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Story Notes:

This is quite similar to Rebels and i hope those of you reading Rebels will not get them mixed up, i worry about confusing them when im writing, since im writing them at the same time. I've been ill the past few days and i was working on this story. i wasnt going to post until i had finished Rebels but i am pleased with it so far and want to know what you guys think. I hope you enjoy this ;)

Author's Chapter Notes:
This story has similarities to my Rebels story but it is also a lot different and i hope you enjoy the first chapter

Brainwaves began to increase, heart rate quickened, consciousness kicked in. He woke and felt himself surrounded by liquid, he was naked and confused but he felt well rested. He panicked as everything was strange and he knew nothing. A machine was raising him out of the substance around him and he saw his heart rate on a monitor and the brainwaves pulsating on the screen. Subject conscious, cryogen successful, subject name Scofield, Michael. The monitor sounded in a robotic voice and he supposed that must be his name. He looked around the laboratory and it seemed he was alone. He began to shiver, where was he? He pulled any wires that were still attached and that had been linking him up with the machine and he stepped further into the room. The place was made of a cold steely metal and there were monitors everywhere and other pods that seemed to have had other subjects inside but were now empty. He walked up to one and looked at the monitor and read a name Abruzzi, John. The name meant nothing. He needed some answers. Where was he? Who was he? Michael Scofield was all he knew. He woke in a liquid substance, he was in some kind of laboratory but everything before that was black. It was nothing, it was a blur, it was not even a blur it just was not there. He looked down at his naked body and saw pictures all over his torso and arms. Beautiful designs but why would he do that? He saw a main machine and thought there would be more answers on there and he went to make his way to it but the massive door slid open automatically, it was a heavy door but operated by a machine. Through the door walked a young woman wearing a doctors jacket but it was a dull silver in colour and her underclothes were all black. Her copper hair flowing over her shoulders and her eyes avoiding contact. He vaguely recognised her but then again he probably did not. She looked at an electronic pad she held and then looked up at him.

“Michael Scofield,” she said. “How are you feeling?” she asked and he went to speak but found his voice rusty. “I’m sorry, I forgot, it’ll be a while until you find your voice,” she said and then walked over to behind a desk and operated what appeared to be a high tech water cooler. He had not noticed this before. Had things always been like this? She handed him the cup and he sipped the water but it dribbled down his chin so he tried again. He looked at the pretty doctor and could not help but feel drawn to her, like he had known her before. He assumed he was going to get some answers soon. He felt his throat moisten and like he could be ready to talk. She handed him a robe and he put it over his shoulders. Another question he had was why did he have images on his skin, all over his upper body? She came up to him and placed another piece of machinery on his chest and it was connected to a smaller type of screen and she watched the screen. Curious, he found his voice.

“What are you doing, what is that?” his voice was harsh as it had not been in use for a very long time. She looked up at him surprised.

“That was a quick recovery,” she smiled, “I’m just checking that all of your vital organs are not damaged in any way and that you are still healthy,” she explained as a doctor would. “All clear,” she said smiling at him and it was such a pretty smile. “Oh by the way, I’m Sara, I went through the same process as this, I still don’t know what they want or why I was frozen,” she said lightly, “apparently we came from the year 2006, it is now 2042. They put me to work as their doctor, I woke with all knowledge of the new technology and medical devices and treatments. I don’t know what I was in 2006, amnesia is still at work.” she shook her head.

“Amnesia, I definitely have that, I didn’t know my name until that machine told me,” Michael laughed, and she smiled in amusement.

“I have to take you through processing and then put you with the others who have woken, I will check on you later,” she said and he followed her out of the room through the large heavy door operated by yet more machines. Everything made him curious. He went with her into another room where she swiped a card key to release the lock. There was a buzzing sound and it rang familiar but he ignored it and the door opened.

“Ok in you go, I’ll be back to see you in the holding room, I might need to run some tests,” she said.

“Holding room?”

“Its where we keep all of the subjects,”

“How many?”

“Six, seven including you and you’re the last,” she smiled before she left, she seemed nice but he got the feeling she knew more than she let on.

He faced the room in front of him, processing, what did that involve? He asked himself as he stepped through the threshold. There was a smallish round man behind a desk and he was filling in forms. He looked up with beady brown eyes and analysed the tall young man approaching the desk. He came with uncertainty, he was clearly still suffering from the effects of cryogenics. He had been through the same thing and still suffered the amnesia. He looked down at the screen in his hand and a name came up on it.

“Michael Scofield?” he asked.

“Apparently,” he replied.

“Go into that room there,” he said motioning to it. Michael took a step towards it and then opened the door and in the room waiting for him were a couple of men wearing suits and one man sitting in shadow. Everything felt so surreal, was he just dreaming?

“Take a seat Michael,” the man in shadow said and Michael obeyed but feeling intimidated and unsure.

“Now Michael, tell me what you know,”

Chapter End Notes:
Thank you for reading, please let me know if its worth continuing. Love Celia xXx