together forever by 4everaever
Summary: this i am not quite sure of but sara is whistlers little sister there will be other charecters i just need to write
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1. the revelation by 4everaever

2. the horror by 4everaever

3. the nightmare by 4everaever

4. the problem by 4everaever

5. the delicate flower by 4everaever

6. authors update by 4everaever

the revelation by 4everaever
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Sara woke up and looked around all she could see was the oak dresser and the mahogany wardrobe, the mismatching furniture made her smile inwardly at the mess that her friend called a bedroom, and then her eyes stopped on the thing she had been looking forward to for the past five months, a perfect white halter-neck dress with diamantes on and soft silky gloves which were whiter than a floating cloud on a summers day, plus shoes of the softest lace. This was her outfit for today as today is the day that she will stop being Sara Tancredi and she will become Sara Scofield. This is her wedding day.
Michael was woken by Lincoln shouting and pounding on his door. He smiled as he remembered that today was his wedding day. After Sona they had lost all hope but he was happier right now then he had been for a long time, last time he was this happy, it was the night Sara agreed to become his wife.


Michael and Sara were dining together at a fancy, Italian restaurant but Sara had noticed a very subtle change in Michael’s behaviour, he was always checking the time and looking around plus he wasn’t paying that much attention to what she was saying. Finally she gave up and sighed, she started to reach for her bag, which was at the side of her when she looked at Michael and saw that he wasn’t even paying attention, he was looking behind him. With that new information Sara decided to take action. She slowly and quietly took hold of her purse and stood, then she quickly but silently walked to the reception collected her coat and with one last glance at Michael, she walked out of the door. Michael who was still looking behind him, noticed the waiter coming over with the special , non-alcoholic wine, it was special because inside Sara’s glass there was a specially made engagement ring that he hoped would seal his and Sara’s futures together officially. He would have to remember to apologize to Sara later; he had been on edge all night and had not been paying the best attention to everything said. He turned around to face Sara when he noticed that she wasn’t there he looked all around and noticed that even her purse was gone.


His thoughts were interrupted when Lincoln started shouting again.

Whistler was looking out of the window down on the church where Sara had just entered. He was crying, he was not invited to his own sister’s wedding. He remembered a time when they used to be as close as anything, back when she was just an innocent, little girl that adored her big brother.


"James, put me down" Sara screamed.
"Or what “ James said laughing.
"James put your sister down" Their mum shouted.
"I love you big bro " Sara proclaimed proudly.
" And I love you too little sis" James whispered adoringly while gazing into her little hazel eyes.
Whistler looked on silently remembering, with tears running down his beaten face.
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the horror by 4everaever
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"HI" Sara shouted into jameas ear as they entered the house but everyone remained silent . James slid sara off of his shoulders where she had been positioned to watch the carnival "go play with megan and anja"
sara skipped away merrily totally oblivious to the tension in the house James went to his mother and whispered , as to not worry hos sisters, "what is wrong"
james' mother said "tehy are tking jess they are taking my little jessica" "but you said we had two months"quivered james
" i lied" said james mother
a engine sounded outside and james gut told him jess was leaving he quickly ran out of the house and followed the van speeding down the road and james' tears flew as he fell to his knees and whispered " jess".
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the nightmare by 4everaever
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james was carried in by two men of the house and laid upon his bed he slept untill midnight when he waqs awoken by a blood-curdiling scream he ran to megan and anja's room but they both slept peacefully he ran to sara's room where he heard another scream busting open the door sara turned to him and cried "the bad man is here to take me like he did jess" he sighed only believing she wanted attention "it was only a dream sara"
a mans hand covered his mouth and in his hand was a chloroforme soaked hankerchief and the man snarled "yes just a bad dream you won't remember" and as everything got dark for james he heard his sisters screams
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the problem by 4everaever
James awakened to the sweet smell of lavender as he opened his eyes he looked around and saw his mother applying a cool cloth to his forehead as he looked at her , as he smiled , he noticed the grave look upon her face
" mom , what is wrong ?" james enquired.
His mother turned to him and said "they took sara"
James looked at her confused "who is sara?"
Sara looked around the dark , damp room while silent tears streamed down her young face.
suddenly she heard a shuffling in the darkest corner and sara saw a face.
she whispered "Jess"
Jessica replied "yes , it is me little sister and you are going to pay"
the delicate flower by 4everaever
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James was sitting in the kitchen sorting through old photo albums when he heard the front door open.
A strong, feminine voice carried through the long hallway
"Is anyone home?"
James stoid and ran to the door , he placed his back against the wall and sneaked a look around the corner to where a tall, beautiful woman was standing at the door.

The lady turned around to close the door and he was mesmerised by the gentle swish of her hair as it settled softly against her shoulders, the ends of her dark hair seemingly running along her elegant back, he was amazed by the way the flowery gypsy top swayed gently against her slender arms.When she turned back around she saw him and a gorgeous smile errupted on to her lips and she giggled.and ran towrds him with her arms stretched out to embrace him.
"James, what are you doing hiding from me?"

But when she saw how James looked at her in complete bewilderment she dropped her arms and her smile disappeared and she whispered cautiously.
"James,what's wrong?"
James answered " i lost my memory"
"so you don't remember me?"
"no, who are you?"
"your girlfriend."
Sara was bleeding badly, her wristswere sore from the chains holding her up.
The door opened letting in the light Sara so desperately craved.
A sneering man entered, the same man who hept her locked up in this room for the past two days.
He came over to her she hung her head and the man grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and punched her face.
She sobbed as he said to her
"get used to it".
He then left leaving her in darkness.
And as the blood filled her mouth she thought "James save me"
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authors update by 4everaever
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