Timeline for 'Touch' by Twocrazywriters
Summary: For those interested and want to see how our boy's lives will turn out, this is the timeline for the 'Touch' universe. Should you wish to view the family tree as well, please visit our website.
Categories: Post-Series Characters: Agent Alexander Mahone, Agent Felicia Lang, Agent Paul Kellerman, Gretchen Morgan, Lincoln Burrows, Lisa Rix, LJ Burrows, Michael Scofield, Michael Scofield Jr, Original Character(s), Pam Mahone, Sara Tancredi
Genres: Angst, Drama, Family, Friendship, General, Romance, Tragedy
Pairing: Lincoln and Mahone, Michael and Sara
Warnings: Character Death, Original Characters, Slash
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Series: Touch
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Story Notes:
If you haven't read 'Touch of Love' and 'A Simple Touch' this will not make sense.

1. Timeline by Twocrazywriters

Timeline by Twocrazywriters
1963 (May 4) – Alexander Mahone is born.

1972 (July 19) – Lincoln Burrows is born.

1976 (September 8)– Michael Scofield is born.

1984 – Christina Scofield dies. Michael and Lincoln are put in an orphanage.

1989 (June 4) – Lincoln marries Lisa.

1989 (October 25) – LJ is born.

1991 – Lisa and Lincoln divorce.

1998 (May 20) – Cameron is born.

2002 – Lincoln is arrested and convicted for first-degree murder; the punishment is the death penalty.

2005 (June/July) – Michael and Lincoln break out of jail and are exonerated later.

2005 (August 9) – Cameron is murdered.

2005 (November) - Michael is in the hospital, dying of a brain tumor. Alex makes a pass at Lincoln. The events in ‘First Touch’ (the prequel to ‘Touch of Love’) begin in which Alex and Lincoln hook up and Michael is saved, but paralyzed from waist down due to his surgery.

2006 (April 7) – MJ, son of Michael and Sara, is born.

2006 (March) – Alex and Lincoln move to Washington DC.

2006 (April) – Michael and Sara move to California due to the proximity of a renowned health clinic for Michael’s rehabilitation. Kellerman pulls some strings so Sara can move even though she is still up for murder charges in Illinois.

2006 (August) – Alex takes a field assignment that ends badly almost resulting in his death. Lincoln comes close to saying the L-word, but doesn’t.

2006 (September) – LJ enrolls in Law Enforcement at the college of Minneapolis.

2006 (December) – Alex and Lincoln visit Michael and Sara during Christmas. They pretend to be nothing more than friends. Michael and Sara suspect they are friends with benefits.

2007 (May) – Alex takes a field assignment to Azerbaijan. The events in ‘Touch of Love, Touch of Tears’ begins.

2007 (July/August) – Lincoln is released from the hospital after he had been kidnapped by Alex’s nemesis from Azerbaijan. His road to healing begins. The events from ‘A Simple Touch’ (sequel to ‘Touch of Love’) begin.

2007 (14 November) – LJ’s ‘son’ is born. Lincoln becomes a grandfather.

2008 (May 27) – Alex and Lincoln become fathers of a girl; Hope Sara.

2008 (11 June) – Alex and Lincoln become fathers of two boys; Adam and Casey (twins).

2010 – Alex attempts to cook for Lincoln, making meatballs with spaghetti. The result is so horrible that Lincoln and the children are ill for two days.

2011 (July) – The events in ‘Moment in Time – Theme Parks’ take place.

2011 (December) – The events in ‘Moment in Time – Christmas’ take place.

2011 (January) – The whole family vacations in Southern England in an old Mansion near Salisbury. There are rumors of a ghost.

2012 (July 6) – Alex and Lincoln become fathers of a girl; Victoria.

2013 – Alex and Lincoln go trick and treating with their children for the first time. It ends in disaster.

2015 – Hope asks Lincoln and Alex about her mother. They explain the issue.

2016 – Adam and Casey climb a tree together. Adam falls out and breaks a leg. Casey takes the blame.

2017 – Lincoln takes the children to the woods of Washington DC to steal a Christmas tree. It starts snowing like crazy while they are out there, but they finally find the perfect tree. Halfway out of the forest the car runs out of gas. Alex comes to the rescue with hot chocolate milk, a guilt trip for Lincoln and a car with gas.

2018 – LJ is promoted to sergeant. He continues to work as a police officer.

2019 – Adam and Casey walk in on Alex and Lincoln having sex.

2020 – Alex and Lincoln are arrested for illicit behavior in a public area.

2021 – Fox dies. Due to the children, Alex and Lincoln buy another dog, six months later.

2022 – LJ and Sandy divorce. They share custody of their only child.

2022 – Adam and Casey rule the Football field as offensive players.

2023 – Casey sets the school’s science lab on fire. He claims it’s an accident. Alex and Lincoln pay for damages after Lincoln and his squad put it out.

2025 – Adam, Casey and Hope graduate High school. Alex and Lincoln are arrested outside school with binoculars during their stakeout. Hope bails them out the next morning.

2025 – Lincoln and Alex take the children to London as a surprise for their graduation. Lincoln acquires an infatuated male stalker. They buy tickets to see ‘Cats’, but walk out during the break out of boredom and end up in a pub.

2026 – Hope enters Harvard, studying Law.

2026 – LJ starts to work as a detective and is assigned to homicide.

2027 – Casey enters college, studying Network Security Management.

2027 – Adam enlists. He starts rigorous training to become part of the elite Delta Force team.

2027 – Lincoln retires.

2027 – Alex and Lincoln visit Hope at Harvard. Before long Alex is in the auditorium lecturing students.

2028 – Victoria graduates high school as Prom Queen. She marries the Prom King shortly after. She settles down as a housewife.

2028 – Casey quits school and gets in with a bad crowd. He is arrested the same year for drug dealing.

2028 – Alex retires.

2028 – Victoria becomes a mother of her first child, making Alex a grandfather for the first time and Lincoln for the second.

2028 – LJ remarries after falling in love with his partner.

2028 – Lincoln waits for Casey when he comes out of jail and takes him to a drug clinic. Casey walks out the next day.

2028 – Alex and Lincoln travel through Europe for six months now that all their children have left home. Lincoln breaks his leg in three places after illegally climbing the Eiffel tower to romance Alex. A pickpocket tries to steal Alex’s wallet in Greece, but Alex breaks his arm. Alex and Lincoln make love on every beach they visit.

2029 – Alex and Hope find Casey in an abandoned warehouse and attempt to get him different lodgings. It works for a while.

2029 – Lincoln’s old friend Derek contacts him for help. Lincoln goes back to his old neighborhood and ends up in a personal vendetta.

2030 – Casey and Lincoln have a big fight. The relationship deteriorates. Casey lives with Victoria for a short while.

2030 – Lincoln cheats on Alex during a night of drinking and has a one-night stand with a woman. Alex suspects he has done so, but ignores it.

2030 – Adam visits his hometown and goes out slumming with Casey. They get into a scuffle when some of Casey’s ‘friends’ approach them.

2030 – Alex comes out of retirement to help Kellerman catch Gretchen. Alex saves Kellerman’s life during the assignment, but Gretchen is killed in the process.

2030 - LJ fathers triplets (boys).

2030 – Victoria has her second child.

2031 – Alex is awarded ‘The Presidential Medal of Freedom’ for his work in bringing the remnants of The Company down. Lincoln isn’t allowed to accompany him as his husband/lover and Alex almost refuses the honor. Lincoln makes him go anyway. Alex receives it side by side with Kellerman who has just won his second term as Governor of Virginia. The event is highly emotional.

2032 – Adam is sent on his first mission as a Lieutenant of Special Forces in Africa. He is captured and held captive under dire circumstances for two months. Alex and Lincoln almost go to save him when a crack elite team gets him out just in time.

2032 – Casey is arrested for a second time and is sentenced to jail time for nine months.

2032 – Victoria has her third child. It is born too early while she is out shopping for groceries with Lincoln. Lincoln delivers the baby near the deli department.

2033 – LJ is attacked by a junkie and is stabbed by his needle. They fear for his health for six months until it is certain he has not been infected by HIV.

2033 – Adam marries an Egyptian woman during his time in Cairo and becomes a devout Coptic Orthodox Christian.

2033 – Lincoln starts to rebuild their home, slowly turning Alex insane with all the hammering and sawing. Then Alex has enough, but walks where he shouldn’t and falls down a hole in the floor. He breaks his left arm and his left foot is bruised. He lies there for half a day when Lincoln is out buying more wood. Lincoln feels incredible guilty and Alex abuses that in every way, having Lincoln at his beck and call for eight weeks.

2034 – Hope starts to work for a prestigious law firm in Washington DC.

2034 – Maria, Adam’s wife, judges Alex and Lincoln’s living together as sinful. There is a clash between her and Lincoln. Lincoln walks away, steaming. Alex takes her aside and gives her a warning. She doesn’t pay much attention. Adam tries to keep the peace, but it isn’t easy.

2034 – Casey is seen dealing near a school. Lincoln almost roughs him up, but Alex beats him to it. Hope and Victoria take Casey out to dinner and take him to rehab again. This time he stays for the entire run.

2034 – Victoria has her fourth child.

2034 – Lincoln and Alex remarry during a romantic, private ceremony in Norway under the Northern Lights. Afterwards, they end up in a log cabin, snowed in for a week. They have to rough it without electricity and minimum food. The events in 'Moments in Time - Norwegian Wedding' take place.

2035 – Adam is promoted to Captain and becomes a father to twins (girls). He moves to Bangladesh.

2035 – Casey falsifies Alex’s signature and steals his identity to borrow money.

2035 – Alex tells Maria that God won’t give her sons after she gave birth to twin girls. He tells her that her hateful remarks about his relationship with Lincoln made God angry. She believes him and is scared.

2035 – Lincoln and Casey have a big fight during Christmas, which is a hands-on slam-dunk in the snow. Alex tries to talk to them both and fails. Both Lincoln and Casey end up in the hospital with more than just cuts.

2035 – Lincoln cheats on Alex a second time and crashes at Michael’s.

2036 – Adam is involved in religious riots in Bangladesh and saves the Canadian ambassador’s life.

2036 – Victoria takes Casey in again and tries to keep him clean.

2037 – Adam is promoted to Major and stationed in Washington DC, finally moving back to the US.

2037 – Adam meets up with Casey. They play ice-hockey for an entire evening. Adam gets through to him.

2037 – Casey stays in rehab for a third time. His attempts to stay clean finally work out. He falls for another patient.

2038 – Alex and Lincoln celebrate their thirtieth anniversary in Peru.

2039 – Alex and Lincoln’s grandchild Francis visits them and during an unguarded moment he finds Alex’s old gun. He has an accident with the gun and the men rush him to the hospital. Francis causes a scare, but heals up nicely. Victoria is angry with her father and shows some balls.

2040 – Kellerman becomes Vice-President of the United States.

2040 – Hope becomes Assistant District Attorney. She is quickly hailed as ‘The Bulldog’, blowing a lot of crime out of the water.

2040 – Casey and Lincoln slowly come to terms with each other after Hope and Alex set them up and lock them up in Michael and Sara’s apartment for a week.

2041 – A right wing nutcase tries to assassinate the President of the United States. Kellerman saves the president at the cost of his own life. Alex celebrates with champagne.

2041 – Alex starts having chest pains.

2041 – A crime family targets Hope; she barely escapes a bomb attack. The crime family is decimated shortly after. Nobody claims responsibility and the case remains an unsolved mystery.

2041 – Casey breaks off his engagement and woos a female firefighter. It’s a whirlwind romance.

2041 – Alex and Lincoln’s grandson Sheldon is bullied at school. When Lincoln finds out he goes to school to deal with the bullies. Sheldon is never bullied again.

2042 – Alex has a heart attack and needs bypass surgery.

2042 – Casey fathers a child with the firefighter, which he names Lincoln. The mother dies during childbirth. Casey starts his own company at the docks.

2043 – Alex and Lincoln go to China and are mistaken for American drug runners.

2044 – Hope is elected District Attorney and continues her fight against organized crime.

2045 – Adam is promoted to Colonel and works at the Pentagon.

2046 – Alex and Lincoln take their grandchildren to Disneyland. They can’t cope. Victoria and her husband come to the rescue.

2047 (December 5) – Lincoln dies after a short battle with an illness due to his decades old wounds.

2047 – Alex revisits Chicago and pretends Lincoln is still there. Hope comes to pick him up and takes him back home.

2048 – Hope dies in a car crash.

2048 – Alex thinks about suicide and breaks down in front of Michael and Sara. He is later diagnosed with clinical depression.

2049 – Alex sells the house he lived in with Lincoln and their children.

2049 – Alex moves in with Casey and his son. Casey’s son is a mirror image of Lincoln.

2049 – Alex becomes a Great Grandfather due to Victoria becoming a grandmother.

2050 – Alex’s old house in Chicago burns down.

2050 – LJ retires.

2055 – Fifty years after the breakout, Michael takes Alex, Sara, Sucre and LJ to the now demolished building and toasts Lincoln’s life.

2056 – Michael dies of a heart attack.

2056 – Alex moves in with Sara.

2058 – Sara dies of liver failure.

2060 – Adam retires from the army and becomes a partner in Casey’s thriving shipping business.

2064 (April 6) – Alex dies peacefully in his sleep. His 16th Great Grandchild is born on the same day. Pam and Felicia Lang are among those who bury him next to Lincoln.
End Notes:
All these moments can become 'Moments in Time' which are short stories set in the Touch Universe. Some, as you might have seen, have already been written.
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