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Author's Chapter Notes:
It has been soooo long since I updated this but I have recently got some inspiration for it. I do hope it has not been wasted, I hope people are still reading this.

The outside streets were filled with people. They had all been forgotten. It was the people in the buildings who were important now. A huge skyscraper towered over them, just there to remind them how insignificant the rest of them were. The streets were dangerous. Gunfire could be heard in the distance. There were buildings that were old, crumbling and dated. These were the places the people were forced to reside in. Lincoln stood on top of one. He was looking at the skyscraper. The huge glass windows and its mighty existence looming above them. He still had not regained all of his memory. He lived here with the others, none had regained their memory. He felt a surge of anger inside of him every time he looked at the sky scraper.

He turned away and headed back inside to find the others. He felt a hand on his arm. It was Nika. He went to her and kissed her on the forehead. She stroked the side of his face ever so gently. Suddenly people were running inside. He went to the window to see what the commotion was. There was a gang fight in the street and they were in full swing.

“Hey!” he leaned out of the window to see Benjamin Franklin, one he had escaped with. He was holding a shotgun. “You kids break this shit up, take it somewhere else or I’m gonna start blowing some away,” he said and the young gangs both looked at him, looked at each other and then disappeared. “That’s right,” Miles said and continued towards the building. Lincoln went to the roof and looked out over it, the city was dull and run down, the skyscrapers in which the important people lived towered above on the other side just to remind them that they were more significant. His mind flashed to the cold water he had woken in, flashed to the cold steel of that laboratory place he found himself in. the computer said he was a criminal, it said he had killed someone. Had he really? Had he really taken a life? It tore at him inside as he thought that perhaps his hands were capable of such. He knew he had this anger inside of him that surprised when it erupted, he did not know why he was so angry except that he knew nothing. And the company as he had learned them to be called had all of his information, all of his life on their files and he just wanted to get at them. He once ventured close to the facility but could not enter it without some planning. He needed to get at that information and he knew the others were becoming tired of not knowing who they were.

“Hey, Linc,” he turned to see Sucre.

“Yeah?” he asked in a low voice.
“I got a memory back today,” he informed him and Lincoln looked at him suddenly really interested.

“What, what memory?”

“A jail, a guy with tattoos all over his body but I got no face to go with the body, it was blurry but I remember the jail,”

“Two years on and only one of us gets a memory back, jail, we already knew we were in one and a tattooed body? That was most likely your cellmate, nothing useful,”

“Its something though, right?” he asked hopeful.

“Yeah, Sucre its something,” Lincoln’s voice was depressed sounding but he wanted his friends hope and optimism not to go. Nika came in and put her arms around Sucre’s waist and kissed his neck.

“Hey, how you doing, mami?” he asked and turned to kiss her on the lips. Lincoln watched them a moment. She was a beautiful woman and her and Sucre had hit off right from the start.

“Yo, oh I hope I’m not interrupting something,” It was the boy named David, he had smile on his face when he saw Sucre and Nika.

“Of course not, David,” she said.

“Hey you alright?” Lincoln asked the kid.

“Yeah, well I was hangin’ with LJ, right, check this out, I got a memory back!” he said excited.

“Two years on and people getting some memories back,” Lincoln muttered.

“I was just playin basketball but it’s a memory so maybe something more important laters.”

“Basketball?” Lincoln asked.

“I know its not much, but it’s a start,” he said “And Theodore’s trying to hack into the system again, I got no luck,”

“Their computer system is so protected I’m not sure any of us will get any luck with it,” Lincoln replied.

“Don’t be so pessimistic,” Nika said.

“Do you see anyone with an ounce of hope that this can ever get any better for us?” he almost yelled at her. She looked down at the floor and Sucre put his arm around her waist. “I’m sorry, I just… get so angry with it all, what the hell are they doing up in there?” Lincoln asked turning to face the building again.


Theodore had successfully hacked the system with the help of a computer genius he had come across. His name was Roland and he agreed not to say a word to the others in return for a curious mechanical object Theodore had found. Theodore got to searching through the files immediately, he looked for information on all of the others and himself to find where he had come from and where they had come from and what happened to them. He found out everything about all of them, he had all of the knowledge and a smile formed on his lips as he held all of the power. He read about what crimes he had committed himself, he knew as much, he had been particularly drawn to the younger people in the community. Something caught his attention on Lincoln’s page. He not only got frozen with his son, but he had a brother and he had been released from the pods today on the due date and was now working for the company. An interesting secret he had found.


Chapter End Notes:
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