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Story Notes:

This is not my usual style of writing but i hope it works.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Im not sure how this is going to turn out but i hope you enjoy the first chapter.

The coach full of students buzzed with excitement as they headed for their school trip. The weather was good in their own country but they were heading to Italy. The teachers tried to calm the students and some them began to think it was a bad idea to let some of the kids on the trip. One teenager had come out of the coach toilet and brought a roll of tissue paper with him. He sat back in his seat next to his friend and giggled as he showed him.

“Tell me when Professor Asshole sits back down,” he muttered and C Note peered over the seat.

“Alright, Linc,” he muttered sitting back down and suddenly Lincoln stood and threw the roll over the seats and it unravelled throughout the coach. It struck the teacher on the head and Lincoln sat back down laughing.
“Nice shot, man,” His friend said laughing.

“Alright, who was that?” The teacher stood up and marched down the aisle. Lincoln and C Note looked out of the window as though they knew nothing of what happened and kept straight faces.

“Professor Bellick,” one of the outcast students called and Lincoln and C Note shot him a glare telling him not to rat.

“What is it?” He asked.

“Nothing,” The boy muttered.

“Patoshik are you wasting my time?”

“No sir I … I just wanted to know if we’re going straight to the hotel when we get there or to see one of the sights?”
“Shut up,” Bellick said. “I’ll find out which one of you did that,” He muttered and stomped back to his seat. Lincoln and C Note burst into rolls of laughter and took the other in a casual handshake. Lincoln saw one of the smart girls looking at them. He had always thought she was beautiful but too mature for him and certainly not one to be approved of by his friends. She was more into her studies than having fun and as she watched them now, she did not look impressed. Her dark hair was long and her eyes were strikingly green, she ignored him and went back to her book. Lincoln had not realised that he had stopped laughing when he looked at her and C Note slapped him on the arm.

“You alright, man?” He asked.

“Yeah, of course,” Lincoln replied.

A couple of rows behind them two girls sat with each other they had been discussing their clothes and the first outfit they were going to wear when they got there. It was clear they had thought out their travel clothes with some precision. One of the girls was blonde, her eyes were big and blue but the rest of her face was delicate. She was wearing a bright pink track suit for comfort but her nails matched and she had pale pink eye shadow on her lids. Her blonde hair was flowing down her shoulders. The other girl had dark skin and her hair was in curls, she also wore a tracksuit but hers was purple. They were like twins and always dressed the same and they had been best friends since kindergarten.

“Our boyfriends are so immature,” Lisa said about Lincoln.

“Tell me about it,” Kaycee replied but secretly she thought C Note’s playfulness was cute.

“Anyway, I bought this gorgeous pink tee shirt the other day, it plunges at the neck showing of my cleavage -” Kaycee cut her off.

“What cleavage?” She joked and Lisa laughed playfully slapping her arm.
“Shut up, that’s what padded bras are for,” she whispered.

“What does Lincoln say about the padded bra situation?”
“Oh please, the guys so keen to get it off he don’t even notice,” Lisa laughed.

Behind them sat another couple of girls who were listening to their conversation.

“God do they even have half a brain?” one of the girls said loud enough for them to hear. Lisa turned around.

“Excuse me?” She said.

“Nothing, I wasn’t talking to you,”
“Good,” Lisa sat back in her seat.

Sara exchanged a look with her friend and they both smirked at the extent of the girls conversation in front of them. Bras, make up, clothes, contraception, and more clothes.

“I take it you meant her to hear that, Katie?” Sara asked.

“Of course I did,” Katie replied and Sara laughed.

“You really don’t like them do you?”
“I don’t mind Kaycee but that skinny blonde white girl can kiss my ass,” Katie replied.

“Hey listen to this song,” Sara said holding one of her earphones out for her friend who pushed her hand away.

“No way, you know I don’t like none of that heavy shit you listen to,” She replied laughing.

“Its not shit, this is a good song, listen,” she persisted.

Michael was sitting a few in front of his brother. He was engrossed in a book but the guy next to him insisted on talking to him. He was not listening but every now and then he would make a ‘uh huh’ sound so that the guy thought he was.

“You don’t talk much do you, papi?” the guy said. “So you got a roommate yet?”

“No,” Michael replied.
“Me neither, ha, how about that?” he laughed. “I always thought you were kinda weird, still do but, hey, roomates?”

“Uh huh,” Michael replied but he had not heard the question.

Chapter End Notes:
Thanks for reading, please let me know how this is going, i'd love to hear it. xXx