during the drive. He kept glancing at them through his rear view mirror. He had shades on but they knew he was looking at them. He seemed tense. Nervous and jittery. They arrived at a motel and he went in and booked a room. Mike and Sucre stood leaning against the mans car until he came back.

“I hope this guy isn’t a freak, he seems kinda weird,”
“Just relax,” Michael reassured his friend as the man came back to them and led the way to their room. It was room number eight and a double. The man was restless and clearly uncomfortable about the situation. He ran a hand through his sandy light brown hair. His slanted blue eyes did not rest on any one object. Michael and Sucre were beginning to feel uncomfortable themselves. They looked at each other getting a bit anxious. What did this guy want to do to them? They watched as he took a seat at the small table.

“I’m sorry, I never done anything like this before,” the man uttered.

“It’s alright, I’ll help you relax, my name’s Michael, that’s Sucre,” He said and walked up to the man. He slipped his fingers around the lapels of his blazer jacket and slid it over his shoulders, placed it over the back of another chair. He went to the mans tie at his throat and loosened it. He undid the first few buttons of his white shirt.

“It’s a hot day,” Michael smiled.

“Yeah,” the stranger chuckled “I’m Alex,” he said.

“So what do you want to do?” Sucre asked and stepped forward. The man looked up at him, his forehead was beaded with sweat and his eyes held uncertainty.

Alex looked at the two young men. He had never done anything like this before. He had never been with a man. He had thought about experimenting in college but then he met Pam. He was still married to her. He loved her. He loved his son. But there were some desires that just could not be fought. He looked at the very pretty young man with intense eyes and a confident smile. His jaw line was strong enough not to make him too feminine and his lips were perfect. The other man, Sucre, the Puerto Rican, his muscular frame. His strong hands and gentle eyes. Alex licked his lips and then took off his gold wedding ring. The boys watched him.

“I have this… fantasy…”