~The Best and Worst Times~ Freshmen Year by 27kate17
Summary: High school is a whole new world for teenagers to discover as well as find themselves. Teen drama of love, lust, control, curiousty, danger, lost, temptation are a few of many experiences teenagers go through during this time in their lives. A young Michael Scofield starts high school with his close friends and together they face all the new challenge that high school throws at them. High school is a major event in a persons life, it is both the best and worst time of ones life. Enjoy!
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Chapter 1 by 27kate17
Chapter 1

“Woohoo, last one is the pool is a rotten egg!” Lincoln Burrows called as he jumped into the pool.

Right behind him was Michael Scofield Lincoln’s bother and Veronica Donovan Lincoln’s girlfriend, they were followed by Fernando Sucre, Jill Rose, Nika Volek, Paul Kellerman and Kristine Kellerman. The close friends laughed as they played in the pool together. Tomorrow was the first day of school and for Michael, Fernando, Nika, Jill and Kristine it would be the first day of high school. The group had spent countless days and nights together doing stuff like swimming in the Burrows and Scofield pool over the summer break. Tomorrow they would start a new chapter in their lives.

“Well I hope you guys enjoy your last hours of freedom because tomorrow Principal Henry Pope controls the next four years of your lives” Paul warns them.

“I can’t believe how fast summer went” Jill said.

“I know seems just like yesterday we graduated middle school,” said Nika.

Lincoln splashed in the water and then turned to the others. “Oh and by the way, at school you don’t know V, Paul or me because we don’t associate with niners” Lincoln jokes.

Michael swam over to his brother and put Linc in a headlock and pulled him under water. The others laughed at the two brothers as they wrestled in the pool. After a few minutes Paul and Sucre joined in. The girls took this time to hop out of the pool and dry off. “Boys they never grow up” Veronica laughed.

“Yeah” Nika said as she watched Michael.

The guys finally got out of the pool to dry off. It was getting late and everyone had to start getting home and ready for school tomorrow. Paul and Kristine were first to leave and followed be Sucre. Veronica made her way over to Linc on the patio and sat on his lap. “Well tomorrow it’s back to reality,” she said and giving him a kiss.

In the house Michael was finishing cleaning up the kitchen. Nika wondered in after getting changed in the bathroom. “So are you excited” Nika asked him.

“Yeah I guess, it will be different,” Michael says while putting the last few dishes away.

Nika moved over and put her hands on the counter and licked her dry lips. “So what are you doing after school tomorrow?’ she asked.

“Ah Sucre and I might be getting together” he tells her.

While they stood in silence Jill entered the room. “Well Nika it’s time to go, my mom is here to pick us up,” she told her.

They said their goodbyes to Michael and the two girls left. Jill and Nika chatted all the way to Nika’s house and promised to meet up tomorrow at school. “So are you excited?” Jill’s mom asked her as they left Nika’s place.

“Yeah and nervous” Jill admitted.

Once they got home Jill got out of the car. She looked over at her neighbor’s house and realized there was movement in the house. “It must be the new neighbors,” she thought. She saw a girl with auburn hair sitting on the front porch. She looked to be about her age and wondered of she was going to Crane High as well.
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Chapter 2 by 27kate17
~Chapter 2~

The movers worked really quickly to get their stuff in the house. The whole house was covered in boxes. Sara Tancredi made her way up to her new bedroom. Most of her stuff was still packed up. She searched through the boxes until she found the one with her bed sheets and quickly made her bed. She turned to another box that had her some of her clothes. She decided what she was going to where on her first day of school and hung it on the back of her door. Sara was both excited and nervous about starting high school. Not only because she was going to a new school, but also because this would be the first time Sara would go to a real school period. Since the time she was four her mother had home schooled Sara. They had lived in a small town but when her mother got sick and was diagnosed with breast cancer, they moved to the big city of Chicago so she could be closer to her doctors.

Sara lay on her bed thinking about how different their lives were going to be now. She had so many questions about high school, what were the other student like? The teachers? What would her classes be like? As these questions ran through her mind and there was a knock at the door.

“Sara are you in there?” her mother called.

“Yeah I’m here,” Sara said as she sat up on her bed when he mother entered.

“Do you have everything ready for tomorrow?’

“I think so,” Sara said nervously.

Sara’s mom smiled and sat next to her daughter on the bed. “Don’t worry, you are going to love high school Sara. High school can be the best time of your life. You will make lots of new friends and who knows maybe a boyfriend” her mother winks at her.

“Mom” Sara blushes.

Her mom laughed, “I know you father said no dating until your married but it can be are little secret” she said putting her finger to her lips.

Sara leaned her head on her mom’s shoulder and let out a sigh. It was going to be different not spending the day with her mom. Her mom and her were so close and it will be hard for both of them to get used to it.

“Well you better get some sleep sweetie, tomorrow is a big day” her mom said as she got off the bed and headed for the door. “Goodnight sweetie.”

“Goodnight mom” Sara responded as she turned off her light. She lay back on her bed and thought about what the next day held for her.
Chapter 3 by 27kate17
~Chapter 3~

Early the next morning Michael’s alarm clock went off. Still half asleep he reached his hand over to hit his snooze button. After having two months of staying up late and waking up late, his new routine would take some time to getting use to. Throwing the covers off his lean body, the warmth of his bed was gone. Michael crawled out of bed and made his way to the bathroom.

Down in the kitchen Christina was making her sons favorite breakfast, blueberry pancakes. Lincoln strolled into the kitchen carrying his school bag and his football gear.

Christina sighed, “Can you not bring that smelly stuff in here, your room already smells like a locker room, I don’t need the kitchen smelling like it too.”

Linc groaned and then threw it in the hallway. Just as he sat down Michael walked in. “Oh there's my new high school student” Christina smiled.

“Mom” Michael mumbled as he blushed.

Linc laughs “My favorite day of the school year, Initiation Day!”

“No Linc you better not initiate your brother or any other grade nine student” she scolded him and wiggled her finger at him.

“Oh come on mom, it’s a tradition. I went through it” Lincoln tried to reason with her. “It’s our way of saying welcome to Crane High.”

“I don’t see how writing niner, on some poor kids forehead or making them sing a song standing on the table in the cafeteria is welcoming” she argued.

“I’ll be fine mom” Michael assured her. “Besides I know where Linc sleeps” he added with a grin.

“Hey mom you can’t let him do another science experiment on me when I’m sleeping. I’m still recovering from the last one, my hair is just starting to grow back”

“Well is you initiate him, I can’t stop him. Now you better go, I don’t want you late for your first day” Christina told them as she cleared the table.

Both brothers grabbed their bags and walked to the driveway where Linc’s new used car was sitting. As Linc jumped in the driver seat, he honked the horn. A moment later Veronica came out of the house next door and ran to the car. “I see we may actually be on time today” Veronica said giving Linc a kiss and hopped in the passenger seat. Michael sat in the back trying to ignore the two lovebirds.
Chapter 4 by 27kate17
~Chapter 4~

Sara grabbed her bag from her room and made her way down the stairs. Her father was in the kitchen drinking his coffee and reading the newspaper. The coffee pot seemed to be the only thing that was out of the boxes. Cupboards where empty, counter were bare, the floor on the other hand was still covered in boxes. They were having an interior decorator come in and design each room in the house so there was no point in unpacking everything yet.

“All set Sar-bear,” her father asked.

“I believe so” Sara smiled.

“Oh let me get my camera, this is a big moment” her mother said as she ran into the living room and searched through like fifty boxes.

“I have to go mom, I’ll miss my bus” Sara said running out the door before she can chase her.

Sara crossed the front lawn and started to walk down the sidewalk. As she passed her neighbors house, someone came out of the house. Sara smiled at the girl.

“Hey you must be my new neighbor. I’m Jill,” she said.

“Yeah, I’m Sara.” The two started walking down the sidewalk together.

“So what grade are you in?” Jill asked.

“Nine” Sara answered.

“Oh me too!” Jill said excited. “First day of high school”

“Yeah, well it’s my first day of school period. I was home schooled” Sara told her.

“Oh well this will defiantly be an experience for you” Jill laughs.

The two girls talked all the way to the bus stop. When the bus arrived they sat together. They went over each other’s timetables and realized they had first and third period classes together as well as lunch. The two really hit it off and talked the whole way to school. As the exited the school bus, Sara looked up at the school. She couldn’t believe how big it was and thought for sure she was going to get lost.
Chapter 5 by 27kate17
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~Chapter 5~

Sara and Jill made their way up the front steps of the school. All this was new to Sara seeing all these teenagers around her. There were people going in every direction. She stood beside Jill as she tried to figure of where to go.

“We’re in the south wing room 312” Jill informed her.

Sara just nodded.

“I think we should find our lockers first. What number are you?” Jill asked.

“Ah D3009” Sara answered pulling out her info sheet.

“Oh I’m D3050” Jill smiled. “We’re in the same area. Come on lets go.”

They made their way up to the third floor and walked down the hallways looking for their lockers. “Well here is D3000, so your... right here.” Jill pointed to the locker that said D3009.

Sara walked up to her locker and opened it. She placed a few books that she wouldn’t need yet and then closed it up.

“Hey mami!” came a familiar voice to Jill.

“Sucre hey!” Jill said as she gave him a hug. “Is your locker around here?”

“Yep D3025” he told her.

His eyes then turned to Sara who was standing beside Jill. He smiled at her.

“Oh sorry” Jill said quickly. “Sucre this is Sara my new neighbor, Sara this is Fernando Sucre.”

“Hey” Sucre said as he shook her hand. Sara smiled.

“Well I got to go Michael texted me, he just arrived at school. So I’ll see you around Jill and you too Sara” and then Sucre ran down the hall.

Jill waved to Sucre and then turned back to Sara. “Well we should get to my locker and then class we don’t want to be late.”
Chapter 6 by 27kate17
~Chapter 6~

Michael was at his locker and organizing all his books. Someone came up behind him and covered his eyes. “Guess who?” the voice said.

Michael spun around “Hey Nika is your locker around here?” he asked.

“Yep, C3500” She told him pointing to the locker three down from his.

Michael smiled “Are you serious?”

“Yep we’re-” she started to say but was cut off when Sucre showed up.

“Hey Papi, so this is your locker? That sucks, the party is in D. Jill, Kristine and me all have lockers in D, oh and Jill’s new friend Sara. Who I have to say Papi is smoken hot.”

“I don’t know any Sara” Nika said.

“Yeah apparently they just met” Sucre said. “But Papi seriously you got to see her.”

Nika didn’t like this, who was this Sara girl and why does Michael need to meet her. She decided to change the subject. “Michael we better head to class.”

He nodded then him and Nika headed off to math while Sucre headed for English.

Down on the second floor Lincoln and Veronica were standing in front of her locker talking to Paul, Derek and Jess. Both Paul and Derek were on the football team with Lincoln.

“So did you hear? Coach Mac is going to have us do fifty suicide runs tonight as part of our warm up” Derek said.

“And I thought he’d wait until we lost our first game to kill us” Lincoln joked with them, while he swung one arm around Veronica’s shoulder.

Suddenly someone approached them. “Well, well, well if it ain’t my favorite football players” Lisa Rix said with a smile.

Lisa Rix was the captain of the cheerleading team. Everyone in the school knew her. Girls wanted to be her and guys wanted to date her. She was a total tease and Veronica couldn’t stand her. She seems to have a thing for Lincoln, but then again she flirted with almost all the football players in her very short cheerleading outfit.

“Hello Lisa, howz the cheerleading squad doing?” Paul asked.

“Getting ready and hot for you guys” she flirted. “Well see you around” Lisa said looking straight at Lincoln.
Chapter 7 by 27kate17
~Chapter 7~

So far Sara’s first day was going quite well. Her first class was geography Sara sat with Jill. Her second class was Spanish and she found it very easy, She had been learning Spanish since she was three years old. Her parents thought it was important for Sara to be fluent in both English and Spanish, her French was also not that bad either.

It was only her first class and she felt as if she was on of the best in the class other then Sucre. They had Spanish together and when Sara walked in the door, Sucre had motioned her to sit with him. Sucre thought is was awesome to have someone else who spoke fluent Spanish. The two would talk in Spanish the whole class. It annoyed the guy on the other side of Sara, Brad Belick when he wasn’t able to understand her and get her answers.

Lunch followed after Spanish class. Sucre walked with Sara as she went to her locker and then they both headed for the cafeteria.

As they walked into the cafeteria they saw Jill waving to them and walked over. Jill had saved a seat beside her for Sara.

“I have to say, that was the best Spanish class ever,” Sucre announced. “Usually I spent the whole class trying to explain it to these people, but not anymore. I have my own Spanish buddy” he said all excited.

Sara laughed as she sat down.

The girl opposite to Sara smiled “Hi, I’m Kristine”

“Hi, I’m Sara”

A few minutes later Michael arrived at the table with someone else. “Hey guys, this is Ben” he told them.

“Hey” Ben smiled as he nodded his head.

The gang looks up and smiles at him as he sat down beside Michael.

“Oh Papi this is Sara!” Sucre said to Michael all excited bouncing in his seat.

“Hey” Michael smiled at her. “I’m Michael Scofield.”

Sara smiled at him and shook his hand. “So you’re the famous Sara I’ve heard so much about this morning” he chuckled as he started to eat his lunch.

“I guess so, and your the Michael that Sucre can’t stop talking about” she laughed.

“Oh god I hate English” Nika said as she took her seat beside Kristine. She looked around the table and saw two knew faces.

Jill introduced her to them. “Nika this is Sara and Ben”

“Oh hi” Nika said forcing a smile as she looked at Sara and then at Ben and back at Sara. She had to admit she was very pretty, but it only made her more jealous of her. Yet she decided to play nice. “So Sara, what middle school did you go to?” she asked.

“I didn’t go to middle school. I was home schooled. This is actually my first real school.”

“Really?” Michael asked sounding very interested.

“Yeah my family and I lived in small town and I was home schooled by my mom.” Sara told him.

“So why did you move to Chicago? Or continued being home schooled?’ Nika ask innocently.

Suddenly the smile was wiped off Sara’s face and she looked down at her food. Everyone seemed to notice that she was uncomfortable about the situation and decided to change the subject.

“So what class do you have next?” Michael asked.

“Ah science with Mr. Mahone” she told him.

Michael smiled “Hey so do I” he told her and Sara smiled. Nika watch them closely.

“Oh yay the three of us are going to have so much fun,” Jill said because she also was in the class.

As they ate their lunches they talked about how everyone's first day was going.

Suddenly they all went quiet. “Well, well look what we have here. A table full of niners, what should we do?” Lincoln teased. Beside him were Paul and Derek laughing at him full of enjoyment.
Chapter 8 by 27kate17
~Chapter 8~

The gang was sitting at the lunch table looking at Linc, Paul and Derek. Michael rolled his eyes at his older brother. “What do you want Linc?”

“I think it’s time for your initiation” Linc told him. “And since you’re my brother I’ll let you pick the method.”

Sara leaned over to Jill “What does he mean initiation?”

“They make the grade nines do some stupid stuff. Their way of welcoming us.” Jill told her.

Sara looked nervously at Linc as he pulled Michael out of his chair. “Alright so do you want ‘niner’ on your forehead, stand on your chair and sing or be a human sundae?”

“Are you serious” Michael said to his brother.

“Yeah and hey I’ll even have Sucre and the new kid do it with you” He said pointing to Ben.

Sucre quickly jumped out of his seat. “Whoa I didn’t agree to this!” Sucre said nervously.

“Come on pick one” Derek said gently punching Michael’s arm.

“Alright we’ll sing” Michael said.

“Good choice. Now I want to hear I’m a little teapot and I want to see the actions too boys.” Paul teased.

Michael, Sucre and Ben stood up on their chairs in front of the whole cafiteria and began to sing and doing the actions. Sucre was having trouble multitasking and couldn’t do the actions right. They all started laughing.

Linc, Paul and Derek were on the ground laughing at them and were crying they were laughing so hard.

When Paul had calmed down he turned to the girls. “Alright ladies your turn.” He was looking at Kristine and Jill. “Come on Kristine, Jill and Nika your up.”

“Oh come on Paul” Kristine begged her older brother.

“No, you come on” Linc said.

“What about Sara?” Nika said pointing to her.

Sara thought her heart had stopped. What were they going to make her do?

Lincoln walked over to her. “You must be Sara” Linc said with a grin.

“Come on Linc Leave her alone” Michael told his brother.

Jill spoke out on her defense next. “Look it’s her first day of school. She was home schooled and never went to a public school before.”

“Really?” Linc said. “Well I have just the thing for you.” Reaching into his bag he pulled out a single carnation flower. “Welcome to Crane High.”

Everyone in the cafeteria was watching in aw. Some of the girls were wishing they were the ones getting a flower from the popular Lincoln Burrows. A second later he turned his attention back to Jill, Kristine and Nika. “Alright I feel like watching the chicken dance,” he laughed.

“You’ve got to be kidding Linc” Nika said.

“Nope, now come on Nika lets see that chicken dance or become a human sundae.” Derek said.

“Alright, alright” Kristine said.

They stood on their chairs and started the chicken dance in front of the whole cafeteria. Linc, Paul and Derek were back on the floor laughing. Linc was too busy laughing he didn’t even see Veronica and Jess walk up.

“Stop being a bully Linc” Veronica scolded him.

“Oh come on babe it’s only Mike and his friends” Linc said putting his arms around her.

“Yeah well that Belick kid isn’t and you three practically scared him so much he almost wet his pants” Jess laughed.

“Yeah well, he was bugging us” Paul said as their defense.

“Hey V these will make you feel better” Linc said as he gave her a bouquet of carnations.

“Aw their beautiful Linc” Veronica said and then gave him a kiss.

Veronica then turned to Michael and the others. “So what did he make you do?”

“Nothing too bad” Michael assured her. “Oh V this is Sara, she’s new to Chicago.”

“Hi I’m Veronica,” she said with a smiled. She noticed the carnation in her hand. “Well I guess you were one of this years lucky ones who got out of this stupid tradition.”

“Can’t say the same for the rest of you thought,” Jess laughed. “Well look at it this way, your finished your initiation.” They talked with the group for a while before they all had to head for class again.
Chapter 9 by 27kate17
~Chapter 9~

“Jill I don’t think this is the right way to the science wing” Michael said as him and Sara followed Jill.

“I know where I’m going Michael we just need to find-” she looked down at her map again.

“Jill this isn’t right we’re in the drama and arts hallway.”

Sara stood back as the two were bickering on where to go. She had been trying to prevent herself from laughing at the two of them fighting on whether they were lost or not. Sara glanced at her watch; they had three minutes to find the classroom.

“The science wing is on the east side, first floor. The arts where we are, is on the north. We need to go back,” Michael urged.

After they finally made an agreement to follow Michael, they made their way to the science wing. They entered the classroom to see already a full class. Jill and Sara sat at two opened desks while Michael sat behind Sara.

Suddenly someone barged into the classroom. He threw his brief case on the teacher’s desk and without a word to them began to slam the piece of chalk against the board, he wrote “Mr. Mahone”

He had told the whole class telling them what he expected of them, what would happen if they didn’t follow his orders and explain everything they would cover. When the bell finally rang they scurried out of the classroom and into the hall.

“Is it just me or is that guy nuts?” Jill asked.

Michael and Sara both laughed. “He seems very jumpy. You think he’s on something?”

“Well something has to explain why he acts the way he does” Michael laughed.

As they walked down the hallway they saw a man in tracksuit walk by and staple signup sheet on the wall.

“What’s it for you think?” Michael asked as the three stopped and watched him.

Suddenly they heard Sucre yell, “It’s for football tryouts” as he pushed by them. “I’m so in” he ran up and signed his name. “First meeting’s in the boys locker room tonight.”

Jill frowned “The boys locker room. What if a girl wants to tryout?”

“What? Girls can’t play football,” Sucre laughed.

“Yes they can” Jill argued.

“Okay mami but what girl would want to play?” he was still laughing at the idea.

Jill’s eyes glared at him as she grabbed Sucre’s pen. “Me!” and signed her name.
Chapter 10 by 27kate17
~Chapter 10~

Jill had signed up for the football tryouts even though Sucre had tried to change her mind. Jill understood the rules for football and played regularly growing up. Having two older brothers had its advantages.

It was the end of the day and the gang was all sitting by Jill’s locker. Sucre was on the floor across from Jill. “You can’t play football Mami”

“I beg to differ, I’m probably better then you” Jill teased him.

Nika was the only one of the group who was standing and leaning against the lockers. “Why don’t you come out and tryout for cheerleading with me Jill?”

“No, girls have the right to play football just as much as the guys do.” Jill told her.

“So the rumors are true, Jill Rose want to play football” Linc’s voice could be heard coming towards them from down the hallway.

Jill stood up. “You heard right Linc.”

“Jill I say you knock them dead!” Sara spoke up.

“Totally agree, you show them Jill” Kristine cheered.

Nika started to giggle, “More like they knock her dead, is more like it.” she said it quiet enough that Jill couldn’t hear her.

They all then heard the bell and Sara picked up her bag. “Good luck Jill” Sara said and then her and Kristine headed out of the school. Michael was next to leave. “Some how I bet your going to kick their asses Jill.” She thanked him and then made her way to the locker rooms with Sucre and Ben.

In the locker room Linc, Paul and Derek were getting ready and throwing a football around. A lot of the old team members were already there. As the three guys were fooling around Anthony Carter walked in.

Anthony was a seniors and a year older the Linc, Paul and Derek. His position is middle linebacker and was one of Crane Highs most talented players.

“So Linc is it true? With Mark gone you’re in the running for top quarterback?” Anthony asked as he caught the football.

“It ain’t just a rumor man” Linc smiled.

A bunch of the old teammates were fooling around as some grade nines students show up, some of them including Sucre, Ben and Brad Belick. Shortly after Coach Mac walked in. All his former players including Linc, Paul, Derek and Anthony went up to greet their coach.

“Hey coach how was your summer?” Derek asked.

“Hot!” He said.

“We missed you at football camp this summer” Paul said tossing the ball in the air.

“Yeah well the Mrs. had our baby. Curtis Mac, future football star.” Mac said with a smile.

“Well congrats” Anthony said. “We weren’t too hard on the new guy,” he laughed putting an arm around Linc’s shoulder.

Mac shook his head at them. “Alright can everyone take a seat then we can get started and start warm up quickly.

The whole locker room went silent as they gathered around the coach. A moment later they heard the locker room door open and everyone turned to see Jill standing there.
Chapter 11 by 27kate17
~Chapter 11~

The room was silent as they all turned to see Jill, the coach smiled at her. “I’m sorry but the cheerleading squad is having their tryouts in gym B.”

“I’m not looking for the cheerleading tryouts, I’m here for football.”

The coach looked at her surprised, he had never had a girl wanting to be on the team before.

“You name?” he asked her.

“Jill Rose”

“Well Jill I’m very pleased to know a female is interested in football but-”

“But what? Where in the big football manual does it say women can’t play on the high school football team?

The coach starred at her for a moment. There was something familiar about her and then he looked at her in disbelief, her last name was Rose. He smiled at her. “Do you perhaps have two older brother’s named Justin and Sam?”

“Yes I do,” She told him knowing he would remember how her two older brothers were his star players and brought Crane High to victory three years in a row.

“Well Jill I have no problem letting you tryout but we will have to get the school to purchase everything you need in you size. Out of curiosity what position are you interested in?”

“Left Wide Receiver”

“Are you serious? Coach we can’t have one of our wide receivers a girl” Anthony protested.

“Hey I’m probably a faster runner then you. I could probably finishes running from one end of the field to the other and make my way home before you finish” Jill challenged him.

“Anthony, she’s right the rules say nothing about women not being allowed to play” the coach said.

“Actually she’s pretty good” Linc said on her defense. “I’ve seen her play.”

Jill smiled and the coach was in deep thought then said, “Alright, show me what you got Rose.”
Chapter 12 by 27kate17
~Chapter 12~

The first day of football tryouts had gone pretty well, or at least for Jill. She was defiantly kicking a good chunk of the teams asses. Making her way home she saw Sara sitting on her porch reading.

“Hey” Jill called as she approached the Tancredi house.

Sara looked up from her science textbook and smiled at Jill coming towards her. “Hey, how were tryouts? Did you show them a thing or two?”

Jill took a seat beside her and smiled. “Well lets just say I’m not some delicate flower to them anymore” They both laughed. “I kick some serious ass today.”

The two girls laughed as Jill gave Sara an overview of how the tryout went. How she was running circles around some of the guys.

After a while Jill looks at the textbook Sara was reading. “Sara, today was the first day and your already studying?”

“You have to start sometime”

“Yeah but not on the first day. I think Michael is a bad influence on you” Jill told her taking the textbook from her hands.

Sara laughed and tried to reach for her textbook. “Michael? Why is Michael a bad influence on me?”

Holding the book over her head and laughs. “Michael is a study fanatic. I mean the guy started studying weeks ago”

Sara laughed and finally grabbed her book back. “Well some of us like to stay ahead.”

“Okay well just don’t study grade 10 stuff before we finish grade nine”

Sara giggled “Deal”

Sara and Jill talk about their first day. Sara thought she couldn’t ask for a better way to start at a new school. Everyone was so nice to her and she had met some really nice people that she hope she could become really good friends with.

“Oh hey can I get you to sign this” Jill said holding out a piece of paper.

“What’s it for?”

“It’s a petition for the school to purchase women size uniforms and gear for different sports like football.”

“Oh course I’ll sign it” Sara said reaching for the pen and paper and making her name the first on the petition.

The next day at lunch Jill sat down holding the petition in hand. “Ok guys I need you to sign this. I have fifty names since this morning”

Michael was the first to take it and sign. Sucre was next. “I have to say Mami you were amazing yesterday.” Jill just smiled at him.

Kristine was next. “I can’t believe your going to play football Jill. It’s not exactly the safest sport.

“Well I’ve been playing with my brothers since I was able to walk so, I know what I’m doing.” Jill told them as she started to scan the table and noticed Nika was missing. “Hey has anyone seen Nika?”

“She was in math class this morning but I haven’t seen her since.” Michael said as he took a bite out of his sandwich.

They all started scanning the cafeteria looking for her. “There she is” Sara said pointed out. “I think she is sitting with the cheerleading squad.”

Michael, who was sitting beside Sara, turn to where the cheerleaders were sitting, “Yeah she is, that’s Lisa Rix there beside her.” They watched as Nika laughed along with Lisa and the others.

Kristine was the only one not looking and slammed her fork into her salad. “Who cares?” she snaps angrily.

Jill, Michael and Sucre looked at her shocked. Kristine and Nika are best friends and they knew something must have happened.

“Hey Kristy what wrong?” Jill asked.

“Last night I called her and she completely blew me off, and this morning twice she ignored me when she was with Lisa.”

Jill watched as Kristine played with her food. They had all been friends since preschool. Kristine and Nika were best friends since the first day they met and did everything together. “Don’t worry Kristy everything will be fine.” Kristine gave a week smile.

“Hey I why don’t we all do something later tonight. I know after school Jill, Sucre, and Ben have football, but after that maybe we all go back to my house and hangout” Michael suggested.

“Sound fun Papi” Sucre smiled.

Michael nodded his head and then turned to Sara “So you coming?” he asked her.

“Yeah sure” Sara smiled “As long as I get a taste of that brownie of ours” she teased as she reached for his dessert.

“Hey I don’t think so,” Michael laughed trying to keep her hands away from it. As he was busy holding Sara off Jill reached over and grabbed it. “Hey Jill who side are you on?”

“Not yours” she laughed as she broke the brownie in three pieces and gave a piece to Sara and Kristine.

Sara eats the brownie slowly in front of Michael. “Mmm it’s good,” she giggled.

Michael gave a mischievous grin to Sara “I hope so because I will get you back.”

Sara giggled, “I can’t wait.”
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Chapter 13 by 27kate17
~Chapter 13~

At the end of the day Michael was at his locker getting everything he needed. As he shut his locker he saw Nika coming towards him. He smiled “Hey”

“Hey yourself” Nika said leaning against the locker next to him. “So what are you doing later tonight?” she asked.

“Ah Jill, Kristy, Sara, Sucre, and Ben are coming to my place to hang out. Do you want to come?”

Nika stood there thinking about it. She wanted to spend sometime with Michael. Alone. “Well I have some stuff to take care of maybe I’ll stop by.”

Michael smiled at her. “Great” as he started to walk away he turned back to her once more. “Listen you should talk to Kristine, she hasn’t heard from you and she wants to know if something is wrong.”

Nika gave a sarcastic laugh, “We talked yesterday morning” Nika snapped. She saw the surprise look on Michael’s face about the way she reacted and she didn’t want to start anything. “Alright, I’ll call her and tell her everything is okay. Oh I wanted to ask you there is a party Friday night at Anthony Carter’s do you want to go? I think Linc and the football players are going to be there.”

Michael said he’d think about it. After he says goodbye Nika watch Michael walk down the hallway. She was curious as to where he was going because the exit to the school was the other way. Slowly she followed him and saw him approach HER.

“Hey you ready?” Michael said as he walked up to Sara.

“Ah yeah” Sara said closing her locker and putting her bag over her shoulder.

The two had decided that they would stay at school until the football tryouts were done and then get a ride back to Michael’s house with Linc.

Michael and Sara made their way down the hall talking and laughing together. Both of them were oblivious to the looks Nika was giving them as they walked passed her.

Making their way outside, Michael and Sara climbed up the stands of the football field.

“Hey Michael” Veronica called as she waved them over to where her and Jess were sitting.

Michael nodded and then led Sara over to them. Veronica smiled at Sara. “Sara right?”

“Yeah” she answered as she and Michael took their seats in front of them.

Jess laughed when she saw Jill run passed a guy before he even looks at her. “I’ll tell Yay, Jill has been kicking their asses the whole practice.”

“She’s defiantly Justin and Sam’s little sister” Veronica said. “I remember how you, me, Linc, Jill and her brothers used to play in her back yard.” She told Michael when we were kids.

Michael chuckled “No we played, you picked dandelions.”

Veronica gave him a look and hit him on the back of the head.

“Ow” Michael groaned as he rubbed the back of his head and look at Sara for sympathy.

“Sorry you deserved that” Sara laughed

“Well Vee I’ll just say you always did seem to enjoy the tackle part” and before Veronica could hit him again Michael got out of her reach.

Veronica just gave a mischievous grin and smiled at Sara and Jess. Once it was safe Michael sat back down and watched the practice. They saw all the players’ start running and Linc threw the ball to Jill and she dodged Derek with what look like little effort. The four in the stand started laughing.

“Go Jill!” Jess called out.

Derek looked up in the stands at them with his hands up as if to say, “Who side are you on?”

They laughed at him. Veronica then turned to Sara. “So how are you liking high school?” she asked.

“It’s good, different from what I’m used to.”

Suddenly Veronica and Sara’s attention was back on Jess. “Come on Linc my grandma could have thrown the ball farther to reach Jill then you just did.”

Michael, Veronica and Sara started laughing at how into football Jess has become.

Veronica’s laughter was short lived when she saw Lisa with her cheerleading squad. The cheerleaders stood on the track and started a chant with very seductive moves as they showed off to the players.

Jess sees the way Veronica was looking at Lisa and put an arm around her. “Forget about her Vee she has been trying to throw herself at Linc for years and each time she falls flat on her face.” Veronica nodded and then began talking to Sara again.
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Chapter 14 by 27kate17
~Chapter 14~

After practice Linc drove Michael, Veronica, Sara and Jill back to their place. Paul, Derek and Jess followed behind them and Sucre and Ben told Michael they would be there soon after picking up Kristine.

As they get out of the car Jill and Jess continued teasing Derek about not being able to catch Jill. “I could have caught her no problem” Derek tried to assure them. “I just wouldn’t want to see her cry if she doesn’t make the team.”

Jill gave Derek a friendly punch in the arm as the entered the house.

Lincoln shook his head at them all and then made his way to the kitchen to get some sodas and snacks for everyone. As he moves to the fridge he found a note from his mom.

Linc & Michael,

I’m sorry but tonight I have to stay late at the school to tutoring some of the students. After Kim Rose and I are going out for a late dinner. There is money for Pizza on the counter.
Love mom, xox

Linc pocketed the note, it wasn’t unusual for their mom to stay late at the elementary school she worked at to earn extra money. It wasn’t like they didn’t have enough money but it gave them a little more spending money.

When Linc was two and his mom was six months pregnant with Michael their father Aldo Burrows walked out of their lives without an explanation. Just one day he never came home from work. Even after all these years Christina always tried to tell Linc and Michael the good things about their father and that one day he would come back to them. They just needed to have a little faith. She would put out on a happy face for their sake even though deep down she was hurting. To be honest Lincoln and Michael hated that man for what he was doing to their mother and refused to call that man dad or anything close to that.

Jill’s mom Kim was Christina’s best friend from high school and her rock through hard times. They always wanted their children to grow up together. Kim gave birth to Jill a month before Christina gave birth to Michael, who ended up taking his mother’s maiden name Scofield. The two families were always together. The Rose family is actually more like family then just friends. Both Lincoln and Michael see Jill as a sister and her brothers as their older brothers. Even Jill’s father Jacob had become more like a surrogate father to the two brothers and someone they can turn to in hard times.

Picking up the cash Linc made his way into the living room where everyone was waiting for him. “Good news, I got money for pizza.”

Sucre, Ben and Kristine soon arrived and they ordered pizza. Within minutes the hungry teenagers had devoured it. They were all laughing and having a good time together. It may have only been the second day but Sara was fitting into the group of friends without any problems. Jill and Sara had especially become close over the last couple days and spent hours talking on the phone the night before.

“Oh here’s a good one” Jess called from the couch. She was looking through pictures she had taken on her cell of the practice.

All the girls huddled around the phone to see Jill had just dodged past three players. The girls started laughing. Derek watched them and made a bet. “Alright if you girls think it’s so funny I challenge you to a guys against girls match outside right now.” All the guys like the idea and stood up and turned to the girls on the couch.

The girls thought about it and then agree. “All right you’re on” Kristine said.

“And your going down” Ben called as he grabbed the football.

They made their way to the backyard. The teams were Jill, Sara, Kristine, Veronica and Jess vs. Lincoln, Michael, Sucre, Ben and Derek with Paul the referee. Sucre stepped forward “Since we will cream you pretty ladies, we’ll let you receive first.”

“Thanks but you’ll be sorry” Kristine says.

Michael was standing across from Veronica. “Your lucky there are still some dandelions for you to pick,” he said with a smirk.

“Shut up!” she laughed.

After a quick huddle it was decided Sara was their quarterback. Linc saw this and chuckled. “Sara if you want you can move up. You know if you can’t throw is over my head from there.”

Sara gave a sarcastic laugh and stuck out her tongue. “Don’t underestimate me Burrows”

“Okay Tancredi.”

Jill winked at Sara knowing they didn’t expect a thing. “Hut” Sara called and was given the ball. She looked on both sides of her. Michael had Veronica covered and Sucre and Derek team up to block Jill. A second later Sara threw the ball over Lincoln’s head and over to Kristine. All the guys stopped in shock. “That girls got a good arm on her” was the thought going through all their minds. They weren’t paying attention when Kristine got a touchdown.

“Woohoo touchdown” Kristine yelled. All they guys eyes turned from Sara to see Kristine’s touchdown dance.

Sara started laughing, “Maybe I should have mentioned I used to play competitive baseball and have a lot of upper body strength,” she says showing off her muscles.

Linc shook his head in disbelief. “Well now we know your secret weapon ladies and your going down”

They spent the next hour playing and joking around. The girls put everything they had into the game but unfortunately they ended up losing, but only by two touchdowns. Yet to the guys it was all they needed to rub it in. “Well ladies that will teach you to mess with us” Derek laughed.

“Hey you beat us by two touchdowns, that not what I call creaming us” Sara said.

Derek puts his arm around her shoulder. “What ever make you feel better.” All the girls rolled their eyes at them and made their way back inside the house.
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Chapter 15 by 27kate17
~Chapter 15~

As the days went by everyone was starting to get use to his or her new routines. Sara was really starting to find her place at Crane High, her and Jill were becoming really close. In fact she was close and getting to know the whole group really well. Over the last few days, Michael and Sara would stay after school to either watch the football tryouts or study science together.

It was Friday finally. Their first week had come to an end. Today was when the cut for the football team was made also.

Sara was sitting by her locker with a girl from her last class, Katie Johnson. The two sat there listening to Katie’s ipod. Each had an earpiece in their ear when Jill came over and sat beside them.

“Thank God it’s the weekend,” Jill said letting out a deep breath.

Sara turns her head to Jill and saw her pulling at the ends of her light brown hair. This was a habit Sara noticed from her that she did when she was nervous. “Everything will be fine Jill” knowing exactly what had her so nervous.

Jill nodded. “So what are your plans for tonight?” she asked.

“Ah Katie and I and maybe Kristine were thinking about seeing a movie. Want to come?”

Jill finally let got of her hair and started chipping her light shade of pink nail polish off her fingernails. “There’s a party for those on the football team, but I don’t know if I want to go. I’ll probably be the only girl there. That is if I make the team.”

“Well from what I heard some of the cheerleaders are going.” Katie told her but then started to laugh. Knowing that she wouldn’t want to hang out with the cheerleaders.

Jill laughed at the image of her having to spend the night talking to cheerleaders. “Well at least I won’t have to worry about Lisa trying to hit on me.”

The three of them tried picturing it and started to laugh. “I’ll keep the movie in mind.”

As they sat there they saw coach Mac holding a sheet of paper. It was the final cuts for the football team. The crowd of people followed behind him. The girls watched them all run after him. Sucre and Michael made their way through the crowd. “Mami this is it!” Sucre said excitedly.

Sara, Jill and Katie stood up and followed Michael and Sucre. The five push there way through the crowd to reach the list. “Oh my God” Jill says unable to look.

Michael smiles at her and puts his hands on her shoulders for encouragement. “This is it Jill”

She stares at the list. Her eyes running down the page. She sees Benjamin Franklin, down the list she let out a breath that she had been holding when she sees her name Jill Rose.

“I, I made it, I made it!” she screams.

Spinning around she wraps her arms around Michael excitedly. Seconds later she jumps over to Sara and the two spin around as they hug. Jill couldn’t believe it, she was the first female to make Crane Highs football team. Next she hugged Katie. The three girls huddled together and began talking about her being surrounded by hot guys running around.

“Well Mami” Sucre said as he walks over to his fellow team member and breaking up the girl talk. “Apparently you can play football” he winked at her.

She gave him a smirk look on her face and wrapped one arm around Sucre’s neck. “I can do a lot better then play football, I can and will kick you ass!” they all laughed.
Chapter 16 by 27kate17
~Chapter 16~

Running to his locker Michael quickly unlocked it and started grabbing his books and putting them neatly in his bag. As he zips up his bag, Nika comes skipping up to him. “Hey Michael” Nika chirps as she twists her hair with her finger.

“Hi Nika, I haven’t seen you in a while”

“Oh gosh I know, I’m sorry but things have been hectic and also I’ve cheerleading-” before she can finish Michael cuts her off. “It’s okay Nika. We’ve all been busy this week” Michael chuckles.

Nika blushes knowing that she was rambling. She takes a deep breath before starting to speak again. “Well I just wanted to ask if you’re going to Anthony’s party tonight?”

“Oh I ah don’t know probably not,” he tells her.

Nika sticks out her bottom lip and pouts. “Oh come on Michael, it’s going to be a lot of fun. Linc’s going, Paul, Derek, and I’m sure Sucre’s going.” She reaches out and puts her hands in his and swings them left and right as she begs him to go.

Michael smiles and shakes his head in defeat. “Sure why not. I’ll stop by,” he says.

“Yay” Nika says as she wraps her arm around him. After a moment of shock Michael brought his arms up and patted her on the back. When she finally let go Michael took off running down the hall and down the stairs. He knew Linc was waiting for him but Linc told him he would wait for him for ten minutes and then would drive off. Michael hadn’t been late yet but wasn’t going to test him to see if he would.

Running out to the parking lot he hears someone calling his name. Turning around he raises one hand to block the sun from his eyes and can see Sucre running towards him. Michael continues slowly walking backwards and smile at him. “Hey”

When Sucre finally catches up to Michael he starts to slow down. “So Papi listen, there’s a party at Anthony Carter’s place. A senior on the football team, it will be our first high school party.”

“Yeah I told Nika I’d stop by” Michael told him.

“Good because there are going to be hot cheerleaders their Papi!” he started winking at Michael and patting him on the back. Both of them were laughing.

“Michael let’s go!” Michael heard Linc calling from his car. Nodding to him Michael said goodbye to Sucre and then made his way to the car.

“I told you ten minutes, then I leave and you’re on your own.” Linc said getting in the car and closing the door

“He’s not that late” Veronica said from the passenger seat.

“Yeah well I don’t like waiting”

Michael chuckles “Yeah I know you eat frozen pizza, frozen because it takes too long to warm up.”

Linc gave him an evil look in the rear view mirror. Turning around Linc wiped his arm back at Michael and playfully punched him in the stomach and then all three of them laughed.


“Come on V, I want to get to the party before Monday” Linc called up the stairs.

After yelling to Veronica up the stairs, Linc reentered the living room where Michael was watching t.v. They were waiting for Veronica to finish getting ready so that they could head to Anthony’s. “God it’s a mystery as to what women do in the bathroom that takes them an hour an a half to get ready.” Linc says as he collapses back on the couch beside Michael and stretching out his arms across the back of the couch.

Michael laughs and shakes his head. Linc turns and looks at him. “It ain’t funny man, just wait until it’s you waiting, and it could be sooner then you think” Linc smirks.

“What are you talking about?” Michael asks looking at him confused.

“Oh I don’t know, maybe you and the cute red head you’ve been hanging out with a lot” Linc smiles.

Michael gives a sarcastic laugh “Sara? We’re just friends” Michael tells him, although his tone isn’t all that convincing.

“Okay” Linc says sarcastically and Michael just shakes his head at him.

As the brothers were laughing, their mom walked in the front door. Moments later she walked into the living room to see her two sons sitting on the couch. “So what do you two have planned for tonight?” she asked them as she put the bills on the table behind the couch.

“We’re going to Anthony’s house, Veronica is upstairs changing” Linc said as Veronica came running the stairs. “Well speak of Mrs. America, who spends and hour and a half in the bathroom.”

Veronica entered the room and stuck her tongue out at Linc. She started to giggle and then turned to Christina “Hi Mrs. Scofield”

“Hello Veronica” Christina said giving her a hug. “Don’t worry about them, they have no idea what it’s like to be a woman” She smiles at Veronica.

Linc shakes his head as he stands up from the couch “Well we better get going” he says.

“Behave yourself okay. I don’t want Jacob Rose calling me to pick up my sons from the police station,” Christina tells them waving her finger at them.

“We will mom,” Michael says giving her a hug and kiss on the cheek.

She smiles “Your not who I’m worried about” She looked at Lincoln and all he does is smile. “I promise I’ll be good” also giving her a hug and kiss.

Linc wraps his arm around Veronica and the three start giggling as they run out the door.
Chapter 17 by 27kate17
~Chapter 17~

Arriving at the party the house was packed with tons of people. Some Michael had no idea went to Crane high. He stood beside Linc and Veronica and watched some already drunk teenagers.

“Hey, hey, hey Linc the sink has arrived” Anthony called out handing him a beer.

“Hey man!” Linc said slapping him on the back, both of them laughing.

“Veronica how is you?” Anthony asked her and she could tell he was really drunk.

“I’m good Anthony,” she said as she rested her head on Linc’s shoulder.

Anthony then turned to Michael and wraps his arm around him. “So this is Lincoln Burrows little brother” he smiles holding a beer in his hand. Michael couldn’t help but notice his breathe reek of beer and alcohol.

Linc keep his eye on Anthony with Michael. “Hey don’t be messing with my brother Anthony,” he warns him.

Anthony just smiles and releases his friendly hold on Michael. “Got it Sink” he laughs before going to sit on the couch in the middle of a crowd of cheerleaders and other girls.

The three make their way down the hall and Michael branches off to where Jill, Sucre and Ben are.

Linc and Veronica finally find Paul, Derek and Jess. “Well look who finally showed up,” Derek yells as he wraps his arm around Linc’s neck.

Veronica takes this opportunity to move away and talk to Jess. Both Paul and Jess seem to be really drunk. “V your here” Jess said giving her a big hug.

Veronica couldn’t help but laugh at her. Every time Jess got drunk she was always very touchy and hugged anyone. “Gee Jess don’t get wasted to fast.”

”I’m not, I’ve only had two beers and some punch” she moved closer to her and nudged Veronica and whispers “Between you and me I think it’s been spiked” and she start to giggle.

“So V what are you drinking tonight” Derek asked as he and Linc wondered over.

“Probably just a soda I’m tonight's DD” she tells them.

The five friends talked and laughed for a while and then Linc wanted to dance with Veronica. The music was turned up as a bunch of the teenagers started dancing. While dancing Lisa caught Veronica’s eye as she was dancing with her boyfriend of the night. This gave Veronica some comfort because she would leave her and Linc alone.

Michael split from Linc and Veronica when he spotted Jill, Ben and Sucre standing in what was probably the dinning room. “Michael” Jill said as she waved to him.

“Sup man, you made it” Ben said to Michael as the two slapped their hands together.

Looking up he noticed that Sucre was talking to some girl. He was too busy flirting with her, he didn’t even hear or see Michael walk up.

“So whose Sucre’s new friend?” Michael asked with a grin.

“Oh her, that’s Sofia” Jill said with a smile. “He’s been eyeing her for a while and finally go the courage to talk to her.”

While Michael, Jill and Ben talked; Nika has been watching them from across the room. Over the last couple hours Nika had been hit on numerous times and each time she walked away. She was starting to think Michael wasn’t going to show. She had gotten all dressed up for him. Her curly hair was half up and half down. She wore a very small tight black thin strap tank top that showed off her midriff and a very short denim mini skirt. When he showed up he didn’t even look at her once. “How is it every guy here can’t keep their eyes and hands off me except Michael” she thought. Chugging down the last of her drink she grabbed another one.

“Hey Nika, your looking fine!” a grade ten says to her as his eyes move up and down her body.

She rolled her eyes “Great here is another one” she thought. Then out loud he said “Hi Andy” she quickly moves away from the perverts eyes.

Michael, Jill and Ben also left the room heading for the living room where kids were dancing. After entering the room Michael and Jill started dancing but anyone who was watching them could tell that they were just really good friends and nothing else.

“Can I cut in?” Derek asks as he starts to dance with Jill.

“If you can keep up,” she taunts him.

Michael makes his way over to the snack table. As he eats some chips he watches Derek with Jill, then saw Ben dancing with some girl, Linc and Veronica were on the other side of the room making out. He turned back to the table only to feel someone tap him on the shoulder. Turning around his jaw dropped. “Wow, ah Nika hi” he says looking at what little clothing she was wearing.

“Hey” she says with a smile. “Wanna dance?”

Still in complete shock of what she came to the party wearing Michael finally says, “Yeah sure”

Nika happily took his hand and led him to the dance floor. Once they reached an open spot, Nika moved her back against Michael’s chest. Michael was surprised at how forceful she is being. He had never seen Nika like this and for some reason her actions were making him a little uncomfortable. Once the song ended he thanked her for the dance and quickly left the room. He found Jill and Ben leaning against the wall in the hallway laughing about something.

Jill looks at him and puts her hands up. “There you are, we were looking for you.”

“Ah yeah I was with Nika for a bit” he said not wanting to give further detail.

Jill nodded and Michael’s not even sure if she was really listening to him. “Anyway I think we’re going to take off. I’m not really in the party mood. Sara, Katie and Kristine are planning on going to a movie later so we are going to walk to her place it’s just down the street.” Jill tells him talking about her and Ben.

“Ah yeah I think I’ll come, just let me tell Veronica so she doesn’t wait for me” Michael says before running to find Veronica.

Nika sees Michael enter the living room again and sees him walk up to Veronica. She watches as they talk for a moment and then he headed off again. Curious as to where he was going she followed and she watched as he leaves with Jill and the new guy. A bit of anger crosses her face. “Hey Nika what’s wrong?” Andy asks.

Nika says nothing. She just shakes her head and grabs Andy’s hand and leads him upstairs to one of the bedrooms.
Chapter 18 by 27kate17
~Chapter 18~

Katie and Kristine were at Sara’s place having fun playing with Sara’s American Idol Karaoke. It was Kristine’s turn and she was singing Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Breakaway’. While she sang, Sara and Katie were on the sofa laughing and watching her. “I gotta take a risk, take a chance, make a change and breakaway, breakaway,” Kristine sang. Both Sara and Katie swayed back and fourth to music.

As the three were giggling they heard the doorbell go. “Coming” Sara, yelled as she jumped to her feet. Opening the front door she sees Jill, Michael and Ben standing there. She stares to giggle, “Party was that bad huh”

Jill smiled “You could say that, so is movie option still open?”

“Yeah we have to start getting ready now. Come on in” Sara said opening the door more so that they can enter the house. Kristine and Katie come skipping into the hall. “Hey” they both said.

“Come to crash our party” Kristine says with a smile and her arms crossed.

“You better believe it” Michael laughed.

As they all entered the t.v. Room, Sara’s mom came down stairs. “So are you girls ready to go?” She entered the room to see three new faces.

“Oh yeah mom Jill, Michael and Ben are coming to the movie too” Sara told her mom.

Sara’s mom drove them all to the movie theater. The friends went inside and were all debating on which movie to see. Ben, Michael, Katie and Kristine wanted to see a horror film, while Sara and Jill wanted an action film.

“Look I’m not a big on horror films. My cousin had me watch Carrie when I was six and it scared me for life” Sara protested.

“Ah come on,” Michael said as he rubbed her shoulders from behind. “I’ll protect you”

Sara sighed “Fine, as long as you don’t mind not feeling your hand for a couple hours.”

Michael smiled “Fine by me.”

They all finally agree on the horror film. They took their seats and Michael and Sara sat beside each other and shared their popcorn. As they watched the movie something popped up on screen and everyone in the theater screamed. Sara automatically reached out for Michael’s hand. She held it tight and didn’t want to let go. Michael casually squeezed her hand back. Sara turned to Michael and mouthed “Thank you.” Michael nodded both turned back to the movie and neither let go of the other’s hand.
Chapter 19 by 27kate17
~Chapter 19~

“You will never believe what I discovered in the locker room?” Sucre said as he joined Jill, Katie, Kristine and Ben at the lunch table.

“There are lockers” Jill joked.

Sucre sat there for a second replaying Jill’s comment in his head until he got what she was teasing him about. He glared at her for a second and then continued. “No, I heard from one of the football players that Andy and Nika did the nasty!”

“Ewwww Sucre I’m eating” Jill said trying not to lose her food.

“Nika wouldn’t do that. I mean is she dating him?” Kristine asked not totally believing what Sucre is telling them. “Gosh high school has changed her.”

As they talked Michael and Sara joined the table. “Guess what we heard” Michael said as him and Sara sat down.

“Andy Mitchell and Nika doing the nasty? Yeah we heard” Ben said with a chuckle.

“I’m still eating people!” Jill yelled. Sara, Katie and Kristine shook their heads and giggled.

Suddenly they heard cheering on the other side of the cafeteria as Andy entered the room. A lot of the grade tens cheered on their fellow classmate and then a few other guys were flirting with Nika who seem to be enjoying all the attention.

“I can’t believe she slept with him,” Kristine said. “I mean how drunk did she get at that party?”

Sucre shrugged his shoulder. The friends turned back to their lunches. They tried to ignore the commotion happening on the other side of the room. Over the last week and a bit, Nika had become a totally different person to Michael, Sucre, Jill and Kristine. She wasn’t the girl they used to hang out with and to be honest they didn’t like the new Nika.


While people were still cheering for Andy, Veronica and Jess walked into the cafeteria. “What the hell is going on in here?” Jess asked.

“I have no idea,” Veronica answered as they took a seat at an open table.

“Hey babe” Linc said as he walk up and gave her a kiss.

Paul sat across from Veronica and beside Jess with a smile on his face. “So guess what I heard?”

“What?” Veronica said taking a bite of he sandwich.

“Andy and Nika, they ah you know woohoo” Paul winked at her.

“Ewwww what?” Veronica said in disbelief. “Are they dating?”

“Nope, one night stand” Derek told her.

“Nika wouldn’t do that,” Jess said shaking her head. They looked over at Nika who was with Lisa and a bunch of guys around her.

“Well she seems to be a Lisa slut in the making” Veronica scoffed.
Chapter 20 by 27kate17
~Chapter 20~

Crane High was full of spirit as today was the first football game of the season. Lincoln, Paul and Derek ran down the halls laughing as they posted posters for the game on people’s lockers. As they cheered down the hall they see Sara coming out of her class probably to get a drink or use the restroom.

“What are you three up to?” Sara asked knowing full well they are always up to no good.

Derek watches at she puts a piece of her beautiful auburn colored hair behind her ear and gives them one of her beautiful smiles. “Ah Tancredi, what makes you think we’re up to no good?” Derek asks as he twirls her around.

“Lucky guess” she laughs.

The three guys just laughed. They said they would see her at the game and then made their way down to the football locker room. As they enter they saw their fellow teammates getting their uniform and equipment on. Anthony saw Linc, Paul and Derek and called out to them and then throwing the football to Linc.

“First string Burrows you better be ready,” Anthony said.

“Don’t worry man, I’m ready” Linc assured him and threw back the ball.

Once they were all ready they cheered as they made their way to the game plan room. Taking their seats, Coach Mac entered with his clipboard. A few moments later Jill entered from the girl’s locker room, which she unfortunately had to share with the cheerleaders.

Her nerves were finally getting to her. “I can do this, I can do this,” she told herself.

“Here’s our number one right wide receiver,” Linc said putting a comforting brotherly arm around her shoulder. “No offense Josh” he said looking at their other right wide receiver.

Jill moved over and took her seat beside Sucre and Ben. The room was packed with football players many of them who weren’t expecting to get a lot of playing time especially the grade nines.

“This is it Mami” Sucre said as the two held hands for encouragement while the coach talked.

“Alright we have trained hard, practiced night and day, now lets go show everyone what Crane High can do!” Mac yelled to them with encouragement.

“Yeah!” the team roared at once.

“First string lets make this game ours from the start. Lincoln, Derek, Anthony, Paul, Andy.” He ran off name after name. “Justin, Jill and Marco”

Jill wasn’t sure she heard correctly. Did he call her name? It was impossible a mistake because grade nines were never first sting. Maybe she had blacked out for a moment and someone was trying to wake her up. She turned to Sucre wondering if he heard the same thing. His big smile and the hug told her she wasn’t imagining it. It was real.

“Go show me Jill” Ben said as they all stood up.

Linc, Derek and Paul walked up to Jill “Come on Rose” Linc says putting an arm around her shoulders. “Lets show them girls can play football and that you’re going to kick their ass and they won’t know what hit them!”

All the players cheered as they ran out of the room and headed to the field where a great number of student in the stands where waiting.
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Chapter 21 by 27kate17
~Chapter 21~

The stands were filling quickly with students, staff and parents waiting for the first game of the season. On the track the cheerleaders made their way in front of the fans in their tiny blue and silver informs. They started clapping to get everyone's attention. Lisa stepped forward and started a chant. “OUR TEAM IS WHAT?”

“DYNAMITE” the other cheerleaders yelled back.


“DYNAMITE” they yelled.


Up in the stands Sara and Katie make their way up to Kristine, Veronica and Jess. They notice they are holding signs up that say “Go Cranes, Go Jill!” Kristine waved to them and hands them posters to hold up.

“You have way to much time on your hands Kristine” Sara laughs holding up the sign. The whole row started cheering.

Michael makes his way to the stands. He looks up to see the girls cheering and having fun. He smiles and makes his way up. He stops about when half up when he sees a man in a cop uniform. “Hey Jake”

It was Jill’s father; he had come to watch his daughter’s first game. “Michael!” he says with a smile and gives him a hug. How are you?” he asks.

“I’m good” Michael told the man who as been more of a father to him and his brother then their own. The two talked for a bit longer and once they see the teams moving on the field, Michael says goodbye and makes his way up to Sara, Kristine and the others.

“Hey Michael, here” Veronica said as she handed him a “Go Jill” sign.

With a smile he took the sign and held it up with the others. He looked down and saw the cheerleaders starting another cheer.


Veronica shakes her head “Can their cheers get any cheesier” she laughs. “Come in they rhymed sun with one.”

“They don’t have a lot of originality,” Jess said. They all turn back to the game and saw Jill get the first touchdown of the game.

“GO JILL!!” the friends cheered. Sara turned to hug Michael when she passed the line and got the touch down. They all could tell this was going to be a good game.


Derek held up his glass in the middle of the room in front of a big group of students. “Crane High is number one!” he yelled and everyone cheered. After their victory win, the football team and a lot of other students made their way to the Kellerman household to celebrate. The score was 67-44 leading them to victory and Crane High was well on their way to State championships.

Linc and Paul chugged down the last bit of their beers and then started cheering as they wrapped their arms around Derek. “This is our year and we have a kick ass female wide receiver, you rock Jill,” a drunk Linc announced. The three guys headed off towards Jill.

During their speech Jill, Sara, Kristine, Katie and Michael were standing in one corner of the room talking and laughing together. “So Jill looks like your defiantly one of the star players” Sara said as they clinked their soda’s together.

“Uh oh” Michael said as he nodded towards Linc, Paul and Derek coming towards them. As they got closer Michael eyed Linc “What are you up to?”

“We’ve come for one of our star players” Linc said as Derek and Paul moved to pick up Jill.

“Whoa, what do you think you are doing?” Jill asked all alarmed as she is lifted up on to Derek and Paul’s shoulders.

Everyone in the room cheered.

“Woo go Jill” Kristine called and clapped her hands, as the guys carried Jill away and chanted. The girls and Michael laughed as they could hear Jill yelling for them to put her down. Once their laughing had settled Sara looked around the room. “Hey where’s Sucre?”

Kristine giggled “Probably with Sofia”

As if right on cue, Sucre and Sofia walked over hand in hand, both smiling. “Hey guys I want you to meet Sofia” Sucre said.

“Hi” Sofia waved and then she wrapped her arms around Sucre tightly.

The group smiled and since no one seem to be saying anything Sara spoke up. “Hi I’m Sara”

“Oh sorry” Sucre said as he hit the palm of his hand on his forehead. “This is Michael, Kristine, Katie and Sara.” Sofia smiles at them. “Nice to meet you guys. Now Sucibear can we go dance” She said and was jumping up and down with excitement.

“Okay Sofibear” he said and the two ran off. The four were left standing there trying not to laugh. However Kristine couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Sucibear, are you kidding me?” she laughed.

“And Sofibear” Katie laughed as well.

Sara also started giggling “That was just so...”

“I know” Michael laughed. “Wow.”

They watched Sucre and Sofia dancing and noticed how clingy Sofia was being while she was dancing.

“Well why are we still standing here. Sara Wanna dance” Michael asked as he held out his hand. “Okay” Sara said taking his hand with a smile.

The song was slow and Michael led Sara to and open spot. He pulled her in close and felt her arms move around his neck. Slowly Michael moved his hands to her waist. They started to dance slowly and Michael couldn’t help but feel butterflies in his stomach. Although he had told Linc he was just friends with Sara, he couldn’t help but enjoy having her so close to him. He kept telling himself not to think too much of it because he didn’t know how Sara felt.

Little did he know Sara was thinking about the same thing about him? When he asked her to dance with him, her heart skipped at beat. She liked the feeling of his lean body against hers. She felt so comfortable with him and he was fun to be around. Countless occasions she had thought about what it would be like to be more then just friends, but wasn’t sure if he felt the same way. They’re good friends and she didn’t want to do anything that could ruin it or make things awkward. So if she had to choose between being his friend or not be his life at all she chooses being his friend.
Chapter 22 by 27kate17
Author's Notes:
This Chapter is a short one but it's MiSa.
~Chapter 22~

After another weekend it was back to school. The morning had gone quick but now Michael and Sara were both bored. They had a science test in Mr. Mahone’s class and both Michael and Sara had finished within thirty minutes, but due to Mr. Mahone’s rules they were unable to leave until the ball rang.

Trying to pass the time Sara flipped through her notes and then flipped through them again. Her head rested on her hand with elbow on the desk. She glanced around the classroom and pretty much everyone was still writing the test and Mr. Mahone was watching everyone like a hawk. Beside her Jill was still writing as fast as she could. Sara let out a sigh and turned back to her notes. While going through them a fourth time, she looked over at Michael. She saw him folding a piece of paper, as she watched him she noticed he made an origami crane.

After Michael had finished he saw Sara watching him and he blushed about being caught. “Yeah ah my brother and Veronica taught me when I was younger.”

Sara smiled “Can I see it?”

Michael nodded and gave it to her. He watched as she looked at the paper crane. “I always wanted to make origami,” she told him.

He smiled at her and without another word he looked for something in his binder and turned him away from her. Sara smiled as she played with the crane in between her fingers. Shortly after Michael turned back to her. As the bell rang everyone started to pack up his or her stuff.

“I can make a lot of other things too”

“You’ll have to teach me,” Sara says as she bends down to put her stuff in her bag.

“Sure, well see you later” Michael said as he left the classroom.

After he left Sara sat up again and saw something was left on her desk that wasn’t there before. It was an origami rose.
Chapter 23 by 27kate17
~Chapter 23~

Halloween was fast approaching and that meant the Halloween dance. A time for students to dress up with their friends and fellow peers to have fun, dance and most importantly eat some candy. The dance was being held by this years students council which included Lisa, Veronica and a bunch of other grade eleven and twelve students.

“Ewwww why would we want a dance with the party colors black, orange and white” Lisa asked during one of their meetings.

Veronica rolled her eyes at Lisa wondering how she managed to even pass grade one. “I guess her looks are her only qualification for high school” Veronica thought to herself. While most people have to work for the things they wanted, Lisa gets what she wants by her looks or as a last resort something she calls B of D, also known as “Bank of Dad.” Veronica just shakes her head at her and pulls out a list of decoration and supplies needed.

“What if our entrance was a giant pumpkin that people have to walk through to get into the gym” Nick Savrinn suggested, who also was trying not to laugh at Lisa.

“Oh I like that. We can also use it so people can take pictures in front of it” Veronica stated as she jotted it down in her notebook. “I think food should also have a theme of Halloween for example the punch could have ice cubes that look like eye balls.”

“Oh how about cookies that look like fingers.” Nick said raising his eyebrow.

Veronica started to laugh at Nick and wrote down the idea. Nick Savrinn was a year older then Veronica, he was a senior. They always had a good time together. Last year when they were both running for this years student council, Nick gave Veronica tips on how to best represent herself to the students. Veronica won the position of student council Treasurer, so she is incharge of their budget, spending habits and coming up with idea’s on how to raise more money. Nick had won President of student council so helps make all final decisions.

After the meeting the student council went off to post some posters for the up coming dance so that students would purchase tickets.

Lincoln happen to be walking down the same hallway Veronica and Nick were and saw the two laughing. For some reason Linc didn’t like Nick. He was grateful when Nick helped Veronica with the student council elections, but for some reason he didn’t like the guy. So many times Veronica had assured him that they were just friends and he believes and trusts her. The only problem is that he doesn’t trust Nick. He watches them for a while and then decides to make his appearance known.

“Hey babe” Linc says as he puts his arm around Veronica’s waist and looks at Nick.

“Hi hon” Veronica smiled and gave him a kiss. “Hey look at our posters for the dance Friday. You like?” she asked raising up one of the posters so he can take a look at it.

“Looks good, did you design it” Linc asks her.

“Part of it, Nick and I worked on it together. God I can’t wait to see how everything turns out on Friday” Veronica said excitedly.

Linc smiled at his excited girlfriend. This dance was all Veronica could talk about for weeks. She was so excited about planning the dance and wants everything to go perfectly.
“Do you have a costume yet?” Nick asked Lincoln is a very friendly tone.
“Of coarse I do. How can I take my girlfriend to the dance without a costume.” Linc snapped at him but held a forced smile the whole time. Although to be honest he had actually not found a costume yet.
Chapter 24 by 27kate17
~Chapter 24~

After school one day Sara and the girls; Jill, Kristine and Katie were hanging out in Sara’s bedroom talking and doing each other’s nails. They all sat on the edge of Sara’s bed as they painted their toenails. Every time one of them had to get up, they would walk around on their heels. “Oh my gosh Sara, this color pink would look amazing on you” Kristine said handing over the bottle of nail polish.

As they sat there Katie noticed a magazine on Sara’s desk. Getting up she walked on her heels to pick up the magazine. “Oh look there’s a “Find Your Perfect Match Quiz” in here!” Katie squealed.

Sara laughed, “Please tell me you honestly don’t believe in that stuff?”

“Girl it’s written by Teen Magazine, of course I do.” She takes the magazine and walked over to the bed. “Okay I need three guy names. Um a bad boy.”

“Defiantly Lincoln” the girls giggle and Katie writes down Lincoln’s name.

“A funny guy.”

All at once the girls laugh “Sucre!”

“Okay a fun and adventurous guy”

“Um Paul, I guess” Jill says.

“Ewwww that’s my brother Jill” Kristine argues.

Sara thought about it and then spoke up “How about Derek instead?” All the girls nod and then giggle at the thought of Kristine getting a fun and adventurous guy and it was her brother.

“Alright a mysterious guy” Katie asked for the last name.

“Defiantly Michael” Jill stated right way, knowing that Michael was one of those guys you really needed to get to know to understand him.

They all turned on their stomachs and lay on the bed and listened as Katie read the rules for the quiz. “Okay Sara your first, number 1. On a date would you rather... a) go to the fair b) take a motorcycle ride with him c) a more personal night d) hang out at the mall?”

Sara thinks about it and what she would enjoy on her date. “I guess the answer would be c) more personal.”

“Woohoo” Jill whistled and winks at Sara.

“Not like the Jill” Sara states and throws a pillow at her.

“Ow” Jill giggled as the pillow hit her.

“Alright lets continue” Katie said as she reads off the next ten questions to determine who is Sara’s perfect match is. The girls laughed and giggled as they heard Sara’s answers. Once she had finished the test, Katie tallied up her score. “Okay here we go 1-10 is a funny guy, 11-20 is a bad boy, 21-30 is a mysterious guy, and 31-40 is an adventurous guy. I added up your score and you got 28. Which means your perfect match is our mystery man, Michael Scofield.

The girls squealed in excitement “ooo Michael is Sara’s perfect match” Kristine teased, which made Sara blush.

“Alright lets find your perfect match” Sara said grabbing the magazine.

“Sounds like someone changing the subject” Jill said and winked at her.

Sara shook her head but couldn’t stop herself from smiling. When she was finally able to get them to let it go Sara quizzed Jill, Kristine and Katie. They laughed at each other’s answer and were even shock by some of them. Once they all were done Sara added up their scores. Jill’s perfect match was bad boy Lincoln, Katie was funny man Sucre and Kristine was the adventurous dare devil Derek.

The girls continued to laugh, giggle and playfully tease each other about their “Perfect Matches”. Kristine picked up the magazine and went to put it on Sara’s dresser, when she saw a red and green origami rose taped to her mirror. “Hey Sara, this is cute! Who made it?” Kristine asked. After hearing Kristine’s questions, Jill and Katie jumped to their feet to see what Kristine was talking about.

“Oh origami” Katie said as she picked it up.

“Hey Michael knows a bit of origami, but I don’t think he knows how to make a rose yet. You should show him this.” Jill said as she took the rose from Katie and twirled it between her fingers.

Sara smiled at the thought of Michael not making the rose for anyone else. Sara knew that Jill and Michael grew up together and knew everything about each other pretty much. Including each other deepest darkest secrets. Yet Michael never told her or showed her he could make an origami rose, and if he had given it to someone in the past Jill would defiantly know so it seems as if she is the only he has ever made it for and Sara can’t help but smile.
Chapter 25 by 27kate17
Author's Notes:
Thanks for all the reviews
~Chapter 25~

The night of the dance, everyone was preparing his or her costumes. Sucre and Ben made their way to Michael’s so they could put their costumes together. The three guys made their way to the garage where there were going to get ready because his mom Christina didn’t want them making a mess in the house.

The trio had decided that they are going to be the Blue Man group, so they had to paint all of their visible skin blue. “We are gonna have the best costumes” Sucre said excitedly as he opened the can of blue grease paint.

“I know, like how many are this committed and paint themselves all blue ‘ Ben said as he grabbed the paint bush. Michael and Ben made their way over to Sucre, who had sat down in the lawn chair waiting for them to paint him all blue.

“You know, we better win an award for our commitment” Michael laughed looking at his blue-headed friend. They spent the next hour and a half painting each other blue and making sure they were covered.

A couple of blocks away the girls were preparing their costumes at Jill’s house. Jill walked back into her room where the other three girls were getting ready. “So how do I look?” Jill asked as she twirled around in her costume. She was wearing a black and white striped jumper like a prisoner would; in her hand she had a paintbrush and an artist pallet. She was a con artist.

The girls laughed when he saw her and complemented her outfit. Sara stood up to show off her finished costume. She wore all black, slim black plants and a well fitting black shirt, around her waist she had one of her dad’s old tool belts. She carried a black sack over her shoulder. In the bag she had stuff cats and a small tape recorder that the sound of cats meowing. Sara was a cat burglar.

Katie had almost finished getting ready. She had on a pageant gown and a tiara. She had a sash of wide ribbon that says Miss America across it. Her face had makeup around her left eye to look like a black eye and also had a bloody nose. She had a fake knife sticking out of her back. Katie was a backstabbed Drama Queen.

Kristine had another creative costume as well. She wore all black and had a bunch of cereal boxes attached all over her and each box had a plastic knife in it and red nail polish dripping down the boxes. She was a “cereal” killer.

Once they had all finished getting ready Jill got her father to drive them all to the school dance. They couldn’t wait to see the guys dressed up like Blue Man group. As they pulled up to the school they saw many students dressed up. There were vampires, witches, grim reapers, and a lot of other traditional costume as well as creative ones. That also saw a group all dressed up as characters from the wizard of OZ.

The four girls walked up the front steps and opened the front doors. The entrance hall was packed with students all dress up, but it didn’t take long for them to spot the blue man on the other side of the room.

“Oh my God you guys look fantastic,” Jill, said excitedly as she gave Michael a hug and checked out their costumes.

“I can say the same about you guys” Michael said looking at the girl’s costumes.

“Jill I don’t get your costume?” Sucre said honestly as he scratches his head. “Are you a convict? If so what’s with the paint brush?”

Jill laughed “Sucre I’m a con-artist. Get it!” Sucre thought about it and then started to laugh. They checked out the other girl’s costumes.

“Sara I love the cat burglar” Michael said as he turned her around to press the tape-recorded and everyone laughed. They decided to head inside the gym and were amazed by the huge pumpkin entrance way and all the decorations. “Wow Veronica did an amazing job!” Kristine said as she looked around the gym.

“Speak of the devil” Michael laughed as Veronica came over dressed like a devil. “V this is great”

“Aw thanks Michael, and let me say I love your costume. I am so voting for Blue Man group as the best group costume.”

“That’s 1 vote and 499 to go” Ben said.

Veronica stared to blush “We actually have 600 people here. We broke the record” Veronica said all excited. As they talked Jess and Derek walked over.

“Hey guys I’m a chick magnet” Derek informed them as he showed off his all black costume with little toy baby chicks taped all over his shirt and pants.

“That’s so cute” Katie said as she giggled.

Jess began to twirl around “Anyone know what I am?” she asked. Jess had a large box with a cut out for her head and covered the box with a tablecloth. It looked like a table. She had plastics champagne glasses, with nylons over them, candles, tic tacs, an alarm clock and a small piece of paper with a phone number and a message saying “Call me” there was also a red lip imprint on the paper. On her head she wore a lampshade and a small flashlight attached, shining down on the table.

“Oh oh oh!” Sara said clapping her hands “You are a one nightstand!”

“Yay somebody got it!” Jess cheered.

It wasn’t long until Lincoln came over dressed like a vampire with Paul who was a skeleton. “Hey babe, I vant to dance” Linc whispered into Veronica’s ear and sending shivers through her body. “Okay” she said and the two ran off.

“Hey Sucibear” Sophia’s voice said as she ran into Sucre’s arms. Walking over with her was her friend Nika and both girls were dressed like belly dancers.

“Hi Michael” Nika said in a seductive voice,

Michael gave her a smile and then turned to Sara, “So you want to dance?” Sara nodded and they walked away from the group. Nika turned and watched him leave with Sara and was determined to dance with Michael tonight.
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Chapter 26 by 27kate17
~Chapter 26~

Michael and Sara had a lot of fun dancing together. He would twirl her around and she would move back in close and then out again giggling. After a few songs they switched dance partners. Sara went to dance with Derek and Jill went to dance with Michael. The rest of the group also switched partners, well all except Sofia and Sucre because Sofia didn’t want to share him with the other girls. Nika had danced with a number of guys and was now going to claim her prize dance of the night with Michael.

Throughout the night Nika had watched Michael and Sara dance and was getting really jealous because that should be her dancing with Michael. As another song ended Nika looked over at Michael and saw him eyeing Sara across the gym and Sara doing the same. She knew she had to do something to keep them apart. Looking through the crowd she saw Jack Mathers. Quickly Nika made her way over to him. “Jack, Jack I need you.”

He grinned at her and had a cocky look on his face. “Well Nika coming back for more already. I guess it has been a few hours since we…”

“That’s not what I mean.” She tells him firmly. “Look you see that girl over there?” Nika said pointing over to Sara.

“You mean Sara Tancredi?” he asked her and Nika nodded.

“I need you to ask her to dance with you” Nika told him and started to push him towards Sara. “Aw you don’t want to dance with me Nika baby,” he laughed.

“I’ll make it up to you” she whispered in his ear in a seductive tone, making him grin ear to ear.

Michael was making his way over to Sara so he could dance with her again. Yet as he got closer he stopped when he saw someone else was approaching her. He watched as the guy asked Sara to dance. He saw Sara hesitate and glance his way for a moment but in the end was polite and accepted. Walking away with him Sara gave Michael an apologetic look.

Standing back he watches them walk away from him. Turning around he saw Nika walking up to him. “Hey, can I have this dance?’ she asked flirtatiously.

Breaking eye contact with Nika, Michael gazed over at Sara who was dancing with a grade 11 named Jack. Looking back at Nika in her belly dancer costume he smiled “Sure” he finally said to her.

Nika took his hand and led him back on to the dace floor. She placed one of his hands on her waist and moved in close to him. In the middle of the song, Nika put her hands up and turned in his arms so that her back was against his chest. She lowered herself to the floor and then moved back up again.

Michael wasn’t sure why he felt so uncomfortable around Nika these days but he did. He had known Nika since grade one, they used to hang out and play together at school as well as on the weekends and summer holidays. They were close, good friends up to about a couple months ago where they seem to drift apart and Nika changed. There were a lot of rumors going around about Nika sleeping around with a number of guys in just the past few weeks. He was worried that at some point she was going to get herself in a bad situation that is hard for her to get out of, for example getting pregnant or even worse.

His thoughts were interrupted when Kristine tapped him on the shoulder. He turned to her and so did a pissed off Nika. “Hey, Vee’s about to announce the winners for the costume contest” she told Michael. After Kristine’s eyes turned to Nika and saw her glaring at her as if she did something wrong.

“Yeah thanks” Michael said nodding to Kristine. “Ah thanks for the dance Nika,” he says before following Kristine through the crowd to where everyone else was standing.

Michael made his way over to Sucre and Ben as they waited for Veronica to announce the winners. In front of them were Sara, Jill, Katie and Kristine who were eating the pumpkin pie that Paul had been insisting them trying all night. Looking up at the stage he saw Veronica, Lisa, Nick and other members of student council getting ready to announce the winners.

Nick was first to speak “Alright I would just like to say that this dance has been a total success thanks to all of you. Usually we have 500 students show up to this dance but this year Crane High broke that record and have a count of 600 students. Now for the best costume winners, the scariest costume award goes to… Andy Mitchell as a Soul Stalker”

Andy cheered and ran on stage to claim his prize and the student cheered for him. Lisa stepped forward “Okay now the winner for the funniest and creative costume goes to… Jess Marks who is a one nightstand.” Everyone cheered as Jess made her way to the stage and letting everyone get a better look at her costume.

As everyone’s clapping had settled down, Veronica got up to announce the final winners for best collaboration of a group costume. “This year we had many groups dressing up with a theme. With this group they won with the majority of the votes by far. The winners are Benjamin Franklin, Michael Scofield and Fernando Sucre as Blue Man Group.” The three blue men walked on to the stage and were given their prizes and bag of candy and all the students cheered for all the winners.
Chapter 27 by 27kate17
Author's Notes:
Thanks to everyone who is reading and your reviews.
~Chapter 27~

Sara sat by the window in her living room watching the younger kids playing outside, care free. She smiled as she thought about her life back in Shorewood Illinois; she was just as carefree as they are. Life was so simple and everything in the world seemed perfect. What a difference a few years made. Her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and her father was trying to achieve his dream to become governor.

It was the weekend and normally she would be out with Jill and the others shopping, seeing a movie or just hanging out together. Yet this weekend Sara decided to stay home with her mother because the past couple of days have been really hard on her.

Her mom had started her radiation therapy just a couple of weeks ago and lately she has been feeling nauseous and throwing up. With her father on some business trip with the governor, this left Sara to help take care of her mother but she didn’t mind.

Sara got up from her seat from the window and made her way to the kitchen to make her mom some tea. Since moving in they had remodeled many of the rooms including the kitchen. With oak colored wood flooring and a darker shade for the cabinets it went very well with the dark gray/blue garnet counter tops and beige walls. She poured the hot tea into a mug and added two creams and two sugar. Her mother hadn’t been able to keep much down for the last couple of days but today she seems to be doing okay so far.

Picking up the tea, Sara made her way upstairs to her parent’s room. After a soft knock, Sara pushed open the door. She saw her mother curled up in bed covered by blankets and watching t.v. She looked up from the bed and smiled at her daughter. “Hey sweetie” her mother said with a smile.

Sara moved over to the bed and handed her mom the tea. “Two creams and two sugar, just the way you like it.”

“Thank you” her mother said. She patted the empty space on the bed gesturing for Sara to sit down. Sara climbed onto the bed and sat snuggled up to her mom. “What are you watching?” Sara asked.

“An old rerun of Friends” she answered taking a sip of her tea. They both sat there watching and laughing at the show. Sara remembered how her mom and her would always claim the t.v years ago when there were new episodes. Friends were a favorite show for them and they would curl up on the couch and watch it together.

When the show ended the two remained sitting on the bed talking about school and her friends. “So this Michael?” her mother said raising her eyebrow.

Sara laughed knowing exactly what her mom was talking about. “Mom we’re just friends” Sara said with a giggle.

“Sure you are. I believe you” although the look and tone told Sara other wise making Sara laugh even more. “Believe it or not Sara, but I was a teenager many years ago and knew some boys who were “just friends” so don’t think I don’t know.”

With a giggle Sara said, “Exactly how many boys were you “just friends” with mom?” giving her a nudge in the arm.

“Only a couple, but the point is I know the teenage language” her mom said with a smile.

“Well now a days we don’t call it the teenage language.”

“Well what ever you call it, I know it and used it so there is no fooling me.”

The two continued laughing and talking for quite sometime. Sara had a really missed these kind of talks with her mom and decided to have them more often. After about an hour of talking and joking around Sara left her mom’s room to let her sleep. Making her way to her own room Sara looked at some old family photo albums and seeing how happy they once were. A tear ran down Sara’s face as she hoped and prayed they can have many more happy memories for years to come.
Chapter 28 by 27kate17
Author's Notes:
Thanks for reading and all the reviews guys, I happy you are all enjoying it.
~Chapter 28~

“ŅUsted bien Sara” (you okay Sara?) Sucre asked a very troubled looking Sara in Spanish, during their Spanish class. The last couple of days of school, Sara had been very quiet and distant from everyone. She didn’t get together with the group on Friday night to go to the arcade and Saturday she turned down going to the mall with Jill and the girls. She had told them she wasn’t feeling well and would go straight home after school instead of hanging out until after football practice was over.

Sara turned her head to look at a concerned Sucre. “I’m fine” she told him and gave him a smile. “Yo estaba enfermo el fin de semana pasado” (I was sick last weekend)

“Estoy aquŪ si usted quiere hablar” (I’m here if you want to talk) Sucre tells her.

“Gracias Sucre” Sara says with a smile and a friendly gesture in touching his hand. Suddenly out of nowhere Sucre’s chair moves forward as if someone had kicked his chair from behind. Both Sucre and Sara turn around to see Sofia staring at them and she didn’t look impressed.

When the bell rang Sara picked up her bag and started walking towards the door to the hallway. “Hey Sara!” Sucre calls to her. He was surprised at Sara’s sudden departure. Usually the two would walk to each other’s lockers and then make their way to the cafeteria but the last couple of days Sara told him she was going home for lunch. “Are you going to the cafeteria today?”

Sara shook her head, “No I’m going home, bye.” Not waiting for his response she headed for the school exit.

Sucre stood in the hallway and watched Sara leave as everyone walked passed him. “Sucibear there you are! You ran right out of class, what’s wrong,” Sofia asked.

Turning to face her, Sucre shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know but something is wrong with Sara. She has been acting strange lately. When ever we ask what’s wrong she says she is fine.”

Sofia rolled her eyes “Why does it even matter?” She asked, obviously annoyed that they were talking about Sara.

“She’s my friend Sofia.” He couldn’t believe Sofia was acting like this.

She throws her hands up in the air out of frustration. “Yeah well I’m your GIRLFRIEND, and I don’t like the way she looks at you. Same goes for that Jill girl, Kristine and Katie. They look at you like they want you!”

Sucre could help but laugh “Sofibear that’s crazy. Sara, Jill, Kristine, Katie and I are all just friends. I can’t even picture me with either of them. Only you Mami” he tried to sweet talk her.

Sofia stood her ground and shook her head. “No Sucibear they all want you and will do anything to take you away from me.” She stuck out her bottom lip and gave him puppy dog eyes.

He places his index finger under her chin and got her to look at him. “You have nothing to worry about Sofibear” he tells her and then wraps his arms around her. He thought he had convinced her to drop the subject but Sofia pushed him away and he knew this was far from over.

“I’m sorry Fernando but I don’t feel comfortable with you around those girls so it’s either me or them. It’s your choice.” Sofia states and crossed her arms over her chest.
Chapter 29 by 27kate17
~Chapter 29~

“I’m telling you Kristy he is so into you. I was at Anthony’s Saturday night for a football party and let me say that Archie Ryan kept asking me about you.” Jill tells Kristine before taking a bite of her sandwich while they sat in the cafeteria having lunch.

“Really” Kristine asked as she turned to the right and looks across the cafeteria. A grade ten named Archie Ryan sat there talking and laughing with his friends. His messy dirty blond hair had light blond streaks through it and it fell in front of his face. He had the most amazing cool gray eyes one could ever imagine. His perfect mouth gave an unforgettable smile that would make any girl melt.

When Archie glanced her way, Kristine quickly obverted her gaze to her food in front on her. Jill had caught the little moment and couldn’t help but giggle. As Michael came to sit down Kristine kicked Jill under the table to get her to stop. “OW!” Jill stopped giggling instantly and Michael’s eyes looked from Jill to Kristine. “What’s going on?” he asked with a grin.

“Nothing” Kristine said quickly and possibly too quickly she shakes her head hoping he will drop the subject.

“Well there’s… Ouch!” Jill yelped as Kristine gave her another kick in the shin. “Nothing” Jill finished although she still had a huge smile on her face.

“Fine, but I will find out soon anyway,” Michael claims with confidence. He leans back on his chair and glanced around the table. “So where’s Sara?”

“She went home again,” Jill told him before taking a sip of her juice box.

“She’s been really quiet lately” Katie spoke up, as she is also concerned.

“Did she say anything to you” Michael asked looking at Jill.

Jill shook her head, “No not really, I’m not sure if she is avoiding us on purpose or if maybe something is going on at home with her” Jill suggested.

None of them did know. In fact Sara hardly ever talked about her family or her reasons for moving to Chicago. She had always found away to change the subject to something else. They had never thought much off it until now and they were really worried about her.

“I’ll try to talk her” Jill assured them. They all sat in silence for a moment and then they saw Sucre and Sofia enter the cafeteria. Jill waved her hand up in the air to show him where they were sitting, but he didn’t walk over to them. To Jill, Michael and the others it looked like Sucre was trying to avoid looking at them. He had his arm around Sofia and she was clinging on to him by his waist, leading him over to where her friends were sitting. When Sofia was busy and in conversation with Nika, Sucre turned his head to where his friends were sitting and mouth “Sorry” to them.
Chapter 30 by 27kate17
~Chapter 30~

*Knock, knock, knock*

Sara looked up from her notes on her desk when she hears a knock at the front door. Standing up, she made her way down the stairs and peaks through the window and sees Jill standing on her front porch. She moves to answer the door and smiles at Jill “Hey.”

“Hey” Jill says smiling back.

“This is a surprise, what can I do for you” Sara asked her while leaning against the doorframe.

“I was just wondering if you were okay? You seem distant and you won’t talk to anyone.”

“I’m fine, totally fine,” Sara giggled although she was touched that they worried about her.

Jill laughed too, “You know I hate the word fine, when people say they are fine they usually feel the exact opposite”

With a smile Sara rolled her eyes. “I’m… alright. I was sick this weekend and when I get sick I get a horrible attitude problem and I’m not good company. I’m just getting over it now” she fibbed.

“So you’re feeling better now?” Jill asked and Sara nods her head. “Good because tomorrow night Crane High has this pep rally outside with a huge bonfire. It’s kind of away to cheer in the football team for the finals and a lot of students are going so…” Jill trailed off hoping for Sara to say yes.

Sara crinkled up her nose “I don’t know.”

“Oh come on,” Jill begged grabbing Sara’s hands gently and swinging then back and forth.

Sara laughs at Jill insistent, “I’ll think about it” Sara told her. Jill lets out a squeal and pulls Sara in to a hug. Sara can’t help but laugh more at her friends’ excitement.

“Alright well I better go, my will have a fit if I’m not home to do the dishes” she laughs and then walks the twenty steps to her house.

Closing the door behind her, Sara hears her mom calling her from the family room. She made her way to family room and saw her mother sitting on the couch reading a book. “Who was at the door?” she asked.

Sara plopped herself down on the couch beside her mom. “It was Jill, from next door. Apparently there's a pep rally tomorrow to help cheer on the football team for the final game of the season on Friday.” She starts to twiddle her thumbs and let out a deep sigh.

Her mother put down her book and turned to her daughter, “Are you going to go?”

After a moment of silence Sara shakes her head “Nah, dad’s not back until Sunday so I’ll stay here and help you.”

She loved how caring her daughter was but couldn’t help feel like she was holding her back from enjoying her adolescence with her friends. “Sara honey you should go, spend some time with your friends. I’ll be okay for a couple of hours.”

Sara looked at her mom and thought about it, she did miss hanging out with her friends and it would be fun to spend time with them. “So you’ll be alright if I go?”

“Of course, now go call your friend and tell her your going” her mother laughs.

Sara giggled at her moms’ excitement about her going to the pep rally. “Okay, okay I’m going” Sara said and then ran to her room to text message Jill on her cell phone.
Chapter 31 by 27kate17
~Chapter 31~

A number of the students of Crane High gathered in the schoolyard on a Thursday night for the pep rally. There were about two hundred and fifty students gathered together chanting and cheering as the football team came running out in their jerseys. As they made their way passed the student on the bleachers they would high-five the front row and circled around the big bonfire. The school band played loud as the football team ran to the stage. In front of the stage the cheerleaders danced to the music and got the audience to scream louder to support the team.

Up in the bleachers Sara, Kristine and Katie were jumping up and down cheering. Michael was also with them and Veronica and Jess were standing behind them. After a few moments of everyone cheering the principle, Mr. Pope approached the microphone on the stage.

Everyone went silent and took their seats. “Good evening and thank you for coming. This year Crane High’s football team has made are school proud once again and bringing us to the finals.” Throughout his speech, students would randomly cheer out of excitement. “Thanks to coach Mac and the committed players they have made us proud.” When Mr. Pope had finished his speech the band started playing again and got everyone cheering again.

The cheerleaders made their way on to the football team and started to dance with them. Lisa and another cheerleader named Ally grabbed Lincoln’s hands and started to dance with him. “Come on show us what you got star quarterback” Lisa challenged him.

“I got more then you two can handle” Linc teased them as he started to dance and cheered.

Veronica was watching them the whole time. She couldn’t help but notice how much Linc seem to be enjoying both Lisa and Ally grinding up against him. She did her best to ignore them but it became really difficult especially with the girls up and to the right of her talking. “Oh my gosh Linc is so hot. He and Lisa look so good together” one of the girls said.

“Hey if they got together they would be Crane High’s power couple. The Brad and Angelina of our generation. The most popular guy and most popular girl” the other girl said to her friend.

“Yeah all he has to do is lose the clingy girlfriend” both girls started laughing.

Veronica does her best to hold it together and convince herself they were wrong. She feels Jess put her arm around her, “Don’t listen to them Vee.” Veronica nods her head and starts clapping her hands and cheering.

Lincoln twirled both Lisa and Ally at the same time with a big smile in his face. Lisa and Ally leaned in on either side of Linc and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Everyone started chanting “LINC, LINC, LINC!” He got caught up in the moment and gathered Lisa in his arms and dipped her. Some people in the crowd chanted “KISS HER, KISS HER, KISS HER!” Veronica was disgusted by everything that was going on and had to get out of there. Standing up, Veronica slipped off the bench and started to walk towards the parking lot. Jess saw Veronica leave and followed right behind her. “Vee wait!”

Veronica kept walking and didn’t look back. Jess continued to call her name and running after her. By this time Sara, Kristine and Katie were also chasing after her and calling her name. Jess was the first one to catch up with her and grabs her arm to turn her around “Vee wait please.”

“How can he… he look so… they were all over him and he looked like he was enjoying it” Veronica screamed. Her hands were waving around violently as she continued to yell.

“Vee I’m sure it was nothing,” Kristine told her once they finally caught up.

“Yeah well he was letting them grind all over him,” Veronica yelled. She wasn’t directing her anger at Kristine though, but at Lincoln.
“Vee, Veronica!” they heard Lincoln call as he, the guys and Jill were running towards the girls. When Veronica stormed out and the girls followed, Michael went and got Linc to inform him about the situation.

Veronica looked at him with fire in her eyes. “You stay the fuck away from me,” she yelled. “I don’t even want to look at you right now.”

“Vee please it was only a dance it meant nothing” he stepped towards Veronica but the girls blocked his way as Jess comforted an upset Veronica.

Veronica shook her head “I have to get out of here” she stated and slowly walked away.

“Vee please, Veronica” Linc cried as all the girls and Veronica walked away.

The girls walked to Jess’ van and all six of them piled into it. Sara sat in the middle row with Jill and watched as the school got further and further away. “So what now?” Sara asked.

Jill smiled at her, “The only thing you do when you’re upset. You go to Annie’s for comfort food.
Chapter 32 by 27kate17
~Chapter 32~

As the girls pulled up to a small restaurant Sara was confused because at this time of night everything in the area was closed. She didn’t say anything though and figured they know what they are doing. Jill was the first one to make it to the front doors. The sign on the glass door said that the restaurant was closed but Jill knocked anyway. The girls huddled together for warmth in the cool November night breeze. A few moments later an older gentleman with gray and white hair came to the door. His brown eyes sparkled when he saw the group of ladies standing in font of him. He quickly unlocked the front door and the girls scurried in.

“You know I was wondering what happened to you all. I haven’t seen you guys in ages” he said with a huge smile on his face.

“Sorry school has kept us all busy” Jill told the older gentleman.

He just smiled because he was so happy to see them. His eyes glanced over the group noticing someone was missing (Nika) but there was a new face. Jill noticed his looking at Sara and spoke up. “This is Sara, she’s my new neighbor and Sara this is Mr. Westmorland. He owns the best restaurant on the block.”

Westmorland let out a chuckle “Oh stop it Jill. Now what can I do for you ladies tonight?” he asked them.

“Comfort food” Kristine called out.

Westmorland smile, “Well how about today’s special, a double chocolate caramel cake?” The girls nodded and then he headed to the kitchen. The girls licked their lips and moved to one of the rounded booths in the dinning room.

“Mr. Westmoreland named the restaurant after his daughter Anne. She died ten years ago from cancer and he opened the restaurant because it was once Anne’s dream to have her own restaurant. We started coming here about two years ago. He’s like a grandfather to us and he loves having us around. We come here too celebrate, for comfort, or pretty much anything. He is a very wise man and has taught us many valuable lessons,” Jess explains to Sara.

“Alright one double chocolate caramel cake” he said placing the cake on the table and all six girls picked up their forks eagerly.
Chapter 33 by 27kate17
Author's Notes:
Now as the girls eat their cake, the boys are dealing with a lot of tension.
~Chapter 33~

The pep rally had ended on a sour note, after the girls took off, Linc had wanted to go after Veronica but Michael and Paul were able to convince him to give her some space and talk to her tomorrow. The guys went back to Linc and Michael’s place to hang out and play some video games in their basement. “I don’t see what I did wrong, we were cheering on our team. What’s so bad about that?” Linc asked as he and Paul were playing some type of racing game on the play station.

Michael and the other guys (Sucre, Derek, Ben) were playing a game of pool on the other side of the basement. “Well it may have something to do with you being a little too friendly with Lisa up on the stage” Michael said without making eye contact with Linc.

Linc turned to his brother and couldn’t believe what he had just said to him. “What are you saying Mike?” Linc said throwing the controller down on the ground and making his way over to his brother with an annoyed look on his face.

“I’m just saying that you know Vee and Lisa have been butting heads for years, ever since Lisa accused Veronica of sending out a inappropriate picture of her to everyone, while you and I know full well that when that picture first appear online Veronica was with us camping where there is no internet connection.” Michael said to his brother in a firm voice.

Linc shoved Michael a little “Yeah I know that, I was there when Lisa accused Veronica of sleeping with her grade nine English teacher for an A+ on her final exam. So why is she mad at me, huh Michael seeing as you seem to be taking her side” Lincoln yelled.

“Linc come on you know Lisa has been trying to get into your pants since who knows how long, and the fact that your with Veronica now she is even more determine to make sure Vee gets hurt in the process” Derek said as he broke the two brothers apart. “You saw how Lisa got the crowd going “KISS HER KISS HER KISS HER” how do you think Veronica would feel.”

Linc backed away from Michael and Derek “I was just dancing with her is that a crime?”

“What if it was Nick and Veronica up on that stage?” Paul spoke up from behind him. “I know how much you hate Nick being around Veronica so what if it was Nick on that stage dancing with Vee and everyone shooting KISS HER KISS HER!”

Linc was silent and bowed his head. They were right if it had been Veronica and Nick he would have lost it and unlike Veronica, he would have made a scene right there. He turned around and walked over to the sofa and put his hands on his head. “Alright I screwed up,” he mumbled.

They all moved over to the sofa around Linc as a way of support, even Michael. He placed a hand on Linc shoulders “You’ll work it out tomorrow, just remember where she’s coming from.” Michael told him.

“Vee is a very understanding person,” Sucre said.

This comment made Ben laugh “Oh yeah you’d know considering Sofia tells you what you can and can not do”

Sucre stared at Ben “What’s that suppose to mean?”

“Sucre she’s got you wiped, telling you who you can’t hang out with. She saw you talking with Sara and freaked out saying that Sara, Jill and the others want you. You know how ridiculous that is?” Ben said walking towards him.

“Shut up, she has some insecurities. Who wouldn’t after her last boyfriend cheated on her,” Sucre said defending his girlfriend.

“Guys can we not do this now?” Michael asked not wanting to get in another fight over their relationships with their girlfriends.

“No I think we will, you know nothing about my girlfriend BENJAMIN!” Sucre shouted.

“Guys” Michael pleaded.

“I know enough about your controlling “Sofibear” to know that she wears the pants in the relationship”

“Guys please can we not discuss your girlfriend problems right now” Michael yelled and he stepped in between Sucre and Ben.

“Oh that’s rich coming from the guy who can’t clearly see what everyone else can see” Ben scoffed.

Michael had a confused look on his face having no idea what he was talking about. What can’t he see that everyone else can? Ben pushed passed Sucre so that he was right in front of Michael. “You may be some kind of genius but when it comes to women you are blind, everyone can see that the damn girl is in love with you but you.”

Michael raised his eyebrow and looked around the room, everyone was staring at him as if he should know whom they were talking about. What girl was in love with him? “Okay well if you all seem to know why don’t you enlighten me?”

Ben shook his head in disbelief “NIKA you idiot, the girl pines for you and hits on you every chance she gets”

Michael laughed “Your crazy!”

Linc let out a sigh “No he’s not Michael. Are you seriously telling us you never noticed? She’s all over you every chance she gets bro.” Michael shook his head no their wrong, him and Nika were just friends, or sort of considering he never talks to her anymore really. “Wow Michael you are blind”

Michael didn’t know what to think as he took a step back from group. He walked over to the pool table and took aim at one of the balls. Linc got up and walked over to his brother. “Look it’s okay if you didn’t notice, it happens.”

“So what are you gonna do, are you gonna ask her out? I mean we all know she’s ain’t going to say no” Paul laughed.

“Can we not talk about this” Michael asked as he continued to play pool by himself.

“Hey man she’s hot, go for it. We all know what will happen.” Derek smiled “Woohoo you’ll get laid.”

Michael look up from the pool table at Derek as he and they others high-five each other and laugh. Sucre walked over and put a hand on his best friends shoulder “Come on Papi give her a call.” The whole situation had made him really uncomfortable and decided to use this opportunity as an escape. Dropping the pool stick he made his way to the stairs and as he went upstairs he could hear some of them cheer thinking Michael had intentions of calling Nika.
Chapter 34 by 27kate17
~Chapter 34~

As the girls ate the cake, Westmoreland grabbed a chair from one of the tables behind him and straddled it backwards and letting his arms rest over the back of the chair. He was listening to Veronica as she explained what had happened at the pep rally with Lincoln and Lisa. As she got to the part of the story where it annoyed her the most her voice got louder. “And then he takes her into his arms and dipped her, his face was so close to hers that people in the crowd cheering KISS HER KISS HER!”

“And did he?” Westmorland asked tilting his head to the side.

“I don’t know I got out of there as fast as I could” Veronica said before poking at the cake and taking a bite. “I guess I didn’t want to see just incase something did happen you know?”

The other girls watch as Veronica shifted her gaze out the window. Jess rested her head on Veronica’s shoulder to show her support and Veronica looked at her and tilted her head down the rest on top of Jess’. “He didn’t kiss her” Jill said, “He pulled away right away and then moved back to cheer with Paul and Derek.”

Veronica look at Jill from across the table and a small smile crept across her face. “Well” they all heard Westmorland say and then turned their attention to him. “All relationships have their challenges and temptations to over come but only the strongest ones can survive. There are different types of love, but great love is when you trust the other person completely.”

“I do love him and trust him, her on the other hand is a different story. I don’t trust her.” Veronica said.

Westmoreland shook his head. “And you don’t have to. You have to trust Lincoln that your love is strong enough to over come any temptations Lisa throws your way. If Lincoln loves you it doesn’t matter what Lisa does, Lincoln won’t be tempted.”

Veronica nodded her head, “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it” Westmorland said shaking his head as he stood up. “I got to go finish cleaning out the back so enjoy the rest of that cake,” he said eyeing the tiny bit left. They all said bye as Westmorland left the dining room.

Having enough of talk about relationships for the night their conversation turns about Jill and the final game. The group of girls giggled and ate the rest of the cake. Once they finished they cleaned up the table they said their final goodbyes to Westmorland and then headed out the door. Jess dropped the girls off one by one and Sara and Jill were her last stop other then Veronica. The two girls climb out of the van and said goodbye to Veronica and Jess.

It was now about eleven o’clock and Sara and sat on Jill’s porch talking about tomorrow. Jill told her that her dad would drive them to the game after school. She said they could stop for dinner and then make their way to the field after that. They sat in silence for a while and listen to the cool wind blowing. They looked out into the empty street, they lived on a quiet street and hardly ever did cars drive by even during the day. Sara let out a small giggle and Jill turn to look at her. “You know what’s sad?”

“What?” Jill asked.

“I’ve lived in Chicago for almost three months now and I have yet to see down town. I mean I’ve seen pictures but I’ve never really ventured down there.” Sara told her. Jill smiled “Well we’ll have to change that. With Christmas coming we will have to do some shopping down there together.”

Sara nodded “Yeah we should defiantly.” Suddenly Sara got to her feet and stood in front of Jill. “Well I better go and you have to get some sleep for the big game tomorrow, so I’ll see you later.”

Jill nodded and watched Sara walk down the driveway and then called out to her “Hey Sara! You know if anything is ever bothering you, we can talk, I mean I’m here for you.”

Sara smiled and nodded her head “Thank you.” Then continued walking toward her house. The door was locked so she pulled out her key from her coat pocket to unlock the door. Pushing it open she noticed all the light were off on the main floor. She looked up the stairs and saw that the hall light was on up there. “Mom?” She made her way upstairs slowly wondering if her mom was awake or not. “Mom?” she said a little quieter. When she was on the landing she tuned down the hall but suddenly came to a halt. “MOM!” Sara yelled as she saw her mother lying on the floor in the hallway.
Chapter 35 by 27kate17
~Chapter 35~

“MOM!” Sara shouted again as she ran to her side. Her mother brought her hand to her forehead and let out a groan. This movement gave Sara a sense of relief. “Are you Okay? What happen?” Sara said as she took about her cell phone and called 911. “Try not to move too much mom” Sara told her as called for and ambulance.

Jill went up to her room and started to change in to her pajamas. She sat on the end of her bed looking in the mirror as she brushed her long brown hair. It was completely silent until she heard sirens in the distance and they were getting louder. She moved to her window and saw the ambulance stop in front of Sara’s house. She dropped her brush when she saw the paramedics wheeling someone out on a stretcher. Grabbing her jeans and slipping them on and pulling on a gray sweatshirt she ran down stairs. She put on her running shoes and hurried out her front door. She saw her mother sitting on the front porch watching the scene and then saw her father over at Sara’s house. Jill ran across the lawn and saw her father standing next to a crying Sara. “SARA!” Jill called to her and Sara immediately turned to her. She made her way over to Jill and Jill instantly hugged Sara and let her cry on her shoulder. “What happened?” Jill asked.

“I…I… I don’t know I found her on the…the… floor” Sara’s trembling voice was able to say as she cried. Out of the corner of her eye Sara saw the ambulance getting ready to go and pulled back from Jill. She ran her hands over her eyes to wipe away the tears and let out a deep breath. Sara turn to see Jill’s father walking towards her.

“Miss. Tancredi if you want I can give you a ride to the hospital?” Mr. Rose told her. Sara nodded and walked over to their car, she climbed into the back seat with Jill.

Sara turned to Jill “You know you don’t have to come I know you have a big game tomorrow. Jill shook her head “I wouldn’t get ant sleep tonight anyways” Jill told her and they hugged again.

Jill’s dad drove them to the hospital and by the time they arrived it was midnight. They quickly walk over to the front desk and Sara talked to the receptionist “I’m looking for Francesca Tancredi room, she was brought in probably five minutes ago.” Sara told her. The women type the name into the computer and then turned to Sara “She’s in room 3225.” Sara nodded and headed down the hall along with Jill and Mr. Rose.

When they reach her number Sara stopped and in the room to see her lying in the bed. Her mind was screaming for her to go inside but her feet wouldn’t carry her. She stood there looking through the window. She felt a hand on her shoulder and saw Jill right beside her. “You can do this” Jill told her. Sara nodded and then stepped inside the room.

Slowly she moved into the room never taking her eyes of her mother. She took a seat beside her bed and at that moment her mother gripped her daughters hand. “I’m okay,” she told her, while Sara had tears in her eyes. She leaned her head down on her mother’s shoulder and cried.

A few minutes later the doctor walked into the room and stood at the end of the bed. “Mrs. Tancredi, tests have shown that you have suffered from dehydration. How have you been eating lately?” Dr Rivers asks her.

“Um well earlier today I felt nauseous and couldn’t keep anything down. This morning a threw up a lot but I heard that can happen with cancer patients.” Francesca said in a weak voice.

“Yes it is but vomiting a high number of times can cause dehydration and loss of important body salts. Since you are a cancer patient we will be keeping you over night, we’ll get some fluids into you and then see how you’re feeling tomorrow before discharging you.”

“Thank you doctor” Francesca Tancredi said.

When Sara finally exited the room she saw Jill and Mr. Rose sitting on the bench outside her mother’s room. “Hey” Sara said taking a seat beside Jill. “She’s going to be fine.”

Jill and Mr. Rose let out the breath they were holding. Mr. Rose was fist to speak “I called your father and he’s on his way home as soon as he can get a flight. Now I was going to go get some coffee did you want anything?”

Sara looked at Mr. Rose “Can you see if they have hot chocolate?”

“For me too” Jill said. Mr. Rose nodded and walked down the hall leaving Sara and Jill sitting on the bench.

“She’s got breast cancer,” Sara told Jill. “I’ve never told anyone because I don’t want to be that girl you know. The one everyone feel sorry for and treats different, they’re afraid to say anything because they don’t want to upset you. People walk on eggshells around you because if they say something or I say something about it they get uncomfortable and will keep their distance because they have never been in that situation before. I don’t want to be that girl.” Sara turned her gaze to the floor.

Jill wrapped her arm around Sara’s shoulders. “My brother Sam was diagnosed with leukemia when he was seven. I was three at the time, I don’t remember much but I remember being here a lot or in daycare. All the adults would caudle me telling me everything was okay, but even at three I knew something was different. His treatment continued when I turned four and when ever I would ask the babysitter how my brother was they always got uncomfortable and change the subject.” Sara looked at Jill as tears streamed down both their faces. “He’s been cancer free for twelve years now.”

Sara wiped her tears and smiled, she rested her head on Jill shoulder as they both sat there in total silence, no word so were needed and the fact that Jill was there for her gave her the strength she needed tonight.

At some point Sara and Jill had moved into her mother’s room and fell asleep by the window. Mr. Rose had left and promise to check on them tomorrow. Sara had insisted that Jill go because of the game tomorrow night but Jill assured her she could get some sleep during the day because her father said she could stay home for the morning. Sara didn’t object she was glad Jill was there and had an idea of what she was going through. She gave Sara hope that her mother would beat this. Jill had told her that from what Sara has told her about her mother and based on knowing Sara, Jill told her that her mom was strong and could do this.


As the sun shone through the window in the next morning, Sara woke up forgetting for a sec where they were. Sara’s eyes opened slowly and look around the room and at the empty bed. She shot up out of her seat frantically looking for her mother. Moments later she heard the water running in the bathroom and then her mom walk out. “Good morning” she said to her daughter.

Sara moved towards her mom and gave her a hug. “Your in a better mood” Sara said with a smile.

Her mother smiled and ran her fingers threw Sara’s hair. “I feel better. The Doctor has just said that if I eat well today I could go home this afternoon. He was here while you two were sleeping,” she said nodding towards a sleeping Jill. “She seems to be a very nice girl and a good friend to you.”

“Thanks mom” Sara said as she sat in the seat beside her mom’s bed. Jill woke up not too long after and moved to sit beside Sara and talk to her and her mom. Most of their conversation was on the football game later in this afternoon. Jill’s father returned to the hospital and brought the Mrs. Tancredi and the girls some breakfast that Mrs. Rose had made for them.

Looking at her watch Sara saw it was almost 10:00 am “Jill you better go and get some sleep before the game this afternoon.”

Jill looks at her watch and sighed “You’re right, the last thing we need is me falling asleep on the field” she giggled. She gave Sara and hug. “See you later and feel better Mrs. Tancredi” she said as she waved to her before leaving the room.

“Good luck” Sara yelled from her seat as she watched Jill leave.
Chapter 36 by 27kate17
~Chapter 34~


Went the sound of Michael’s alarm clock. He let out a loud groan and stretched one hand out to turn the damn thing off. Lying on his back he stared at the ceiling thinking about what happened the night before. Apparently Nika had a crush on him and he never noticed. He had to admit she had been acting different since they started high school but Michael thought she was like that with all the guys now. It’s not like it was a secret that she was getting around. This wasn’t the Nika he grew up with or would hang out with, the truth was Nika seem to have changed over night and this wasn’t the Nika he liked. They use to be really good friends since kindergarten but ever since then that was all she was. A friend.

It wasn’t like he was scared to have a girlfriend because he kind of had one in grade six. Her name was Leah, but they had one of those relationships where you were together but never talk because at recess the boy played together and the girls played together. He remembered going to the spring dance with her but only danced together for a few songs. Although now is seem crazy that that was how their relationship played out, back then that was how all boyfriend girlfriend relationships went. To be honest his and Leah’s so called relationship was better then Sucre and this girl name Sasha because those two hardly said a word to each other. He laughed a little as he thought about how easy it was to talk to Jill, Kristine and Nika because they were friends and didn’t have those awkward silent moments when they hung out. Anyway Leah moved New York and that was that. The truth was they were never close so when she did leave it wasn’t that hard to say goodbye. They still e-mail each other the odd time but are just friends, actually that’s pretty much what she was in the beginning, just with the special girlfriend title.


His alarm went again and Michael knew he had to get up. After a shower and changing for school he headed down stairs where Linc was sitting. “So did you talk to Veronica yet?”

“Not really, I texted her but she said Jess is giving her a ride to school and we can talk there.” Linc told him as he took a bite of his toast. Michael over to the counter and poured himself a bowl of cereal and sat down across from Linc. “Listen man there is a party tonight at Derek’s if we win tonight. His parents are out of town so it’s an open invitation.”

Michael nodded “Yeah sure, sounds fun.”

After they finished Linc drove them to school. When they got there the whole school seem to be in high spirits for the game this afternoon. Lincoln and Michael split as soon as they were in the school. Lincoln made his way to the second floor where Veronica’s locker was. He saw her long dark hair with half up and half down; she was standing by he locker talking to Jess. He made his way over to her and Jess must have told her he was there because she turned around. “Listen Vee can we talk?”

Veronica gave Jess a smile and then she left them alone. After Jess left Veronica turned back to Linc but didn’t meet his eyes. “Listen I know you didn’t mean for anything to happen last night but I still need time to think about stuff so maybe after your game we can talk. Just give me time, okay?” she asked him.

“Vee listen last night was stupid, I was stupid I know that. You have to know I didn’t mean to hurt or upset you. I love you Vee and I know you need time to figure stuff out but I won’t play today knowing I could lose you.”

Veronica looks at him with a questioning look. “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that you mean more to me then a football game, we are more important to me then a football game” he told her as his thumb caressed her fingers.

The bell rang and Veronica looked at him, “I have to go my class is on the other side of the school.” Lincoln nodded and watched at she walked away from him. He was determined to show her how much she meant to him and he wasn’t kidding about missing the game as away to prove it.

As lunchtime approached Derek and Paul were lined up to get their food from the cafeteria counter. The line had been moving really slow and they were becoming impatient. “Come on what it going on up there?” Paul asked as he stood on his toes trying to see the front of the line. He spotted the annoying niner Brad Bellick slowing pouring himself some vegetable soup. Paul got a huge grin on his face and shoved his shoulder into Derek back.

“What the hell?” Derek yelled as he bumped into the blond chick in front of him. She hit the person in front of her and then the boy in front of him bumped Belick causing him to pour the soup on down his front.

“ARGH” Bellick moaned as the hot soup spattered all over him. “What the Bleep!” he cried.

Paul hid his face behind Derek as he snickered at the scene he had created. Derek also started laughing; he brought his fist to his mouth trying to hide his laughter. The blond hair girl who was in front of him turned and glared at him and Paul, “ You two are so immature, you know that”

“Oh calm down Caroline” Paul chuckled.

The line started moving again and in time Derek and Paul got to the front of the line. They picked up their burger and made their way to the cashier, Caroline was pulling out her wallet when Paul stepped forward. “Here let me, a peace offering,” Paul said as he paid for her lunch.

Without saying anything she took her food and left to go find her seat, but not without throwing another death glare at the to troublemakers. “You welcome” Paul scoffed at her but she continued walking. “Man chick these days, taking everything so serious” he mumbled.

Derek could only laugh as he took his tray and made his way to his seat with Paul. He watched as Paul glanced again at Caroline as they past her table that she was sitting at with her friends. “Holy man just ask her out and save us both your embarrassing puppy dog eyes”

Paul punched Derek in the should “You don’t know what your talking about” Paul quickly said as they sat down across from Lincoln.

“The hell I do” Derek laughed.

Lincoln looked at his friends “What’s going on?”

“Nothing” Paul said a little too quickly.

Derek laughed and slapped his left palm on the table. “Lover boy over here was making goo, goo eyes at Caroline.”

Lincoln’s eyes widened “You mean Madam Evil?” he chuckled.

Paul glared at Lincoln, “She’s not evil and I wasn’t making goo, goo eyes at her” he assured them but Linc and Derek laughed.

Paul growled at his friends and then grabbing a small ketchup bottle he squirted it on Linc and Derek. Both stopped laughing immediately and looked at Paul in shock.

“Oh you didn’t” Linc said shaking his head at Paul.

“I think he did” Derek laughed. “You’ve done it now Kellerman, this is war. FOOD FIGHT!” he yelled out to everyone in the cafeteria.
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Chapter 37 by 27kate17
~Chapter 37~

“FOOD FIGHT!” all the students heard Derek yell. Michael looked around as food started flying everywhere.

“OH MY GOD!” Kristine and Katie squealed as they ducked for cover.

Michael saw Sucre from across throw a slice of pizza at Ben, obviously still mad about last night. “What the hell man?” Ben yelled at Sucre but Sucre did listen he just threw some random person’s apple pie at him.

“Fernando! Help” Sofia called as her and Nika huddled under their table.

Ben laughed at the sight of them. “Hey Mike maybe you should go be Nika’s night in shiny armor” Michael gave Ben a death stare and then reach for Kristine’s strawberry milkshake and threw it at Ben.

Paul, Derek and Lincoln ran around and squirted ketchup and mustard at random people. As they past Michael’s table Derek accidentally got some mustard on Kristine’s expensive black coat. “NOOO!” she yelled as she got up from under the table. Taking her slice on blueberry pie she threw it at Derek.

Linc got a spoon full of relish and flicked it at his brother with a big grin on his face. Michael looks at his brother and then quickly grabbed his soda that had a lot of ice in it and dropped it down his shirt, causing Linc to run around yelling “COLD, COLD, COLD!”

Food continued to fly around the room for another few minutes and then there was a loud whistle that got everyone’s attention. It was Chuck the school “cop wanna be.” He was quite large and was very intimidating to some of the students. As he moved to the center of the cafeteria he looked around at all the students. “NOT ONE MORE PIECE OF FOOD IT TO BE THROWN” he yelled quite loudly. “NOW BURROWS, KELLERMAN AND SWEENY! GET TO THE PRINCIPAL OFFICE NOW!”

Lincoln, Paul and Derek were now sitting outside the principal’s office covering in food. “Well that was quite the lunch hour” Derek chuckled. Paul and Linc stared at him but they also couldn’t help but chuckle at what had happen. Suddenly Mr. Pope’s office door opened and he looked at the three slouched on the bench.

“Get in here!” he ordered them. One by one they got up and strolled into his office. They sat in the three chairs in front of Mr. Pope’s desk. “I’m sure you three have a good idea as to why you’re here?”

The three boys only shrugged their shoulders. Mr. Pope leaded over his desk “Starting a food fight will not be tolerated in my school, so you understand? Also as a punishment the three of you will clean the Cafeteria today and for the rest of next week! UNDERSTOOD!” His eyes gazed at the three boys in front of him.

Paul was the first to speak “I don’t think you can do that?” Mr. Pope looked at him with a questioning look. “And why not?”

Paul shrugged his shoulder “Because…”

“You have no proof that we started it” Linc said finishing Paul’s thought. “Yeah you have your suspicions but for all we know it could be that Belick kid.”

“He is a suspicious looking kid and he did grab an extra spoon full of vegetables for his soup,” Derek said.

Pope gave the three kids a look, he new they were right. He had no proof but he still knew it was them. “Fine you’re right I have no proof, but once I do, you three will have be modeling rubber gloves, garbage bags and food stains for two weeks!”

“Well innocent until proven guilty” Linc said as he rose from his chair. “This was a nice visit, we should do it again sometime.” Paul and Derek followed Lincoln’s lead and left Mr. Pope’s office.

The three boys laughed as they walked down the hall, Derek who was walking in the middle of Linc and Paul wrapped his arms around their necks. “That’s gotta be a record of how fast we got out of there.”

“Yeah well if we were that lucky and tonight’s game will be a awesome, we are so gonna beat St Maria’s hands down ah Linc?” Paul chuckled. Both Paul and Derek looked at Lincoln who was no longer laughing. His face was all serious when Paul mentioned the game.

“Hey what’s up Linc?” Derek asked as he removed his arms from around their necks.

Linc stopped walking and leaned against some lockers, he kept his eye tamed at the wall behind his two friends. “Look guys, I don’t think I’ll be playing tonight.”

Both Paul and Derek’s eyes widened in shock, “WHAT!!” they both said at the exact same time. “Your not serious Linc?” Paul said with a nervous chuckle.

Lincoln said nothing and Paul and Derek started pacing back and forth. “What the hell Linc! This is the game the game that puts us on top and your not going to play? What the hell man!” Derek yelled.

Lincoln rolled his eyes and sighed “Look Veronica is the most important thing to me and I don’t want to lose her, if by missing his game I can prove she mean more to me then winning State Championships a I’ll do it without a second thought.”

“Linc man there has to be another way, buy a fucking diamond necklace for her but don’t do this, please!” Paul yelled at Linc shoving him back into the lockers. “This is the State Championship, we need are quarterback man!” Paul pleaded.

Linc shook his head “I’m sorry” was all Linc said before walking down the hall away from Derek and Paul who stood there speechless. They had hours before the game and had to somehow make Linc reconsider.
Chapter 38 by 27kate17
~Chapter 38~

Mrs. Hodmin was at the front of the class writing down another math formula on the board at the front of the classroom. It was a grade eleven class that included Veronica and Derek. Veronica sat in the second row from the front and Derek made sure to get a seat near her. While Mrs. Hodmin wasn’t looking Derek pulled out his phone and texted Veronica.

She felt her phone vibrating in her jean pocket, quickly and discreetly Veronica took it out and flipped it open.

Derek: we need 2 talk about Linc.

Veronica turned in her seat and glared at Derek and shook her head.

Veronica: I’m not goin 2 talk about this wit u
Derek: bcuz of ur fight he not playin 2nite
Veronica: Yes he will, game 2 important.
Derek: he tryin 2 prove u more important but we need him
Veronica: I said we talk after
Derek: he not playin until you two make up. please talk 2 him

There was a long pause and for Derek it felt like forever.

Veronica: ok

Derek started to grin and smiled at Veronica and hoped the two lovebirds would make up fast. When the bell finally rang, Derek packed up his stuff and made his way out the door and followed Veronica. “So Vee…”

Veronica rolled her eyes and turned around to face Derek. “Look I’ll talk to him and you can win your precious football game. Now where is he?” Veronica asked. “Now I’m not promising anything, I said I would talk to him.”

Derek nodded “Well good, I guess I’ll see you at the game. I think Linc is on his way home before the game so you should be able to catch him in the parking lot.” He told her before heading to his locker and sweet talk the girl next to him. Veronica sighed and then walked towards the stairs and outside.

While Veronica was going down Kristine and Katie were making their way up to the up to the third floor. They made their way through the crowd and to their lockers and put their books away, “So have you heard from Jill, she isn’t here today but they have the football game tonight?” Kristine asked Katie as she opened her locker.

Katie shook her head “No not since last night at Annie’s. Sara’s not here either, I texted her this morning but she hasn’t responded.

“Maybe their sick, but Jill has the big game and I don’t even think mono would keep her away from playing” She laughed as she closed her locker and walked back towards the stairs.

As they made it to the main floor Kristine bumped into Veronica who seem like she was in a hurry. “Hey Vee, you okay?”

Veronica picked up her bag that had fallen to the floor when they collided. “I’m so sorry Kristy I am trying to talk to Linc but he just drove out of the parking lot before we could talk.” Veronica said running her fingers through her long dark brown hair.

“Maybe you should call him” Katie told her “With game hours away he probably running around getting everything ready.”

Veronica nodded, “Yeah that makes sense, okay I’ll call him. Bye I’ll see you guys at the game.”

“Bye Vee” they both said before walking away.

“Veronica pulled out her cell phone and text Linc a message.

Veronica: Meet me outside stadium at 6:30 b4 game.

She started to smile at the idea of finally making up with Lincoln, not talking to him today made her feel so lonely. Running towards the bus she had a smile on her face, what she didn’t know is that Lincoln had forgot his cell phone in his locker and wouldn’t get the message in time.
Chapter 39 by 27kate17
~Chapter 39~

There was a spot not far from his house, probably a twenty-minute walk. It was a very peaceful spot on the river bend. After a short walk through the forest area you can see the river. From this spot you couldn’t really see any buildings, just trees and nature. It was a great place to think and him and Veronica would come here all the time since they discovered it. This was their spot.

~*Five years Ago*~

A young twelve year old girl playfully screamed with a smile on her face as she ran through the forest. She pushed low branches out of her way as she ran giggle like crazy. Her long raven color hair was flying in the air as she ran. She would look back once and a while as if she was looking for someone. When there was no one behind her she stopped running and stated looking around at her surroundings. It was quiet, no sounds except for birds singing. “Linc? ... Lincoln where are you?” She called out.

She started to walk slowly back from where she came from in hope of finding where Lincoln went off too. “Linc, come on where are YOUUUUU” she squealed out the last word as Lincoln jumped out from behind a tree and grabbed her. She continued to giggle as she struggled to break free of his hold on her. When she finally broke free she started running and Lincoln was right behind her.

She finally found her way out of the forest and ran over a small patch of grass. He feet came to a stop when she was right on the edge of the river bend. She turned to see Lincoln making his way out of the forest too. She smiled at him and then looked back out at the river.

“You better not jump Vee” Lincoln told her. “Cause I ain’t going in that ice cold water to get you.”

Veronica giggled and moved to sit down on the grass. She leaned back with her hands behind her for support. Lincoln moved to sit beside her and both looked out at the river. “It’s so quiet out here,” Veronica said.

“Yeah” Linc whispered. He grabbed a small stick and threw it into the river. “Is your mom back yet?”

Veronica shook her head “No she say probably not for another week, her cruise end next Thursday but she say she will be staying in Florida for a couple days.” Veronica said before ripping out a hand full of grass and the throwing it at Linc then running away giggling.

Linc brushed all the grass off him and then went after her he was able to get a hold of her from behind and spun her around. She turned herself she that they were face to face. Looking at each other they saw how close they were to each other and their hearts pounded faster and faster. Each glance down at each other’s lips nervously. Neither of them had kissed someone before so didn’t know what to expect. Veronica had seen her older brother Josh kiss his girlfriends all the time it didn’t seem bad.

Lincoln swallowed hard in anticipation of what could happen. “I’ve never…I mean…”

“Me too” Veronica assured him as she nodded her head. “We don’t have too.”

“I want too, do you?”

Veronica smiled and Lincoln leaned in and kissed her soft lips. She kissed him back right away and put her hand on his chest while Lincoln circled his arms around her. When they broke they both had huge smiles on their faces. “That was…”

“Yeah” Lincoln said with a grin.

“Yeah” Veronica repeated before laying her head on his shoulder and looking back out at the river. From now on this place would be their spot.

~*Present Time*~

Linc had squatted down and pulled a hand full of grass out of the ground. He then threw the pieces back on the ground. It’s was this spot him and Veronica had their first kiss and the first time they saw each others as more then just friends when they were a little older. They would come back here many times to talk or lie together and look at the stars. Him and Veronica had been through so much over the years and he wasn’t going to let one of his mistake end the best thing that ever happened to him.
Chapter 40 by 27kate17
~Chapter 40~
Sara lay on her couch in the living room; she had taken a nap and as her eyes fluttered open the room came into focus. Her mother was discharged from the hospital around noon and her father had arrived just in time to pick them up. The three of them went out for lunch and ice cream, something they had done for years when they lived in Shorewood. After they arrived back Sara took a little nap on the couch in the afternoon. At lunch Sara’s mom had mentioned the game and insisted on Sara going out with her friends and support Jill in the final game.
Sara stretched out her arms and then made her way upstairs to her room to change. She pulled on some jeans as well as a green top and covered it with a unzipped white sweater. Looking in the mirror she applied a small amount of makeup and brushed and straightened auburn hair.
As she moved back to her room after being in the bathroom she saw her cell phone vibrating on her bed. Picking it up she saw she had a text message from Jill.
Jill: Hey, just wondering if you were going to go to the game or not? We’re leaving now to grab a bite to eat so let me know if you still wanna come.
Sara smiled and then texted Jill back.
Sara: I’m coming be out in a sec.
Grabbing her purse Sara yelled bye to her parents Sara ran out of the house and made her way to Jill’s just in time. The girls hopped into the back seats of the car, as Jill’s dad drove to pick them up some dinner. The girls were both excited about the game as well as the after party at Derek’s.
After dinner they arrived at the stadium and Jill went towards the change rooms while her father and Sara made their way to the stands. Jill walked behind the stadium towards the change room and before she entered she saw Michael come running around the corner. “Whoa Michael why are you in a hurry?”
Michael panted, as he seemed to be out of breath. “I can’t find Linc.” He told her while leaning against the wall. “I came here with Sucre and his older cousin Hector, Linc said he would meet us here but Derek and Paul said he hasn’t shown up yet.”
Jill didn’t know what to say, “I haven’t seen him sorry. Did him and Vee make up yet?”
Michael shrugged his shoulders “Derek said she was going to talk to him but hasn’t heard anything since. I’ll have to talk to Vee.” Michael told her as he started to walk away. He suddenly came to a stop and turned back to Jill. “Hey where were you today? You weren’t at school and neither was Sara. Did something happen?” Michael asked with a little concern in his voice.
“Ummm I pretty much slept all day, because of the game.” Jill said hoping he’d buy it but by the look on his face she knew he knew her to well to know there was more to the story.
“Jill you never miss school so you can sleep, hell you’ve come to school with a high fever because you didn’t want to fall behind. Something big must of happened last night, Kristine, Katie and the other’s were at school today so what ever happened was after. Jill what’s going on? Did something happen to you or Sara?” Michael asked her looking straight at her.
Jill shook her head it wasn’t her place to tell Michael. “Nothing happen Michael we’re fine.”
Michael could tell she was hiding something “Jill what’s going on”
“Michael, please” Jill pleaded.
“Jill what happened?” Michael said in a firm voice.
Jill let out a sigh; Michael wasn’t going to let this go so she had to say something. “I went to the hospital with Sara.”
Michael’s eyes widen in shock. “Oh my God are you okay? Sara is she alright what happen to her,” Michael asked worriedly.
“You’ll have to talk to Sara about that” Jill said as she started to walk towards the change room.
Michael had so many questions that he desperately needed answers too. Was Sara okay? What happen? Why was she at the hospital? Forgetting that he was suppose to be looking for his brother Michael took off running into the stands to see if Sara had come to the game.
He knew where Kristine and Katie were sitting so assume she would sit with them. As he climbed to stairs he saw her. Her beautiful breathtaking smile as she laughed at whatever Kristine had said. Every time he saw that smile he got butterflies in his stomach. He made his way up to their seats. When Sara saw him she smiled and he smiled back at her.
“Hey how are you?” Michael asked her as he gave her a hug. When he was holding her close he whispered into her ear. “Are you okay? Jill said you guys were at the hospital.”
Sara pulled away and looked at him “What did she tell you?”
“Nothing really just that you two were at the hospital, are you okay?” Michael said quietly not wanting to draw attention to them. Sara averted her eyes away from him thinking about what she should say to him. After giving it a lot of thought she decided to tell him but not in front of everyone. So taking his hand very discreetly she led him out of the stadium so they could get some privacy.
When they were somewhere quiet Sara let go of Michael’s hand and turned her back to him. She was trying to decide how best to explain it to him. After taking a deep breath she turned to face him. “Remember when I told you that my family moved here for my dad’s job?”
Michael nodded ‘Yeah.”
“Well that’s not entirely true, I mean in the future it could help my father’s political career but that’s not why we moved here.” Her eyes met Michael’s and he was giving her his full attention. “Months ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and we moved here to be closer to her doctors.”
Michael took a step closer to her “I’m sorry”
Sara nodded in thanks. “Well she’s been going through radiation therapy and last night when I got home after going out with Jill and everyone to comfort Veronica, I found…” As Sara thought about the night’s events again tears threatened to fall. “I found her lying on the floor unconscious. I called and ambulance and Jill and her father took went with me to the hospital.”
At this point Sara was no longer able to stop the tears from falling. Michael moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her to give her comfort. Sara thought about everything she had went through and could help herself and started to cry. “ I was so scared that my mom died because I went out and left her alone. Michael rubbed her back and tried to sooth her as she cling to him tightly.
“How is she doing” Michael asked as his cheek rested on her head.
“ Yeah she was able to come home today, my dad’s with her now.” Sara said with a sniffle.
Michael nodded his head, “Well if she is anything like you, she’s strong and will fight this with everything she’s got”
Sara smiled at him and pulled away “Thank you.” Their eyes met and Sara thought about telling Michael right there how she felt but was interrupted when they heard Veronica muttering something to herself. They both regrettably pulled away from each other and turned the corner to see Veronica talking to herself and it wasn’t a pleasant conversation she was having with herself.
“Oh Vee I love you and I want to work it out please forgive me I’ll do anything” Veronica said mocking Lincoln’s words to her. “Well Linc here I am wanting to talk to you and you don’t show up,” she muttered to herself.
Michael and Sara moved closer to her “Vee?” Michael called trying to get her attention.
Veronica turned and looked at Michael and Sara, “Oh sorry, I was just talking to myself.” She told them as she looked down at the ground. “Do you know where Linc is? He was suppose to meet me so we could talk.”
Michael shook his head, before her could say something they all heard Derek and Paul come running over. “So have you talk to him yet?” Derek asked.
“No he hasn’t shown up, I tried calling him but he won’t pick up.” Veronica yelled out of frustration at Derek.
“He doesn’t have his cell phone he left it in his locker and never went back to get it.” Michael told them and they all let out a sigh. “He left the house saying he had to do some thinking.”
“So where did he go?” Paul asked but Michael shrugged his shoulders having no idea.
Veronica piped up, “I think I know where he went, I’ll be back soon” Veronica said before running off knowing there was only one place he would go to think.
Chapter 41 by 27kate17
~Chapter 41~

Veronica quickly ran to Derek’s car and turned on the ignition. With being short on time Derek agreed to let Veronica use his car and drive Lincoln back to the game. As she drives towards her and Linc’s spot she tries to think of what exactly she will say to him. She knew Linc didn’t mean to make her mad and she knew he would never cheat on her so Lisa wasn’t going to be a problem for them.

Veronica pulled in front of a wooded area she killed the engine, as she opened the car door she looked around the forest. She moved through the forest and as towards the river. The cool breeze blew through the forest and Veronica wrapped her arms around herself. As she walked the dried up leaves crunched under her leather boots with every step she took.

As she got closer to the river she spotted Linc sitting by the edge of the river. He had yet to turn around and look at her so Veronica moved closer. She watched as he threw rocks and sticks into the water and seem to have no idea she was there. After taking a deep breath Veronica spoke, “Lincoln”

He jumped at the sound of her voice and turned around quickly to see if he was imagining it or not. He stood up straight and made sure to leave some space between them. “So you found me?”

Veronica smiled a little “I had no choice you never got my message”

Lincoln raised his eyebrow wondering what message; stuffing his hand into his pocket he remembered that he forgot his cell phone in his locker. “Oh damn it, I left my phone at school I’m so sorry Vee if I had known…”

Veronica put her hand out to stop him from talking, “It’s okay Lincoln I’m not mad about that. You have had a lot on your mind and it’s happened to all of us, hell I lost my phone for a week and then discovered I left it at your place” she let out a small laugh and pushed a piece of her dark hair behind her ear. “Listen Linc I um I over reacted last night I’m sorry.”

Linc shook his head “No I’ve been thinking and I understand where you were coming from, I know you and Lisa have a history and that she has been making things hard for you and was using me to hurt you. I should have never let her take it that far, you have every right to be mad.”

“I was mad but what it comes down to it, I trust you completely Linc and just because I don’t trust Lisa doesn’t mean anything. I know you would never hurt me and Lisa could throw herself at you all day and do everything to get your attention but it won’t matter because you would never betray me.”

Linc stepped closer to her “No I will never hurt you and I only have eyes on one person.” Veronica now had tears in her eyes and she fell into Linc warm welcoming arms. He pulled her in close and kissed the top of her head. “I love you Vee more then everything.”

“I love you too Linc” Veronica whispered and then leaned up to capture his lips in a passionate kiss. Her arms were around his neck caressing the back of his neck. They continued to kiss for quite some time before Veronica regrettably pulled away. “As good as this is you have a football game to play and I have promised a lot of people I would have you back in time so lets get out of here and we can finish our make up later tonight.”

Lincoln smiled “Sounds good to me” he plants a kiss on her forehead and then the two take off running to the car. They race against the clock praying that they would make it back to the stadium.


It was 6:45 pm and there was still no sign of Lincoln or Veronica. The whole team was on edge as the waited for Linc to show up in the game plan room. “Come on man” Derek groaned as he scratched his head due to nerves.

Paul stood tapping his foot with his eye trained on the door. Every couple of seconds he would glance down at his watch to check the time. Suddenly the door opened and everyone head look up but their hope soon vanished when they saw the coach enter the room. “Alright guys we have to go, I know Linc’s not here but we have no choice but to go out with what we got.”

“Damn it I knew Linc would ruin this for us” Anthony yelled in frustration as he punched his fist into the wall.

“Don’t worry Linc will be here, Veronica will find him and then everything will be okay” Jill snapped at Anthony.

“Okay everyone that’s enough, we are a team and we can do this with or without Lincoln so as of right now Chuck is our quarterback. Now lets go out there and show St Maria’s what Chicago Illinois’ Crane High is capable of!”

The team cheered and then made their way out and to the field. As they ran out on top the field the bands started playing and the cheerleaders and dancers did their routine for the fans. Up in the stand fans held signs and poster cheering on their school, Sara, Kristine and Michael held up their own signs cheering but at the same time they look around for Veronica or Lincoln.


As they pulled up the Stadium they heard that the game had already begun. The both jumped out of the car and ran towards the entrance of the stadium. Before they separated Linc grabbed Veronica’s hand and pulled her in to kiss her, “For good Luck?”

Veronica smiled and then gave in another kiss before she took off for the stands and Linc ran to the change room. Swinging open the door Linc through his football stuff on the bench and quickly changed as fast as he could.

Veronica made her way up the stands and when Jess and Kristine saw they both started screaming “DID YOU FIND HIM?? IS HE HERE??” when Veronica nodded they all started cheering and chanting Linc’s name.

On the field Jill look up at the stands as she heard them yelling and chanting for Linc. She then concentrated on the game and hut Chuck yell, “Hut!”

On the side of the field Coach Mac was yelling from the side as Jill ran up the field with the ball. Lincoln came up behind his coach all dressed and ready to go, he tapped his coach on the shoulder and when Mac turned around he gave Linc an ear full.

“Where the hell have you been, the game started fifteen minutes ago” Mac yelled.

“I know coach I’m sorry” he told his coach.

“I’ll deal with you later, now get ready your going in soon” Mac told him and slapped him on the back.
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Chapter 42 by 27kate17
~*~*Chapter 42*~*~

Victory was theirs, as they won the championship game 110-66. After the game a number of student made their way to Derek’s house for the after party. There was tons of finger foods and drinks for everyone and he even had live music as one of the student bands played at the party in the basement where a great number of the student were hanging out.

Some of the kids were getting themselves wasted and seeing who could get drunk the most. Sara and Jill arrived not long after the game and made there way through the house, they had to push past a lot of drunks before the got to the stairs leading to the basement. Jill had texted Kristine to see where she was and Kristine texted her back saying they were in the basement.

Sara and Jill found Kristine and Katie pretty quickly as they were jumping up and down close to where the band was playing. Sara recognized the kids in the band from school and there was about five of them. Two of them were in grade ten, the lead guitarist/ singer and the one base player. The other two base players and drummer were in grade eleven.

The two girls soon joined Kristine and Katie and danced to the music. Sara and Jill were having fun dancing together and along with Kristine and Katie. The four girls were too busy laughing and having fun that Sara never realized that the lead singer and guitarist was watching her and had a huge smile on his face.


Derek had dropped Linc, Michael and Veronica back at the brothers’ house so that they could change. Within an hour they pulled up in front of Derek’s place and saw cars parks all the way down the street. “Wow it’s a full house tonight” Linc said as he turned off the engine. “Listen man Vee and I need to talk, we’ll me you inside”

Michael rolled his eyes and hopped out of the car and made his way to the house. Once he was gone Linc looked over at Veronica who sat on the in the passenger seat. “You know Vee we don’t have to go in we can go somewhere else.” He reached out his hand and caressed her hand.

Veronica shook her head “No it’s okay, you should be celibrateting your victory with your team.”

“I know but if you want to talk some more then we can to that.”

Veronica smiled and undid her seatbelt; she gracefully made her way over to Linc and climbed on his lap. “I think we’ve done enough talking don’t you?” she said seductively before her lips crashed down on his.
Linc was surprised by her quick movement but quickly kissed her back and pulled her closer to him. “Vee someone could see us”

“It’s dark and everyone is in the house, we’re good,” she said with a smile as she pulled off her shirt and reached for the button on Linc’s pants. Linc groaned and pulled Veronica closer and nipped at her neck. “I love you Vee” he whispered in her ear and then pulled her even closer.


As Michael entered the house he made his way to the living room where he found Sucre and Sofia cuddling together on one end of the room and Michael noticed Sucre eyeing Ben who was hanging out with some guy who called himself Trumpets and his group of friends including a guy with the nickname Lechero and another by the name of Sammy. After the fight after the pep rally Ben had started hanging out with a new group of friends and it was fine by Sucre.

Michael was going to head over and say hi but his attention turned to Sara and the others who came up from the basement giggling as they made the way over to the food table. “Oh Michael you’re here” Jill squealed at she ran up to him.

Sara and the others came over as well and said hello as they snacked on some chips and dip. Sara smiled at Michael and he smiled back; causing butterflies in her stomach. She was sure her face was as red as a strawberry and forced herself to look away.

“So is Sucre still band from talking to us?” Katie asked at she looked over at Sucre and Sofia clinging together as if their were glued together.

“I think so,” Jill said as she sneaked a chip off Sara’s plate.

“Maybe we should go over there just to piss her off,” Kristine said with a smirk.

Michael shook his head and laughed at them. “The last thing we need here is a cat fight, and I know many of the guys here will find it hot but I will have to break it up and then you’ll come complaining to me”

“Who says we’d lose” Katie said and both Kristine and Katie started laughing as they imagined kicking Sofia’s spoiled whiny butt.

“You know I was never a fan of girls like her” Sara stated. “Before you know it she’ll have him give up all the stuff he loves just to make her happy.” She added shacking her head as she looked over at them.

“Well hopefully Sucre will come to his senses soon and dump her whiny butt” Katie said crossing her arms over her chest.


After adjusting their clothes Veronica and Linc made their way into Derek’s house hand in hand. “That was… Wow since when are you into having sex in a car while there’s a party a few feet away.

“I’m full of surprises” Veronica said with a smile and wrapped her arms around Linc.

As they entered the house a very drunk Jess was the first to notice the happy couple. “Oh loooook Miistter ssstubburn and Misss sstubburn made up!” She cheer as she stumbled over to them gigging and gave Veronica a big hug.

“Oh look it’s the friendly drunk,” Veronica laughed.

Paul and Derek soon showed up and patted Linc on the back. “Where have youuu beeen mannnn? Youuuu missed the drinking conntesst” a drunk Derek said with a laugh as put his arm around his friend.

“Well I’m going to have to catch up won’t I” Linc laughed as him, Derek and Paul took off down the hall.

As the party continued everyone was having a great time there were lost of laughs and dancing along to the bands played. Michael had gone off with his brother while the girls talked in the basement. They had just convinced Kristine to go talk to Archie and the two seem to be laughing really hitting it off. “Aw it’s so cute to watch people who like each other talk for the first time,” Jill said as she rested her head on Sara’s shoulder and watched Kristine and Archie flirting.

“Sara, Sara!” Katie came over squealing. “You’ll never believe what I just heard”

Sara shook her head and Jill stood up straight to listen. Katie had a huge smile on her face so what ever it was it had to be good. “I just heard that Landon Weston the lead singer and guitarist of the band has a thing for you and is planning to ask you out!”

“Oh really, Sara he’s really hot” Jill told her.

Sara smiled on the outside but her insides were screaming because she liked Michael. So many times she had thought about talking to him about it but always chickened out. She had to admit, Landon was pretty cute but he was no Michael. Looking down at her cup Sara saw it was empty, “I’m just going to go get another soda I’ll be back ok”

Both girls nodded and Sara made her way upstairs to find Michael. She figured if she had a chance with Michael she wanted to take it instead of always wondering what could have been. She moved through the main floor weaving in between the other kids looking for Michael as she reached to kitchen she stood outside the room and listened at she heard Michael talking to his brother.

“Look Linc, Sara and I are just friends and that’s all we’ll ever be.” She heard Michael say.

It was like someone has stabbed his in the heart and was twisting the knife. She was very wrong; Michael never saw her as anything more then just a friend. She felt tears threatening to fall but she wouldn’t let them and defiantly not for someone who never really cared about her as much as she thought. She pushed through the crowd and moved to back door to get some air because she suddenly was having a hard time breathing.

*Ten minutes earlier*

Michael was pouring himself some punch as he watched Sucre and Ben eyeing each other on separate side of the room. He had a bad feeling things could get ugly if one of them made a move on the other. Taking a sip of his punch he saw Nika making her way over to him. After discovering that Nika liked him he had done his best to avoid her because he wasn’t quite sure what to say to her. Throwing his empty plastic cup in the garbage he made his way out of the room and prayed that she didn’t follow him.

He made his way through the crowd of drunken teenagers and down the hall. Pushing passed all the kids he came face to face with his brother who of course had a beer in his hand. “Hey Mike, I’ve been wondering where you were” Lincoln said with a smile. He watched as Michael looked around and he seemed to be trying to get away from something or someone. “You alright man?”

Just then Nika came up behind Michael “Hey Michael, didn’t you hear me calling you?”

Michael looked at her and was unsure what to say and Lincoln noticed how uncomfortable his brother was. He now knew that it was Nika he was trying to avoid. “Sorry Nika but do you mind if I talk to Mike for a minute? I’ve been trying to find him since we got here.”

Nika nodded her head and stated to walk away but not without glancing back at Michael and smiling at him. Michael gave a small smiled at her then after she was out of sight mouthed “Thank you” to his brother. Lincoln said nothing and dragged Michael by the arm into the kitchen. There was a couple making out against the refrigerator but Lincoln quickly made then scurry out of the room so that he could have a little privacy with his brother.

Lincoln placed his empty beer can on the counter and grabbed another one out of the sink/cooler. He turned back to his brother and shook his head. “Michael what’s going on?”


“That’s bull and you know it. You’ve been acting weird since last night after the topic of you and Nika came up.” Linc said and then took a swag of his beer.

“There is no me and Nika!” Michael said firmly. “We’re just… I don’t know what we are now. To be honest I don’t even know Nika anymore, she’s a whole different person.”

“Listen Mike, I know they other guys were talking about you hooking up with Nika but you know they were just kidding around” Lincoln told him and Michael averted his eyes away from his brother. “To be honest I think Sara is more your type.”

“Don’t start this again Linc” Michael pleaded.

“Come on Mikey you can’t fool me, your obsessed with that girl. You are constantly talking about her or hanging out with her, why not just ask her out? You know you want to.”

Michael shook his head at his brother, “Look Linc Sara and I are just friends and that’s all we’ll ever be.” As he said these words his face expression showed he didn’t completely agree with himself. They way he looked at Linc was as if he wanted nothing more then to be with Sara and more then just friends but he fear of her rejection and not feeling the same way.

Lincoln moved over to his brother and placed a brotherly hand on his shoulder and gave his shoulder a squeeze. “Listen man I know you like her a lot and the fact your afraid of being rejected explains how much.”

“Sara is an amazing person and I like spending time with her but if I tell her and she doesn’t feel the same way, then what? Everything will be awkward between us and the fact she rejected me will always be playing in the back of my head.” Michael told his brother as he turned to face the wall.

“Fine be her friend Michael, be the guy she come to and talks about her boyfriend and watch her run to his arms when she’s sad instead of yours. Watch him comfort her and all the things that you can only fantasies about.” Linc watched as his words were getting to Michael. He could almost see his mind replaying his words in his brothers’ head even though Michael tried hard to push them away. “Listen man I don’t know Sara as well as you do but I’ve seen the way her eyes light up when she sees you coming, plus no matter how boring your explanation of the buildings downtown are she listens.” He gave a small smirk and thought he might have seen one from Michael as well. “Michael, Sara is hot and girls like her don’t stay single for long. If you don’t make your move someone else will and you will regret and always be playing the “What if” game.”


“Look Linc Sara and I are just friends and that’s all we’ll ever be.”

These words played over and over again in her head; Michael wasn’t interested in her. Sara had pushed through the drunken kids and made her way out the back door, out into the cold November night. Tears threatened to fall, but she did everything she could to stop them. She thought he liked her and not just as a friend, they would always hang out together and study together.

She wrapped her arms around herself and took a seat on the porch step, looking out at the backyard. She sat there by herself contemplating on what she should do now. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the back door opening behind her. She turned her head to look at the person who had just opened the back door.

“Hey” he said as he moved closer to her. “I’ve been looking for you.”

Sara smiled “Yea I just needed some air. It’s a bit crowed in there and hot.”

“Nice out here” he said taking a seat beside her. “I saw you dancing to my music down in the basement”

Sara nodded, “You have a beautiful voice Landon and your songs are very catchy”

“Thank you” Landon said with a smile. Swallowing hard and scratching his short light brown hair Landon tried to find the right words to say to Sara. He really liked her and she had caught his eye as she dance to the music. “Listen Sara I was ah wondering if you know sometime we could go and get a bite to eat together.”

Hesitating at first Sara looked up at Landon and gave a soft smile. There was no doubt that Landon was attractive but he wasn’t Michael. His smile didn’t make her whole body shiver with excitement like Michael’s did.

“Look Linc Sara and I are just friends and that’s all we’ll ever be”
replayed in head again to remind her that what she wants will never happen. Michael was more then clear when her was talking to his brother that he only saw her as a friend. She had a horrible pain in her heart and wanted nothing more then to go home lock herself in her room and never come out. She bit her lip realizing she was taking to long to answer. A part of her was screaming no because she only wanted to be with one person, but another part told her that she shouldn’t waste time grieving for something she never had and move on and what better way to do that then to go on a date.

“I… I would like that” Sara said smiling at him.

Landon smiled back and noticed her shivering; he quickly unzipped his coat and placed it on Sara’s shoulders. “Here” he said.

His arms lingered around her a little while the necessary and long enough for Michael to walk over and to see them. He stopped dead in his tracks and watched as Landon had his arm around Sara. They were both laughing and talking together and the sight of them made Michael think that someone actually ripped his heart out of his chest and was tossing it repeatedly at a wall of nails. Michael was too busy looking at them that he didn’t hear Kristine, Katie and Jill come up behind him.

“Oh he actually asked her out and she must of said yes!” Kristine said excitedly and clapping her hands.

“Oh they look so cute” Katie squealed. “Don’t you think Michael?”

At first Michael didn’t answer he just continued to stare at them but when Katie nudged his arm. “Yeah they look cute” was all Michael was able to say and trying to sound normal. Kristine and Katie didn’t seem to notice anything and continued to talk about Sara and Landon. Jill on the other hand could see Michael wasn’t happy about the situation at all. She could tell that Michael wanted to be that guy with Sara, she had always thought Michael had a thing for Sara but it wasn’t until after Landon asked Sara out did she know how much he really cared about her. She was about to say something to him but all of a sudden they heard yelling and shouting coming from the other room.

They ran into the living room and saw Sucre and Ben throwing punches at each other and wrestle each other to the ground. “You bastard!” Sucre yelled as his fist contacted with Ben’s face.
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Chapter 43 by 27kate17
~Chapter 43~

A large number of the student gathered into the living room where the fight was taking place. They stood in a circle surrounding the two boys and watched as Ben’s fist made contact with Sucre’s face. “TAKE IT BACK!” Sucre yelled as threw Ben as into the table full of food.

“What that your girlfriend’s a slut?” Ben scoffed as he ran at Sucre slamming him into the wall.

Michael and Jill pushed their way through the crowd and saw the two beating the hell out of each other. Jill covered her face in Michael’s shoulder as Sucre took another blow to the face. “We have to top this!” Jill told Michael.

“Come on C-Note show him what the little bitch he is!” Lechero yelled and Jill guessed C-Note was Ben’s new nickname.

Sucre swung as Ben and then pushed him to the floor where he continued to pound on Ben. “You son of a bitch” Sucre yelled as he continued to hit him.

Some of the kids were cheering and Jill looked at them in disgust. Taking action she moved in and grabbed Sucre from behind and pulled him of Ben. “That’s enough!” she yelled as she held Sucre back from Ben.

“GET AWAY FROM MY BOYFRIEND!” Sofia yelled as she pulled Jill away from Sucre. Jill lost her balance but luckily Michael was there to catch her.

“What the hell Sofia, I was stopping the fight before someone really got hurt” Jill said angrily at Sofia. Michael helped her stand up as she and Sofia continued to hell at each other.

“The only one getting hurt is this jackass!” Ben yelled as he ran at Sucre. The two moved across the room and when the stood near the stairs to the basement Sammy (a friend of Ben’s) stuck his foot out so that Sucre fell backwards down the stairs.

“Take that Bitch!” Lechero smirked.

All of a Sudden Derek and Linc stormed into the room yelling at Ben and his friends. “Get out of my house NOW!” Derek yelled. Derek, Paul and Linc grabbed them all and pushed them towards the door. “GET OUT!”

As they dealt with Ben and his new friends, Michael hurried down the stairs with Jill to see if Sucre was okay. Sofia wasn’t far behind them and once she reached the last step she pushed passed Jill to see Sucre. “Ohhh Sucibear, are you okay?” she asked him full of concern.

“I think I broke my arm” Sucre groaned in pain.

“We need to get you to a hospital” Jill told him as she helped him stand up.

Sofia wasn’t having any of it. “He’s not going anywhere with you!” she spat out at Jill.

As Michael help Sucre up the stairs he turned back to Sofia “ He’ll go with me and Linc will drive him, okay” he said a little annoyed at Sofia but tried to sty calm because after all now matter how much she bugged him, she was his best friend’s girlfriend.

As Michael moved towards the door Linc had told him Veronica was fit to drive them to the hospital since she hadn’t been dinking tonight. Although Sofia wasn’t happy about it she finally agreed but stay right beside him and kept all the other girls away.

As they were all getting into the car, Michael saw Sara running towards them. “Is Sucre okay? I heard he was hurt in some kind of fight.”

Looking away from her Michael nodded, “Yea he might of broke his arm and we have to get him to the hospital.” With that Michael hopped in the car and shut the door and they drove off leaving Sara standing there with Landon coming up behind her.


Sucre had been set off for x-rays and the other’s had to wait out in the waiting room. Linc and Jill notice how distant Michael was being from everyone and they had a feeling it had nothing to do with Sucre. Unlike Jill, Linc wasn’t sure what was wrong, he knew he was going to talk to Sara but hadn’t heard how it went.

He didn’t have to wonder why because Sara came running over and she wasn’t alone. He saw she was with Landon; it was then he realized why Michael was being so distant. Sara ran up to Michael and the others with Landon right behind her. “How is he? Is he okay?” Sara asked looking at Michael.

Michael said nothing and looked away from her, Linc took it upon himself to answer her. “He had gone for a x-ray.”

Sara nodded and took a seat across from them with Landon sitting right beside her. The two started talking and Michael glanced over and saw him caress Sara’s hand. He couldn’t watch so got up. “I’m going for a walk” he said in an annoyed tone and started walking down the hallway.

Everyone stared at him as he left, Jill started to stand but Linc told her he would talk to him. Running down the hall he tried to catch up with his brother. “Mike, wait up” Linc called to him but Michael didn’t stop. “Michael, please!”

“Go away now Linc” Michael snapped as he pushed open the doors to the hospital exit and stepped into the cold November night.

“Mike man, I’m sorry!” Linc said following him outside.

“I don’t’ want to talk about it, and I shouldn’t of listened to you in the first place” Michael yelled at his brother. “You see this is what I was trying to avoid, I was doing fine with how things were going and you talk me into doing something that would have ruined our friendship.”

Linc could see how much it was hurting his brother and he knew if it weren’t for him, Michael wouldn’t get his hopes up. He knew how Michael dealt with people rejecting him, he would build a huge wall against around himself and no one would be able to break it down.

Suddenly they both saw the front door open and Sara came out. “Hey are you okay?” she asked.

Michael glared at her and before walking off mumbled “I’m fine” then walked off.

Sara was shocked by his attitude but Linc assured her he was just worried about Sucre. Linc headed back inside and Sara stood there all alone and watched Michael as he continued to walk away from her.


Sucre had just sprained his wrist so was told to take it easy for a couple weeks. I had been a week since the fight and everyone was getting back into a normal routine. Sara and Landon had continued to see each other and Michael was doing everything possible to avoid them. So far he had been successful but tonight Jill had told him they were all going to dinner at Annie’s. He had tried everything to get out of it but Jill told him that she would drag him there herself and tied him to the chair to stop him from leaving.

Michael, Jill, Lincoln and Veronica were first to arrive at the restaurant and Mr. Westmoreland led them to their table. Taking a seat Michael seem to relax and the four started talking. “So have you all signed up for the annual ski trip?” Veronica asked them.

“Yeah, you went last year right? What was it like?” Jill asked.

“Oh it’s so much fun, Chestnut Mountain Resort is amazing, you’ll love it.” Veronica told her.

“Love what?” Kristine asked as she made her way to the table hand in hand with Archie. They both took a seat beside each other and Paul; the protective big brother sat across from them a made sure Archie didn’t get to close to his baby sister.

“The ski trip to Chestnut Mountain Resort in a few weeks” Linc told them.

“Oh I signed up for that, is everyone going” Katie said as she took her seat.

“I think so,” Jill said as she started looking at her menu.

Michael slowly raised his hand; “Ah I’m not,” he told them.

Jill and Linc both looked at him with the same shocked expression on their faces. “Michael you have to come, it will be so much fun. It’s a weekend to forget about all our troubles”

Before Michael could answer he spotted Sara and Landon walking towards them and she was laughing at something he must of said to her. He watched as she took a seat a few chairs away from him on the opposite side of the table. As Landon pulled out Sara’s chair and let his arm brush against her back, Michael’s body stiffened. He felt Jill nudge him to remind him to be nice and Michael gave her a look and then forced a smile.

“So Landon and Sara, are you two going to the weekend ski trip?” He asked them.

“Ah yeah” Sara said as she put a piece of her hair behind her ear. “I signed up”

“I did too,” Landon told Michael as he put his arm around Sara. Sara’s body stiffens she wasn’t expecting Landon to do that. She wasn’t sure she was ready for this close cuddling position so moved away and pretended to be reaching for a menu to get Landon to remove his arm.

Derek and Jess were the last ones to arrive and once they were all there, they ordered there dinner. There was an awkward moment of silence, as almost everybody knew that there was something going on between Michael and Sara. The only ones who new exactly what it was, was Linc, Jill and Veronica; the others just figured they were fighting about something.

“So Landon” Linc said breaking the silence. “Has your band had any big gigs?”

“Um we’ve played at a few clubs for minors” Landon told him. “There’s not much money in it but it’s not about the money.”

“Of course it’s not” Michael mumbled quietly but Sara heard him and gave his a look of disgust. He then felt Jill elbow nudge him in the side as a warning to stop. After clearing his throat he spoke out loud this time. “So Landon is this a hobby or something you would like to pursue as a career?”

Landon took a sip of his soda and looked at Michael, “I’m hoping to get a record deal.”

“So you want to live the rock style life; partying into the early morning, and waking up somewhere knew each morning?”

Everyone at the table was shocked but Michael’s comment, especially Sara. She dropped her fork and glared at Michael “Can I see you outside? NOW!”

That both stood up and Michael led the way out of the restaurant. “What the hell was that?” Sara yelled at him as she threw her hands up in the air.

“What I was making conversation,” Michael said calmly. “It’s nice to know where others stand before you get to close to that person and then find out that where they stand is no where close to where you are” Michael said and as he got to the end of his sentence his voice got louder.

“What are you talking about?” Sara said all confused. “Are you mad at for something?”

Michael scoffed at her and turned and walked away from her and the restaurant. Sara wasn’t going to let him get away to easy, “Michael what the hell is going on, one minute we were getting along great and now your mad at me, what do you have to be angry at me for. I’m not the one who did something.”

“What are you talking about? You’re saying I’m the one to blame? What the hell did I do?” Michael asked her.

Sara shook her head, “It doesn’t matter now. Forget it, I have to get back inside with my date and friends.” She turned around and walked back into the restaurant. As she headed back to the table she didn’t spot Jill who was watching the whole argument from a window. She knew that both Michael and Sara like each other and she was determined to get these two stubborn kids to admit how they feel about each other.
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Chapter 44 by 27kate17
~Chapter 44~

It had been a couple days since their fight and both Michael and Sara were avoiding each other. In Science class Sara sat on one side and Michael sat on the other. Jill was forced to choose between her two friends but was working on a plan to get them together.

During lunch Sara and Landon were hanging out in the library together. Although she was physically with Landon her mind wasn’t. She found herself thinking about Michael and about their fight. She could see Landon’s lips moving but she wasn’t really listening to him, and she was pretty sure he was talking about his band or some gig he has coming up. As she sat there she started to feel guilty, here she was spending time with her boyfriend who was nothing but a sweet caring person and she was thinking about another guy. To make matters worse this wasn’t the first time this had happen, actually it was a very common thing, which made her feel awful.

“SARA!” Landon called as he tried to wake her up from her daydream.

Sara jumped and quickly looked at Landon, “What?”

He gave her a questioning look, “Are you okay Sara, you seem distant.”

Sara’s looked away in shame “I’m sorry, I have a big science test next period” she lied. “What were you saying?”

Landon chuckled “I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to this gig my band has next weekend?”

Sara stared at him for quite some time and debating what she should do, she knew what she was doing to Landon wasn’t fair and had to do what was best for both of them. “Listen Landon we need to talk…”


It was the end of the day and Jill was walking down the hall when all of a sudden Linc came out of nowhere and grabbed her arm. “What the?” she said as he pulled her into an empty classroom.

Once he pushed he inside Linc locked the door and turned back to a confused looking Jill. When he didn’t say anything right away Jill smiled and started joking around. “You know Linc I don’t know who you pissed off now but I’m not going to protect you and threaten them for you.”

Linc smiled “Ha, ha, ha very funny, but no there’s something else I need to talk to you about. Michael and Sara, the two smart kids are pretty stupid when it comes to relationships and liking each other.”

“Tell me about it, I don’t even know why Sara’s dating that Landon kid when she is so head over heals for Michael and ever since they started going out Michael has been really moody and keeps to himself a lot.” Jill said as she took a seat on one of the desks. “I thought in time something would happen but these two bone heads are slower then you when your reading Shakespeare.

“I know” Linc said quickly, but as he processed what she said he look at her all hurt. “Heeeeyyyy!” he whined although he had a smile on his face.

Jill started to laugh but soon they both got down to business. They both agreed to set up Michael and Sara but the challenge was to get them in the same room together because they weren’t talking. Linc and Jill went over all possible way as to how to trick them into being into the same room and decided that the best way was to meet up with each other at Jill’s for a “movie night” because it wasn’t uncommon for Michael and Linc to get to her place to watch a moive. They went over the their plan and then pick a time and decided Jill would get Sara there and Lincoln would get Michael there. They shook on it and left the classroom and were off to put their plan into action.

After school Sara got on to the school bus and found an empty seat to sit in. A couple minutes later Jill came and sat beside Sara and notice she was upset about something. “You okay Sara?”

Sara said nothing and just stared out the window as she thought about the talk she had with Landon. Exhaling heavily Sara said quietly “Landon and I broke up”

A part of Jill was happy but she also was sad because any breakup has its sorrow points. “I’m sorry, what happened?”

“I don’t know I tried to be happy with him but I wasn’t he was more like a friend then a boyfriend, I thought my feeling would grow but they didn’t and it wasn’t fair to him especially when I’m lying to myself.”

Jill stared straight ahead as she spoke “You should talk to Michael”

“What does Michael have to do with this?” Sara said shaking her head.

“You tell me?” Jill said. Sara said nothing and stared out the window as the bus drove down the street.

‘Michael made it clear we’re just friends” Sara snapped. “Actually his exact words were “Look Linc Sara and I are just friends and that’s all we’ll ever be” I heard him say this at the party after the finals.”

“Sara listen, Michael doesn’t handle rejection really well and never has. To be honest it all goes back to the rejection of his father. Before Michael was born he left them, leaving Michael to feel unwanted and that he was the problem he left because he was their when Linc was a baby and left before he was born. He closes himself off from people who he thinks will hurt him. I’ve never seen him so happy or have such strong feelings for like he does for you and that scares him.”

By the time Jill had finished Sara had tears in her eye, “I like him too and I was afraid he didn’t like me that way.”

“Well he does” Jill told her. “Listen why you come over to my house tonight and we can watch a movie or something?” Sara smiled “Okay” They both exited the bus when they got to their stop and made their way home to get ready for their movie night.

“Linc I told you I don’t want to be here.” Michael complained as his brother dragged him into Jill’s basement. As they reached the bottom step Michael saw Jill and Sara sitting on the couch in front of the t.v. “I don’t think so,” Michael said as he tried to make his way back upstairs but Linc grabbed hold of his arm and pulled in towards Jill and Sara.

On the couch Sara eyes widened when she saw Michael and Linc coming down the stairs. Turning her head she looked over at Jill who was sitting there with a guilty look on her face. “You planned this, didn’t you?” Sara snapped at Jill.

“I’m sorry…” Jill said and before she could say anything else Sara stood up from the couch and moved to the stairs. Realizing she was planning on leaving so Jill sprang up from the couch and chased after her. “Sara wait!” Jill pleaded as she pulled Sara back into the room. She pulled Sara over so that they were standing right in front of Michael and Lincoln. Both Michael and Sara were avoiding each other’s eyes.

“Listen the four of us are going to sit down and watch a movie together. Now both of you sit here, pick a movie and we’ll be back with popcorn” Linc said as him and Jill slowly made their way upstairs.

Michael and Sara remained in the same spot staring at the floor trying to pretend the other wasn’t there. It was silent expect for the sound of Linc and Jill’s footsteps going up the stairs. It was as soon as Michael heard the door closed he knew what was going to happen and his head shot up and look towards the stairs. “There’s a lock on the other side of the door” Michael said quietly. Sara looked at Michael and put two and two together, once it hit them what their plan was both Michael and Sara and up the stairs. Unfortunately before Michael could open the door he heard a click, he started jiggling the hand trying to open it. “Come on Jill, Linc this isn’t funny open up” Michael yelled through the door.

As Michael yelled and banged on the door Linc and Jill were laughing and giving each other a high-five as their plan work. “Work it out amongst yourselves!” Linc called back.

“LINC! I swear when I get out of here I’ll kill you.” Michael screamed.

“You can thank me after you talk to Sara” Linc laughed. “Now I got to go Veronica and I are going to see a movie. Jill would you like to join us?”

“Jill don’t you dare!” Sara yelled as she started pounding on the door too.

“Sound like fun Linc” she said loud enough for Sara and Michael to hear.

“JILL! LINCOLN! Let us out!” Sara yelled, “NOW!”

“Bye!” both Linc and Jill called as the left the house.

“JILL, LINC! GET BACK HERE!” Michael yelled but it was useless, they were stuck there. With one last pound on the door Michael made his way back down to the basement and took a seat on the couch with his hands covering his face.

Slowly Sara came down the stairs as well and leaned against the wall across the room trying not to look at Michael. They remained in silence for quite along time hoping Jill and Linc would return but they didn’t.

“Damn it Linc!” Michael growled as he slapped his knee with his palm and then stood up to start pacing.

“Linc? Jill is the one who tricked me into coming over. I just wanted a quiet night to relax and spend watching movies to get my mind off my breakup.” Sara said in an annoyed voice.

This statement got Michael’s attention and he turn to look at her for the first time. “You and Landon broke up?” Michael asked a little hopeful but tried to act sympathetic.

“Yeah, not that you care” Sara spat out at him.

“No I really am sorry” Michael said sincerely.

Sara nodded and crossed her arms over her chest, “I wasn’t going to work out. I knew that and it wasn’t fair to think it would” Sara said no longer looking at Michael.

“Why did you know it wouldn’t work out?” Michael asked her.

Looking down at the floor Sara mumbled very quietly but Michael heard. ‘I was just going out with him to get over someone I liked who didn’t like me the same way.” By the end of her sentence she was looking straight at Michael as if to tell him he was that guy.

“How do you know he doesn’t like you that way?” Michael asked hoping he could somehow get her to give him more information about this “guy”.

“I heard him say that we were just friend and that’s all we would ever be.” She tried desperately to stop herself from crying so looked quickly away from him.

By the look on Michael’s he had realized that the statement she just said was very similar to one he had said to Linc at the party. He realized that Sara had over heard him or at least part of the conversion. “Is that the only part of the conversation you heard?” he asked her.

“It doesn’t matter” Sara snapped at him and then turned back to the stairs, but before she could reach the first step she felt Michael’s long fingers wrapped around her arm. As he pulled her back to him she stared at him wondering what he was doing.

“If that’s all you heard then you missed the part about where you are the most amazing person ever. Wanting to spend as much time with you as possible and afraid you may not feel the same way. That if being your friend is it then it’s a hundred times better then not being around you at all. Although with that said seeing you with someone else is worse then being punched in the stomach.” As Michael continued both of them were in tears realizing how much they really liked the other. He pulled her in close and went on and on Sara knew there was only one way to stop him. Her hand quickly cupped his face and pulled his lips down to hers.

Almost immediately Michael wrapped his arms around her pulling her closer. His hot mouth covered hers and they both exhaled heavily as they continued to kiss and hold each other. “I want this so much, but I’ve never felt this way about someone before and that kind of scares me.”

“I know I’m kind of sacred too,” Sara said leaning her forehead on Michael’s, “But I want this.” They both smiled and then pressed their lips together once again.
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Chapter 45 by 27kate17
~Chapter 45~

The next couple of days for Michael and Sara were the happiest times either of them had ever had. Michael would walk with Sara to class and after school she would go to his house or he would come over to hers. Not only were they happy, but also Jill and Linc seemed to be very proud of themselves for making them talk. When the others found out that Sara and Michael were now an item, both Jill and Linc couldn’t help but take credit for it.

Today was Friday and the day that they were to leave for their ski trip, so many of the students were up really early to get ready. Sara groan and rolled in her bed, she reached out took turn off her alarm. As she glance at the time ad saw it was 4:30am; she was to be at the school at 6:30am to board the highway bus. Climbing out of bed she made he way to the bathroom to shower.

After he shower she ran around the house gathering some last minute items. As she entered the kitchen her mother was getting a few snacks for her for the road. She watched as Sara moved from room to room trying to find something. “Mom have you seen my ipod? I can’t find it.” Sara said as she came into the kitchen and rummaging through the stuff on the counter.

“No I haven’t, have you check in between the couch?”

Sara shook her head and ran to the t.v. room and stuck her hand down the side of the couch and then grabbed hold of her ipod. “Aha” she said under her breath and then moved to put it in her bag that lay in the hallway with her suitcase. Moving back into the kitchen she took a seat at the table with her mother to have some breakfast.

“So are you excited?” her mother asked her.

“Yea I guess, I mean I’m a little nervous because I’ve never skied before, but yes I’m excited it should be an really fun weekend.” Sara said before taking a bite out of her toast.

“Well I’m sure you will, now eat up Jill will be here soon and then your boyfriend is picking you up just after six” her mother said with a smile on her face which caused Sara to laugh.


When Michael came strolling down the stairs with his suitcase he saw his mother exiting the kitchen with a cup of coffee in her hand. “Hey you already?” she asked him.

“Ah I have to go out back and grab the ski equipment and then I should be ready to go.” Michael said as he placed his bag down in the hallway and then moved to the back door.

“Is your brother up?”


As Michael went to get the ski equipment, Christina went upstairs to go wake up her other son. Pushing open his door she turned on his light and walked over to Linc’s bed. “Let’s go Lincoln time to get up,” Christina said to him as she started to pick up his dirty clothes.

Linc groan and covered his head with the blanket. “Five more minutes” he pleaded to him mother.

“Your already running late Lincoln, Veronica will be here soon and then you have to pick up Jill and Sara. So get up and bring your suitcase down stairs,” she told him as she made her way to the door with a pile of clothes.

“Okay, okay” Linc said as he slowly crawled out. “I just gotta pack”

This statement made Christina turn around and her eyes widen in shock. “Your not even packed yet? Linc you have less then 30 minutes before you have to be out the door and you haven’t packed.

“Your not packed yet!” Came Michael’s voice and the both turn to see him standing in the doorway.

Linc rolled his eyes and started grabbing a couple shirts and jeans from his dressers. “Yea well Mike not all of us have to make a check list of everything we need and then double check the check list as you put them in the suitcase.” Linc said as he stuffed his clothes in a bag.

“Just hurry up” Michael said as he moved down stairs.

“Yea, yea, yea” Linc mumbled as he moved to the bathroom.

As Linc slowly moved around the house getting ready Michael sat on the couch in the family room reading a broacher on the Chestnut Mountain Resort. Earlier he had texted Sara and Jill telling them they may be a little late because of Linc.

There was a knock on the door and Michael heard his mother greeting Veronica at the door. A couple minutes later she walked into the room and smiled at Michael. “So he’s not ready yet, what a shocker” Veronica laughed as she took a seat on the couch with Michael.

“Hey do you know who our teacher supervisors are?” Veronica asked.

“Mr. Mahone and Mr. Patterson and the assistant Librarian; Betty.” Michael told her.

“Well that mean we only have to be worried about Mr. Mahone because Mr. Patterson and Betty will be too busy with each other.” Veronica said with a smile. It was no secret that the math teacher and the assistant librarian have a thing going on.

The two sat there talking and looking at the pictures of Chestnut Mountain Resort, finally they heard Linc’s footstep coming down the stairs. He came into the family room with his bag thrown over his shoulder. “Aright lets get moving” Linc told them.

The three of them then packed all their stuff into the car and then got ready to go. As they all piled into the car they waved to Christina as she stood on she stood on the front porch watching them drive away.

About Five minutes later Linc pulled up to Sara’s house. Michael agreed to go into the house and get Sara and Jill while Linc and Veronica stayed in the car. Michael ran up to the front door and rang the doorbell. He stood there at her front door with his hands in the pockets of his coat and he rocked back and forth on his heals.

When the door finally open he saw Sara standing there all ready to go. “Hey you’re here,” Sara said with a smile as she leaned towards him. As their lips crashed together Michael cupped her face. After a few seconds later they heard the car horn went off, Michael and Sara broke from the kiss and turn to glare at Linc. Michael brushed him off and then let Sara take his hand and lead him into the house.

As they stood in the hallway Jill came out of the t.v room with a huge smile on her face, “Hey I was wondering if Linc had pick out what dress he wanted to wear for dinner” Jill said and all three of them were laughing.

“Alright lets get your stuff into the car” Michael said as he picked up one of Sara’s bag. Jill and Sara also grabbed the rest of their stuff and then followed Michael out to the car. Jill and Sara smiled to Linc and Veronica as the moved to put their stuff in the trunk of the car. Once everything was in they climbed into the back seat and Linc drove them to the School.

As they approached the school there was two highway buses in the parking lot and there were about a hundred students walking around with their luggage. As Lincoln pulled into the parking lot Paul, Derek and Kristine came over to them. Paul and Derek both drummed on the front of Linc car as the moved over to Linc’s side of the car. “Hey man what took yea so long?” Derek asked.

“Michael held us up as him and Sara had a make out section” Linc told them.

“Hey Linc you were the one who decided to pack half an hour before we had to be here.” Michael shot back at his brother as him Sara, Jill and Veronica unloaded the car. The group grabbed all their stuff and made their way over to the school steps where all the other student were waiting. They moved over to stand by Katie and Jess, dropping their bags at their feet, they all started talking as they waited for instructions from the teacher.

Another car pulled up to the side of the school and Lisa stepped out, wearing all pink. Her coat, head band mittens and scarf were all shades of pink. Her father hopped out of the driver seat and retrieved her bags that were also pink for her.

“Wow the queen of pink is here, doesn’t she remind you of the chick from Legally Blond?” Jess scoffed and everyone laughed.

The group of friends then stopped laughing as they saw Sucre walking hand in hand with Sofia. Sofia quickly led him over to stand with Nika, Ally, Lisa and a number of other kids. Sucre turned and glanced at his friends who seemed to be talking and smiling about something Derek and Paul had just said. The sound of Mr. Mahone’s voice made him jump and then pay attention as he told everyone to get the buses.

Michael picked up his stuff and then him and Sara walked over to the first bus hand in hand along with the other. Not far behind them was Nika who eyes widened when she saw them holding hands.

“Since when is Michael dating Sara?” Sofia asked innocently.

“I didn’t know they were” Sucre said sadly. He couldn’t believe he didn’t know that Michael was dating Sara. He was his best friend and he didn’t know, a part of him was angry but he had to admit that he didn’t know much about any of his friends were up to these days. He sadly watched as Michael and the other’s stored their luggage and then watched then climb aboard the bus.

“Oh this is going to be so much fun” Katie squealed as she found herself a seat.

Jill sat beside her and across from them were Sara and Michael. Derek and Paul sat behind Michael and Sara so that they could bug them for the next three hours. As Derek rubbed his closed fist on Michael’s head, Linc came went to the seat behind the troublemakers and smacked Derek on the back of the head. Kristine and Jess moved in behind Jill and Katie and were listening to Jess’ ipod.

As Sucre moved down the isle with Sofia he glanced over at Michael and Sara and saw her giggling at something that Michael had whispered in her ear. He looked down at their joined hands and watched Michael’s kiss the side of Sara’s face. They looked so happy together, something he wished he felt. He cared about Sofia but for some reason he never felt that happy and always found himself thinking maybe tomorrow or in a week.

“Sucibear, you’re holding up the line” Sofia’s whiney voice told him.

Coming back to reality he continued down the isle holding Sofia’s hand until he found them an empty seat. Nika followed behind Sofia and as she passed Michael and Sara she gave Sara a dirty look that neither Sara nor Michael caught.

The next three hours on the bus was full many laughs and playing games. Paul and Derek threw paper airplane at random students, they had switch seat among each other. Sara had moved to sit with Jill, Katie moved to sit with Jess while Kristine move back to sit with her boyfriend Archie.

Paul watched them closely through the small space in between the seat. Derek and Lincoln started teasing Paul about his sister and Archie. Whenever they made a remark he would hit or throw something at them.

“Oh look man he’s got his arm around her and the way he’s looking at her is as he’s undressing her in his mind” Lincoln whispered.

“Shut up Linc” Paul spat back and nudged Linc in the shoulder.

Derek and Linc started laughing at Paul’s protectiveness of his sister. “You two guys are so immature” they heard Veronica say as she read her book.

Soon they could see the ski hills as they pulled up to Chestnut Mountain Resort. Sara had moved back over to sit beside Michael and the two were staring out the window at the resort. “Oh my god there so high and steep” Sara said with a bit of fear in her voice.

Michael turned to Sara and smiled as he took her hand, “Don’t worry I’ll teach, and it’s not that’s scary you’ll really like it” Sara smiled and laid her head on Michael’s shoulder. She felt his lip brush up against her forehead and then wrapped her arms around her. He had been looking forward to this trip for a while now and the fact he could spend it with Sara made it that much better and he couldn’t wait.
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Chapter 46 by 27kate17
~Chapter 46~

They were all assigned rooms and roommates for the weekend, so after collecting their stuff they all made their way inside. The girls’ rooms were on the second floor and the boys were on the third floor.

Sara swung open the door to their room and Jill, Kristine and Katie followed. As they entered the room the warm air from the heater that had been left on high and overwhelmed them. They looked around at the plain room with beige walls, an ugly color pink carpet, and dark green comforter with pink flowers all over it. There were to two queen size beds, a private bath, television, and a small table with four chairs that were over by the window that gave them a beautiful view of the ski slopes.

The girls ran around checking everything out and then claiming which bed was theirs. “I get middle, I don’t want to be near the window or door” Kristine squealed as she jumped on to the bed.

“What your sacred of the boogie monster coming to get you” Jill teased as she threw a pillow at her.

“Nooo I just feel safer,” she explained.

“So what something or someone breaks into our room and they’ll take us first and leave you?” Sara said as she came out of the bathroom putting her hair up and claiming the side of the bed closest to the window.

They started to unpack their stuff and place their clothes in the closet and drawers. They laughed and joked around as they did it and couldn’t wait to get out on the slopes. “Alright enough with the getting settled I say we go out there and throw ourselves down some really steep hills. ” Katie said all excited. “My cousin and I use to go all the time be the last time we went she fractured her tail bone and we haven’t gone since”

“Wow I was nervous before and now you’ve made me terrified” Sara told her as she pulled on her green and blue winter coat.


Michael moved up to the list of roommates to see whom he was bunking with. He had a bit of relief when he saw Sucre’s name under his, also in his room was some guy named James Whistler and also Brad Bellick. After retrieving his room key he made his way up to the third floor and walked down the hall looking for his room number. Once he was standing right in front of it, he slid his keycard in the door and then pushed it open. Upon opening it he notice someone already sitting on the bed. He didn’t recognize the kid on the bed but assumed he was James Whistler.

He looked up from his sports magazine and looked at Michael as he dropped his bag on the other bed. “You must be Michael,” he said as he swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up in front of Michael and stuck out his hand. “I’m James Whistler”

“Michael Scofield” Michael said shaking his hand.

Suddenly the door opened again and Michael saw Sucre wonder in carrying his stuff. The two friends stared at each other; it had been awhile since the two had talk. After a moment of silence and staring at each other they both looked down at the floor.

James looked from Michael to Sucre and figured they probably need to talk in private so decided to give them some space. “I’m just going to go play with the ice machine down the hall.” He told them before slipping out the door.

Sucre stood there for a few more minutes, before moving over and putting his own bag on the bed. He stuck his hands in his pockets and watched as Michael sat down on the bed and started skimming through the magazine that James had left behind. There was so much Sucre wanted to say but he wasn’t sure how to start. He sighed heavily then moved to the opposite side of the room and leaned against the wall. His eyes glance around the room, before settling on looking at Michael. “Soooo…” Sucre started causing Michael to look up from the magazine. “You and Sara?”

Michael stared at Sucre, “Yea”

Sucre bit his lip and nodded his head, “That’s great, I’m happy for you two” Sucre said as he turned and looked down at the floor. A few moments later he looked back up at Michael and the magazine he was looking at. “You think it’s a good idea to be looking at that? Aren’t their swimsuit models in that?”

“Yea there are but why shouldn’t I be?” Michael said with a little chuckle. “Linc has these kind of magazines around all the time and once and a while I take a glance at it. What’s wrong with that?” Michael asked giving Sucre a questioning look.

“I mean Sara how does she feel about you looking at them?”

“She doesn’t really care, I mean yesterday she was at my place and helping me clean out the magazine cupboard and we were looking at some of them before throwing them out.” Michael said as he threw the magazine across the bed and stood up. “How are things with you and Sofia?”

Biting down on his lip he said, “They’re good.” He tried his best to make it sound as sincere as possible but by the way Michael was now looking at him he knew he had failed. “It’ll be three months next week”

“And you happy?” Michael asked.

“Yea, why wouldn’t I be?” Sucre asked a bit offended.

“I’m just saying I haven’t seen you around lately and you have been moody, you started a fight with Ben and you never use violence.” Michael told his best friend.

Sucre let out an annoyed laugh and put his hands on his head. “Sofia and I are great, things are great between us. So why don’t you just drop whatever it is you think is going on. Stay out of it!” he yelled at Michael.

Michael glared at Sucre, “Fine your great, everything with you and Sofia is great. The fact you can’t talk to us is great; the fact Sofia has the power over everything you do. Yeah everything’s great!” Michael snapped back.

Sucre had stared at Michael as he growled at him. When he had finished Sucre quickly looked down at the floor. He wanted to say something but suddenly heard giggling in the hall and then a knock on the door. Michael moved away from Sucre to answer the door and found the girls standing there and Jill and Kristine were holding on to Sara. “Hey” Michael said as he opened the door and his mood quickly changed to happy.

“So are you ready?” Jill asked, “We’re about to go and throw Sara down the hill.”

Sara started to struggled in their arms “Look I don’t think this is a good idea, why don’t we just go get something to eat at the restaurant or something” Sara suggested.

“No way I told you your going to love throwing yourself down the hill” Michael said to her as he took her hands and brought her closer to him.

“This is crazy!” Sara told his shaking her head frantically.

“Hey look I said I would be there by your side the whole time.” Michael said as he hugged her. He felt Sara nod her head against his chest. “Alright just give me a minute to get really and then we can go okay.”

As Michael then to get his stuff on the girls waited by the door and were giggling about something. Sucre watched them and soon they realized he was there, “Hey haven’t seen you for a while” Kristine said trying to act casually. “Are you going to come skiing with us?”

“Ah I have to go find Sofia and see if she wants to go,” he told them.

“Oh okay”

Suddenly the hotel room door opened and James walked back. “Wow I leave for a few minutes and then there are four beautiful women in my hotel room waiting for me.” James said with a grin.

The four girls started giggling, “Well aren’t you a little cocky” Jill laughed.

James grinned, “I can’t help it, so are you girls going skiing?”

"Yep and we’re going to teach Sara” Katie said.

“Oh so you’ve never been skiing before?” James asked her.

“Nope first time, and their not making me feel any better. About going either,” Sara said as she glared at her friends.

“You want to come? We’re waiting for Michael to get ready” Jill asked him.

“Yeah why not, better then sitting around here,” James said with a chuckle as he moved to pull on his outerwear. When the boys were ready they moved to the door.

“Okay let's go” Michael said to them as he opened the hotel room door. He glanced back at Sucre as he sat on the bed and watched them leave. “Are you sure you don’t want to come?” Michael asked Sucre but he shook his head. The group said their goodbyes and then left the hotel room.

Sitting outside on the bench they put on their gear that they needed to go skiing. “How exactly am I supposed to walk?” Sara asked as she stood in one spot, with her hands up to try and keep balance on her skies. Michael couldn’t help at laughed at her as she seemed to be already freaking out and she wasn’t even near the hill top edge. “Stop laughing at me!” Sara whined as she slapped Michael’s arm playfully.

“Okay, okay I sorry” Michael said with a chuckle as he moved to stand in front of her. He took both her hands and helped her get started. The others sat on the bench with their skies on and watched them. Jill couldn’t help but smile at her two friends and how happy they were. She had known Michael her whole life and she had never seen him this happy. Both Michael and Sara had huge smiles on their faces as Michael helped her and taught her some basic movements that she would need when going down the hill.

“Don’t you think they make a cute couple?’ Jill asked Kristine and Katie

“Yeah they do” Kristine said as she looked up at them. They were both laughing as Sara tripped over her own skies and was now sitting in the snow. Michael reached out his hands and slowly helped her stand back up.

Although Jill, Kristine and Katie thought they looked adorable the person behind them didn’t. Nika snapped on her skies as glared at Sara with Michael. “That should be me,” she thought to herself. As she glared at them she was unaware that someone came up behind her until he wrapped his arms around her.

“What wrong Nika” Jack asked her.

Nika rolled her eyes and shrugged her shoulders and pulled herself out of his hold on her. “Nothing” she growled. She stood their watching as Michael led Sara over to a small hill and was helping her to keep herself from falling down and then stopping at the bottom. Once she did it she heard cheering coming from Jill and the others. Sara had a huge smile on her face and then wrapped her arms around Michael as he congratulated her for doing it. This show of affection only made Nika angrier, “What does she have that I don’t?” she asked.

“Well off the top of my head, she has Michael.” Jack laughed before taking off towards one of the hills. Nika watched him leave and when she turned back to Michael she saw him and the other making their way to the slopes as well. She fixed her mittens and then using her ski poles help move herself over to where Jack had just went down the hill.

“You know I hate snow, why couldn’t the schools winter trip be somewhere hot like Hawaii?” Jess asked as she stood at the top of the hill with Veronica.

“Yeah cause the school has the extra hundred thousands of dollars to send us there.” Veronica said with a laugh before pushing off and skiing down the hill. Jess shook her head and also pushed off with her ski poles.

The two raced down the hill leaning side to side as they went down the hill. Veronica led the way and when she reached to bottom she threw her hands up and cheered. Jess shook her head and laughed and she watched Veronica’s victory dance on skies. “Hey Vee if I were you I wouldn’t do that dance in public” she teased.

Veronica laughed and struck her tongue out at her best friend. The two girls were too busy laughing and giggling at each other that they were unaware of Derek and Paul coming straight at them. It wasn’t until they both called out to Veronica and Jess that they notice and by that time it was to late. Both Derek and Paul turn on their sides really quick to stop and at the same time and sent a good chunk of snow flying in the air towards the girls.

Both girls screamed and covered their faces and the snow came at them. “You idiots!” Veronica cried, while Derek and Paul couldn’t help but laugh. The girls were covered in snow and trying to brush it off by the time Lincoln skied down the hill towards them. When he caught sight of Vee and Jess who looked like snowman he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Baby your suppose to ski down on your skies not your stomach” Linc teased her.

Veronica on the other hand didn’t find it so funny at all, she grunted in annoyance and then grabbing a hand full of snow threw it at Lincoln, before her and Jess walked over to the ski lift. “Real mature Vee” Linc called with a chuckle as he watched Veronica shake her head and kept on walking.


In the meantime Michael had finally convinced Sara to ski down the hill. Jill and James had already skied down the hill and Kristine and Katie weren’t far behind them. Sara on the other hand was freaking out about not being able to turn in time and ski right into the trees. Her arms were linked around Michael’s as her body started shaking. “This is crazy why would anyone want to throw themselves down a hill for fun!”

“Sara come on I’ll be right behind you, now remember what I said about your feet position?”

“The pizza slice?”

“Yea just keep your skies in a pizza slice position and it will slow you down okay” he said to her calmly and Sara nodded, “Okay lets go.”

Sara pushed off and Michael followed and then moved in beside her as Sara screamed all the way down the hill. “OH MY GOD!! I hate you for this!” Sara screamed. As they continued down the hill Sara seemed to be getting the hang of it and stopped screaming. She steered herself around people and positioned her skies forward to she could go faster.

Michael turned and looked at her as she had a huge smile on her face. “See your getting it” Michael told her. They made their way down the hill and found everyone at the bottom of the hill cheering her on as she brought her skies to a stop.

“YAY! You did it!” Jill cried as she moved to give Sara a hug. “See it wasn’t so bad”

They all laughed and asked Sara what she thought about it now? The huge smile on her face told them she was really enjoying it. Michael stood beside her and wrapped an arm around her as she explained how she tried to chicken out at the last minute. In time the all made their way to the ski lift and then skied down the hill again and this time Sara didn’t try to chicken out of it.


After an afternoon of skiing and having fun out in the snow the gang decided it was probably a good time to stop and go for dinner. After changing and cleaning up the made they’re way down to the restaurant and Jill had invited James to join them. Derek and Paul were the first ones to make their way to the restaurant with their dates Grace and Nicole who they had met on the ski slopes earlier in the day.

Kristine soon arrived with her boyfriend Archie and then were followed by Jill and James. “So anything good on the menu?” Jill asked as she took a seat at the table.

“I hear they make a mean pizza” Derek said before nudging Paul and told to stop staring at Kristine and Archie.

Soon everyone else stated to arrive Katie, Jess and then slowly Linc and Veronica joined them. “Where the hell have you two been?” Derek asked. He then regretted asking as he saw them both blushing and grabbed his menu, “Forget it I don’t want to know.”

Linc pulled out Veronica’s chair and then sat beside her so that their feet could rub against each other’s. “So where is Michael and Sara” Veronica asked as she notice they were the only two not present at the table.

“Their having dinner by themselves, kind of like an official dinner date since they haven’t had time for one yet” Jill told them.

“Aww that’s so cute” Jess said as she tried to see them in the restaurant.

“Linc how come we didn’t have a private dinner?” Veronica asked and stuck out her bottom lip.

Linc rolled his eyes at his girlfriend; “Because we all wanted to eat so why waste more room in the restaurant when we can all eat together” he told her and wrapped an arm around her.

Veronica sighed, “Gee you’re so romantic” she scoffed.

“I know babe,” Linc said and everyone laughed. “Now who knows where my little brother and his date are sitting so I can have the waiter send him a present.” He said with a grin that everyone at the table realized meant he was up to something and it wasn’t good.
Chapter 47 by 27kate17
~Chapter 47~

Michael and Sara made their way into the restaurant hand in hand. Sara had put her hair up and had a few loose curly strains hanging down at the side of her face. She had on a clover colored dress tank top cami and a white skirt while Michael wore tan colored pants and a baby blue button up shirt.

As they followed the host to their table they both glanced over at everyone else seated together laughing and talking about something. As they continued to walk they passed Sucre and Sofia’s table and Sucre smiled when he saw them.

“Hey” Sucre said to them even though Sofia was giving them an evil look. “I saw you skiing Sara, you did pretty well for your first time.”

Sara smiled “Thanks” she turned and looked at Michael giving his hands a squeeze, “I had a good teacher.”

“Enjoy your meal” Michael said to Sucre as he and Sara walked off over to their own table.

Sucre smiled and nodded his head to them before turning back to take a sip of his soda and then caught the look of disgust on Sofia’s face. He put his glass down and gave her a questioning look, “What?”

“What the hell was that?” Sofia asked with an angry tone.

“Nothing I was just saying hi,” Sucre told her.

“No you were flirting with her and you did it right in front of me!” Sofia spat out at him.

“Sofibear I wasn’t I was just commenting her on her first time skiing. It was just a friendly conversation. Earlier when she was in the hotel room she told me it was her first time”

“SHE WAS IN YOUR ROOM!!” Sofia yelled loud enough so that everyone in the restaurant could hear.

“Yes but she was there to see Michael, I hardly said a word to her” Sucre said in defense.

“But you did speak to her?”

“Yes but Sofibear it was nothing, I swear.”

Sofia just shook her head “Why don’t you just admit you are cheating on me!” she yelled.

“But I’m not, I have never cheated on you! Why don’t you believe me?” Sucre yelled back.

“Because Augusto cheated on me!” Sofia cried.

“I’m not Augusto, I’ve never done anything to hurt you like he did, I’ve done everything to try and make you happy and trust me but no matter what I do it’s not enough and you don’t trust me!” Sucre said as he stood up from the table and through down his napkin.

Sofia looked up at Sucre and saw how upset he was and she didn’t want to fight with him anymore, “Okay Sucibear, I’ll forgive you and everything can go back to normal if you promise not to talk to them again.”

Sucre stood there for a moment biting down on his tongue before shaking his head at her, “No I’m done, obviously you don’t trust me even through I’ve done nothing to make you think I would cheat on you. If you can’t trust me then maybe this relationship isn’t the best idea if your still dealing with trust issues.”

“So what you’re dumping me?” Sofia asked in a teary voice.

“I think it’s best for both of us to make a clean break and figure stuff out on our own. I'm sorry you had a hard time trusting me, goodbye” Sucre said before turning and leaving the restaurant and leaving Sofia to sit there and pout along with almost everyone in the restaurant looking at her.


A few tables away Michael and Sara couldn’t help but watch the argument between Sucre and Sofia, along with everyone else. Sara felt bad because she was part of the reason for the fight, not that she did anything on purpose but she talking to Sucre seem to have caused the scene. With that said she was also proud that Sucre wasn’t going to let her control him anymore. She glanced at a teary eyed Sofia and bit her lip, before looking back at Michael who seem to be thinking about the same thing as her.

“Well that was something” Michael said with a nervous laughed.

“Yeah, you think he’ll be okay?” Sara asked.

“Yeah he’ll be fine, now why don’t we enjoy our dinner since the show is over, I’ll talk to Sucre later. He may not realize it just yet but he did the right thing, she was controlling and whether he will admit it or not he was miserable with her for the most part.” Michael said before lifting up his menu.

“I never understood girls like that, you know the controlling and jealous kind,” Sara said.

Before Michael could answer her, their waiter arrived to take their orders. After a quick glance at the menu they ordered a plate of spicy chicken wings as a starter and then both ordered the Filet Mignon as their meal. Once the waiter was gone Michael continued their conversation. “So I take it your not a jealous women?”

“Nope, and sorry to disappoint you if that turns you on” she teased.

Michael just laughed, “So your saying that if some random girl came up to me and started to hit on me you wouldn’t get jealous?”

“Who do you think will hit on you?” Sara asked.

“Well I am quite the catch and who knows” Michael teased.

“Well as long as you tell them your taken and don’t lead them on then I won’t have to send out my attack army for you” Sara told him then taking a sip of her soda.

“Attack army?” Michael said confused.

“My girls and trust me if you make me mad they will come after you” Sara warned him playfully. “Jill, Katie, Vee, Jess and Kristine”

“Oh yea the attack army, Veronica sent them after Linc once. He was scared to go near Jill for a month after that.”

“Yea she can do that to you” Sara laughed.

The two enjoyed their meal and talked about a number of things including their childhood and how Sara enjoyed the small town she use to live in. They talked about school, hobbies and each other’s favorites. They laughed and giggled and held hands across the table after they finished eating and continued talking. At some point Michael saw the waited coming over to their table with a bunch of other waiters and waitresses and they gathered around their table with big smiles on their faces. “What’s going on?” Michael asked.

“Well” their waiter said as he moved over to Michael “A little birdie told us it was your birthday!”

Michael raised his brow in confusion, “It’s not my birthday”

“He said you would say that, now come on stand up on your chair” The waiter said as he pulled Michael out of his seat. Michael look around in confusion and then his head turned towards his brother who was watching and laughing. He now had no doubt that Linc was behind this and gave him a death stare and shook his head.

A waitress placed a cupcake in front on him with a candle and then the group of waiters and waitresses started singing and clapping. By this time Michael’s whole face was red and tried to hide his face, across the room he saw that Linc was about to fall out of his chair he was laughing so hard. Michael turned to Sara and she seemed to be trying to stop herself from laughing. He blew out the candle on the cupcake and everyone cheered. He jumped off his chair and took a seat and watched at the waiters and waitresses left.

“I’m gonna kill him” Michael mumbled and Sara laughed. A smile spread across his face and he reached out his hand and grasped Sara’s hand.

“Hey look on the bright side we got a free dessert” Sara chirped as she tried to too reach out for the cupcake. Michael watched and quickly grabbed his cupcake before she could. “I believe it was my fake birthday”

Suddenly a bright idea popped into his head and he stared smiling and Sara caught the devilish smile, “What are you up to?”

“Pay back” he said “You do you feel about ordering a few things for dessert and heading up to my room to watch a movie?” he asked her.

“Sound like fun but by that smile that’s not all you have planned.”

“Your right” turning around Michael tried to locate their waiter and called him over to their table, “Hi I was wondering if we could have our dessert sent up to room 307?”

“Of course, sir” the waiter said and then took their order.

“Also I’m sure you met my brother over there and on behalf of my birthday he wanted to pay for our meal” Michael told him. He then turned and looked at Lincoln and smiled at him. Lincoln looked back at Michael with a smile and nodded to him even though he had no idea Michael was up to something.

“That’s quite the brother you have there” the waiter said, “Okay you two have a good night.”

Michael nodded and then stood up from his seat and took Sara’s hand. As they walked Sara was giggling and shaking her head at him, “Your bad” she told him and then they both waved to Linc and the others as the left the restaurant.


Linc watched them leave and couldn’t stop laughing, “His face was priceless.”

“Your awful sometimes Linc” Veronica laughed.

As they all finished up eating their waitress brought them their bills, When Linc picked up his and Veronica’s bill his eyes widened, “Okay what the?” Linc said all confused.

Suddenly Michael and Sara’s waiter made his way to the table with a smile, “I have to say you are one hell of a brother offering to pay for you brother and his date’s meal, the last thing my brother did for me was buy me socks for my birthday.”

As the waiter walked away Linc’s jaw dropped “That son of a… he’s making me pay for his food and buy the looks of it some plates of dessert being sent to his room.”

“Now that’s the Michael I know” Derek laughed, “Looks like your little bro out did you” Everyone at the table started laughing but Linc who was still in complete shock.

Veronica sighed and put a hand on his shoulder, “You are a great brother Linc” she gave him a kiss and then stood up along with everyone else.

They all watched as Linc pulled out his wallet and started mumbling about something, once all their meals were paid for they all left the restaurant going on about how Michael got Linc back.

“So what are we going to do now?” Jess asked.

“Well I don’t know about you guys but in room 307, desserts that I paid for are waiting for me” he told them and headed for the stairs.


Sucre sat on the bed in the hotel room thinking about everything that had happened tonight. He had finally told Sofia how he felt and now here he sat alone wondering if he may have over did it. He knew that deep down it was for the best and that he shouldn’t have to give up everything and everyone else just to be with her, that she should trust him to be faithful. Although he missed her another part of him felt free, that he didn’t have to hide from everyone else and that he was free to do what he wanted and not ask for permission.

As he sat there thinking everything over he heard people laughing and giggling in the hallway and then the door to his hotel room opened. Looking up he saw Sara walk in with Michael’s arms wrapped around her from behind whispering in her ear.

When they caught sight of Sucre they both froze and stared at him not sure what to do. Slowly Michael removed his arms from around Sara and nodded at Sucre. “So I’m sorry about what happen tonight, are you okay?” Michael asked.

Sucre just nodded. Sara saw that even though he did the right thing that he was sad and wasn’t sure if their presence was making things better for him. “Do you want us to leave, we were just going to watch a movie”

Sucre shook his head “Nah it's all-good, what movie?” he asked.

“Um The Bourne Ultimatum, you want to watch it with us” Sara told him.

“Yea we have dessert being sent up as we speak” Michael said. Just then there was a knock on the door and Michael quickly went to answer it and then returned with ice cream, cake and a bowl of fresh fruit. “Here we go” Michael said as he place the tray on his bed and then popped a grape into his mouth.

“Didn’t you guys just have dinner?” Sucre asked with a chuckle.

“Yea well it’s all on Linc” Michael said as he moved to set up the movie.

“Linc paid for your dessert?” Sucre asked very surprised.

“Well I’m sure he’s just figuring it out now but yea and he deserved it.” Michael said taking a seat on the other bed with Sara cuddling up with him and eating the ice cream.

“Yeah he told the waiter it was Michael’s birthday and had the waiters and waitress sing to him and make him stand in his chair, it was so funny,” Sara said with a laugh.

The three started watching the movie along while eating their dessert, but after ten minutes they heard someone banging on the door. “Yo Mike open this door and give me my dessert.”

“Crap!” Michael hissed as he sprang off the bed and moved to the door. He made sure the chain was on the door and opened it al little. “Can I help you?” Michael asked politely as he stared at Linc and the others on the other side of the door.

“Yea you can give me my dessert and give me the fifty-five dollars you made me spend on your dinner!” Linc growled.

“But it’s my birthday according to you” Michael said with a smirk.

“MICHAEL!!” Linc warned him.

“Fine hang on” Michael said before opening the door and letting them all in. Everyone scurried into the room

“Ah cool The Bourne Ultimatum” James said as he took a seat on the floor with the others.

Linc started stuffing his face with ice cream and cake while lying at the end of one of the beds watching the movie.

“Geez Linc don’t be such a pig!” Jess told him.

“What you want some,” he asked with his mouth full.

“Ewwww Linc don’t do that!” Veronica told him.

Michael sat back beside Sara and put his arm around her and let out a sigh, they soon all calmed down and watched the movie and then chatted a little before they heard Mr. Mahone roaming down the halls ordering everyone to go back to their respective room for the night. As they all left one by one Michael gave Sara a goodnight kiss before watching her skip down the hall with Jill, Katie and Kristine back to their room.
Chapter 48 by 27kate17
~Chapter 48~

The rest of the ski trip had gone great and Sucre had finally been able to talk to all his friends and catch up with everything he had missed. It was like Sofia never happened as the group enjoyed the rest of their trip. Things with Michael and Sara were going great and they really having fun together. They had also took notice Jill and James who seemed to be spending a lot of time together and Michael and Sara were sure that there was more going on between the two. As the trip came to an end the group was getting back to their normal routines at school and they were all starting to get ready for Christmas.

It was Christmas Eve and Sara and Jill were in down town Chicago doing some last minute shopping. They went in store after store trying to find the perfect presents for all their friends and families and some were taking longer then others. “Okay we have been all over Chicago and I’ve still can’t find the gift for Michael” Sara said frantically as they once again left another store without a gift for Michael. “This is our first Christmas together and I want everything to go perfect so I need a perfect gift” Sara told Jill.

“Don’t worry, Michael is going to love what ever you get him so don’t worry” Jill told her with an encouraging hand on her shoulder. “Now how about we go to an electronic store, he did just get a new ipod a few weeks ago”

Sara’s eyes widen as an idea popped into her head, “Come on lets go, we only have a couple hours before the stores close” she grabbed Jill’s hand and the two took off down the street.

They both moved down the isle of the electronic store looking for the perfect gift for Michael. “So I was thinking I could get him something for his ipod, like speakers so he can play his music out loud.” Sara suggested as she picked up the box.

“That’s a good idea!” Jill said.

Sara smiled and nodded her head, the two had a quick discussion and then Sara made her way over to the front and paid for the gift. With a smile on her face Sara and Jill left the store and Sara was finally able to relax knowing she was finished all her Christmas shopping for another year.


“Okay I got us some chips and a whole lot of chocolate and junk food for tonight” Linc exclaimed as he came into the kitchen carrying bags along with Veronica. “This party is going t be sweet!”

Moving into the kitchen he dropped his bags on the table next to where Michael was working on homework and studying for exams. As he set down one of the bags it fell over and junk food spilled all over Michael’s work. “Do you mind?” Michael hissed at his brother.

Linc just rolled his eyes as he collected the items up from around Michael. “Relax Mikey we don’t have exams for a couple weeks, this is the Christmas holidays, a time to celebrating and spending time with friends and family and having fun.” Linc told his little brother as he shook his shoulders from behind him.

“Linc please this is coming from the guy who is still trying to pass grade ten English? Yeah I’m going to take your advice” Michael scoffed as he turned back to his work.

“Come on Linc leave him alone for now, lets just make sure he’s not doing anything during the party and scaring all the guests away” Veronica said with a laugh as she pulled Linc away from his brother.

Linc shrugged his shoulders and took a step away from Michael, “So where is Sara? Wasn’t she going to study with you?”

“She was but an emergency shopping trip came up with Jill,” he said with a laugh, “Something about Christmas coming and a shoe sale or something”

Veronica’s eyes widen as the mention of a shoe sale, “Oh my gosh where? Did they tell you where this shoe sale was?” she asked his desperately and Michael just shrugged his shoulders and not making such a big deal about it. When Linc saw how excited Veronica was getting he rolled his eye and trying to figure out how many shoes one person needed. The next thing they knew Veronica pulled out her cell phone and was dialing a number.

“Vee what are you doing?” Linc called out as he watched her move towards the front hallway.

“Finding out about this shoe sale,” she answered. Linc look at Michael and rolled his eyes as Michael just shook his head laughing knowing neither of them would understand the female teenage mind. As Michael went back to working on his homework, Linc made his way into the front hallway where Veronica was getting her coat on.

“Babe where are you going I thought we were going to set up for the party and you know “hang out” Why are you leaving.”

“Linc honey it’s a shoe sale, the shoes I’ve been dying to get for like ever and Jill just told me they have my size which usually never happens so I got to got, love you bye” Veronica said giving him a quick kiss and then was running out the door all before Linc could process what was going on.

“Well that’s just great my girlfriend stood me up for a shoe sale.” Lincoln complained as he made his way back into the kitchen where Michael was sitting. Michael couldn’t help but laugh at his brother and shook his head.

“Anyway this party is going to be awesome, there is no better way to celebrate Christmas then when your…” Linc stopped in mid sentence as their mom walk in to the kitchen eyeing Linc carefully.

“When your what?” she asked with her arms crossed over her chest.

Trying to give himself some time she slowly shock his head and shrugged his shoulders, “With friends” he answered even tough the look on his mothers face she didn’t believe him.

“Linc I’ve told you I don’t want any alcohol in this house tonight, I don’t care if your friends do at their house, I don’t want any alcohol in this house, no getting wasted and getting into trouble, you know how I feel when you call me to come pick you up and you can’t even figure out which car is ours. You are all under age so when I come home tonight I better not find anything I wouldn’t approve of.”

Linc made a face and then let out a sigh “Fine what ever, now go have fun with Jill’s parents” he told her as he led her to the door.

“I mean it Linc,” she said pointing a finger at him.

“And I heard you, no alcohol in this house or anything you wouldn’t approve of I got it, plus mister goody, goody in the kitchen there won’t let me so much as carry food around that isn’t on a plate”

“I heard that!” Michael’s voice came from the kitchen.

“Alright have a goodnight boys, oh and one more thing no one is to be in the bedrooms”

“Got it mom, now go, go, go” Linc told her at he pushed her out the door, “Love you mom.” When she was finally out the door Linc shut it close and a smile spread across his face, “Alright let get this party ready, Michael put away the books cause you’ll scare away the guests and help me set up.”


With in an hour everything was set and the party was getting started. The usual suspects were there including normal group of friends and a few of the players from the football team. As everyone was enjoying themselves upbeat Christmas music played in the background. Paul, Derek and Linc were as usual up to no good.

This wasn’t exactly what Michael had in mind for their Christmas Eve get together, he just wanted their closest friend and being able to talk to people without yelling at them over the music even though the person was standing right in front of him. As he made his way threw the crowd he trying to spot Sara, they had talked for a while but then Jill dragged her off somewhere laughing and giggling about something.

As he moved down the hall he saw Curtis football players carelessly fall back laughing and knock over the expensive vase their grandmother gave to their mother. Michael quickly jumped into action and caught the vase before it crashed to the floor and would probably have him grounded for life. As he stood up he turned to see Linc and the other’s laughing at Curtis.

“Linc you mind if we keep the house in one piece” Michael spat at his brother with anger as he held on to the vase. Pushing past all he people Michael ran to his room to leave the vase there until it was safe to return it down stairs. He set it down on his bed and then thought about what he was suppose to be doing. Finding Sara. He hadn’t seen he or the others for that matter in a long time. Suddenly he heard laughter and playful screams coming from outside. Moving to his window he peaked out into the dark winter night and saw Sara, Jill, Sucre and the others playing outside in the snow.

A smile spread across his face as he saw Sara and Jill laughing and running away as Sucre came at them with a snowball. Quickly Michael exited his room and made his way to the back door, he pulled on his coat, mittens, scarf and hat and then pushed open the back door only to be welcomed by a silent night.

With a puzzled look on his face he looked around wondering where they went and unaware the Sara was behind him.
“NOW!” she yelled making him jump and then came face to with them all popping out and throwing snowballs at him. Michael brought his hand up to protect himself as he laughed and moved towards Sara. In one swift movement Michael was able to dodge in behind Sara and wrapped his arms around her.

“Oh that’s real low Michael” Jill said with a laugh. “Using your girlfriend as a human shield”

“Not cool man,” James added with a laugh.

“Hey she brought this on herself” he laughed as Sara started giggling and desperately trying to get away as Sucre threw another snowball. “You plotted against me Sara and now it’s payback,” he told her in a whisper close to her ear.

Sara was soon able to free herself from Michael as he loosened his hold on her. As she ran off, Michael gathered snow in his hands and through it at Sucre. He caught Sucre off guard and the snow splattered all over his face.

Sucre’s mouth was open in shock as Michael started laughing at the snow all over Sucre’s face. The others took off running knowing that this was far from over. Sara, Jill, Kristine and Katie all ran behind the large tree hoping no one would see them. Suddenly they heard something moving behind them in the bushes and the all jumped and screamed as the guys jumped out and chased after them and over to the house.

While Kristine and Katie kept running Sara and Jill stopped and bent down to gather up some snow and threw it at the guys. Michael continued to run towards Sara and wrapped his arms around her and started spinning them around until the fell in to the snow.

Sara lay there on her back and Michael was on his side with his one arm still around her waist. She had a huge smile on her face as she looked up at Michael and let her glove covered hand run up and down Michael’s coat sleeve. “So are we even now?” Sara asked in a small laughed.

Looking down at her with a smile he whispered as his face closed the distance between them. “Not quite” he then crashed his lips down on hers and felt Sara react and respond immediately to him.

They had almost forgot they had an audience until Sucre spoke up, “Hey if you don’t mind we really don’t need to see the two of you getting it on while it’s -20 out here.

Michael forced himself to pull away and stand up, holding out his hand he pulled Sara up and helped her brush off all the snow. He then wrapped an arm around her holding her close and led the way inside the house. As the all entered the living room they came face to face with people they never expected to see. Sofia and Nika.


Sofia and Nika had arrive a few moment ago with Sofia having the intension of talking to Sucre and Nika agree to tag along because well they were going to Michael’s. They looked around the house for them but couldn’t find Michael, Sucre, Jill, Sara or any of them. They stood in the living room and all of a sudden heard people come in the back door laughing and covered in snow.

Nika’s blood boiled when she saw Michael with his arm around “her” she should be the one Michael had his arm around and that she a whole lot better the Sara. Nika had loved him for years and one day she show up and steals Michael away from her.

Her thoughts were then interrupted by Sofia who made her way over to Sucre and started begging him to give her another chance and that she could learn to trust him if he’d let her.

“Sofia I’ve said all I had to say at the ski lodge, I’m sorry it’s over” Sucre told her firmly.

“NO that can’t be it for us, Fernando we can work this out, please don’t leave me!” Sofia cried as she grasped hold of his shirt.

Michael and the others were watching the scene hoping Sucre would tell her to take a hike. Suddenly an unusual noise came from the kitchen caught Michael’s attention. “I’m going to see what’s happening in there,” Michael whispered into Sara’s ear. She nodded and felt him kiss the side of her face before removing his arm from around her and making his way to the kitchen.

“Sofia don’t make this any harder please” he begged her as he pulled himself away from her.

Not feeling right about watching this Jill, Sara and the other’s made their way to the other side of the room and took their seats on the sofa. Slowly Nika follows them and took a seat across from Sara and eyed her closely. “So you and Michael huh?” Nika said trying to make conversation.

Sara wasn’t really paying attention as her and Jill were laughing about something. “What? Oh yea” Sara said with a smile. “It took a while but yes me and Michael.”

“All thanks to me!” Jill said happily pointing to herself and everyone but Nika laughed.

“Yes we get it Jill you were the match maker,” Katie laughed

“That’s great” Nika said even though she didn’t sound so happy about the outcome. “So how serious are you?”

“Well we just started going out so we’ll see how things go,” Sara told her although her and Michael’s relationship was none of her business.

“So you two haven’t had sex yet?” Nika said as if it was a bad thing.

“I don’t see how that’s of any concern of yours Nika?” Sara said in an irritated tone.

“I’m just saying when your in a committed relationship the guy expects sex” Nika told her.

“Michael’s not like those guys Nika” Jill said a bit annoyed at Nika’s attitude.

“Or like the all guys you fool around with” Katie mumbled under her breath but Nika heard her and glared at her.

“I know what Michael’s like” Nika spat out at Jill, “But he also had a teenage boy mind and you should be prepared to do what he wants or he’ll get bored really quick”

“Thanks for the advice Nika but I’m not going to be an object to Michael and he doesn’t see me as that so we won’t do anything we both don’t want to or are ready for” Sara said firmly and her tone caught Nika off guard and she just glared at Sara.

At this moment Michael returned and saw that something must have happened as they all seem to be on edge about something. “Hey Sara I want to show you something?” he told her. Sara turned and smiled at him and stood up and took Michael’s hand as he led her away from the group.

They climbed the stairs and then Michael led he to the end out the hallway. Reaching up he grabbed hold of a piece of string and pulled it down and a flight of stairs came down as well that lead to the attic. With a smile he took Sara’s hand and when they made their way up it was dark except for the moonlight shining in from the big skylight above them.

“I usually come up here for some piece and quiet and it lets me think, sometimes about you” he told her and he could see her blush. “Come here” he told her as he walked over to an old cot and lay down. Sara did the same and she look out the skylight at the starry night.

“Wow, you can look at the stars without being in the -20 degree weather” Sara laughed.

Michael nodded and the two of them lay there in silence looking up at the stars. After a moment he sat up, “Well seeing as we are alone I think this might be the best time to give you your Christmas present.” Reaching behind him he soon presented her with a long black velvet box with a red bow.

He handed it to her and Sara’s eyes widened when she saw the beautiful white gold bracelet with her name engraved on it. “Oh Michael it’s beautiful but you didn’t have to do this”

Michael smiled and started to help her put it on, “I know, but I wanted to and when I saw it I immediately thought of you”

Sara smiled and leaned over to brush her soft lips against his, “Thank you I love it” She smiled and let her thumb caress his face as Michael pulled her back in for another kiss. In time Sara pulled away, “Okay wait here I’ll be right back she told him and hurried off the cot and down the stairs.

Before Michael had time to get off the cot himself Sara retuned holding a box wrapped in Christmas paper. After a little hesitation she handed it to Michael and sat back down on the cot with him and watched as he carefully unwrapped the gift.

It soon revealed speakers for his ipod and a smile spread across his face. “So do you like it?” she asked him.

“I love it, I’ve been meaning to get one,” he told her and then he jumped off the bed.

“What are you doing?” she asked him a bit confused at his quick departure, but she didn’t have to wait long as she heard music start to play and Michael walked back over to her.

“I figured we could test it out” he told her as he held out his hand, “May I have this dance?” he said in his attempt at an English accent. Sara laughed but garishly accepted and let him pulled her in close. The started to sway back and forth and the their cheeks were pressed together and Michael could smell the lavender scent of her shampoo in her soft auburn hair.

“Marry Christmas Sara”

“Marry Christmas Michael” Sara said quietly as she laid her head on his shoulder and told herself she would never forget this moment.
Chapter 49 by 27kate17
~Chapter 49~

Christmas and New Years had come and gone and they were now nearing the end of first semester final exams. The school library was full of student as they were all cramming to study everything they had learned since the beginning of the semester.

“Okay what is an Atomic number?” Jill quizzed Michael.

Michael leaned back on his chair in the cafeteria after taking a bite of his sandwich and let out a sigh. “It’s the number of protons found in the nucleus of an atom,” Michael said, “How many time do we have to go over it”

“Hey not all of us spent our Christmas holidays studying” Jill spat at him.

“Yea us who did aren’t running around frantically like our head were cut off trying to memorize stuff” Sara pointed out.

“Shut up, I’m not frantically trying to remember all this stuff” Jill laughed “Now quick tell me how many of the elements we need to know!” she said in a panic and Sara and just laughed.

“Relax Jill you’ll do fine and it’s only the first twenty” Michael told her like it was no big deal.

“TWENTY! Are you kidding me I can’t even remember what I had for dinner last night” Jill complained.

Jill continued studying as Sucre, Kristine and Katie arrived at the table. “Hey Whatcha doing?” Kristine asked as she took her seat. She glance over at Jill science textbook and made and ugly face “ooo I hate science, thank God I don’t have it”

“Your have it next semester” Michael told her.

“Yea but I don’t have it now” she pointed out before poking her fork into her salad.

They ate their meal and studied at the same time, Sara, Michael and Jill went over their science notes and then at some point Sara turned and studied her Spanish with Sucre. Books and notes were passed across the tables as they all went over their subjects with someone else in that class.

Across the cafeteria Nika was watching as Michael studied and would once in a while brush his foot against “hers” under the table. “It’s unbelievable” Nika snarled.

“What?” Sofia asked

Nika rolled her eyes “What do you think? Them. I mean I’ve tried for years to get Michael to like me as more then just a friends, I figure once we started high school we would start dating officially you know. God we spent hours and days together just the two of us over the years and I thought we would for sure have been a couple right now. What do I have to do to get him to like me and dump that tramp? I am so much better for him then her.” Nika snarled.

“Well he seems pretty into her,” Sofia pointed out as looked over at them laughing about something.

“We’ll see about that,” Nika said as she undid a few of the buttons on her yellow shirt so that her baby blue lace bra was showing. Flicking her hair back she got up from the table and made her way over to Michael.

When she got to their table so cleared her throat so that she could get his attention, but instead got the whole tables attention. Sara stared at Nika and her eyes observed Nika’s appearance, Jill also noticed and couldn’t believe that this was the same girl she used to have sleepovers with.

Nika saw them all staring at her but was a bit happy when she saw the look Sara was giving her and loved that fact she was becoming jealous. “Hi um Michael I was wondering if you could help me with my math, I’m having so much trouble with chapter 6 and I really need to pass this exam” she said in a sad voice.

Michael felt a little uncomfortable started to fidget in his seat, “Oh well, I’m actually studying science right now” he told her.

“Oh” she said a little disappointed but wasn’t going to give up so easily. “Well how about today after school?”

“Um well…” he started to say and then turned to Sara who was sitting beside him.

Not wanting to seem like a controlling girlfriend and trusting Michael, Sara nodded. “It’s okay Jill and the girls and I will probably get together anyway and she did say she needed to do well on the exam to pass” Sara told him quietly.

Michael nodded, he knew Nika had trouble with math because they had spent hours and days together in middle school where he help her with her math homework. “Yea sure after school sounds good” he told her.

“Oh thank you sooo much Michael so I’ll see you at my house around 3:00?”

“Yea okay” he told her and watched as she walked away.

“I think she also need someone to help her find clothes that fit her and learn how to button up her buttons” Kristine said and everyone laughed.


After school Nika ran around cleaning up the place so everything was ready when Michael arrived. She made sure her bedroom was clean and then spread out her math textbook and notes on the bed to make it look like she had already got started. Her yellow top was still unbuttoned at the top so her blue bra was visible and she wore tight very low-rise jeans.

As she inspected herself in the mirror and smiled, she heard the doorbell and quickly ran to answer it. She peak out the window and saw Michael standing there with his backpack swung over one shoulder. After taking a deep breath Nika adjusted her hair and pulled open the door. “Hey Michael thanks for coming, you are such a lifesaver and I can’t thank you enough” she said as she allowed him to enter.

“It’s no problem, I also know your parents are very strict about you getting good grades” he said to her as dropped him backpack on the floor.

“That they are” Nika said with a smile as she flicked her hair back and leaned against the wall. She stared at him for quiet some time and he stared at her.

“So um where are we studying?” he said with a nervous laugh, as Nika did nothing but stare.

“Oh right, umm well my room has all my stuff do how about there” Nika not leaving any room for him to protest as she started up the stairs and Michael had no choice but to follow her. Swinging open her bedroom door Nika entered and moved over to her bed to sit down and stared at Michael as he entered. She was so hoping he would have joined her on the bed but instead he grabbed her chair by her desk.

“Thanks again for agreeing to help me” Nika said as she kneeled down on her bed and slowly leaned over to reach one her notes while on all four and showing off her breasts. Unfortunatly to her disappointment Michael was too busy searching through his book bag and pulling out his notes to see her. Rolling her eyes Nika retreated to her original position but on the other side of the bed so that she was right beside Michael.

“Alright so where should we start? Do you have your tests they might help up figure out what you are having trouble on” Michael asked.

Nika bit her lip, she had he tests but she was a solid B+ student and if Michael saw this he would know she wasn’t having problems. “Well you see I have been searching all over the place for them and can’t find them but I can tell you that it was at least our last test I was haveing trouble with” she told him and was glad when he seemed to buy it.

“So Algebra is your weak point, no problem we can focus on that,” Michael said.

“What ever you say, because I’m all yours” Nika said with a giggle as she lean closer to him to read his notes.


“Okay seriously Sara do you know what you did” Kristine said to Sara as all the girls were sitting in Sara’s living room.

“What to do mean?” Sara asked without looking up from her textbook.

“I don’t know if you know this but Nika has been in love with Michael for years”

“Look I trust Michael and beside she said she needed help with her math or she would fail the course” Sara stated as she put her book down and looked at Kristine who was sitting on the couch.

“Kristy its Michael” Jill pointed out. “He hasn't done anything bad I don’t even think he knows where detention hall is.”

“Yea well I also know Nika and lately I wouldn’t put anything past her and to put the record straight that girl has now problem with math. She has been playing the same “I can’t do math” act on Michael for four years”

“Well obviously in the last four years her plan to get Michael hasn’t worked” Sara pointed out.

“He won’t do anything, Michael’s a boy scout and wouldn’t hurt Sara that way or anyone for that matter,” Katie said. “Nika can throw herself at him all day and he wouldn’t catch her” she added with a smile.

“You put a lot of thought into that speech huh,” Jill teased.

“Yea and I’ve always wanted to say it to someone” Katie said with a smile and everyone laughed.

“Okay well as great as this conversation is we all have exams tomorrow and I’d rather not repeat this semester” Sara said and they all got back to work and reading over their notes.


The timer went off to inform the student that their time to write their exam had ended. Nika put her pencil down and stood up from her seat to take her paper to the front. As she made her way up she wasn’t surprised that Michael wasn’t there anymore. She was sure he would have been one of the first ones done.

Handing in her exam she then moved to collect her stuff and then made her way out of the room, only to see Michael and Sara fooling around in the hallway. She clenched her jaw and stared at them, well mostly Sara with so much hate. She was so concentrated on them she didn’t hear Sofia come up behind her.

“Hey how did you do?”

Nika turned to look at her “Fine” she said with a sigh as she looked back at Michael who had his arms around Sara and was whispering something in her ear.

“So I guess the study date didn’t go so well?”

“You could say that” Nika said softly as she leaned against the wall she had her back to the happy couple. “He wouldn’t even take one little peak! And let me tell you I gave him more then enough chances. I even turned up the heater so that he felt hot but not even that worked. The bitch has him wrapped around her little finger.”

“Wow he must be committed” Sofia said as she leaned over to catch a glance at them. “Oh and speaking of her, they coming over” Sofia warned.

“What?” Nika said and then turned around to see Michael walking over and holding Sara’s hand. Her eyes widen when she saw them but quickly smiled and tried to act normal. “Hey!”

“Hey I just wanted to know how your exam went?” Michael asked her.

Nika kept smiling and nodded her head. “Very good” she told him. “You are and excellent teacher, thank you”

“Great I’m glad, I mean by the end you seem to really caught on to what was happening” Michael told her.

“I hope you did okay and passed” Sara was in a very friendly smile and Nika just kept forcing her smile. “Well we better go we have our science exam next and Jill’s waiting.”

“Yea okay bye Michael…and ...Sara” Nika force herself to say as she watch the two walk down the hall. As soon as they were gone her smile disappeared. “This is far from over” she hissed and turned and headed in the opposite direction with Sofia.
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Chapter 50 by 27kate17
~Chapter 50~

They had now been sitting in the front of the restaurant for about an hour and a half waiting for a table. A lot of people would usually have to make reservations for a nice restaurant like this but Lincoln had assured his brother and their dates that they wouldn’t need one. So here they sat waiting and waiting for their names to be called.

Michael sat back on the bench after he glanced at his watch and sighed again as he wrapped his one arm around Sara who sat beside him wearing black dress pants and a emerald satin pleated top with a high neck and no sleeves. “This is the last time I am letting you pick the restaurant and not make a reservation.” Michael said as he glared at his brother.

“How was I to know it would be busy?” Linc said innocently.

“Linc honey it’s Friday, date night and if you took me out more then once a year then you would know that.” Veronica laughed as she nudged in the shoulder with her elbow.

“Look I’m sure we’ll be able to get our table soon” Sara assured them as they watched yet another couple been led to their table. The four sat their making small talk with each other as they waited. Finally the host called their name and led the four to their table.

As they reached their table both Lincoln and Michael pulled out the chairs for their dates and then took a seat beside them. “This is a nice place are you sure it’s not too much?” Veronica asked as she looked around the fancy restaurant and the price of the meals.

“It’s fine both Michael and I believe that tonight is worth it.” Linc said as he reached for his menu. “Okay so feel free to pick anything you ladies want.”

Sara smiled and Michael gave her an encouraging nod. “Alright well there is so much to choose from” Sara said as she gazed over her menu, while under the table Michael and Sara’s fingers were intertwined and his thumb caressed her hand slowly.


At a local mall Kristine and Jill were spending their Friday night shopping and spending all their money. The two were having such a great time as the laughed and talked about pretty much anything. As they both started to get hungry they headed for the food court to find a place to sit and eat and it was easier said then done.

“Wow it’s a busy place tonight” Kristine said as she and Jill looked around for a table.

“It’s crazy” Jill said as she finally snatched a table near A&W.

The girls looked around at their surroundings until someone caught Kristine’s attention and she couldn’t help but smile. “Well would you look at that, it’s your lover boy over there flipping burgers.”

Jill looked at her friend all confused and then turned to see what she was staring at. There standing behind the counter of A&W was James Whistler. A smile crept across Jill’s face when she saw him. She watched him as she flipped over all the burgers on the burner very carefully and efficiently. For a moment she had forgot where she was until she heard Kristine make and irritated sound and then saw her rolling her eyes at her.

“What?” Jill asked innocently as she took as seat at the table.

“Don’t say what because you know what” Kristine laughed. “Honestly you two have been spending so much time together I swear the two of you are pretty much dating except you guys haven’t made it official yet.”

“We’re trying to get to know each other,” Jill stated as she pulled out her wallet to get some money out for her dinner.

“Of course you are.”

Jill shook her head at Kristine and then slowly got up from the table. “Well while you sit there thinking about my life I’m going to get something to eat.”

“A hamburger maybe?” Kristine said with a grin.

Jill laughed and shook her head as she made her way to the counter to get something to eat. “So what does it take for someone to get some service around here?” Jill asked him with a grin on her face.

James looked up at her and smiled, “That depends whose asking?” he said with a chuckle. “For you it takes you telling me how hungry you are and if you like Italian food?”

“You don’t sell pasta or pizza here,” Jill stated.

“I know, I’m done here at 8:00 and am in the mood for some Italian food. If you’re interested you could join me?” James asked with a smile.

“Are you asking me out?”

“Well we could call it a date and I buy you dinner or we could go as friends and we each pay ourselves” he told her hoping she would pick the first option.

Jill pressed her index finger against her lips as if deep in thought. “The first option sound better for sure.”

“Okay it’s a date!” James said as she smiled at her as she blushed.


After dinner the four piled back into Linc’s car as he started to drive them back home. Veronica sat in the front with Linc while Michael and Sara were in the back cuddling and whispering each other’s ears. Every so often Linc would glance back at them and roll his eye at his brother and Sara. “Hey just a heads up there are two other people in the car so I don’t want to see anything x-rated alright.”

Michael eyes glanced up at his brother and gave him an intense stare while he kept one arm securely around Sara. “Oh and this comes from the guy who sneaks his girlfriend into the house at night while mom is sleeping.”

“WHAT HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT???” Veronica asked all frantically as her whole face turned red.

“I can hear Linc calling out to you from his bedroom window and then as he goes down stairs to open the door he always manages to trip and fall down the stairs with a bang. You’re lucky mom’s a heavy sleeper or you would be discovered.”

Veronica’s face was now completely red and she slouched down in her seat wanting desperately to disappear. Linc shook his head “I don’t fall down the stairs every time” he said in his defense.

Michael couldn’t help but laugh as he turned and looked out the window and saw they were in the middle of nowhere. “Hey Linc where are you going? This isn’t the way home.”

“I know but I figured we would take a short cut” Linc stated as he tuned right and then continued driving down the road.

“Are you sure you know where your going?”

“Yes Michael I know where we’re going this isn’t my first time driving and just need to find the road with the big willow tree on the corner.” He told his brother as he glances out the window looking for the tree.

They had now been driving for an hour and had yet to find the tree Linc was talking about. They were sure that they were going in circles but as they looked out into the dark night they couldn’t see anything. “Linc we should have stopped at that convenient store we saw a few ways back” Veronica said as she continued to look out the window.

“I told you I know where I’m going he don’t need directions we’ll get there.”

“Linc there is no willow tree and if there is then it’s too dark to see it, are you sure you can’t remember the name of the road,” Michael asked.

“No I don’t know the road name, let’s try this way,” Linc suggested, as he turned left.

“Linc you need to stop so we can figure out where we are, mom will freak if we aren’t home on time” Michael told his brother as he leaned up in between the two front seats.

“Just keep your shirt on Michael” Linc spat out at him.

The brothers continued to argue about whether they knew where they were or not. Sara and Veronica both sat quietly staring out the window wondering if they were getting closer or further from Chicago. As time went by their scenery hadn’t improved, Sara was now getting frustrated and finally snapped. “Alright Linc that’s it we’ve been driving for two hours and the restaurant is less then forty-five minutes from my house. So obviously we are lost so please suck it up and find some place to pull over!” she yelled.

“Sara look…” Linc tried to say but was cut off by Veronica. “No Linc Sara’s right, so grow a pair and ask for directions!”

Linc tightened his grip on the steering wheel and gritted his teeth while he stared straight ahead. “Fine.”

Both Sara and Veronica smiled as things were finally going to get done. Unfortunatly they thought too soon because all of a sudden the engine died. Slowly the car came to a stop and all four of them looked around all confused. “What just happened?” Michael asked.

Linc tried frantically to turn on the car back on but it was useless. “Linc what’s going on?” Veronica asked.

“No, no, no” Linc grunted as he slammed has his fist into the wheel.

“What!” Michael demanded.

Linc shook his head and sat back in his seat. “We’re out of gas” he told them and all three of them just stared at him.

“That’s impossible we would have gotten a warning light,” Veronica said.

“No it broke a few weeks ago and haven’t got it fixed yet” Linc told them as he covered his face with his hands. “The tank is empty so this car isn’t going anywhere.”

Michael let out a groan and pressed his forehead against the back of the front seat. Sara was beside him and her and Veronica both shared looks of concern and not sure what they should do.
“Call mom see if she can pick us up” Michael told Linc. He nodded and reached into his pocket for his cell phone. Pulling it out he flipped it open and notice he didn’t have a signal. “Hang on” he told them as he jumped out of the car into the cold January night.

The other three sat in the car and watched as Linc moved around trying to get a signal. “Michael explained how you two are related?” Veronica asked as she watched her boyfriend walk through the high level of snow with his cell phone high up in the air.

“Beats me” Michael said as he sat back in his seat beside Sara. “I think I remember some sort of store or restaurant 2 miles or so back, maybe we should walk over and see if we can use a phone?” Sara suggested.

“Yeah that’s probably our best option.” Michael said as he opened his car door, Sara and Veronica soon followed and then stood by the car waiting for Linc to return. They didn’t have to wait long as they soon saw him walking over after being behind a tree. “This is fucked” Linc grunted, “No signal, not one fucking bar!”

“Look there is a small shop about 2 miles from here so why don’t we walk over and see if they have a phone we can use.” Michael told his brother while he continued to have a fit about not having any signal.

“I am not leaving my car here by it’s self” Linc told them.

“Linc what do you think will happen? There is no gas the car’s not going anywhere any time soon” Veronica told him.

“Well I don’t care I’m staying here with the car” Linc told them.

“Linc we should go find a phone so mom can pick us up and you shouldn’t be out here alone.”

“I’ll stay here,” Veronica stated as she raised her hand. “You two go find someone and we’ll wait here, it’s not too far”

Sara and Michael both nodded and after buttoning up their coats the headed off down the road. As they left Linc and Veronica watched them as their figures disappeared into the night. “Well now that that’s taken care of our job will be to keep warm.”

Veronica bit her lip and moved closer to Linc and pressed her body into his. “And what do you have in mind for that?” she asked with a big grin on her face.

“I think you know,” he told her as he picked up a giggling Veronica and carried her to the car.


At Annie’s Jess sat in the corner booth alone with a sad look on her face. Mr. Westmorland had brought her a slice of apple pie a few minutes ago and she just stared at it like she was trying to make it levitate. She let out a sigh as she poked it once again with her fork before sitting back again and just stared at it.

“Hey why so gloom?” she heard someone ask her and when she looked up she saw Derek standing there at the end of the table.

“Hey” she said with a forced smile as she watched him take a seat in front of her.

He gave her a smile, “Are you alright?”

Jess shrugged her shoulders and looked down at her pie. “I was suppose to have a date tonight with this guy that I’ve like forever” she told him.

“So what happened?”

Jess bit her lip and let out a long sorrow sigh, “You can’t call it a date when he only went out with me because he wanted to make his ex jealous who just so happened to work at the restaurant he took me to. Well his plan worked and the happy couple got back together and I had to pay for my meal and then I took off.”

Derek stared at Jess as her blond hair fell in front of her face as she bowed her head not wanting to meet his eyes. “Well that’s his loss” Derek told her and made Jess look up at him and he saw her teary blue eyes.

“I’m tired of just being the damn friend. Every guy I have ever liked turns out to only like me as a friend or want to use me to impress some other girl. It’s not fair.” She told him as she wiped away her tears.

“Hey, hey listen to me you are an amazing woman who is beautiful inside and out. Hell any guy who can’t see that is not worth it,” he told her as he reach out and placed his hand on hers.

Jess smiled and looked up at Derek, “Wow that’s some speech. You should defiantly add that one to your pick up lines”

“You think?” he laughed as he leaned back in his seat. “Hey lets get out of here, my parents are gone for the weekend and my sister has some college party so I get the house to myself. We can play guitar hero and have a few drinks,” he suggested to her as he stood up.

“Derek you can’t play that game when you’re sober never mind when you’re drunk,” Jess laughed as she stood up as well. She wrapped up her pie and Derek place some money on the table to pay for it and the two left Annie’s and headed to Derek’s place.


“You can’t be serious, you have never seen “The Ring”? It was a popular movie,” Michael said as him and Sara continued to walk down the road.

“I told you I don’t like scary movies and the commercials themselves freaked me out”

Michael let out a chuckle and the moved behind Sara and let his arms snake around her waist and pulled her into him so her back was pressed against his chest. He let his chin rest on her shoulders for a moment and then his lips moved to her ear. “Seven days” he whispered.

“Michael stop it” Sara laughed as she freed herself from his grasps and ran to the other side other road. “I’m serious Michael!”

Michael couldn’t help but laugh as he moved back over to her and wrapped his arms around her. “I’m sorry” he said and then kissed the side of her face.

Sara smiled “You should be.” She leaned back into him turned her head to the side she could see him. She gave a small smile and then pressed her soft lips against him and a slow passionate kiss. When she finally pulled away she started to giggle and took off running. “Come on I can see the shop, it’s just around the bend,” she told him and the two held hands as they moved closer to the small shop.

Reaching the small shop Michael pulled open the door and allowed Sara to step inside. As they entered they could feel the warmth of the room and both let out a shudder before walking into it small diner.

Looking around the room they got the impression that a lot of hunters would come to the diner because of the many photos of men and women hunting out in the woods. In front of them was a set of deer antlers nailed to the wall that were quite large. They made their way through the diner and noticed how dead it was. There seemed to be only one customer, a man sitting at the counter dressed in ripped jeans, a dark brown heavy sheep skin coat and a red and white checkered wool hat and he seemed to be drinking a beer.

Soft country music played in the background while the two looked around scanning the area. The man saw the two teenagers looking around. “You two seem lost” they heard him grunt at the sound of his sudden voice made Sara jump. Michael stood behind her and let his hands run up and down her arms while he gave a weak smile to the stranger.

“We’re looking for a phone that we could use” Michael told him.

“Yeah there’s a phone, hey Margaret you got some customers!” the man yelled and an older woman in her late fifties in a blue server dress came into view.

“Well hello there” she said with a big smile.

“Hi, um we’re hoping we could use the phone our car broke down a couple miles from here” Michael said still holding Sara close to him.

“Sure hun there is one down the hall and around the corner,” she told him. Sara and Michael both nodded and made their way to the back of the diner to use the phone.


Back at Derek’s place him and Jess were attempting to play guitar hero while they were both completely wasted. All around beer, vodka and many other empty bottles surrounded them. “Yooouuu ssssupppose to presss da red one” Derek tease as he took a swag of another beer.

“I I I did!” Jess claimed as she threw the toy guitar for the game on the floor. “Sssstuuupid gammme!” she said with a pout as she fell to the floor and sat beside Derek giggling and prying the beer bottle out of Derek’s hand and chugged it down.

“You know I’m done with dating and stuff,” she told him as she waved her finger around. “DONE!”

“Too much work” Derek told her.

“You got that right,” she said as she finished the last bit of the beer and then tossed the empty bottle aside.

“There is way to much pressure,” Derek stated as her poured them each a glass of rum. “Cheers to no more stupid dating” he said as he raised his glass once.

Clinking their glasses together Jess giggled and tilted her head back and took a gulp of hers and then leaned her head on Derek’s shoulder.

“I think I should forget men and focus on my school…thing” Jess told him.

“Sounds like a plan but am I in that category?” Derek asked with a laugh as he looked down at her.

“You gonna stand me up at a restaurant or use me?”

“Neverrrrr” he told her and she could tell her was serious even though he was so wasted. The two stared at each other for second and then started laughing and giggling at each other as they sat on the floor together with their now empty glasses of rum beside them.


This was a Friday night that they would never forget and for all of them it was for different reasons. Some adventures, amazing memories, and also unexpected ones. Jill and James had gone on their first date together and both had a really good time. He had walked her up to her front door where he said good night and told her he had a great time. Slowly he leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss on the lips before walking down her drive way. Jill couldn’t help but grin and ran into the house and up to her bedroom where she collapsed on the bed with a huge smile on her face they were now officially dating.

Michael finally got a hold of his mom and she drove over to the diner to pick up Michael and Sara as soon as she could. Linc and Veronica had made use of their time alone in the car while Michael and Sara were gone and kept them very warm. When the head lights of Linc’s mom’s car came into view the two quickly redressed themselves and tried to remain cool as they made their way over the car and sat with Sara and Michael. Linc had tease Michael about how he thought he had left them there and had gone home because they took so long. Michael’s reply made Veronica blush and Linc kick the back of his seat when he said he was sure the two found away to pass the time.

Now although neither of them would forget what happen to them their experience would be nothing like Jess’ as early the next morning she woke up not really remembering much and how she had gotten home the other night. She had a terrible head ach and really scolded herself for drinking so much as the sun shone in her room, but to her surprise her room wasn’t her room and this wasn’t her bed. As she processed this Jess sat up all confused and realized she was naked and that inches away from her Derek lay on his stomach passed out and he was also naked.
Chapter 51 by 27kate17
~*~*~Chapter 51~*~*~

The days had gone by really fast and before everyone knew it, it was Valentine’s Day. A time when couple’s would show how they feel about each other and be all romantic and gush over each other for just one day. Sara couldn’t stand the stupid day and believe it was just a reason to spend tons of money on each other and that it usually could end with couple’s breaking up because of all the pressure.

As her and Jill walked down the hall they saw couple’s being all lovey dovey with each other all because it was Valentines Day. Jill was leaning against a locker watching people walk by as Sara was organizing her locker and getting the books she needed. “Know I bet that at least fifty percent of these couple will have broken up by tomorrow morning” Jill said.

“Considering how people act I’m sure your right, or some will break up before tonight on the hope of not having to go broke due to this stupid day. You know that today is actually he was condemned to death, how romantic” Sara said as she rolled her eyes. Closing her locker they heard Kristine running towards them and pressed her back against the lockers as she wore an expression like she had been shot with cupids arrow.

“What’s up with you?” Jill asked.

“Jill it’s Valentines Day! The most romantic day of the year” Kristine said all excited as she clapped her hands.

“You mean where idiots spend tons of money on each other and are all very lovey dovey for a day because it’s Valentines Day?” Jill said as she rolled her eyes. “You shouldn’t need a holiday to do something nice for someone.”

Kristine shook her head; “You aren’t very romantic, now Sara knows what I’m talking about. What do you and Michael have planned?”

Sara shrugged her shoulders “Sorry to disappoint you but Michael and I are going to see a movie with Jill and James. We did rock papers scissors to see who got to pick the movie and Michael won so we’ll probably be seeing something with a lot of explosions.”

Kristine’s jaw dropped “You can’t be serious. That’s how you’re spending you Valentine’s Day? Archie’s taking me to a nice restaurant and then maybe some dancing to follow” Kristine told them.

“Well I hope you have fun, you’ll have to tell us about it tomorrow” Jill said “But now we need to get to class” and the three took off down the hall.


As the days went by both Jess and Derek had avoided each other and did everything not to be in the same room as each other. It had been two days since the drunken night and they both freaked out. Jess was very quiet and didn’t say much to anyone over the last couple of days and kept to herself. As she left math class she hurried over to her locker so she could get her book and stuff before Derek came over since his next class was near her locker.

Flinging open her locker she frantically searched for her book and nearly jumped out of her skin when Veronica came over and slammed her locker door back so she could see Jess.

“Geez Vee do you have to sneak up on me like that?” Jess said as she brought her hand to her chest.

“What’s going on with you?”

Jess shrugged her shoulders and shook her head “Nothing I’m fine”

“Then why are you acting so weird?” Veronica asked as she leaned against the locker and crossed her arms over her chest. “Your hiding something I can tell.”

“Don’t you have a class to get to?”

Veronica gave her a confused look and shook her head, “No I have spare just like you. We usually hang out in the library, what is going on Jess?” Veronica asked her friend.

She bit her lip and her eyes looked up at her best friend. “I did something I shouldn’t have done.” Veronica asked what but Jess shook her head. “Not here” Jess told her. After closing her locker she grabbed Veronica’s hand and pulled her towards the girl’s restroom. As they entered she shut the door she went into every stall to make sure they were empty and then locked the dead bolt on the restroom door.

“Okay Jess your scaring me, are you wanted by the police or something?”

“No I did something a couple nights ago that was very bad and wrong and well stupid.” Jess told her.

“Like what?” Veronica asked now really concerned with what her friend did.

“I… was sad when my date went horrible and I went to Annie’s to get my mind off what happen and I ran into Derek. We got to talking and then went back to his place to play guitar hero and to have a few drinks or a lot of drinks I should say. Anyway I well…” Jess voice trailed off not sure she should continue.

“Well what?” Veronica asked.

“I slept with Derek” Jess said quietly and then covered her mouth.

Veronica’s eyes widened in shock, “YOU SLEPT WI…” she was unable to finish because Jess quickly covered her mouth.

“Vee quiet!” she hissed at her friend whose eye where still wide open. When she was sure Veronica was going to remain quiet she release her hand from her mouth.

Veronica took a step back and her jaw dropped as she stared at her friend still not totally processing the new information. “How I mean I what the hell happened that night?”

Jess gave a sigh and let her body slide down to the floor as her hands covered her eyes “I don’t know, I don’t know. I was depressed and he was there we were talking, laughing, having a few drinks, fooling around and one thing led to another and there we were…” she let out another sigh she slowly shook her head. “Now everything's different.”

Veronica made her way over to her best friend and took a seat, “Have you talk to him yet?’

“No we just keep trying to pretend the other’s not there. It was a mistake a terrible mistake that shouldn’t of happen.” Jess said in frustration.

“Well it did happen and you have to talk to him. If you two ever want to get passed this you need to talk it over and see where you go from here.” Veronica told her and then gave her friend a hug. “It’ll be okay, I’m here for you”

Jess nodded her head as she hugged Veronica back. “Thank you.”


As the evening came around couples got ready for their night out on the town. Veronica was in her room trying on almost every dress she had in her closet and couldn’t figure out what to wear. As she flipped through her selection she would throw random pieces of clothing on her bed as she searched for the perfect outfit. She tried on a number of dresses and played with her hair trying to decide if she should have it up, curl it or straighten it. Should she wear heels or not.

“AAARRRGH!” she grunted in frustration, as she tossed another outfit no to the floor. She ran around her room frantically looking for something to wear. Suddenly there was a knock on her and as it opened her mother walked in.

“Hey honey, Linc’s downstairs,” her mother said as she came into the room.

“What! I’m not ready yet,” she said with panic.

“Well hurry up, you have so many clothes Veronica I’m sure you can find something.”

Veronica nodded and searched through he clothes again and decided on a simple black dress with a wide turquoise colored sash around her waist. A few minutes later to emerged from her room and made her way to the stairs.

Linc nervously waited at the bottom, for weeks now he had been planning on giving her the perfect gift and tonight was the night he could give it to her. As he stood at the door rubbing his hands together he looked up at the top of the stairs to see his beautiful date coming towards him. He smiled as she slowly made her way towards him with her long wavy hair falling over her shoulders. She had a huge smile on her face and it made Linc feel butterflies in his stomach.

“You look beautiful,” Linc said softly and her took her hand gently and kissed it.

Veronica blushed and batted her eyes at him. “Thank you and you clean up nicely too.”

“Shall we?” Linc asked her as he held out his arm.

“Of course” Veronica giggled as she curled her arm around his, as she couldn’t believe how romantic he was being tonight.

Linc had taken her to dinner where they both enjoyed a lovely meal with soft classical music playing in the background. After dinner dancing was to follow, he took her out onto the dance floor he acted like a pure gentleman and bowed in front of her and then took her hand. With a smile Veronica played along and let him pull her in close and dance with her head resting on his shoulders. It was a perfect night, one she had never expected. She loved it when Linc would surprise her with these types of dates and time for just the two of them.

“Tonight was perfect,” she told him. “I love you.”

“I love you to but tonight’s not over I have one more surprise” he said in her ear.

Veronica lifted her head up and looked at him with a questioning look, “What else to do have planned?” she asked him.

Linc smiled loving the fact to had no idea what he was planning, “Come on” he told her as she took her hand and led her out of the restaurant and towards his surprise.


Screams of laughter could be heard in a near by park as Sara and Jill ran through the snow with their hand out wide as if they were airplanes. Behind them Michael and James watched their playful girlfriends play in the snow with huge smiles on their faces. They had just left the movie theater and decided to take a stroll through the park near Sara and Jill’s house.

“Come on slow pokes and hurry up!” Jill yelled to them as her and Sara twirled around and made their way to the playground.

“You guys are crazy! Are you sure their wasn’t anything in your drinks at the theater?” Michael yelled to them as he and James quicken the pace and followed them over to the swings. Both Sara and Jill brushed off all the snow from the swing seats and then sat down.

“I feel great!” Sara said as she pushed off the ground and started to swing. Michael came behind her and started pushing her to make her go higher. James did the same for Jill and the to girls started laughing and giggling.

Both Michael and James pushed the girls as high as they could and then would run underneath them. Sara and Jill would playfully screamed, as they would come pretty close to hitting them each time. “Watch it I wouldn’t want to ruin that pretty face of your Scofield!” Sara teased as he ducked before she could hit him.

Michael laughed and when Sara finally slowed down a bit she jumped off the swing and right into his arms and they both fell into the snow laughing. “Nice catch” Sara laughed as she leaned her forehead against his.

“All always be ready to catch you” Michael told her sincerely and Sara playful face turned serious as her eyes looked straight down at him. Michael still held her body on top of his and one hand came up to her face and moved the strand of hair behind ear as his head came closer to her and his lips brushed against hers. Sara immediately responded and deepened the kiss.

When they finally broke Sara’s face remained inches from his. “Thanks for the perfect non-valentine’s day date. I had a great time,” She told him.

“Me too” Michael said as his forehead rested against hers and he closed his eyes like her to enjoy the moment a little more. Her hands were stuck between her body and his and pressed against his chest while his were wrapped around her waist and big winter coat.

“Hey when you two are down making out can we get out of the cold?” they heard Jill call to them.

Both their heads turned to see Jill and James starting to make their way back to Jill’s place so Sara pulled herself off Michael and then helped him stand up after and brushed the snow off each other. Michael reached out for Sara’s hand and pulled her in close, he gave her one last kiss and then the two took off running hand in hand over towards Jill and James and they laughed and giggled about everything together.


Linc pulled the car to the side of the road a few feet away from their spot by the river. As he climbed out he told Veronica to stay where she was so that he could open the door for her. Once he opened the door he helped he out and without letting go of her hand he led her into the wood and towards the river.

Since it was winter still the river was completely frozen and the cold wind blew passed them making Veronica wrapped her arms around herself to keep warm. She felt Linc come up behind her and bring her body closer to his chest for warmth and she felt him kiss the side over her face. “So are you going to tell me why we are here?” she asked as her face turned to look at him without removing her body from his warmth.

“Remember how we use to come out here and try to find stars and constellations” Linc said as he looked up at the sky.

Veronica looked at him for a second and then she also look up into the night sky, “Yea and we talked about how I always wanted to have a star named after me,” she said with a laugh.

“Well I think it’s time we make it official” Linc told her and he felt Veronica turn in his arms and look at him in complete shock. “You didn’t,” she said as her hand covered her mouth and she looked at Linc with wide eyes.

Lincoln smiled and reached into his pocket and a document, “I did and you now have star named after you.” Veronica couldn’t believe it and squealed with excitement as she wrapped her arms around him. Linc couldn’t help but smiles wrapped her arms around her tightly as Veronica cried with joy.

“I can’t believe you actually did this, I love you so much” she said before cupping his face and bringing his lips to hers.

“I love you too Vee always” he whispered in her ear and the both held each other and thought about how this was a Valentine’s they would never forget.

For so many it was a Valentine they would never forget, one filled with love, romance, fun, joy and happiness whether it was with a lover or with friends it was defiantly a night filled with lots of love and laughs. Yet not everyone would remember this night in a good way as Kristine Kellerman ran home crying after her date and wanted nothing more than to disappear forever and never have to see anyone again and proving valentine can make or break relationships.
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Chapter 52 by 27kate17
~*~*Chapter 52*~*~


Over the weekend Kristine didn’t talk to anyone, she had turned off her cell phone and locked herself up in her room. Paul on many occasions tried to get her to come out but it was no use and he was getting annoyed even trying. So he decided it was time to call in the experts to drag his sister out of bed and to school on another Monday morning.

“Come on Kristy open up so we can talk” Jill said quietly through the door while her as well as Sara and Katie waited in the hall pleading for Kristine to come out.

“She’s been like this all weekend I don’t know what her problem is,” Paul said as he walked passed the girls and into the kitchen to eat.

“Kristine what’s wrong?” Sara asked as she knocked on the door. “We can help you, please just open the door”

“NO YOU CAN”T!” they heard her yell to them.

“Well I’m impressed you at least got her to say something” Paul said with a chuckle as he leaned against the wall eating his cereal. “COME ON KRISTINE WE GOTTA GO!” he yelled to his sister.

“Shut up, obviously something happen with her and Archie” Jill said while giving Paul a look of disgusted for his lack of sympathy.

Paul’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped at Jill’s statement, “Are you serious that this is about that Archie guy? For god sakes Kristine the guys was a loser to begin with, get over it, we’re going to be late for school”

“Okay that was just plain cruel Paul!” Katie snapped at him. “She is upset because of what ever happen so please go away because you obviously don’t understand.”

“Oh I understand alright,” Paul said. “All chicks are nuts and too emotional” he stated and then walked away.

They girls shook their heads and then turned and tried to talk to Kristine again. “Please Kristine if you tell us what happened we can help you, just open the door” Jill said again and finally they heard movement within the room. The girls glanced at each other and then a moment later the door slowly opened to see a red eyed Kristine who you could tell spent the last couple days crying. As soon as she saw her friends standing at her door she burst into tears and they all huddled together to comfort her.

Slowly Jill and the others brought Kristine over to the bed and she sat down with tears still streaming down her face. Sara reached over to her bedside table to grab a tissue and handed it to Kristine.

“Your right Valentine’s day sucks!” she cried on Jill’s shoulder as she thought about what had happened.

Jill put her arm around her and Sara rubbed her back, “Tell us what happen”

“Everything was fine until I made a fool of myself and everything went down hill from there.”


Kristine and Archie were in the restaurant quietly eating their food and making small talk. Archie seemed a little distant but nothing that would make her assume something was wrong. They talked about school, their friends and how spring break was coming up. After dinner the two took a walk down the street and continued chatting. At one point they came to a stop and Archie pulled her in close for a kiss. A kiss she defiantly excepted as she parted her lips and let his tongue dance with her own. When they pulled away Kristine looked into his eyes and felt butterflies in her stomach.

“I love you,” she said with all her heart.

After those three words were said Archie pulled away and looked at Kristine in complete shock. “What?” he said to her and it wasn’t a shock of happiness look either. His eyes looked away from her and Kristine felt her like she had just been stabbed in the heart and like anything he said from this point on was just turning and digging the knife deeper into her.

“Look Kristine, I like you a lot but we have only known each other for a couple months. You are a great girl but don’t you think it’s too soon to be saying things like that. I mean we are both so young to tie ourselves to each other” he said to her.

“What do you mean tie ourselves down?” she asked him while eyeing him with disgust.

“I mean why rush into a commitment and not try and explore other options”

Kristine looked away as if she couldn’t believe what she was hearing, “So you want to see other people?” she asked with a nervous laugh as she tried to prevent herself from crying in front of him.

“Well I mean I’m sure there are other guys you are interested in and have gone out with” Archie told her.

“No it’s been just you, when I agree to go out with you it was a relationship between you and me and not other people” she yelled at him and when she saw his guilty look it was like he just kept turning that knife in her chest. “Oh my God how many other girls have you been seeing?”

“Not that many” he said in his defense. “Most never went passed a dinner or two”

“And the once that did?” she asked.

Archie looked down not wanting to tell her but she caught on to where he was going. “How many have you slept with?” she asked in a furious voice.

“Only two” he said but it was two too many for Kristine and stepped away from him and crossed her arms over her chest to try and protect herself.

“Do I know any of them?”

“One” he told her, he tried to take a step towards her but Kristine was quick to increase their distance.


Archie bit his bottom lip and looked at Kristine feeling sorry for her. “Nika Volek” he said to her and with that Kristine turned around and walked away from him. She could hear him calling out to her but she didn’t’ bother to turn around and just kept on walking, wanting to get home at soon a possible and away from the world.

*End of Flashback*

When she had finished her story she was in tears and the other girls had their arms around her as she cried. They all couldn’t believe what Archie had said to her, they had all thought he was a great guy but turned out to be a sleaze ball.

“I’m so sorry” Katie said to her friend.

Jill was upset not only at Archie but at Nika too. “I can’t believe Nika would do something like that. To you especially, you guys were once best friends” Jill said angrily.

“Yea well that’s defiantly over now” Kristine said with a sniffle as she wiped her eyes. “And now I’m done with boys.”

Jill laughed, “Well how about this weekend we have a girls night sleepover. No boys allowed” Kristine smiled and all the girls agreed. Next weekend was a boy free weekend.



“So let me get this straight your dumping us for a whole weekend and I can’t call or see you?” Michael asked as him and Sara sat in the library.

“That’s right” Sara told him without taking her eyes away from the essay she was writing. She had just broken the news to Michael as the two worked in the library during their lunch. “I’m sure you Sucre and James can find something to do without us. This is a boy free weekend.”

“I feel like I should be insulted” Michael teased as Sara giggled and kicked him from under the table. “You can survive one weekend without me,” she told him, “So get rid of that puppy dog face it’s not going to work.”

“Fine but I get to use one of your dad’s season ticket for the hockey game tomorrow night” he finally said.

“Deal” Sara said as she rolled her eyes and then Michael reached over the table and gave her a quick kiss. As they broke an annoyed Linc walked over to their table and took a seat beside Michael and was giving Sara a dirty look.

“Please explain to me why my girlfriend can’t talk to me this weekend when we were suppose to go to a party” Linc asked and Sara just laughed.

“It’s one weekend Lincoln I’m sure you can survive” Sara said with an amused laugh.

Veronica soon joined the group and Jess who huddle around Sara “Okay we have every chick flick you can name” Veronica told Sara.

“Good, I say we order pizza, you know that place with the cute delivery boy!” Sara said excitedly.

“I still here!” Michael told her.

She turned and looked at her boyfriend and gave him a cute smile and grabbed it hands from across the table. “Hi!” she said to him all cheery and Michael just rolled his eyes at her.

“Okay well Jill is getting candy and lots of it” Jess told Sara and she nodded. “This is going to be so much fun”

“Well as fun as your party sound I’ll go else where” Linc said as he stood up from the table.

“You were never invited” Jess pointed out.

Linc turned around and looked at the three girls laughing and shook his head, “I wouldn’t to go even if you invited me, I have my own party,” he told them. “You coming Mike?”

Michael shrugged his shoulders “Yea why not” he said as he got up from his seat, as he made his way passed Sara he gave her a quick kiss and then went off with Linc who was planning on organizing a party in less then an hour for tonight.


“Okay if you had to choose, kissing Brad Bellick or kissing a hairy tarantella?” Katie asked as the girls sat in their pajamas in the living room by the warm fireplace.

“Ewwww Katie that is disgusting!” Veronica said as she stuck out her tongue and shivered with disgust.

Sara was sitting on the floor with her back against the sofa and she thought about the question Katie had just asked her. “Okay umm I would have to say kiss the hairy tarantella,” she told them and all the girls grunted in dislike.

“Why?” Jess asked.

“It’s actually pretty simple the tarantella’s not going to tell the whole school,” Sara explained and they all seemed to have bought her explanation.

“I still think either way it’s wrong, you have one twisted mind Katie” Kristine laughed as she gave her friend a playful shove. All the girls laughed, “Okay Sara your turn to ask, Jill” Kristine said and everyone listen carefully.

“Okay ummm, okay I got it, Jill if you had to choose, stuck in the elevator with the smelly and overly dramatic janitor Sape or stuck in an elevator with Lisa Rix and her annoying cheerleader friends?”

“Oh no, no, no” Jill said as she rolled over on the floor trying to pick the worst of two evils. “On one hand Sape smells and would probably freak out that he was going to die and could possibly need me to perform CPR on him when he faints, on the other being stuck in the elevator with Lisa Rix and the cheerleaders who are more like strippers then cheerleaders thanks to her I guess I’d have to say Sape because with Lisa I would loose my mind.”

The girls were having a lot of fun together and talking about pretty much anything except relationship to help Kristine feel better. As they ate their popcorn Veronica put in a scary movie that Linc had suggested they watch. After agreeing to watch it the all huddled together on the couch and watched the movie.


As the movie played the girls were all huddled together in the dark and moonlight with their eyes glued to the t.v. “Don’t open the door!” Kristine yelled at the t.v. As if right on cue something popped up on screen and the girls jumped, squealed and held on to the person next to them.

“Okay whose smart idea was it to what this in the dark?” Sara asked as she brought a pillow to cover her face.

“Scary movie, it’s kind of a tradition” Jill said just before she heard a loud thump coming from another room in the house. “What was that?”

“Um this is your house I was hoping you would know” Veronica hissed as she looked towards the door.

“My parents are out of town visiting my brothers Justin and Sam at school, we’re the only ones here,” Jill said as she got up from her spot on the floor and slowly moved over toward where she heard the noise.

Suddenly a shadow was seen running across the room and the girls scream and looked around to see who was there. They could hear a few other noises and all of a sudden the heard someone yelled and jump out which made the girls make a run for it. They scurried across the room and saw someone standing outside the window. They continued to scream as more figure jumped out at them and then they heard laughing.

Sara was the first to notice the laugh and as she gritted her teeth she move to switch on the light and there stood they guys dressed in all black and huge smiles on their faces. When Veronica caught sight of Linc rolling around on the floor practically in tears. She grunted and then moved over to her boyfriend and started wiping him with a pillow. “I can’t believe you did that you scared me to death!”

“I’m sorry babe,” Linc said with a laugh as he grabbed hold on the pillow to prevent Veronica from hitting him with it.

The others watched and couldn’t help but giggle. Sara turned and eyed Michael who put his hand up to say it wasn’t his idea. Paul and Derek finally went over and pulled Veronica off Linc and tried to get her to calm down.

“I can’t believe you guy just did that!” Kristine said in disbelief as she glared at her brother.

“The look on your faces was priceless” Paul laughed as made a face to imitated them. Jess rolled her eyes and threw a pillow at Paul. “We did not look like that!”

“Oh yeah you did” James and Sucre said at the same time with a chuckle.

“Honestly is your Friday night so boring that you had to come and bug us?” Jill said with a laugh.

“It was very tempting to freak you girls out since you’re here alone watching a scary movie,” Linc laughed.

Rolling her eyes Jill asked if they wanted something to drink and then her and Sara made their way into the kitchen to get them something to drink while they all got comfortable to watch the end of the movie. As Jill and Sara walked into the kitchen they couldn’t help but laugh as what had gone done. “I should have known Linc would try something, I mean it’s Linc” Jill said with a laugh as she got out enough glasses for the guys. Sara made her way to the fridge and pulled out the bottle of coke that they could pour for them when something else caught her eye that made her smile.

Sara and Jill soon joined the group who where busy chatting and laughing about what had happened while sitting on the sofas and floor by the t.v. Linc was first to notice Sara and Jill reenter the room and decided to give them a hard time.

“Well it’s about time, I’m so thirsty here” Linc joked as her reach for a cup. The other guys weren’t far behind Linc to grab their drink and then quickly started to chug it. It didn’t take too long for all the guys to spit out their drinks in discuss and felt like their tongues were on fire. Jill and Sara couldn’t help but giggle as they saw their reaction and then Sara pulled the hot sauce out that she had been hiding behind her back and let the guys see it.

Linc looked at Sara in shock and then turned to his brother, “Well it seems your girlfriend is quite the prankster and I have some competition” Linc said as him and the other guys took off running out of the room for some much needed water. The girls remained in the t.v room laughing and started to high five each other for getting them back.

It was quite the night and they did at some point get to finish the movie and had a few more laughs. It was a great night and everyone was enjoying themselves but unfortunately after tonight things would change and for some of them that feeling of happiness would be gone for quite sometime.
Chapter 53 by 27kate17
~*~*Chapter 53*~*~

“I can’t believe it! I’m a farmer!” Michael complained as him and Sara stood at the back of their class after being assigned a new Social Studies project where the students were paired up for mock marriages. Each set of partners had to draw a job from a jar at random, work up a fictional lifestyle and report back at a pretend 20-year reunion. To Michael's dismay he had to be a farmer. “I mean for on thing I’m allergic to animals and would die and another thing how does Brad Bellick get a better job them me? He’s gets to be some president of a big multi million dollar company and I’m a dieing farmer!”

Sara shook her head and giggled as Michael was freaking out. “Well I got stuck with being a Chef and I suck at cooking” Sara told him “We will starve!”

Michael leaned his back against the wall and stared into the distance, “I think this assignment was rigged so that people like Bellick get the better job.”

As the two looked over their assignment Jill and James made there way over to them. “So you are now looking at the new news broadcaster for Chicago’s local news” Jill said all excited and she twirled around and showed everyone her slip of paper.

“And I’m and accountant” James said with a disappointed look. “I hate numbers”

“This is so rigged” Michael repeated as he started to pout.

“What’s rigged?” Kristine asked as she joined the group.

“The assignment” Sara said and filled her in on how they are unhappy with their jobs.

“Oh yes I’m a actress! Just what I wanted” they all heard Nika yell from the other side of the room.

“Well your right it is rigged” Kristine stated and everyone laughed.

They suddenly heard their teacher call out to them and everyone turned to look at her as she explained the next part. “Now class partnership and working together is very important for in this assignment you will be partnering up with someone and learn about the struggles our supporting a family for a week. With your salary you must find away to best spend your money to survive”

Michael moved closer to Sara and let his fingers intertwine with hers. “So how would you like to be Mrs. Scofield for a week?” he asked her in a flirty tone and made Sara laugh as she swung their hands back and forth.

“Well your no Matt Damon but you’ll do,” she teased before giving him a quick peck on the lips.

The others also started pairing up as well, Jill with James, Katie and Sucre and Kristine went with a boy named Ethan. Once the bell rang all the students started to pack up their stuff. “Alright class your assignment is do next week and as of now I pronounce you husbands and wives.”

As they left the class they all talked about their careers and how everything turned out. “Well” Sucre said as he wrapped his arms around both Michael and James’ neck while they continued to walk do the hall. “You are now looking at Doctor Sucre and that over there is my lovely wife Katie the teacher”

“Honestly how do you the class procrastinator get to be a doctor?” Michael asked as they continued down the hall.

“I’m not a procrastinator I just don’t see why if they give you until next week to do something then why not do it next week,” Sucre said honestly.

Michael shook his head “Gee Sucre is that going to be your motto as a doctor? Oh it’s okay you have at least a month or so until you could die so I’ll see you in thirty days.” He joked as he rolled his eyes at his best friend.


The grade elevens were also given a big project this week, Veronica and Paul were given a law project where they would have to have a court assignment to complete. They were given a case where a young teenager was seen fleeing the area where there was some recent graffiti done on the wall of the school and Veronica was the defender along side Paul. The two were sitting in the library taking notes when Linc came as sat in the seat next to Veronica.

“Hey babe” Linc said as he gave her a quick kiss. “Whatcha doing?”

“Paul and I have a fiction court case and we have to defend a boy who was arrested for vandalism.” Veronica told him without looking up from her paper where she was quickly writing down notes. “Hey didn’t you get a geography project today?”

“Umm yea but it’s not that big” he told her. “So tonight what do you say my place for a movie?” Linc said quickly as to change the subject.

Paul gave Linc a confused look and Linc just shook his head as to tell him to leave it. The three sat there talking for a while and when Jess arrived her and Veronica took off somewhere leaving Linc and Paul alone in the library. “Hey so what’s going on?”

Linc bit his lip and started to fidget in his seat. “The project, Mr. freeman gave us partners,” Linc told him and by the look on Paul’s face he didn’t think much of it so Linc continued. “Lisa and I are working together and I don’t want to say anything that would upset Veronica so this conversation doesn’t leave this table.”

Paul put his hand out in front of himself and gave him a look of defeat “Fine but when this blows up in your face, don’t come crying to me” Linc just rolled his eye and got up from the table and left the library.


“Okay car or pickup truck?” Sara asked Michael as the two sat on the couch at Michael’s house working on their project. She held up two different pictures for Michael to look at, one being a car and the other a pickup truck.”

Michael sat on the other side of the couch stretched out and looked at the two images. “Well seeing as I’m a farmer the pickup truck would come in handy.”

“Okay pickup truck it is, man this being married thing is easy” Sara stated as she lean forward and gave him a kiss.

Linc was also in the room watching t.v and his eyes turned and glared at his brother making out with his girlfriend with him in the room. “Hey Mike I’m in the freaking room cut it out!”

Michael and Sara broke from the kiss and Michael glared at his brother. “Quiet or I won’t let you live in my barn, because that’s probably all you can afford” he spat back at his brother.

“Well for your information when I did that stupid project I was a pilot and spent my time traveling the world farmer boy” Linc said with a chuckled.

“Told you, rigged,” Michael said to Sara and she just laughed. Leaning forward again she captured his lips and the two went at if as though Linc wasn’t in the room again. Numerous of times he had tried to get their attention but it was no use, at this point no one but each other existed. Rolling his eyes Linc got up from the sofa and left the room.


As the days went by all the student were busy with their projects, Michael and Sara along with the other grade nines were all busy playing house and having fun while they did it especially Michael and Sara. Veronica and Paul were busy making their case for their mock court case and Linc continued to keep the fact that Lisa was is geography partner a secret.

As the bell rang ending another day Linc along with Paul and Derek were fooling around in the hallway. They were talking and laughing loudly as they jumped around, it didn’t take long for Mr. Pope to come down the hall ordering the three to behave. “Alright Mr. Burrows, Mr. Kellerman, Mr. Sweeney that’s enough this is not a jungle this is a school now behave!” Pope told them in a firm voice.

“Oh come on Pope we’re just having a little fun” Derek called back while he had one arm linked around Paul’s neck playfully.

“That’s Mr. Pope! Mr. Sweeny learn to be respectful,” Pope said to him as he glared at the three boys. Derek nodded his head and apologized quickly before Pope continued walking down the hall.

“That’s Mr. Pope” Linc joked mimicking Pope and both Paul and Derek laughed and playfully shoved each other. The boys continued to fool around even after Pope left and made their way over to Linc’s locker.

“So Whatcha got planned for tonight?” Paul asked

“Well Michael is having Sara over to play house for their project so I don’t want to have to witness them being all mushy as the play house, so anywhere but home.” Linc said with a little chuckle as he opened up his locker.

“How about with me?” they heard Lisa say as she made her way towards them. “Figured we could get together to work on our project?”

Linc watched as she came closer to them and just gave a nod as he closed his locker. “I guess the thing is due soon so that’s probably for the best. We can meet at the library” he said to her and she smile.

“Great it’s a date!” she said with lots of enthusiasm and continued walking down the hall. Derek and Paul watched her leave as she did somewhat of a model walk down the hall I her small pink t-shirt and skin tight blue jeans. Once she had got to the end of the hall she turned her head to look at them as if she knew they were watching and gave them a wink before turning the corner.

Derek and Paul could help but chuckle as they turned back to Linc. “So have you told your girl about your wonderful partner?’ Paul asked as he leaned against the lockers.

Linc glared at his friends and then shook his head, “No and she doesn’t have to find out. I’ve kept it a secret for a while and I can go on for a few more days.”

“She’s going to find out,” Derek claimed. “Veronica isn’t stupid and how do you know Lisa’s not going to say anything?”

“She promise we could keep this to ourselves” Linc stated. “Just a couple more day and then I’m home free and Veronica never has a clue.”

“A clue about what?” came a voice that made Linc’s heart skip a beat. With his eyes open wide he slowly turned around to face Veronica herself as she and Jess stood there looking at him.

“Hey babe!” Linc said with excitement as he gave her a kiss hoping to distract her. It didn’t work though as she repeated the question when he finally let her go. Having to think fast on his feet he told her that he wanted to have dinner with her on Saturday but it is a surprise as to what they are doing, and at this point Linc had no idea what to do on Saturday.

“Sounds like fun but until then I was hoping we could get together tonight?” she asked as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Tonight he was supposed to meet Lisa so he needed some quick excuse to tell her so she wasn’t suspicious. “I would love to but unfortunately my mom is making me clean the basement and I’ve already procrastinated for a month and now it’s either I clean it or no going out this weekend” he said and was glad was she seem to except his explanation.

With a little disappointment in her voice Veronica nodded her head, “Okay but it’s just we haven’t really had any us time for a while and I was hoping we could catch up, but if you have to we can do it another time.”

Linc smiled and leaned forward “Thanks babe” he said and then gave her a quick peck. “Well I got to go see you later.” As he took off down the hall Veronica and the guys said their goodbyes.

“Well I better be going” Derek said calmly as he avoided looking at Jess as he walked away. She just rolled her eyes and then with a huff walked in the opposite direction as him. This left Veronica and Paul standing in the hallway.

“Well I should be going too” Paul said and then started to walk but Veronica’s voice made him stop in his tracks.

“Listen maybe we should finish up our assignment tonight so we can get it out of the way?” she suggested.

Turning to look at her he smiled and nodded, “Yea we could do that.”

“Great I’ll see you at the library then” she told him and then turned to walk away.

Suddenly an alarm in Paul’s head went off as for some reason the library wasn’t a good idea but he didn’t know why. He quickly statred going over all the major possibilities as to when the library wouldn’t work in his head when all of a sudden it hit him like a ton of bricks. Linc and Lisa were going to the library. “Oh well I was thinking we could do it at my place, you know less crowded.”

Veronica gave him a weird look and then shook her head, “Yea but we need the books and references that are at the library,” she stated.

“Well I think we have enough information Vee” Paul said with a nervous chuckle.

“Actually there are a few other things I want to look at so I will meet you a the library at 5:00pm okay?”

He tried again to get out of it but she wouldn’t budge on working somewhere else. Feeling defeated he nodded and agree to meet her at the library. As he watched Veronica make her way down the hall Paul knew he had to warn Linc his whole plan was about to blow wide open and possibly get messy.


Paul had frantically tried to get a hold of Linc to tell him the new development but he wasn’t answering his phone. He even tried going over to his house but Michael had answered the door and told him that he was at the library already. It was now 4:45 and Paul was supposed to meet Veronica at the library in fifteen minutes.

Driving the car over to the library he spotted Veronica entering the library. Quickly finding a parking spot he hopped out of the car grabbed his books and dashed towards her. “Hey” he said pretty much out of breath.

Veronica looked at him strangely “Are you okay?”

“Yea I’m fine just um thought I was running late,” he said with a smile “But I seem to be right on time.”

Veronica couldn’t help but think about how odd Paul was acting as the two walked into the entrance of the library. As the made their way over to the table out of the corner of her eye she watched, as Paul seemed to be scoping the area as if looking for someone. “Is there something wrong Paul?”

Paul jumped at the sound of her voice and looked at her like he forgot she was there for a second before telling her he was fine. Brushing his weird behavior aside she took a seat at an open table and started to look through her books and notes. “Okay there is just a book that I was looking at last time that I want to grab so I’ll be right back” she told him and got up from her seat but frozen when he blurted out.

“Hey I’ll go get it for you, you just sit here and wait for me. Look over my points and see what we can do with them” he told her and without giving her time to reacted or respond he was gone.

He rounded the corner and went down one isle of books; he looked at all the tables of people working and didn’t see any sign of Linc or Lisa anywhere. For a moment he thought maybe they were in the clear and that the didn’t come here anyway but that feeling went a away pretty quickly as he saw in the corner talking and laughing about something. Their table was close to the computers, which wasn’t good considering at some point him and Veronica were likely to make their way over to them. Slowly as to not draw attention to himself he made his way over to Linc and stood at the end of the table interrupting them and what ever they were laughing about.

Linc looked at Paul all surprised and not knowing why he was here. “Hey man,” he said with a smile but when Paul didn’t smile back Linc knew something was wrong. “What’s up?”

“What’s up is that you don’t answer your own cell phone!” Paul hissed at Linc as he leaned over the table.

“It’s dead I have to charge it” Linc said innocently.

“Yea well your cell phone ain’t going to be the only thing dead if you don’t get out of here now!”


Letting out a deep breath and rolling his eyes Paul glared at Linc “Tell me something why do you think I’m here?”

“Paul we don’t have time for your games” Lisa said a little annoyed he was interrupting them.

Paul ignored her and went on, “Linc you know I’m not one to come to the library unless someone make me, so who do you think recently has been dragging me to the library?” Linc just gave Paul a confused look and this made Paul more frustrated. “VEE IS HERE!!”

Linc’s eyes’ widen in fear, “Shit no! Why? How could you let her come here!” Linc hissed at his friend.

“Hell you should know by now that you can’t tell Veronica no! Now you have to get out of here now!” Paul told them and Linc quickly gathered up his stuff.

“Where we going we’re not done Linc” Lisa said as Linc picked up her stuff too.”

Linc didn’t say anything her and continued picking up their stuff “Paul what ever you do keep Vee away from here for a couple minutes. Paul nodded and then took off back over to Vee. As he passed the computers and turned the corner he was met with a big shock as Veronica was standing that and she had an annoyed look on her face.

“VEE” Paul said excitedly “Come with me, unfortunately I couldn’t find the book, now lets go back to the table.” He turned her around and started to push her towards their table but Veronica pushed him away and turned around.

“I’ll find it” she told him and pushed passed him. Paul had not time to react before Veronica pretty much ran into Lisa. Both girls stared at each other for a moment and were the interrupted by the sound of Linc’s voice as he came towards them with his head down.

“We can go back to my place and finish…” he stopped in mid-sentence as he came face to face with Veronica. She didn’t say anything for quiet some time and Linc was getting worried so decided to break the ice. “Listen Vee Lisa and I are…”

“Save it! This is what you call cleaning your basement?” she yelled at him before turning and walking away.

“Vee wait” Linc called to her as he chased after her. ‘Listen Lisa is my partner for the geography and I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to upset you.”

“You lied to me!” Veronica yelled at him as she made her way to the parking lot.

“Vee nothing happened we just worked on the project.” Linc told her as he chased after her.

“You should have told me, what you think I would have forbid you to do the project with her? Do you think of me that low? I’m not mad that you are working with her I’m angry you kept it from me and tried to hide it you jerk!” she yelled at him and pushed him away form her. “And you” she yelled as she saw Paul coming out along with Lisa. “You went along with it and thought I was so stupid I wouldn’t figure it out sooner or later.” Linc call out to Veronica but she kept on walking towards her house and left the three of them standing there speechless.
Chapter 54 by 27kate17
~Chapter 54~

A little less then a week went not much had changed between Linc and Veronica. On many occasions Linc had tried to talk to Veronica but it always ended up with them yelling at each other. Now Veronica sat in her history class waiting for the teacher to hand back their tests. On some level she didn’t want to see the mark because she knew it wasn’t her best work. Lately she hadn’t been able to concentrate on much other then her and Linc never ending battle. So many times they would be close to making up and then something would drag them apart.

“Not your best work Ms. Donovan” Mrs. Hollander said as she placed Veronica’s test on her desk as she made her way by. Veronica stared at the test in shock and for a second was sure her heart had stopped.

After the bell rang Veronica bolted to her locker and started putting away some of her books. With everything playing over in her head at once she was unaware when Jess came up behind her. “Hey what’s up?” Jess said excitedly was she squeezed Veronica’s shoulder.

At the sound of her voice and the gentle squeeze on her shoulders Veronica nearly jumped out of her skin. Turning around to let out a nervous laugh, “God Jess you scared me!”

Jess gave her best friend a confused look, “Vee what’s going on?”

Veronica struggled at first to say anything and then reluctantly passed her latest History test to Jess that should her a big fat “F” she had gotten.

“Whoa” was all Jess could say to the normally straight A student.

“Yeah and that’s not the worst part, my essay for English I got a D- and I have never in my whole school life gotten a D or and F” Veronica said as she leaned against her locker. “Lately I haven’t been able concentrate. This thing with Linc is ruining my grades now!”

Jess looked up at her friend as she let out a defeat sigh of sorrow and not knowing what to do. All she knew was she had to do something quick before both her grades and relationship got any worse.


The marriage project was still going on and Michael and Sara were hanging out with Jill and James and Jill’s place, working on their reports. As Sara looked over her and Michael budget she frown and let out a grunt. “Michael can you explain to me why you have to spend our saving on a sail boat?”

Michael looked at her from across the coffee table and shrugged his shoulders, “I always wanted one.”

“Michael we can’t afford to buy a boat!” Sara told him as she grabbed an eraser to erase the boat. Michael watched as she started to rub it out but quickly grabbed the paper before she had a chance. “Michael what are you doing?”

“Why do we have to erase the one thing I want? Why don’t we limit our spending amount you are spending on clothing? And what about you wanting to pay $50,000 for furniture and other household items?” Michael asked as he looked over the list.

“Michael we kind of need those items, you want to spend money on a stupid boat we don’t even need!” Sara snapped back at him. Also in the room were Jill and James and they watched at the happy couple argued about what to buy for their fake marriage project. The two continued to bicker and it got to the point that Sara grabbed the sheet from him and gave him a look of disgust. “These expenses are necessary for us to live and your sail boat takes away a good chunk of that money!”

“Why is your restaurant so much? It’s worth more than you make!” Michael argued.

“I did the calculation and it’s not putting us in debt, your stupid boat is. Oh and plus my restaurant makes us money and your boat just spends more of it!” Sara said in an irritated tone.

“Guys calm down it’s just a project,” Jill told them as she looked up from her notebook.

“Yea well it’s a partner project and we need to agree on things and I for one don’t remember discussing all of the purchase you wanted to buy!” Michael said now annoyed with her.

“Well if the boat is such a big deal to you then why don’t we get a divorce and you won’t need my permission to buy that stupid boat!” Sara yelled at him as she threw the report down on the coffee table.

“Fine that works for me!” Michael said.

“Fine go on and be the next Noah’s arc farmer boy!” Sara yelled at him before storming out of the house.

“Oh I will!” Michael yelled out to her just before her heard the front door slam behind her. Letting out a grunt Michael shook his head and went out the back door leaving Jill and James in shock at what had just happen.


As the bell rang ending another class before lunch all the students filed out of their classrooms making their way to either their lockers or the cafeteria. Making his way through the crowd of people Derek walked over to his locker and started remerging through it to get his lunch. Since he wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on around him he was caught off guard when Jess came up behind him. “We need to talk.”

Derek’s glanced slowly turned and looked at Jess and gave her a look telling her he didn’t want to talk about what had happen between them. He swallowed hard and turned around to face her with his back against the lockers. “Okay…”

Playing with her blond hair nervously Jess decided to go first and get what she has to say out in the open. “What happen last week was very unexpected and a bit of a mistake and shouldn’t of happened.” She told him in a steady voice.

Not knowing what to say Derek just nodded and scratched his head as he glanced away from her. Realizing Derek wasn’t going to say anything Jess continued “I was upset and we were drunk so we weren’t thinking straight. We have been friends since we started high school so I don’t want this to ruin our friendship. So lets just forget about it and move on. Can we do that?”

“Umm yeah it meant nothing and we can move on” Derek said to her and Jess nodded and the both slowly and quietly walked to the cafeteria.


After school Michael took a seat with James at Annie’s and eyed Sara as her and the girls slowly walked over to the table. Taking a bite of his sandwich, Michael leaned back on his chair “So Sara how does it feel to no longer be married?” he asked her with a smirk on his face.

Sara smiled back “Oh it’s great, I can buy what I want when I want” she told him “How about you? How’s your boat?”

“Oh my Sherry and I are fine, we’re planning a trip to Hawaii” Michael said to her.

“Whose Sherry?” Sara asked.

“The boat!”

“You named the boat Sherry? Well that sounds great you two sound very happy?” Sara laughed making it sound like he was married to his boat. Catching her teasing tone he blew into his straw so that the wrapped hit Sara in the face.

Sara was a little shocked by his action, “You can be so immature sometimes Scofield!” she snapped as him before shaking some pepper into his coke.

“Now look who’s immature?” Michael laughed.

“Hey what I miss?” Sucre asked as he joined the group and sat between Michael and Kristine.

“Oh nothing just Michael and Sara bickering like an old married couple” Katie teased.

“Hey we’re divorced now, and by the way Sucre I got you a coke,” Michael told him while sliding over the pepper-contaminated soda.

“Oh thanks man,” he said as he grabbed it and took a big gulp. It didn’t take long for Sucre to notice something was wrong with his drink and gave a look like he was going to be sick. “That’s disgusting,” he said pushing over the contaminated soft drink back over to Michael.

“So how are my favorite customers doing?” Westmorland asked as he walked up to the table dressed in a nice black suit.

“We’re good, so where are you off to?” Jill asked looking at his dressed formal.

“Tonight is Mrs. Westmorland and my anniversary,” he told them with a hung smile on his face.

“Aww” Katie said with a huge smile on her face.

“Yep we have been married 40 years to this day” he told them proudly.

“That’s wonderful” Kristine said. “It seem someone know how to keep a marriage together for more then a few days” she said as she eyes Michael and Sara.

“What is this about?” Westmorland asked as he saw both Sara and Michael look away.

“We have this project for school where we have plan a mock marriage and well Michael and I pretty much failed because of his affair with a stupid boat.”

“Hey that boat and I have been through a lot!” Michael teased.

“Michael you just decided yesterday you wanted to boat. What could you have possibly been through?” Sara said as she rolled her eyes.

“I went through a messy divorce,” he told her acting all depressed.

“All because you wanted to spend all our money on the boat!”

“You two divorced over a boat?” Westmoreland said with a laugh.

“At least it wasn’t wall paint colors” James joked which made everyone laugh.

“You had one fight and you divorced?” Westmorland asked and both Michael and Sara thought about it and nodded even through it did sound stupid now. “Guys a marriage takes a lot of work and you will have the odd argument or disagreement but you don’t get a divorce over it” he told them and both Michael and Sara made eye contact with each other and gave each other a little smile. “A marriage takes work and communication and compromises. You don’t have to give up something you want or like, you just need to come up with some kind of agreement to make both of you happy. You don’t just quit when things get tough you work together and support each other.”

Both Michael and Sara looked down in shame that here was Westmorland whose marriage was celebrating their 40th anniversary and they couldn’t even last being in a mock marriage for a week. After Westmoreland finished talking to the group everyone said their goodbyes and left them to think about he had said and his message had really gotten to Michael and Sara. As they all started to eat Michael and Sara made eye contact with each other from across table. “I guess that speech makes our argument and divorce pretty sad.”

Sara nodded “I guess we over reacted.”

Michael smiled and reached forward and held Sara’s hands in his “So Mrs. Scofield what do you say we talk this over and try to figure something out.”

With a smile Sara stood up from the table and moved to the other side to stand beside Michael and hold on to his hand. “Well I do like the idea of sailing off to Hawaii!” Sara told him all excited. Michael laughed and after saying goodbye to everyone they both took off hand in hand.

“Well would you look at that MiSa made up” Jill said with a giggle and everyone else laughed as well.

The next day

All the grade nines stood around the classroom once they had all finished their presentations about their mock marriages the teacher started to review them all to decide who the power couple were. Sara and Jill were sitting on the top of the desk facing Michael and James and talking about you could be the winners.

“Well I think we can safely say the class Billionaire Bellick won’t considering he is treating his “wife” life crap! Practically making her his slave!” Jill said in disgust. “It’s guys like that think they are better then women!”

“Alright I have finished reviewing everyone’s project and I am going to announce our power couple” the teacher called out at the front of the class and got everyone’s attention. “First of all the presentations were for the most part very well done.” At this statement Jill couldn’t help but think of Bellick and his awful presentation. “ I would like the congratulate Michael Scofield and Sara Tancredi for being this semesters power couple!” With that everyone started clapping and applauding the couple as both Michael and Sara had huge smiles on their faces as they gave each other a hug.

When the bell rang all the students gathered up their belonging and made their way out of the classroom. Grabbing her bag Sara made her way over to Michael with a huge smile on her face. He smiled back at her and put his arm around her waist and the two made their way out the door. “So how was it being Mrs. Scofield for the week?”

“It was a lot of fun,” Sara said wrapping her arm around Michael’s waist. “Really liked the idea about renting the boat to travel on, especially when we would go to Hawaii”

“And with us spending less money on we could travel more. This whole compromise thing really does work” Michael said and then kissed the top of her head as they continued down the hall.


“Okay so I think part B needs some more work it doesn’t seem to be completely perfect yet” Lisa said as she returned with drinks for her and Linc has they sat on her couch trying to finish up their project.

“Uh yea okay” Linc said as he started to look over the project. They had been at it for hours and it seemed like the project had no end. Once in a while he would glance over at his cell to check it any one had called or texted him. Most importantly he wanted to hear from Veronica but so far nothing. At one point Lisa noticed him looking at his phone and became curious.

“Are you waiting for a call or something?” Lisa asked as she looked over at him.

Catching Linc off guard by the sound of her voice his head shot up and looked at Lisa. “Um not really but I was hoping Vee would call” he said with a disappointed tone.

“You two still haven’t talk?” Lisa asked all concerned.

“Talked no, yelled and ignored each other yes” Linc said. He looked back at his notes and let out a yawn. “God what time is it?”

“It’s… wow almost eleven!” Lisa said looking at her watch.

“Okay this is crazy we need to finish this” Linc said as he shifted on the couch trying to concentrate on the project at hand.

The next morning

The phone sat on the floor and the rock music started going off to inform someone was calling. With a grunt Lisa slowly got off the couch and moved to get the phone. As she picked it up she saw the caller ID said Veronica and with that she looked over at Linc fast asleep on her couch, they had fallen asleep working on their project. With a little grin on her face she flipped open the phone and put it to her ear.

“Linc listen I think we should talk” Lisa heard Veronica say.

“Well Linc is sleeping right now! In fact we were both sleeping before you woke me up so if you don’t mind I would like to go back to sleep, we had a very late night” Lisa said in a annoyed tone before flipping it shut with a nasty grin on her face.
Chapter 55 by 27kate17
~Chapter 55~

“Romeo, Romeo where for out thy Romeo” Sara said as she read from her Romeo and Juliet book. Her and Michael were studying together on a Sunday afternoon at her house on the couch in the living room. They had been preparing for an English test they were going to have on Monday in Mr. Freeman’s class.

“So how would you best describe Romeo?” Michael asked Sara as he read from their review sheet.

Sara was on her knee facing Michael and leaning her side against the back of the couch and though about her answer. “I think he’s fickle.”

“Fickle?” Michael said with a chuckle.

“Yeah I mean the guys goes from being madly in love with this Rossalen chick and then to Juliet within a matter of minutes. He doesn’t know what he wants and is more infatuated with women.”

“So he’s fickle,” Michael said agreeing with Sara.

“Yeah but you can’t use that answer because I am” Sara told him with a devilish smile.

“Oh so now we’re picking who gets to use what answers” Michael said with a smile as he lean towards Sara.

“Uh huh” Sara said proudly and then started giggling as Michael wrapped his arms around her and playfully tackled her down on the sofa. He was pretty much on top of her as his hands roamed around her waist and stomach as he tickled her. Sara couldn’t help but laugh as his long fingers grazed her sides and feel his hot breath on her neck as he was whispering sweet nothings to her. Sara begged him to stop but her tone didn’t sound so convincing. Finally Michael complied and released Sara and pulled her back up into a sitting position. “Fine you get that Romeo was fickle and I get to use that statement about their parents and family indirectly killing them.”

Sara gave a hurtful look, “Oh I liked that one, but fine deal!” she said wrapping her arms around his neck as she leaned into him.

“Deal” Michael repeated and they sealed the deal with a kiss. “You know I really like this compromise thing!” he said.

Sara couldn’t help but laugh as she leaning forward and captured his lips again. Enjoying the moment Michael leaned his back against the armrest pulling Sara with him as he deepened the kiss.


The following day at school Lincoln and Derek were making their way down the busy hallway discussing Veronica and the fact he was in a lot of trouble for not coming home Friday night when was with Lisa. “Honestly I’m in deep shit, my mom pretty much took my head off for not coming home Friday night!”

“What about Veronica?” Derek asked.

Linc shrugged his shoulders “She isn’t talking me, over and over again I told her nothing happened but she won’t listen to me”

“That’s rough man!” Derek said. The two continued down the hall but came to a stop when they saw Veronica talking to Nick Savrinn. Linc watched them from a distance and gritted his teeth as he thought about how much that guy bugged him. “You okay?” Derek asked as he caught the look on Linc’s face. “Forget about him, the guy is an ass” Derek told Linc but Linc didn’t seem to be listening.

As the two just stood there watching Veronica and Nick, Linc just kept telling himself that they were just friends and nothing else. He repeated this statement to himself over and over again in his head tying to make himself believe it. Just then he saw Veronica leaned forward and give Nick a hug; this just put Linc over the wall and he quickly made his way towards them. “HEY!!” Linc called to them and the loud sound of his voice made both Veronica and Nick jump.

Veronica stepped back from Nick and gave Linc a confused look, “Linc what are you doing?”

“I should asked you two the same question” Linc asked in a voice full of anger.

“Linc don’t do this!” Veronica snapped at her boyfriend.

“Don’t do what? What the hell is going on?” Linc yelled as his eyes darted from Veronica to Nick.

“Linc man just forget about it” Derek said trying to pull his friend away.

Linc wasn’t having it and shrugged Derek off as he took a few steps closer to them. “You stay away from MY girlfriend!” he warned Nick as he pointed a finger at Nick as to show he wasn’t kidding.

“Oh get over yourself Linc we’re just friends, she wanted to talk and I was here” Nick said as he stepped towards Linc showing he wasn’t afraid.

“If she wants to talk she can talk to me!” Linc yelled and he shoved Nick back and he hit the lockers.

“I’m standing right here and please your making a scene Linc!”

Nick wasn’t giving up that easy “She can’t talk to you because you’re to busy screwing Lisa!”

With that statement Linc snapped and lunged at Nick. The two boys wrestled and started throwing punches. Veronica was yelling at them and pleading them to stop but neither listened to her. Derek stood back and watched for a second or two but then tried to break them up. As he stepped in between them Nick took a swing at Derek and then Derek fought back and stated pounding on Nick along with Linc. Though it was two against one Nick held his own as he slammed Derek against the lockers. A crowd of students gathered around them and Veronica’s voice could be heard begging them to stop but it wasn’t until the school security came over and dragged the three boys apart. All three struggled as the security guards held the boys apart as Mr. Pope made his way over to them. “ALL THREE OF YOU IN MY OFFICE NOW!”

The three of them stood up, Linc and Nick continued to glare at each other. Following Mr. Pope’s orders the three of them started to make their way down the hall. Linc glanced over at Veronica but she didn’t look at him as an anger expression played on her face. Shaking her head at the three of them she quickly made her way down the hall with her books close to her chest as well as he latest “F” on her law report.


While Veronica was upset about her failing grades, Michael and Sara left their English class with faces of satisfaction as they both held A+ test. Walking down the hall Michael had his arm around Sara and they were both looking over their test. “So apparently our studying method works,” Michael told Sara as he stood in front of her and pressed her back against the lockers.

Sara couldn’t help but laugh at Michael’s playfulness as he wore a big smirk on his face. Playing along Sara wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled her boyfriend closer to her. “Yes our studying method seems perfect and all we need now is a way to reward us for our hard work, any ideas?” Sara asked in a seductive voice and smirk.

Leaning his face closer to hers Michael let out a chuckle, “I don’t know” he said and then his lips crashed against hers. Sara couldn’t help but smile against his lips and kissed him back and pull his even closer to her. As the kiss deepened neither Michael nor Sara could get enough of the other. Sara let out a moan as Michael’s tongue found hers and softly massaged it. His hands lowered to her hips and pulled her into him and Sara didn’t object. The had forgotten where they were as the make out session continued and it wasn’t until they heard Jill’s voice did they break and realize they were in the middle of the school hallway.

“Alright I think you two have given the student body of Crane High a great show but now break it up” Jill said as she pulled Sara away. Both Michael and Sara looked away as their faces turned red all embarrassed as other students in the hallway took a glance at the couple making out. “Plus I don’t think your next teachers will take the I was making out in the hallway as a good excuse” Jill laughed and then her and Sara made their way down the hall but not before Sara made a quick glance at Michael and making a silent agreement to meet up later.

With a smile Michael mouth bye to Sara and watched her and Jill laugh and giggle all the way down the hall. Making his way in the opposite direction he found Sucre and James laughing and joking around by James’ locker.

“Hey look who finally came up for air” Sucre teased Michael as he gave him a playful punch.

“Shut up!” Michael chuckled as he shook his head at his best friend.

James couldn’t help but laugh at the two as he leaned against his closed locker. Once the two had settled down he figure to was better then ever time to inform Michael was had happened. “So did you hear about the fight earlier?”

“I don’t think Michael can hear anyone when Sara’s in the room” Sucre joked and Michael just shook his head and laughed.

“No who was in a fight?”

“Your brother, Derek and that school council kid Nick Savrinn” James told them.

“What, When?” Michael ask full of concern. He knew his brother had quite the temper but Nick must have done something to get under Linc’s skin. He wanted to ask what else James knew but the bell rang and they had to rush off to class. As he walked down the hall he pass the front office and as he looked through the glass wall into the office and spotted Linc and Derek sitting on the benches in front of Mr. Pope’s office and further down the line was Nick with a black eye. Michael made eye contact for just a second before Linc looked down in defeat. With a sigh Michael kept on walking but made a mental note to talk to Linc later.


“Mr. Burrows, Mr. Sweeny and Mr. Savrinn lets go” Mr. Pope said as he opened his office door for the boys to step inside. One by one the boys got up from their seat and slowly stepped inside the principal’s office. As they took their seats in the three chairs in front of Mr. Pope’s desk and he took a seat a his desk. As he sat down he dropped three files on the desk. Two of them were very thick while the other one was very thin.

“I have to say, Mr. Burrows and Mr. Sweeny your files are becoming much like bibles.” Mr. Pope said with an unamused tone. Both Linc and Derek said nothing as they averted their eyes from the principal. “Starting a fight on school property has serious consequences boys!” Pope told them.

“Hey we didn’t start it!” Linc shot back a Pope even though he regretted it right after he opened his mouth.

“I do not want to hear back talk Mr. Burrows! Who threw the first punch?” Pope asked them.

Linc rolled his eyes as he knew where this whole thing was going, “Okay technically it was me but…”

“No buts Lincoln! You have been here for long enough and had have spent more then enough time in that chair over the last three years to know the rules! Same goes for you too Sweeny!” Pope said as he turned his stare to Derek who sat slouched in the seat beside Linc.

“What about Saint Nick here?” Derek said a little annoyed and was making sure him and Linc didn’t go down for something Nick was apart of as much as them.

“Well Nick you have been a roll model student since your first year and is disappoints me to see you in the lines of these two but it has come to my attention that you were just as much of a participant in the fight as these two and I have no choice but to make sure you get the same punishment. Two day suspension for the lot of you!” Pope said.

When Nick heard this he looked up with eyes full of shock and disbelief. “But sir I have never in my entire life been suspended! This will ruin my record and may even take away my chances at a good college please there must be something we can work out!”

“I’m sorry son but a two day suspension is our policy at this school. Now I have called each of your parents and they have been instructed to remove you from school property for the rest of the day. Now go collect your thing from your lockers and sit outside my office until it’s time to leave.” Pope told them as he got up from his chair and moved to open his office door so the boys could exit.

Nick was first out of the office and quickly made his way down the hallway in a huff so as to keep some distance between him and Linc and Derek. Shaking his head Linc filed out of Pope’s office and made his way down the hallway towards his locker along with Derek. “This is fucked!” Derek mumbled as him and Linc were walking.

“Yeah well I’m just glad that jackass didn’t walk away free from this” Linc growled as he stepped up to his locker and started to unlock it. The two talked for a few minutes as Linc remerged through his locker but the sound of someone walking down the hall made them both go silent and see Veronica slowly walking with her head down. It appeared that she was unaware that they were there so Linc and Derek both looked at each other nervously.

When Veronica finally did look up she came to a sudden halt and stared at Linc and Derek and no one dared to say anything. Veronica’s face expression quickly turned to avoid eye contact with Linc. Since Veronica wasn’t looking at him Linc also looked away and back into the bottom of his locker for his books.

“Well I gotta go get my stuff before my ride gets here” Derek mumbled before slowly leaving Linc and Veronica alone to talk. As he left neither Linc nor Veronica said anything as he walked away. Slowly Linc’s gazed at Veronica who was standing about six feet way from him still with her arms crossed and staring angrily down the hall. Seeing that she was still mad made Linc annoyed and he let out a chuckle as he shook his head. “So your still mad at me? Unbelievable”

“What’s that suppose to mean?’ Veronica asked.

With a sigh Linc shut his locker and turned to look at Veronica, “It means even though I didn’t nothing wrong I’m the bad guy and while you go around hugging and getting all close and friendly with Nick I’m still in the wrong!” he said with a raised voice as he pointed to himself.

“I’ve told you Nick and I are just friends and we were talking before you waltzed over and attacked Nick. I mean what right do you have to be mad at me when you and Lisa seem to be getting to know each other better” Veronica snapped back.

“And I told YOU that Lisa and I were just geography partners!”

“YOU SLEPT AT HER HOUSE!” Veronica cried as she stomped her foot.

“AND I SAID I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!” Linc yelled and his face was turning red showing how frustrated he was getting. Forgetting where he was his loud voice echoed down the hall and his loud disturbance causing Mr. Mahone to come out of the classroom and glared at Linc and Veronica.


Shaking his head Linc leaned against his locker and mumbled “Sorry sir.” Mahone stared at them a little longer and then returned into his classroom and slammed the door shut leaving Linc and Veronica alone again.

With his arms crossed as he leaned against the lockers Linc turned his head to look at Veronica who still stood six feet away from him. “I don’t, I don’t know why we are letting Lisa be a problem between us.”

“I know” Veronica said with a sigh, “She does it to get to me and I’m letting her and lately more then usual. Things are so messed up and I feel like everything is spiraling out of control and getting away from me and I can stop it. I mean my grades have dropped drastically and I’m having trouble juggling everything on my shoulders with school, student council, us, plus my parent are probably heading for divorce.”

“What? Since when?” Linc asked shock to here about her parent’s marriage falling apart.

“They’ve been fighting a lot, marriage counseling isn’t working and my dad tends to not come home at night so I think it’s over!” Veronica said as she started to cry. Linc wanted to go to her but was afraid to be pushed away since their own issues weren’t solved yet. “It’s too much and I can’t handle everything right now. I need to get my grades up and student council also need more of my attention.” Veronica said as she wiped her eyes and stared at Linc with a look of defeat.

“So what are you saying?” Linc asked not sure what she was getting at.

“Listen it’s not you, I’m the one with the issues that I need to take care of and to get my life back on track I can’t focus on everything at once so, until I get things figured out and work through my own issues I think we need to take a break.”

“What do you mean a break?” Linc asked although he was afraid of her answer.

Veronica closed her eyes to stop the tears and let out a sigh, “I mean a break from us.”

He wasn’t sure if her had heard her correctly at first but by the look and tears in her eyes he knew he had heard right. He couldn’t believe she was blaming their relationship on what was wrong with her life. Shaking his head in disbelief and feeling hurt that he was her problem, he swung his bag over his shoulder and stormed away without a word or even another glance at a distraught Veronica standing in the middle of the school hallway.


Christina had come to pick up Lincoln and gave his quite the lecture all the way back home although Linc found himself draining her out as he stared out window and thought about Veronica. He felt sad, angry, and frustrated along with so many other emotions he didn’t know what they all were. The entire ride home was a daze and he in fact didn’t even remember getting out of the car and heading to his room he was so out of it.

Now he sat in the dark on his bed staring at nothing as he tried to process everything. He had no idea how long he had sat there but he heard someone open his bedroom door slowly and the light from the hallway shined into his dark room.

“Are you okay?” he heard Michael say.

At first he was surprised it was Michael because he should still be in school but as he eyes glanced at the alarm clock on his bedside he saw it was already 4:00pm. With his eyes closed and his shoulders hunched over Linc exhaled heavily and with out turning to face Michael he said. “Vee and I broke up”

Slowly Michael crossed the room in the dark and made his way over to Linc and stood beside him. Reaching out he placed a brotherly squeeze on Linc’s shoulder, “I’m sorry” Michael said with complete honesty. “I’m sorry”

Nodding his head Linc stared straight ahead at his wall while Michael’s comforting hand remained on his shoulder. “I don’t know what I’m going to do?”
Chapter 56 by 27kate17
~Chapter 56~

Over the next week word of the problems Linc and Veronica were going through was the gossip of the week. It was like pretty much everyone in the school knew about it. The halls were full of whispers, gossip and stares. Everyone seemed to have their own theory as what had happened between the couple because neither Lincoln nor Veronica were saying anything to the situation.

“I heard she got so freaking jealous that he couldn’t stand it and dumped her”

“He was bored with her and the two had nothing in common anymore”

“She’s in love with that Nick Savrinn guy and has been seeing him behind Linc’s back”

“She was too high maintenance for him”

“He wanted to see other people and not tie themselves down to each other”

They were the talk of the school and pretty much everyone knew the happy couple wasn’t so happy anymore. Jess was the first one at Veronica’s side to support and help her the minute she found out. The night it all happened Veronica stayed at Jess’ and she cried and talked with Jess the whole night. When Sara, Jill and the others learned they were right there also for Veronica in her time of need.

It was a Friday night and the guys had dragged Linc out of his room and out to get something to eat at Annie’s. Derek, Paul and Sucre were full of energy as they watched a hockey game on t.v from their seats. The raised up their glasses of soda as Chicago scored once again. “Woohoo!” Derek cheered as he clinked his glass with Paul and then with Sucre. Beside them Michael and James were talking on the other side of the table and beside them was Linc who remained quiet and just stared at his drink in front of him.

He seemed to be in a daze and jumped at the sound at Paul calling his name. “Yo Linc man you haven’t said anything since we got here.”

Linc let out a sigh and grabbed his drink, “I’m fine just not really in the mood.”

“Here have some chicken wings they are amazing!” Sucre said, pushing the wings in front of Linc. With a shrug Linc reached for a wing.

The group sat their talking and laughing but when a cell phone ringer went off everyone turned to see if it was their phone. “It’s Sara” Michael said as he got up from his seat. “Her and Jill want to go to a movie” he said to James.

“Yea sounds good” James said getting up from his seat and putting on his coat.

“Alright I’ll see you at home Linc” Michael mentioned to his brother but only got a muffled response from him before him and James walked out of the restaurant. Linc remained quiet and watched as his friends started yelling at the t.v. Looking around the crowed restaurant Linc finished his soda and stood up from the table.

“Hey man where you going?” Paul called out.

Shaking his head, Linc pulled his coat on. “I’ll see you guys later” Linc said to them and then started to make his way towards the door.

“Calling it a night so soon?” a girl’s voice said to him and he stopped in his tracks to look at her.

“Hi Lisa”

With a smile she got up from her table and took the few steps towards him, “Listen I heard about what happened and I know you don’t want to talk about it so I won’t ask.” She said with a smile. Linc nodded and then looked away from her and rocked back on his heels. Sensing that Linc was going to leave Lisa quickly perked up, “Listen my parents are out of town and my sister Claire is having a little party”

Linc couldn’t help but laugh when she said little. “I never knew Claire Rix had little parties?”

Giggling and shaking her head Lisa crossed her arm over her chest, “Okay so it’s a bit bigger than a little party, but either way it’s will be fun and lots of booze” she told him.

“I don’t know…”

“Come on Linc I know it’s been a long week for you and you need to let go and forget about everything at least for one night” Lisa said with a smile.

Thinking it over he figured he could use a couple drinks and be little care free for a few hours, “You know what? That sound fun”

“Great so why don’t we get out of here?” she said with a smile and then they both walked out the front door and headed back to Lisa’s.


The movie theatre was only a block from the restaurant so Michael and James walked there. Although their was still snow on the ground it was starting to warm up as spring was just around the corner. Crossing the busy street James and Michael ran across the parking lot towards the theatre and warmth. Pushing open the doors the two brushed off all the snow and started eyeing the room for Sara and Jill.

It didn’t take long because the girls had seen them first and started waving at them from across the room. Both Michael and James started walking towards them and the girls met them about half way. “What took you so long?” Jill asked although she was teasing them.

“What are you talking about? You called us here like ten minutes ago, I believe if you count the fact there is snow and ice on the ground we are here early” James said and everyone laughed.

“Your such a drama queen” Jill laugh a she stepped forwards and gave her boyfriend a kiss.

Michael couldn’t help but laugh at Jill and James and their playfulness with each other. “Okay well why don’t Sara and I get the popcorn and drinks while you two go get the tickets and find us seats.

“Alright” James said and then with his arm wrapped around Jill the two started to walk away laughing and giggling with each other. As they left Michael couldn’t help but think about how happy he was that to Jill so happy. She had always been their for him and the two were like brother and sister, she was a good part of the reason why Sara and him were together and he was happy she had found someone too. Lost in his thought he didn’t catch what Sara had said to him. “What?” he asked trying to focus on his girlfriend.

“Where did you go?” Sara asked with a giggle, “Your mind was kind of gone for a moment there.”

“Sorry I was just thinking. Now how about he see what we want” Michael said taking Sara’s hand leading her to the consestion line up. Standing in line Michael had his arms around Sara and was whispering in her ear. Sara started giggling as Michael’s hot breath tickled her ear, knowing what he was doing he continued and they both were laughing.

“So how’s Veronica?” Michael asked as he now stood in front of Sara and held her hands in his and swinging them gently side to side.

Sara shrugged her shoulders “Well she’s doing alright I guess, it’s hard at school with everyone talking about it but she’s doing her best considering.” Sara told and she watched as Michael nodded. “What about Lincoln”

“He’s” Michael started to say and shrugged his own shoulders, “He’s Linc. Keeps everything bottled up and doesn’t talk about it.”

“I hope they work it, I mean Veronica just needs to get he head on straight and figure some stuff out and hopefully things can go back to they way they were” Sara said in a soft voice as she wrapped her arms around Michael’s waist and rested her head on his shoulder.

Holding her close, his hand rubbed her arm as he nodded his head.


“Okay red” Linc said and then flipped over the card.

“Oooo it’s black” Lisa said as her, Linc and a few college kids sat around the kitchen table playing a drinking game called circle of death. “That means three shots Linc”

An already wasted Linc reached for his shot and gulped the whole thing down followed by two more. Everyone at the table cheered as Linc felt the alcohol burn down his throat. “Woohoo!” he called out and then high fived the kid next to him named Kevin.

“Well Linc looks like your losing big time” Kevin said as he eyed all of Linc’s empty shot glasses.

“I’m honestly to drunk to care, here let me go again!” he chirped as he reached for another card “Black” he called out and then flipped it over and saw that it was indeed black. “Woohoo I got one right, now all of you take three shots,” Linc told them. Doing what he said Lisa, Kevin and the other kids playing grabbed their shots and took a swag and felt it burn their insides. “Looks like your catching up Lisa and I may not lose”

“Trust me Linc I never lose,” she told him as she put the empty shot glass back on the table. “My turn, Red!”

They continued to play, laugh and have a good time. Linc was really hitting it off with the college kids and entered every drinking contest they did. “LINC, LINC, LINC!” he heard them cheer and he loved the sound of it. He took shot after shot and drink after drink. He was having a great time and was in no hurry to end it any time soon as they partied into the early hours.

“And then she acts like it’s my fault!” a very drunk Linc told a wasted Lisa as they sat holding red plastic cups filled with beer at the mini bar.

“Your fault?” Lisa slurred as she lean a little closer to Linc.

“Ah huh” Linc sung and then took a big gulp of his beer. Lisa started giggling and then Linc started laughing too, although he wasn’t sure why he was laughing. “You know this is great, I can drink all I want, yell all I want and no girrrrlfriend to tellll mmmmeeeee offfff!”

“That issss ssssoooo true!” Lisa said in a seductive voice. Linc couldn’t help but laugh as he leaned over the bar counter and filled up two glasses. It took him a little longer to pour since he had to really concentrate on what he was doing. While pouring the second glass, Linc tumbled forward as one of the other drunken college kids fell into him.

Usually Linc would have been angry and annoyed at the kid but with everything he had had to drink he could only laugh. The glass slipped out of Linc’s and spilled all over the front of his pants. Lisa leaned back and away from Linc and started laughing at the scene that had just taken place. Linc and the other guy also started laughing, “Sorry Linc” he laughed and gave him a rough pat on the back.

“Isssss alright” his words slurred as he shook the man’s shoulder to express their was no harm done. The two guys laughed together for a couple seconds and then the guy grabbed the bottle of vodka and stumbled away calling out the his friends who were across the room.

Standing up from his seat on the bar stool Linc looked down at the wet mess on his clothes. “Ah man!” Linc whined as if he just realized what happened a few moments ago.

Lisa let out a giggle and stood up also, “Come on I can see if we have any clothes you can wear” she told him and then while holding onto the wall made her way up the stairs with Linc following behind her.

“Never realize you had curvy stairs,” Linc said as he held onto the rail and pulled himself up.

Lisa looked at him confused and turned her body around to look at him. “I don’t, their just boring straight stairs” she told him and started to walk backwards up the stairs. This was a bad idea not only because they were drunk but, because empty cups and bottle had been left on the steps. As she stepped onto the last step an empty beer bottle was in her way and she fell back and landed on the upper level. Linc couldn’t help but laugh as he heard Lisa shriek as he fell on her back. Not paying much attention he tripped over the exact same bottle and fell face first right beside her.

“OHHH I’m so glad I’m drunk or that would have really hurt” Linc chuckled as his face remained face down in the carpet. Lisa couldn’t help but laugh as she rolled over in an attempt to get up off the floor.

“You know I haven’t had this much fun since I don’t know when” Linc told her as he reached for the banister and slowly pulled himself up.

“Before Veronica broke up with you?”

“You mean when she ripped my heart out and fed it to the dogs” Linc said with a little anger in his voice while he fell back on the floor

Lisa laughed and reached out to help him stand up. “I believe the saying is fed it to the lions.”

“Whateverrrrrrr.” He was on his feet thanks to Lisa but lost his balance and fell forwards and causing them both to fall against the wall. Somehow Linc was able to put his hand out onto the wall and prevent himself from totally squishing Lisa.

“Oops” Lisa said in a high shriek and then started to giggle. Linc also started laughing but the laughter stopped as their faces remained inches from each other. She could feel his hot breath on his face and he could feel hers. They made eye contact and just stared at each other. Linc’s eyes looked at her eyes and then glanced down at her pink lips, he wasn’t sure what he was doing but he couldn’t look away from her. Licking his dry lips he watched as her mouth open as she was going to say something.

“Lincoln” his name rolled off her tongue and he couldn’t resist any more and let his body do the thinking and crashed his lips against hers. The kiss was almost desperate on Linc’s end, like he needed to feel wanted after everything that had transpired in the last week. Lisa didn’t need to think twice and kissed him back, her hand came up and cupped his face. He had her pinned to the wall and his hand grasped her hips and he pushed her back against the wall and pressed his body against hers.

Lisa started sliding her body down the hall as she guided them to her room. Still very drunk her feet tripped over themselves and she fell back into her room. She had a firm grip on Linc’s shirt and pulled him down with her. Linc couldn’t help but laugh as they rolled around on her floor. They rolled right into her dressed and Linc hit his head on a drawer knob. “Owww” he said and rubbed the back of his head. Lisa couldn’t help but laugh and moved herself from underneath Linc and stood up. Pulling Linc up with her the back up towards her bad and he fell on top of her and continued to kiss her.

Her arms were around his neck and their heavy breathing filled the room. Kicking off his shoes, Lisa removed his shirt and gave light kissed on his chest. Gathering Lisa in his arms Linc pulled her up the bed so she was now closer to the headboard. As he assaulted her neck, his hand undid her buttons on her top and then tossed it to the bottom of the bed. Pants soon followed quickly along with their undergarments.

“Oh Linc” Lisa moaned as he kissed the small space between her breasts. Raising his head up he reached for the end of the bed and grabbed his jeans and pulled out his wallet, fumbling with it for a moment he pulled out a small packet.

“You always carry one in your wallet or did you plan on getting lucky?” Lisa giggled pulling him back on top of her. Linc just licked his lips and smiled as his lips crashed down on hers.

At this time Linc didn’t really think about what he was doing as him and Lisa made a big mistake. He was hurting and wanted away to forget about his problems for the time being. As they moved on the bed, underneath it Linc’s phone was vibrating on the floor and the caller ID said Michael who was calling wondering where his brother was at two o’clock in the morning.
End Notes:
Okay I know LiVe shippers are mad but listen the story is call The Best and Worst Times so it can't all be happy and fluffy. Bad things are going to happen to them and it's what will make the story interesting. Up to this point I haven't done anything horrible but curtain events are going to happen that will rock all of their worlds. MiSa isn't completely safe either. I already have a good idea of what is going to happen and it's won't be smooth sailing for them all. Now as I tell you this, I am a MiSa and LiVe shipper and in the end they will end up together but obstacles will stand in their way of happiness until then so if you don't like what just happen and only like happy and joyful stories then you might not want to read anymore because this isn't the worst thing I have planned and it might not include LIVe at all but MiSa so be prepared for some really shocking twist involving your favorite characters. Now not to make it sound like the rest of the story will be doom and gloom because it won't be I just think it's time I stir things up a bit. I hope I still have readers after this because I really enjoy writing this story and promise lots of happy moments to come as well. I look forward to your reviews and I'm sorry for those who don't like where this is going. Thanks for reading and I hope a lot of you will want to read more.
Chapter 57 by 27kate17
~Chapter 57~

The event from the following night was a daze for Linc. He lay in bed and covered his head with the blanket to shield himself from the bright light coming through the window. His head was pounding and he felt sick to his stomach, he had way too much to drink and couldn’t remember anything after his forth-drinking game. He wasn’t actually sure who won but considering how he felt it wasn’t him. Slowly he rolled over on his stomach and pressed his face flat against the pillow and let out a painful groan. With his nose buried in the pillow he inhaled the sweet smell of coconut, which confused because his bed never smells like coconuts. Slowly lifting his head he took in his surrounding and his heart dropped; this wasn’t his room. The sunflower colored walls and blue sheets on the bed were a scene unknown to him and the fact he couldn’t remember anything and was completely naked under the sheets made him feel sick to his stomach because the room had a feminine touch and one that was not Veronica’s.

Slowly he pushed himself up and saw he wasn’t alone in the bed and this is what he feared. Beside him was Lisa sleeping soundly and he saw their clothes scattered around the room. This couldn’t be happening he thought as he felt like he was going to be sick. All the signs were there that he and Lisa had had sex but he didn’t want to believe it. Slowly he crawled out of the bed and moved around gathering his clothes. Pulling on his boxers and jeans quietly as to not wake up Lisa. It was bad enough what happen last night but he couldn’t take the awkward morning after yet. Doing up the button on his jeans he moved over to the window and grabbed his shit and pulled his over his head. Underneath the bed he saw his cell phone and quickly pocketed along with grabbing his shoes he left her room silently.

Making his way down the stairs with little noise as he saw the empty beer bottles and other cups and bottles scattered on the stairs and floor. The entire main floor was a mess and smelled horrible and that didn’t settle Linc stomach at all. Slipping his shoes on he then turned the doorknob on the front door and quickly slipped out. His mind was racing, as he had no idea what he was going to do now. Looking at his cell phone he saw it was almost 8am, he would be in deep shit once he got home. He noticed he had some unread messages and as he skimmed through them he saw at least two dozen where from Michael, but the one that caught his eye was the text message from Veronica.

His heart skipped when he saw he massage about her wanting to talk. This was a good thing he thought because over the last week they hadn’t said anything to each other. He smiled about the idea of him and Veronica making up but that thought went away when he remembered this morning and Lisa. He couldn’t believe that this was his chance to make good with Veronica and he went and fucked it up big time. As he thought about what he had done with Lisa, although his mind couldn’t remember it exactly he felt sick and had to lean over into the bush in the front yard and throw up.

Walking down the quiet street still very hung over he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Pulling it out he glanced at the caller ID and saw it was Veronica. Quickly he flipped his phone open and put it to his ear to talk to her. “Vee?” he said a little anxious.

“Hey” she in a calm voice. “I've been trying to get a hold of you”

“Um yea I lost my phone last night and just found it now” he lied and bit his bottom lip hoping she bought it.

“I should have known,” she said with a laugh and it made Linc smile. He loved her laugh and didn’t realize how much he missed it since they had stopped talking. “Listen I was hoping we could get together and talk I’ve been thinking things over and I want us to work this out.”

Linc couldn’t believe this was happening but thought that this was his chance to get her back then he would take it. “Okay well why don’t we meet at Annie’s for some breakfast, I’m heading there now.”

“Okay I’ll meet you there” Veronica said before she hung up.

Closing his phone, Linc let out a deep breath and started to make his way to see Veronica. He knew he had to figure out the whole thing with Lisa and he was sure his mom would ground him and lecture him about not coming home last night but he figured he could deal with those problems later and just focus on getting Veronica back.

He sat at a table in the restaurant and ordered juice for both him and Veronica. While he sat alone waiting for her, his hands nervously rubbed together as he thought about everything he had to deal with. He knew at some point he would have to talk to Veronica about what had happen with Lisa but he couldn’t right now considering he still didn’t know how to deal with the situation. His thoughts came to a halt as he notices Veronica walking into the restaurant and looking around for him. Standing up and waving to her discreetly he gave Veronica a small smile as she made her way over to him.

“Hey” Veronica said before moving closer to him and giving him a hug. As she got closer, Linc’s arms were around her and his nose buried into her soft raven colored hair. It had been a while since he had held her so he had no intension of letting her go too soon. When they finally broke they both had huge smiles their faces. “I’m glad we could do this” Veronica told him as she took a seat. Nodding his head Linc pulled out his chair across from her and sat down.

“So how are you?” Linc asked with a grin on his face.

“I’m okay, although you seem really tired did you have a late night or something?” she asked with a little giggle.

With a nervous laugh, Linc reached for his drink and took a long sip to fill the awkwardness he felt as his mind went back to this morning. Quickly he brushed the thought out of his mind and focused on Veronica sitting in front of him. “I’m okay, so um why did you want to talk? Linc asked a little hopeful but also nervous.

With a little smile and taking a deep breath Veronica leaned forward and grasped hold of Linc’s hand. He was shocked by her sudden move but his heart leapt when she touched him. “Listen I have had time to think about a lot of things and mistakes over the last week. Everything in my life has been hectic and I took it out on the one person who has always been there for me, you have always supported me and I want to make this right. I put blame on the wrong person, I’m the one who has been taking on too much and everything is falling apart. I don’t want to lose you” Veronica said in a desperate voice as her eye gazed into Linc’s.

Linc bit his lip as he realized after he tells her about Lisa, things would never be the same, “Vee listen they’re something…”

“My parents are getting a divorce,” she said quickly cutting Linc off as tears fill her eyes. “I need you Linc, I need my boyfriend to help me get through this and deal.”

Brushing the thought of Lisa out of his mind, Linc got up and moved beside Veronica and wrapped his arms around her, “Don’t worry I’m here and I’m not going anywhere I promise!” Veronica grabbed hold of Linc and started to cry on his shoulder, her parents may be getting a divorce but she was glad Linc would be there for her and help her through this hard time.


After his talk with Veronica and happy about the fact they were back together, he quickly ran the next few blocks trying to get home before his mom woke up. It was now almost 9am, him and Veronica had spent an hour discussing them and enjoying a nice breakfast together and Linc couldn’t help but admit that it felt great to have her back again.

Jumping over the bush on the front lawn he ran to the door and reached for his key in his pocket and quickly unlocked the door and slipped inside. All the lights were still off and it was still quiet. Letting out a sigh knowing his mom and brother were still sleeping he pulled off his coat and boots and placed them in the front closet. With quiet steps he made his way towards the stairs.

“Late night?” he heard a voice say and Linc curse under his breath as he turned and looked into the family room and saw his mom sitting on the couch staring straight at him with her arms crossed over her chest.

“I ah fell asleep at Derek’s” Linc resorted to saying.

By the look on her face she didn’t believe him, “Linc this is the second time in two weeks you haven’t come home, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN AND DOING?”

“Mom I’m sorry I just fell asleep at Derek’s” Linc yelled back.

“Have you been drinking? You look hung over and you know how I feel about…”

“I had a few drinks yes!” he told her although it was a lie.

“You should have call and not left me and your brother here wondering where the hell you were!”

“I’ll remember that for next time” Linc said as he started to make his way up the stairs.




“I’m GOING!” Linc snapped back at her and stormed up the stairs. Taking three steps at a time he reached the top level and made his way down the wall towards his room. He passed Michael’s room and saw him getting ready to go out somewhere.

“So look who finally came home,” Michael said as he grabbed his wallet.

Linc stopped in his tracks and turned and glared at his brother. “Don’t Michael and oh by the thanks for covering for me!” he growled at Michael.

“COVER FOR YOU I CALL YOU ABOUT TWO DOZEN TIMES AND YOU DIDN’T ANSWER!” Michael hissed at Linc. “Where the hell were you?”

“Not that it’s any of your business but I was at Derek’s” Linc told Michael.

“That’s bull, I called Derek and Paul! They said you left the restaurant early!”

“Get off my back Michael!” Linc yelled and then stormed into his room and slammed the door.

Linc remained in his room for a good chunk of the morning, only leaving to get some Advil and then disappeared into his room again. As the afternoon slowly went by, Linc’s mom told him she had some errands to run and would be gone for a few hours.

Taking advantage of this time Linc called Paul and Derek over as he was really in need to talk to them about Lisa and what he should do to make as little mess as possible. Walking down the stairs he saw Michael and Sara talking and studying in the kitchen and he cursed under his breath as he entered the kitchen. “What are you to doing here I thought you went for lunch?” Linc asked.

“Yea three hours ago” Michael said with a bit of an attitude, as he was still mad about their last encounter.

“Well I need you two to leave!” Linc told them.

“What, why?” Michael asked looking at his brother all confused.

“Because I said so now please…” Linc said just before there was a knock at the door and Paul and Derek walked in.

“Hey man what’s up,” Derek asked as him and Paul entered the kitchen.

“Linc what’s going on your…” Michael started to say but was cut off by Linc.


Rolling his eye Michael started packing up his stuff along with Sara. They packed it into Sara’s bag and then Michael swung it over his shoulder and led Sara towards the door but not without another pissed off glare at Linc.

Once they were gone Linc moved into the living room and both Derek and Paul followed unsure of what was going on. “Linc man what is it?” Paul asked.

“I did something, something horrible,” he stated as he paced the room and scratching his head.

“Like what? Ordered a dozen pizza’s to be delivered to Mr. Pope’s office because we’ve already done that.”

“No I mean… Wait you ordered a dozen pizza’s to be sent to Mr. Pope?”

“Yea he went on telling the guy he never ordered pizza” Paul laughed, “You should have seen his face.”

“Sounds awesome but no that’s not it” Linc told him. Both Paul and Derek stared at Linc with serious expressions now as Linc took a seat on the sofa and buried his face in his hands. “I slept with Lisa.”

Both Derek and Paul’s eyes widen in shock as they heard Linc’s confession. “WHAT! When?”

“Last night, I went with her to a party at her place and I got really drunk and I wasn’t thinking straight”

“Well obviously” Paul stated a little louder then he intended and got at evil glare from Linc.

“Yea well if that ain’t bad enough I saw Veronica this morning and she wants to get back together.”

“And what does she say about Lisa?” Derek asked sitting on the armrest.

“She doesn’t know and I don’t know how to tell her. It was a mistake with Lisa but Vee and I were broken up so she can’t hold it against me too much right?”

“Yea when pigs fly,” Derek told him.

“Well then what to I do, I don’t want Vee to give up on us because of a mistake I made when we were broken up” Linc yelled in frustration.

“Okay well first before you decide how to tell her you need to make sure she doesn’t hear it from anyone else. It’s Saturday so you have until Monday morning to make sure she don’t find out.

“Okay well Lisa and Veronica don’t talk so it shouldn’t be to hard to keep them apart” Linc said a little hopeful.

“Yea well there is the trail.”

Looking up at Derek, Linc gave a confused expression. “The trail? What is that?”

“A way for Veronica to find out indirectly” Derek said. “Well Lisa’s best friend is Amy and they talk about pretty much everything, she works at ZoŽ’s clothing store at the mall.”

“She works with Beth whose sister is dating Sam and Sam’s little sister is Jill.” Paul added.

“That’s your trail” Derek confirmed.

Linc leaned back on the sofa and let out a sigh “So I have to make sure word doesn’t get back to Jill.” Paul and Derek nodded as Linc shook his head. “I need to talk to Lisa” Getting up from his seat be reached for the phone and dialed Lisa’s number.

The phone rang about three times and then he heard the click as someone answered. “Hello” he heard a female voice say and recognized it as Lisa’s.

“Hi Lisa it’s Linc”

“Well, well, well I never took you as the kind of guy who sleeps will a girl and then take off early in the morning Linc” Lisa said with a teasing attitude so he knew she wasn’t really mad.

“Look Lisa…”

“Linc I know, we were both really drunk and weren’t thinking straight. You are still upset about your break up and I don’t expect anything to become of us. Also if it makes you feel better I won’t tell Veronica.”

“Thanks Lisa but um you didn’t happen to tell Amy did you?”

“Oh well you see she figured something happen because she showed up last night and we had already disappeared into my room, she put two and tow together before I even talked to her this morning. Why does it matter if Amy knows?”

“It’s nothing but do you know where she is now?”

“Yea at work” Lisa told Linc and he closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh of frustration.

“Thanks” he said to Lisa before hanging up and moving to get his coat and shoes on. As he left the room Derek and Paul followed and watched Linc as he mumbled under his breath about something.

“What going on?” Derek asked.

I got to go to ZoŽ’s because Amy already knows” Linc told them.

“Hey but what about…”

“I GOTTA GO!” he yelled at his friends and made his way out the door and towards his car. He needed to talk to Amy before this went too far and ruined his make up with Veronica before they really had a chance to talk about everything.

Driving down town Linc pulled up to ZoŽ’s shop and headed inside, he was glad to see Amy. Linc had tried to explain himself to Amy and told her not to tell anyone what had happen between him and Lisa but it was too late, she had already told Beth who was now gone out for lunch with Sam who happened to be in town this weekend from school. Things were not looking good for Linc as he ran around town trying to stop the news of him sleeping with Lisa getting to Veronica. He had been at it for three hours and learned that word had gotten to Jill and he had one last shot to somehow plead and convince Jill from telling Veronica what had happened.

Pulling up to her driveway he raced up to the front door and franticly rang the doorbell numerous times before the door finally swung open and Jill was standing their looking at him.

“You know if you ring it once I would still get here as fast as I did” Jill told him in a slightly annoyed voice.

“Jill please, I know you talked to Sam earlier and he told you…”

“What you did!” Jill said cutting him off.

“Listen I know what I did was horrible but please I haven’t told Vee yet and I don’t want her to find out until…” he stopped in mid sentence as he caught sight of Veronica standing in the hall looking at him with tears in her eyes. She knew.

Forgetting about Jill Linc pushed himself passed her and into the hallway and walked over to Veronica. “Vee listen…”

“NO! NO! NO!” Veronica yelled and her eyes filled with more tears.

“Vee please let me” Linc started to say as he reached out for her but Veronica was quick to back away from him.

“DON’T TOUCH ME!” she yelled at him.

“Look I’m sorry just please listen to me…” Linc started to say taking another step towards her.

“No you listen!” she screamed at him and then pushed passed him to stand on the other side of the hallway. “I want you to leave and to leave me alone! I want you to stay the hell away from be you son of a bitch! I never want to see you again because you make me sick!” she yelled at him.


“GET OUT!” she yelled and started hitting him on the arm and pushing him towards the door. “GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!”

“Vee please” Linc pleaded one more time as he looked at a broken down Veronica.

“Linc just go” Jill said softly to him and led him to the door. Turning back to catch one last glance of Veronica he saw her run to Jess and throw her arms around her and cry on her shoulder. Once he was on the front porch Jill told him it’s best he leave and then shut the door. For a few moments Linc stood in one spot looking around thinking about everything that had just happened. One thing was for sure during this whole mess, he had lost Veronica and possibly for good.
Chapter 58 by 27kate17
Author's Notes:
Okay so here is the next chapter, sorry it took so long and I hope I still have some readers. As always I would love to read your reviews.
~Chapter 58~

The sound of the ticking clock in the classroom had the students counting down the seconds to the beginning of spring break. Michael had finished all his work and leaned back in his chair and stared at the clock. Beside him Sucre just seemed to give up and tossed his pen down on his desk and watched the clock as well. Turning to his best friend, Michael gave a quiet chuckle. “You know your suppose to hand that in at the end of the class.”

“Nah she just saying that to keep us busy” Sucre assured him with full confidence as he leaned on the back to legs of his chair.

As soon as the bell rang Sucre shot out of his chair and let out a cheer. Picking up his bag and throwing it over his shoulder, Sucre moved around the room talking to his classmate as they celebrated the beginning of spring break. Michael shook his head and moved to the front of the class to hand in his assignment.

“Thank you Mr. Scofield” the teacher said taking his assignment. Glancing around the room she realized Michael would be the only one to hand it in and gave a sigh. “So I suspect the rest of you will hand in the assignment after the break. Right Fernando?”

Sucre turned around towards the teacher and his jaw dropped after hearing her words. “But it’s spring break!” he complained this pleading eyes.

“Well Fernando you decided to watch the clock instead of finishing the assignment” she said with a smirk. “Have a great spring break everyone!” she added as she watched the students leave the class mumbling.


After school Michael and Sucre caught up with Jill and Sara and made their way to Jill’s house. As the walked down the street Sucre continued to talk about all the things they had to do over their spring break and the others can’t help but laugh at Sucre’s excitement. “This spring break is going to be awesome!” Sucre said excitedly as he wrapped his arms around Jill and Sara while they all walked up Jill’s driveway.

Upon opening the front door the four through their bags down and moved down the hallway and into the kitchen. Jill lead the way and when she got to the entrance of the kitchen she saw a familiar brunette girl about her age sitting at the table talking the her mother. When the two girls eyes connected they both shrieked and jumped and hugged each other so tights and danced around the room with excitement.

The others made their way into the room and pretty much had to cover their ears to block out the screaming of Jill and the new girl. While Sara and Sucre had no idea who this mystery girl was, Michael recognized her right away as Jill’s cousin who used to come and visit a lot when they were younger.

“How did you… when did you… Oh my god I can’t believe your here” Jill cried as she gave her cousin another hug.

Although Sucre had no idea who this girl was he couldn’t help but stare at the pretty brunette standing in front of Jill. She had big beautiful brown eyes and smiled as she and Jill embraced. He couldn’t help but think of how beautiful she was and was determined to get to know her. “So who’s your friend?” Sucre asked Jill without really realizing it.

“Oh I’m so sorry this is my cousin Jordana” Jill said as she turned to Sucre and the others. Jill’s mom smiled at the teenagers and after making sure everyone had a drink she left the room so the kids could catch up.

With a smile she waved at the others. Suddenly her eyes fell on Michael and she looked at him in shock, “Oh my god this isn’t little Mikey is it?” Jordana said as she stepped up to him.

Michael smiled and said hello to the young girl he had really gotten to know when they were younger. “Hey Jordana, I go by Michael now” he said as he gave her a hug.

“Yea he’s too cool for Mikey now” Jill said with sarcasm.

“Wow, last time I saw you, you were like up to my shoulder? What happened?” she asked with a laugh as she noticed he was now a few good inches taller then herself.

“Yea well now you two can’t push me around like you use to cause now I’m taller” he told her with a chuckle.

“Oh Jordana you have to meet Sara and Sucre” Jill said as she took Jordana's arm and lead her over to them. The two shook hands with Jordana and said hello.

“So Jordana you from around here?” Sucre asked.

“Actually no, I’m just here for spring break, I’m from Canada” she told him as they all took a seat at the kitchen table and drank their lemonade.

“Canada eh” Sucre said with a smile. “Is it true you all say eh all the time?”

Jordana couldn’t help but laugh as the myth some people still believe to be true, “No one I know in Canada does”

“Huh…” Sucre said as he thought about it. “What about living in igloos?”

Michael couldn’t help shaking his head at Sucre as he remembered how Jordana always got this question and she seem to take advantage of it.

She smile at Sucre and leaned forward in her seat and over the table looking right at Sucre, “Yeah let me tell you life on the other side of the boarder is a lot different, I mean only the filthy rich live in houses like these back home. My family lives in an igloo and instead of cars we ride around on dogsleds also with no electricity we don’t have those fancy things in the front hall that beeps and has flashing lights when someone breaks in.”

“Alarm systems” Sucre pointed out.

“Yea that’s it” Jordana said as she snapped her fingers, “Anyway since we don’t have an alarm system we have to rely on our polar bear to protect our igloo and Penny” she added with a smile.

“Whose Penny?” Sucre asked totally fascinated by her story.

“My pet penguin” Jordana told him.

Sucre’s eyes widened in amazement on how life was up in Canada, Michael and the others on the other hand did their best to not laugh and had to look away to stop themselves from busting out laughing. Michael bit his lip and leaned back in his chair, Sara was leaning over to him and buried her face in his shoulder to muffle her giggling. Sucre was the only one staring at Jordana listen intently as she spoke, when she finished he couldn’t believe at how different life was in Canada and thought is was pretty cool. “Are you serious! Mike we are so going to Canada one day!” Sucre said excitedly and by this point the others couldn’t help themselves and started to laugh out loud.

“No Sucre I’m sorry I’m kidding, nothing I said was true” Jordana told him and Sucre couldn’t help but join in the laughter.

“Good I was feeling bad if that was how you lived”

“Don’t worry I live practically the same lifestyle you but maybe not as windy at times” Jordana explained with a giggle since Chicago was known as the windy city.

“Plus the fact there are no penguins up north” Michael pointed out.

“Well one thing I know about Canada is they play hockey so what do you say to a little match?” Sucre challenged her.

“Oh Sucre I wouldn’t do that if I were you” Jill warned.

“Yea but if you insist be prepared for me to kick your butt” she told him as they all got up from the table and made their way outside to play road hockey. As the girls headed out Sucre couldn’t help but feel memorized by Jordana, he thought he was in love.

Two days later

“Hi you’ve reached Veronica, leave a message” Linc heard Veronica’s voicemail say for like the hundredth time. Snapping his phone shut and threw it across the room in frustration.

“Linc your need to relax, you’re driving yourself crazy” Paul stated from the sofa where him and Derek where watching t.v at Linc’s place.

“She’s not answering and she won’t talk to me at school” he said with defeat as he collapsed on the sofa in between Paul and Derek and threw his head back.

“Give her time” Derek told him.

Linc’s head shot up and glared at Derek with a death stare. “Time! I haven’t talked to her for weeks, the last couple of days of spring break she hasn’t called or has skipped our dinners at Annie’s with everyone. She’s ignoring me! We need to talk; sleeping with Lisa was a huge mistake. I was drunk and I know that’s not an excuse, I was just being stupid.”

“You can’t push her, let her process everything before you approach her” Paul said to Linc. “If you repeatedly try to talk to her now she will continue to push you away. Now it’s spring break so lets enjoy it.”

Linc listened to Paul as he was biting his nails knowing Paul was probably right but the only thing he wanted to do this spring break was get Veronica to forgive him. “I don’t know what I’ll do if she doesn’t forgive me” he said staring into the distance unsure of what the future had to hold for them.


“He’s called again,” Jess said looking as Veronica’s phone as the two girls were walking through the mall. Veronica’s phone kept going off and knowing it was Linc she passed the phone to Jess so that if it was Linc who call and not her mother she could make sure she didn’t answer it.

“You’ll have to talk him sooner or later, you go to the same school your bound to run into each other in the halls” Jess said as they entered the food court and took a seat.

“He cheated on me with Lisa Rix, of all people he chose Lisa Rix the one person I can’t stand” Veronica snapped at her in a shaky voice considering she was on the verge of tears. “Can we just talk about something else, please?”

Jess nodded and bit her lip not really sure what to say to her best friend at a time like this. She could see how upset and devastated her best friend was by the recent events. Her green eyes were watery but she refused to let the tears fall. She fidgeted in her seat and couldn’t keep her hands still on the table. Giving a weak smile Jess reached out for Veronica’s hands and held them still trying to get her to relax. Veronica looked at Jess for a second and then put her head down wanting so badly to forget about Lincoln.

It was easier said then done Jess’ eyes widened when she looked past Veronica and saw someone else making her way into the food court with her friends. The one person other then Linc Veronica would ever want to see today or anyway. Lisa Rix. “Listen what do you say we go check out that shoe sale?”

Veronica looked up at her best friend and gave a puzzled look, “I thought we were going to eat?”

“Yea well I’m not that hungry” Jess admitted as he stood up and pull Veronica up as well.

“But eating was your idea because your haven’t had lunch yet”

“I’m fine now come on” Jess insisted and tried to drag Veronica out but she resisted as she tried to figure out why her friend was acting so weird. “Vee please” she begged.

“Jess what the hell is going…” she stopped in mid sentence as she looked around the food court and her eyes landed on Lisa and her friend Amy, as they got closer to them. Veronica froze unsure of what to do. She had avoided seeing her much like she did with Lincoln and this was the first time she had actually seen Lisa for weeks.

Lisa hadn’t noticed Veronica or Jess at first as her and Amy walked through the sitting area talking and giggling annoyingly together. When she looked up and saw Veronica she stopped in her tracks about ten feet from Veronica and the two made eye contact for the first time since the whole thing with Lincoln took place.

“Hello Vee” Lisa said in a friendly but cocky way that made Veronica gripped her hands together and clench her jaw. “How are you I haven’t seen you in a while” she added with smirk.

“Go to hell!” Veronica growled

“OOO do I sense I little hostility” Lisa spoke with a smile on her face. “You know what happen with me and Linc was nothing serious, I mean it was fun and great but…”

“Shut up you bitch!” Veronica yelled.

Lisa was shocked by the outburst and gave Veronica an annoyed look. “Okay, you know what I was feeling sorry for you but now I can see why Linc was so eager to get into my pants. His girlfriend no wait ex girlfriend because you broke up with him!” Lisa growled at her.

“Vee lets go” Jess pleaded pulling on Veronica’s arm but shrugging her off Veronica stepped closer to Lisa.

“You know Vee, Linc and I may have been very drunk but let me just say he was the one who always made the first move. He continued to get drunk and then kissed me, he lead me upstairs to my bedroom and we almost did it on the floor because he couldn’t wait. Everything that we did he enjoyed!” Lisa said doing everything to hurt Veronica.

“Shut up your nothing but a slutty bitch!” Veronica yelled as she shoved Lisa back a little.

“He couldn’t get enough of me because not matter how many times he screwed you it never matched up to what I did to him” Lisa taunted her.

“That’s enough!” Veronica yelled holding back her tears.

“I made him feel like he was on a high and he called out my name all night long” Lisa said.

This was the last straw; Veronica had heard enough of Lisa and something in her snapped. With her clenched jaw Veronica screamed and lunged at Lisa, hands from both girls were slapping, scratching and pulling the others hair.

Veronica was out of control as she grabbed a chunk of Lisa’s hair and pulled tight making Lisa scream. By this time a group of teens had gathered around the catfight and started chanting and cheering as they continued to fight each other. Jess had tried numerous of times to pull a raging Veronica off Lisa but only ended up getting hurt herself.

Things continued to escalate and they were screaming and cursing at each other with hands still flying everywhere slapping and scratching the other like mad. Finally the loud sound of a whistle filled the room and got louder and louder as the security guards got closer to them. The crowd moved away as security pulled Veronica and Lisa apart and dragged them out of the food court. Jess grabbed their purses and quickly follows as Veronica continued to scream at Lisa.


She was lying down on his sofa in the living room and he was hovering over top of her being sure not to crush her underneath him. His hands are trailing up and down her sides as hers are wrapped around his neck as their mouths and tongues moved together. His hand traveled up her body clothed and into her silky auburn hair.

“Okay serious you two you need to stop this!” Linc complained as he entered the room and took a seat on the sofa and turned on the t.v.

Pulling his lips away from Sara’s, Michael looked over at his brother with an annoyed look. “Don’t you have somewhere else to be?”

“Nope, I’m still grounded” Linc told him as he leaned back on the couch.

With a sigh Michael sat up beside his brother and if looks could kill well Linc wouldn’t stand a chance. “Your kidding me right, I mean every time mom leaves the house you sneak off with Paul and Derek.”

“Well someone’s got to watch you two so you don’t do anything stupid” Linc mumbled while he remained looking at the t.v.

“Oh yea we’re the ones who need watching, I recall you were the one who slept with Lisa” Michael shot at his brother.

This defiantly got Lincoln’s attention and his head turned to his brother with a face expression full of rage after hearing his brother’s words. “That has nothing to do with you!” Linc yelled as he got off the couch and stood in front of Michael.

“Yea well Vee is like an older sister to me and you hurt her, by sleeping with the one girl Veronica hates.” Michael growled.

“You don’t know what you are talking about and for one thing Veronica broke up with me so technically I didn’t cheat on her!”

“Okay guys calm down” Sara said as she intervened in the brother’s confrontation.

Not listening to her Linc was prepared to ignore Sara and continue their conversation but before he could his cell phone started ringing in his pocket and he had to step away to answer it. “Yea”

“Hey Linc it’s Derek is your mom home?”

“No she’s gone out with Jill’s mom, why?” Linc asked unsure as to what was going on.

“So can we come over?”


“Yea me and Paul, there is something we have to tell you” Derek told him and it sounded urgent.

“Alright come on over” Linc said into the phone and just as he placed it back in his pocket the front door opened and both Paul and Derek walked in.

Making their way into the living room where Linc and the others were standing. Derek started to speak, “Okay you’ll never…”

“You called asking to come over when you were standing just outside?” Michael asked all confused at their actions.

“Yeah well with Linc being grounded we couldn’t just walk in if your mom was home” Paul told him with a chuckle.

Rolling his eyes Michael shook his head and headed out of the room to the kitchen with Sara right behind him. Once they were gone Derek and Paul turned their attention back to Linc. “Okay I just talked to James who works at the mall food court and apparently there was a show down between Vee and Lisa.”

Linc’s head snapped his head in the direction of Derek and Paul and had a shocked look on is face. “What! When?”

“Earlier this afternoon, apparently Lisa and Veronica ran into each other and before you know it there was vicious catfight in the middle of the food court” Paul explained.

“Who was in a fight?” Sara asked as he and Michael returned with drinks.

“Vee and Lisa” Derek told her.

“What?” Michael said in shock.

“Was anyone hurt? Is Vee okay” Linc asked full of concern.

“Well physically no, but emotionally Vee is not handling things all that well.”

“Well obviously Lisa said something to upset her,” Sara told them as she crossed her arms over her chest and had an angered expression on her face. Michael was standing beside her and thinking the exact same thing, he knew a lot more about the history about Lisa and Veronica and knew what Lisa was capable of. For years Lisa has done what ever she could to get to Veronica and finally it seemed she snapped.


It was Friday night and the gang had decided to go to a fellow classmate’s party. Before the party Sara was at Jill’s getting ready along with Jill and her cousin Jordana. The girls tried on a number of different outfits. Clothes were scattered all over Jill’s bed as the three picked out what they were going to wear. Sara decided on a plum color, V-neck soft knit shirt with an empire waist and ĺ sleeves. It had an exposed back with ties at neck for support. She also picked out her favorite jeans the showed of her curves.

Once they had all chosen an outfit the three girls made their way to the bathroom to do each other’s makeup. Jordana was sitting on the counter going through the make up bag trying to find the right colors for Sara. “So what do you think of high school? Jill told me you were home schooled” Jordana asked Sara as she started to apply Sara’s eye shadow.

“It took a little getting used to I’ll admit” Sara told her with a giggle.

“Yea I bet, I remember some girls at my high school went to elementary school out in the country and their whole school was like 40 kids and in high school that’s like one class” Jordana told her.

“Wow was it like a one room class room?” Jill asked from the other side of the bathroom doing her hair.

“Pretty close” Jordana replied with a smile.

“So I hear your dating Mikey, oh sorry I mean Michael he’s to cool to be Mikey anymore” Jordana said with a sense at sarcasm as Michael not like being called Mikey.

“Tell me about it” Jill said rolling her eyes. “It was like one day he just woke up and from that point on you weren’t to call him Mikey or he would be really mad”

“Somehow I bet Linc to advantage of that and continued calling him Mikey” Jordana said with a smirk look on her face.

“He wouldn’t be Linc if he didn’t” Jill told her and all three girls laughed.

“Okay we got off topic, I want to hear about Sara and Michael”

“It’s going really great, he is an amazing guy. Plus he’s easy on the eyes too” Sara told her.

“Well it’s all thanks to me that they are a couple” Jill pointed out.

“I’m sure Sara had something to do with it too,” Jordana laughed.

“Jill all you did was lock me and Michael in the basement,” Sara laughed but Jill wasn’t going to let it go about how she brought them together.

After the girls were ready the left they house and headed down the street because the party wasn’t far from Jill or Sara’s house so they walked. As they got closer to the house with they could hear the music playing and kid inside having a good time. Making their way into the house they could see kids laughing and fooling around with their friends. The three of them were holding hands so that they wouldn’t lose each other in the mass of teenagers as the tried to find the others while walking down the hallway. They past the kitchen and Jill could hear Sucre laughing in the other room so Jill led them over to him.

The guys were huddled around the coffee table playing a game of cards. Michael and James were on the far side and looked up when the girls entered the room while Sucre had his back to them.

“So who’s winning?” Jordana asked as she leaned over Sucre’s shoulder to see what he was doing. Sucre’s head turned to look at Jordana and he felt goose bumps form all over his body as she touched his shoulder. He felt himself blushing and had to force himself to look away from her. “Michael’s winning but I think he’s cheating,” he told her trying not to make eye contact.

“I am not,” Michael yelled back at Sucre as he placed his cards back on the table and then pulled Sara down on to his lap.

“Hey” she said quietly to him once she was comfortably on his lap.

“Hey yourself” Michael said back and then leaned forwards to kiss her.

“Alright we don’t need to see that” Jill complained as she stood close to James and gave him a hug. Everyone started laughing and Sara rested her head on Michael’s chest while he wrapped one arm around her and kissed the top of her head.

“Okay honestly you two need to break it up!” Linc called out as him, Derek and Paul slowly made their way over to the group not exactly sober. Holding a beer in one hand, Linc made his way over to the sofa and collapsed. “I planned to get to wasted tonight because I am no longer grounded and I need to have a good time tonight!” Linc said before chugging down that last bit of his beer.

“And your well on your way” everyone heard someone say and turned to see Lisa standing there.

Back at the front door Veronica and Jess had just arrive at the party much to Veronica’s dismay. Earlier Jess had shown up at Veronica’s determined to get her out of the house for the night. At first Veronica was reluctant to change her mind about just staying home and watch t.v and eat ice cream. She knew there was a good chance Lincoln and Lisa would be there and after what happen at the mall she wasn’t sure she was ready to see them. Yet Jess was persistent in getting Veronica out of the house for the night that Veronica finally agree to go out for a few hours.

Walking through the house and seeing all the people crowded in a small house made Veronica regret her decision on coming even more. “Jess I don’t think this is a good idea.”

“Come on Vee you need to enjoy yourself and forget about Linc and Lisa but also learn that you will run in to them every so often” Jess told her.

Moving through the house Jess led them to the kitchen and got them both some drinks. There were already some kids completely wasted and having trouble standing up but the girls just walked past them and made their way to the kitchen table to get their drink. “So what do you fancy?” Jess asked looked at all the different liquor bottle.

“Cranberry vodka works for me” Veronica said as she glance around the house to see whom else was here. After Jess handed her drink to her Veronica slowly moved through the house and the drunken teenagers until she entered the main room and found Michael and his friend gathered around the coffee table then she found Linc sprawled out on the couch with Lisa sitting beside him and giggling.

Veronica stopped dead when she saw them together. Linc looked drunk and Lisa seemed to be taking advantage of that and was leaning all over him. Yet as much as she hated to see that what really hurt her was that Linc seemed to be enjoying it and wasn’t in a hurry to push her away.

Michael and the others were trying to ignore Lisa and continued their game but Michael looked up he saw Veronica standing in the doorway with a deviated look on her face as she stared at Linc and Lisa. Noticing that Linc hadn’t seemed to see Veronica yet Michael nudged his elbow into Linc’s leg to get his attention.

“What…” Linc started to say to Michael in an annoyed voice but when he caught sight of Veronica standing before him and he was at a loss for words. Sitting up on the sofa his eye never left Veronica who seemed to be staring at him and Lisa. “Vee listen I…” but before he could finish Veronica stormed out of the room and out the front door.

“Vee wait!” Linc yelled jumping off the couch.

“Lincoln” Lisa said surprised he was just going to leave.

“NOT NOW LISA!” he yelled and then quickly ran out the door after Veronica.

After Linc had run ou,t the vibe in the house for the party had calmed down. Sucre had moved outside to get some air from the hot costraphobic environment inside. Sitting on the porch step he could feel the cool spring breeze as the spring weather was just around the corner. Taking a sip of his soda Sucre leaned back and stared out at the melting snow in the backyard. As he sat their enjoying the peace he heard the backdoor open and when he turned to see who is was he saw Jordana. “Hey” Sucre said trying to act really casually.

“Hey, it seems quieter out here” Jordana said as she took a seat beside him. “Is there always this much excitement and craziness?”

Sucre laughed and turned to look at the beautiful girl beside him and said, “I’d like to say no but unfortunately yes it’s been pretty crazy for a while, it feels like things happen one thing after another.”

“Wow makes me enjoy my quiet life back in Canada” Jordana said.

Sucre couldn’t help but chuckle at her comment and when he turned to look at her he saw the moonlight glow on her face and felt his heart beat faster and faster. He hadn’t felt like this since Sofia and he couldn’t deny is felt good.

“So ah when do you leave for Canada again?” he asked knowing she would be leaving soon.

“Sunday” she told him.

Sucre nodded and felt himself becoming very nervous as for what he was about to say. “So I was wondering if you… you know want we could… I mean the two of us could maybe… we can catch a dinner and a…. a movie if you wanted to of course” he stuttered to say and after making eye contact with her for the first time since he started too ask her.

Jordana smile and could see how nervous he was at asking her so placing a hand on his hand fidgeting on his lap said “I would love too.”

Sucre felt his heart slow down in relief and felt his smile grow bigger then it ever had. “Great… I mean sound like fun,” he said trying to act all cool.

Jordana giggled and nodded her head. “Yea” she told him and they both looked into each other’s eyes and felt like they couldn’t look away not matter how hard they tried. Ever since Jordana arrived and they met a Jill’s they felt the connection to each other and couldn’t deny it. Slowly Sucre leaned in closer to Jordana and as he did she smile in anticipation of what was about to happen. When their lips touched there was like a spark and a feeling that neither of them could describe. She responded to the kiss and there was such magic to the kiss and felt like something they could do forever. The kiss was so hot and so amazing neither of them wanted to come of for air. Finally when they were both really in need for air the slowly pulled apart, their eyes opened after the kiss and they silently stared at each other.


Walking through the forest with a light dust of snow on the ground and the moonlight was shining on the trees and letting off a silver glow. Linc stuffed his hand in his pockets as he came to the end of the forest and could see Veronica standing there looking out at the dark blue colored river. She never turned to look at him as he came closer and he stopped a couple feet behind her as to still give her some space.

“How’d you know I’d be here?” Veronica asked in a quiet voice without even turning to look at Linc.

“Well, I’ve come here a lot over the last couple of weeks myself” he told her.

Veronica couldn’t help but let he tears fall as she looked out at the river. “I can’t do this anymore, hating you is the most exhausting thing and I’m tired” she said in a trembling voice.

“Vee I love you so, so much” Linc told her. “The last thing I ever wanted to do is hurt you the way I did and I hate myself for it but Vee I love you more then anything.”

With a sniffle Veronica wiped away her tears and looked down at her hands. “I love you too Linc, but right now, right now I can’t. Your not the same person to me anymore” she told him and he couldn’t control his own tears at this point.

“I sorry” he said with all his heart but got no response from Veronica. Instead they both remained silent looking out at the river as the chilled breeze blew past them on this cool spring night.
Chapter 59 by 27kate17
~Chapter 59~

After a fun night out together for a dinner and a movie Michael and Sara were slowly making their way back to Sara’s house. As they walked down the sidewalk together Michael had his arm around her shoulder he held her close. Sara had a one arm wrapped around the back of his waist while her other held her drink she had gotten at the movie theater.

“Look I’m serious, backpacking across Europe is something I’ve always wanted to do!” Sara told Michael. Their not quite sure how their conversation turned to Europe but here they were and Sara was trying to convince Michael how much fun it would be.

“I’m surprised you don’t seem like the type who like to be homeless for weeks” Michael said to her.

“Are you kidding me, my home would be on my back, there is so much excitement in that. You have to come with me!”

“I don’t know”

“Oh come on, after we graduate we could just take off and spend time together just traveling across Europe.” Sara said as she cuddled closer to Michael while they walked up her driveway and over to her front door. Quietly opening the door they both scurried inside and before Sara could close the door she felt Michael’s lips press against hers. Turning them around Sara’s backed went against the closed door closed, with them being pressed up against the door Michael wrapped his arms around her.

“I had a lot of fun tonight” Sara told him against his lips with a smile.

“Me too” Michael told her and then gathering her in his arms he gave her a loving hug. As he was holding her Sara looked over his shoulder and saw a light on in the living room while the rest of the house was covered in darkness. Pulling herself out of Michael’s caring arms she walked towards the light.

Michael followed in behind Sara and as they entered the room they saw Sara’s parents sitting on the couch looking at them as the came into the room. Seeing her parents sitting there holding hands made Sara a little nervous as to what was going on. “Mom, dad?” she asked in a nervous voice.

Sara’s mother looked at Sara and Michael as they came into the room and motioned for them both to take a seat. “Sara dear there is something we have to tell you,” he mother told her.

Sara and Michael shared a looked as they moved to sit on the sofa across from her parents. “What’s going on?”

Her parents looked at each other before turning to the back to the teenagers. “Tomorrow I am going to see the doctors and we will find out if I’m cancer free since my treatment has ended.”

“So if you’re clean that means…”

“The treatment work and I’ll be okay,” her mother told her and Sara gasped and held back her tears. For months her family had to deal with this unwanted cancer guest in their lives that had brought up emotions of fear, sadness and anger.

“So um when do we go tomorrow?” Sara asked.

“3:30pm” he father told her. Sara nodded and gave a weak smile as both her parents stood up and left Sara and Michel alone. With a sigh Sara lean back on the couch and cuddled close to Michael. “I can’t believe it, tomorrow this could all be over. My family can finally start to live a normal life and not have to plan our lives around this cancer.”

“Do you want me to come with you?” Michael asked not really sure what he can do for her.

“Um no I think this something I should do, but I promise to let you know once I get home from the hospital” she told him. With a nod they both got up from the sofa and slowly walked to the front door. “I’ll call you” she whispered and then leaned forward and gave Michael a goodnight kiss.

“See you tomorrow” Michael told her and then slowly left the house and Sara to lean against the door thinking about what was to happen tomorrow.


The next day everyone was back at school minus Sara who decided to stay home with her parents and prepare for the appointment with the doctor. Michael spent a lot of time thinking of Sara during the day so wasn’t really in the mood for a lot of talking. Sitting by his locker doing some homework when he felt Sucre move in beside him with a huge smile on his face.

“I think I’m in love!” Sucre gushed looking up at the ceiling.

Michael smiled and looked at his love struck best friend. “With what the new coffee shop that opened across the street?” Michael asked his a chuckle.

“Yea that place is good but no” Sucre told Michael. Glancing around the hall to make sure no one else was in the area, “Jordana” he said in a quiet voice.

Michael’s eyes widened in shock, “You mean Jill’s cousin Jordana?”

“Yea we went out Saturday and it was amazing! She is perfect in every possible way. She’s smart, funny, outgoing, she loves to eat unlike a lot of girls our age, she like sports and not to mention beautiful. I can’t find a single thing wrong with her” Sucre said

“Other then the fact she lives in Canada” Michael told him and he saw Sucre’s face fall as he remembered having to say goodbye to her before she left for Canada. With a sigh Sucre slouched back against the lockers and looked up at the ceiling. He was now depressed because the first time he falls for a girl after Sofia and she just happened to live in another country.

“Man life sucks” Sucre said with a huff and a pout.

The two sat there in silence, Michael doing homework and Sucre pinning for Jordana. Unfortunately the silence didn’t last as Linc came walking over with Veronica and this caught Michael by surprise considering the last time he talked to Linc him and Veronica weren’t talking. The two seemed to be having a normal conversation with no one yelling at the other.

“Hey Michael, where’s Sara I haven’t seen her today” Veronica asked as her and Linc came up to him.

Michael and Sucre were still staring at them all confused as to what they were doing or what was going on between them. Eyeing the closely Michael said, “Am I missing something?”

Linc shrugged his shoulders like he didn’t know what Michael was getting at. Veronica was standing beside Linc and was smiling and ignoring Michael’s last comment. Realizing neither of them was going to tell him what was going on Michael rolled his eye. “Anyway…. um Sara had some things to take care with her family.” Michael told them answering Veronica’s earlier question and as he did he watched as Linc and Veronica were only half listening to him as Linc whispered him her ear and then she would start to giggle.

“Oh okay, I have to go meet Jess, we’re suppose to pick up her little brother from school. I’ll see you guys at Annie’s?”

“Yea I’ll see you there” Linc said with a smile to Veronica as she waved and then walked down the hall.

“Well that was weird” Sucre said with a puzzled look.

“What?” Linc asked innocently as he watched his brother and Sucre stand up and lean against the lockers.

“You and Veronica, I mean two days ago you to weren’t speaking and now what you’re dating again?” Michael asked unsure about their present situation.

“Well we’re friends and we have decided to act like adults and be civilized. We have the same friends and we don’t want people having to choose sides so we are being responsible and not going to let the past affect us and you guys” Linc explained.

“So you’re not dating?” Sucre asked to clarify.


“But you want to” Michael added and Linc gave a guilty glance.

“We’re just friends” Linc told Michael and Sucre then started to walked off. Michael stood there with Sucre as Linc walked away from them and Michael wasn’t sure if Linc was trying to convince him and Sucre or himself about him and Veronica’s new relationship.


The moment had come and Sara and her parents were here in the doctor’s office waiting to hear about her mother’s results. The doctor had yet to walk into his office so Sara along with her mother and father wait patiently and in anticipation of what news the doctor will give them. Frank was holding his wife’s hand tenderly as they look around the dull office. Sara sat on the other side of her mother fidgeting in her seat unable to remain still as hundreds of thoughts swam through her mind. So much was ridding on this appointment their fate all came down to what the doctor had to say to them and this scared all of them.

“What’s taking him so long?” Sara growled as she got out of her seat and paced the floor.

“Sara honey you need to relax, it will be okay,” her mother told her.

Sara looked at her mother and couldn’t believe how calm she looked other then the fact she was holding her husbands hand really tight. “Mom I can’t what ever that doctor has to tell us is going to change out lives, and I’m scared. How come your so calm?”

“I don’t know honey but there is nothing we can do until he comes back in to talk to us” her mother explained as she reached out with her free and touched her daughter’s arm.

Sara felt herself losing control and becoming shaky as she fell to her knees in front of her mother’s chair and held on her arm. “Mom what if the treatment didn’t work and the doctor can’t find a way to treat it? What happens then?” Sara said in a trembling voice. “I’m just so scared of things getting worse and that I could possibly…”

“Honey you need to calm down and not get ahead of yourself” her mother told her as she reached down at her trembling daughter and gathered her in her arms. “It’s okay, it’s okay” she said in a hushed voice as she tended to her daughter and held her close as she cried.

“I can’t lose you mom,” Sara cried with a sniffle holding on to her mom for dear life as if she could disappear at any moment. She felt her father also reach over and rub her back trying to sooth her.

“We will get through this Sara, we have made it together so far and we will continue to with what ever the future has to hold for us” her father told her. Sara nodded and as she lifted her head from her mothers lap she wiped away her tears knowing she had to be strong for her mother now. Picking herself off the floor she moved over to her seat again and sat down. She felt her mother’s hand slide in and grasp hold of her own and all three of them sat there in silence.

Sara started to chip at her nail polish as time went by and the annoying ticking clock seemed to be getting louder and louder. A part of her was very anxious and had no idea what was taking the doctor so long. Was there a problem with her mother’s results? Was this worse then they had expected? So many questions ran through her mind as she looked around the room and at the closed door they were waiting for the doctor to appear.

“What’s taking so long?” Sara said in a soft voice with her eyes trained on the door.

“It’s alright,” her mother told her as she tightened her grip on her daughter’s hand to reassure her things would be all right. Suddenly the moment they were all waiting for, the office door opened in and in came the doctor with the file that would tell them want the future had to hold for the Tancredi family.

“Good afternoon” the doctor said as he swiftly moved to his seat on the other side of the table and sat down and looked across a the anxious family in front of him as he opened Mrs. Tancredi’s file and prepare to explain the progress result of her cancer treatment.


While Sara was at the doctors the rest of the gang was out having dinner at Annie’s. Everyone was acting normal and some even questioned where Sara was since they were unaware her mother even has breast cancer. Out of the whole group Michael and Jill were the only ones who actually knew and that was the way Sara wanted to keep it. As they all snacked on a tray of nachos they were discussing the latest horror movie in theatres and who would go see it.

Both Linc and Veronica were there and acting like nothing had happened which had a lot of the others confused and looking at them weird. Both of them were laughing and joking around with each other.

“Hey so what about a game of pool?” Paul suggested to the guys as he got up from the table. The whole thing with Linc and Veronica was making him questioned Linc’s actual motives so he was planning on getting to the bottom of what Linc was up to. As the guys got up, Michael told them he would sit out and remained at the table with the girls. He had been very quiet as his mind always wondered to Sara and what the doctor was telling them.

“Alright lets go” Linc said to Paul and he slid out of the booth and follow Paul, Sucre and the guys over to the pool table.

As Sucre and James set up the table Paul and Derek eye Linc who stood on the other side of the table with a pool stick. “So um what’s up with you and Vee?”

“They’re just friends” Sucre said with a hint of sarcasm.

“Shut up” Linc chuckled as he rolled his eyes at his friends. “Veronica and I agreed it was best if we could get along so that you guys wouldn’t feel obligated to choose sides.”

“Well great mom and dad are thinking of us” Derek joked as he stepped up to pool table to play first. Linc just shook his head.

“Come on Linc you’re not fooling any of us. You’re hoping that if you two hang out together as friends she will soon want to be more then friends and you win her back” Paul spoke with a smirk.

Linc tried to look at his friends with a straight face but was unable to hide his smirk at the idea of getting Veronica back. “Okay I’ll admit I’m hoping that in time Vee can learn to trust me again and give me another chance, us another chance.” Lincoln told them and his friends just gave him a looks that showed they weren’t really doubtful of Linc’s plan. The guys watched as Linc looked over at the table where Veronica and the others were sitting and laughing about something.

Back at the table Veronica and the girls were in the middle of a light conversation when Kristine looked over at the guys and saw Linc gazing at Veronica like a love sick puppy, stirring her straw in her soda Kristine’s eyes moved from Linc to Veronica trying to figure out what game these two were playing. “So you and Linc seem to be doing okay, are you two planning to get back together?”

Veronica looked at Kristine with a puzzled look but soon noticed all the girls and Michael had their eyes trained on her waiting for her to answer. “Oh well no I mean Linc and I have decided to just be friends and nothing more” Veronica said with a very steady and assuring voice.

“That’s never going to work,” Michael mumbled to himself before taking a sip of his soda.

Veronica unfortunately did hear him and was a little shocked by his words. “What are you talking about, Linc and I can be just friends.”

“Well won’t it be awkward, I mean it’s you and Lincoln and what happens when you or him are dating other people?” Katie asked.

“We’re just friends” Veronica assured them all. “I mean it Linc and I are over, there is no us anymore” she told them and before any other them could say anything Linc and the guys returned to the table. Forgetting about the pervious topic they all started to enjoy their meal. While everyone was talking Michael sat back eating his food not saying much to anyone as he thought about Sara. Every so often he would check his cell phone to see if she called.

The appointment with the doctor was an hour ago so he assumed he would be hearing from her any time now. At first the others didn’t seem to notice Michael being distant but when Sucre asked him a question Michael was caught off guard and unsure of what they were all talking about.

“So do you want to Michael?” Sucre asked again.

“Uhhhh” was all Michael could say.

The others watched him intently and tried to figure out what was bothering him. “Michael are you okay? You seem I don’t know like you’re not really with us. Did something happen between you and Sara?” Katie asked feeling worried about her friend.

“No everything between me and Sara is fine” he assured them but some didn’t seem to believe him.

“Where is Sara anyway?” Linc spoke up as he glanced around the table to see she wasn’t with the group.

“Sara’s fine” Jill interrupted everyone and saved Michael from having to try and make an excuse. “There was a family thing she had to do.”

Letting it go they moved onto another discussion about the latest Crane high gossip and rumors. Michael let out a sigh and sat back in his seat glad the topic was off Sara and silently thanks Jill across the table. A few more minutes of staring at his phone Michael was starting to wonder what was happening and had even considered calling her but didn’t want to interrupt her if she was with her family. Yet the not knowing and waiting was killing him, then just when he was about to give in and call her he looked up at the front entrance of the restaurant and saw Sara slowly make her way in.

The two made eye contact from across the room and without saying anything to the others Michael got up from his seat and walked over to her. They stood in front of each other in silence and Michael tried to read Sara’s face but was finding it difficult to read her. Knowing how hard this was for her he gently took her hand and led her out of the restaurant and over to the parking lot. When she came to a stop Sara let go of his hand and turned her back to him trying to gather her thoughts.

He watched her and apart of him felt so helpless and wanted to throw his arms around her and protected her for this cruel world at times. Remaining silent he knew he had to let her do this her way so bit his lip and forced himself to wait for her. Finally after what felt like an eternity Sara twirled around and looked straight into Michael’s caring eyes.

She opened her mouth to speak but suddenly the tears started pouring down her face and Michael immediately went to her and pulled her in close. Gripping his shirt tightly she buried her face in his neck and inhaled his scent and felt safe and secure with him. Michael didn’t dare let her go and started to leave loving kisses on the side of her temple as he tried to calm her down.

“She’s going to be okay,” Sara cried with a huge smile on her face as tears of happiness and relief steamed down her face. “She’s cancer free, it’ over, it’s really over” she added as she pulled Michael closer. Michael let out the breath hr had been holding and began kissing her neck and holding her as tight as possible and allowed her to cry knowing she probably hadn’t cried since getting the news because she wanted to be strong for her mom. They continued to hold each other in the middle of the parking lot even when the rain started. They didn’t even seemed bothered by it as they just held each other and thought about how this nightmare was finally over and after months of praying and wishing her mom would be okay it was over. Her mother didn’t have cancer anymore and the light at the end the tunnel never looked so beautiful.


A couple days go by and everyone was back at school and going on about their day and business. The lunch bell had just rung and all the students were wondering the halls and slowly making their way to the cafeteria. Veronica found the halls extra crowed as she pushed her way through the mass of people so she could get to her locker. Juggling her books in one arm Veronica unlocked her locker. As she place her books neatly inside she felt someone’s hand cover her eyes, she smiled as she could feel his breath on the back of her neck, as she inhaled his scent she had no doubt of who it was and smile spread across her face. “Hey!” she said with a giggle.

Twirling her around she came face to Linc and they both had huge smiles on their faces. “Hey yourself” Linc answered back as he reached into his lunch bag and pulled out a Mars bar. Seeing Veronica’s eye widen in delight Linc broke it in half and handed her a piece.

“Oh how did you know I have been craving this all day?” Veronica said as she took a bite of the chocolate bar.

“I’m just physic when it comes to what you want” he flirted with her and Veronica couldn’t help but laugh as she shut her locker and followed Linc down the hall towards the cafeteria. “So any plans for tonight?”

Veronica thought about it and then shook her head “No why?”

“Well some of the guys are coming over to play guitar hero so if you want you’re welcome to come” Linc told her as he secretly hoping she would.

“So I can beat you along with twiddle Dee and twiddle Dumb” Veronica said with a laugh.

“Hey you know Paul and Derek can’t help who they are” Linc joked as he gave her a friendly punch on the arm. They both stated to laugh as they headed down the hall, but their laughing was short lived because as soon as they turned the corner Veronica pretty much ran right into Lisa.

“Watch where you’re going!” hissed Lisa as she glared at Veronica and Lincoln standing in front of her.

Veronica said nothing and after a second of just staring she pushed past Lisa and headed for the cafeteria without looking back. During the awkward moment Linc just glared at Lisa and then followed after Veronica, leaving Lisa standing there rolling her eyes. Pushing past a few students Lisa headed in the opposite direction as Linc and Veronica and she walked with a lot of confidence. Suddenly an awful feeling came over her and her confident walked turned into a run as she pushed kids out of her way before they even realized what was happening.

Running down the hall as fast as she could Lisa was unaware that her best friend Amy was calling her name and quickly followed her into the restroom. “Lisa? Are you okay?” she asked as looked over and found Lisa hunched over one of the toilets and throwing up. Amy quickly made it over to her friend and held open the bathroom stall door as well as pulled Lisa’s blond hair back. “Are you sick with something?” Amy asked.

After another moment of leaning over the toilet, Lisa sat back on the floor and rested head against the wall. She had tears in her eyes and her hair was a total mess, Amy watched Lisa closely and realized that Lisa had been acting strange for quite some time now. “Lisa what’s going on with you?”

Running her hand through her messy blond hair, Lisa looked up at the ceiling as her breathing started to come back to normal. With a sniffle she wiped her eyes and then looked down at her hands in her lap. “I think I might be pregnant,” Lisa said in a trembling voice before she leaned back over the toilet.
Chapter 60 by 27kate17
~Chapter 60~

Slowly walking down the isles of a local drugstore Lisa scanned the variety of products available. Passing the front window she looked out in the parking lot and saw Amy sitting in her car waiting for her to return. Turning up another isle she found what she was looking for, kneeling down she glanced at all the different brands and as she stared at them she got a headache. All these different brands and all claiming to do something different then the next so she had no idea which one she should get. “Clearblue, Predictor, First Response, what the hell one do I want” Lisa grunted fiddling with the numerous boxes. “Oh fuck this,” she hissed as she annoyingly just picked one and headed to the front counter.

She felt like her whole life was flashing before her eyes and how everything she ever knew was about to change if this test came out positive. She had no idea what to do, She had so much going for her and it all seemed to be getting further and further from her with each step she took towards the counter. Her parents would give her the whole “We are disappointed speech” and if that wasn’t enough Lincoln who was no doubt the father wasn’t talking to her and seemed to be patching things up with Veronica.

Holding the pregnancy test in her hand she walked over to the elderly woman cashier and placed the box down on the counter. Lisa kept her head down so she could avoid looking at the old ladies piercing eyes as she scanned the pregnancy test and placed it in the bag. Biting her lips she handed the lady a twenty and then quickly snatched her brown bag and headed for the door. As she flung the glass door she wasn’t really paying much attention and ran right into Jill.

The brown bag fell to the floor and Lisa started to panic as Jill reached down to pick it up. “Oh sorry” Jill said quickly without realizing who it was. When she stood back up holding the shopping bag she saw Lisa standing there and the two of them stood there glaring at each other.

“Excuse me” Lisa snapped as she grabbed her bag from Jill’s hand and pushed past her then stormed over to her car and climbed in. Pulling the passenger door shut once she was in, Lisa tossed the brown bag in between the seats and starred straight ahead while Amy started the car. As they pulled out of the parking lot Lisa starred out her window and contemplated about how this one test could change her life forever.

They went back to Lisa’s house and as Lisa was in the bathroom Amy sat on Lisa’s bed nervously waiting for her friend to return. Looking around the room it was full of pictures of them through over the years. They did everything together cheerleading, modeling, vacations and a lot of other family things together. They were more then just best friends they were like sisters.

Hearing the doorknob on the bathroom door start to turn Amy sat up straight as a puffy eyed Lisa rejoined her in the bedroom. “It’s going to take a minute,” Lisa said quietly as she placed the pregnancy test on the dresser then set the timer before moving to sit on the floor at the bottom of her bed. “God I can’t believe this is happening” she sobbed covering her eyes with her hands.

Sliding off the bed Amy wrapped her arms around her friend, “It’s going to be okay, and we’ll figure something out together.”

Tears were running down her beat red face she sobbed as she imagine how her life could change so drastically by the result of this test. “I can’t be pregnant, I mean I’m seventeen I have my whole life ahead of me, oh my god I will be kicked off the cheerleading team,” she cried.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself there is a chance is it could be negative and this is just a false alarm” Amy told her friend as she consoled her.

“Amy, I’ve missed my period it’s not just late, I’ve been really tired lately and on top of that I have been sick for almost two weeks. All signs point to pregnancy” Lisa cried.

Sitting in the floor together the girls wrapped their arms around each other waiting for Lisa’s fate to ring out. It was the longest minute of her life but as the timer started to ring Lisa found herself frozen and unable to get up off the floor to see the verdict.

“Okay it’s time” Amy told her and helped Lisa to her feet and together the girls walked over to the dresser and gazed down at the stick to find out the results. Staring down at the pregnancy stick Lisa covered her mouth and gasped in terror. “Oh my god I’m pregnant!”


With the warm spring weather finally upon them the gang wanted to spend as much of their time outside as possible. The school days were numbered, which meant soon summer would be here again and they could say goodbye to homework, textbooks, assignments and teachers running their lives. Taking the basketball out of the garage for the fist time since last summer the guys played a little three on three while the girls sat on Jill’s lawn listening to music and tanning in the sun. Bouncing the ball on the driveway Linc tested the air in the ball and making sure it was in good shape to play. “So are you ladies sure you don’t want to join in?” Linc ask bouncing the ball on the sidewalk by Veronica and the others feet.

“No we’re quite comfortable right here, but if you don’t mind your blocking our sun” Veronica said without moving from her tanning position that was now shaded by Lincoln’s shadow

With a smile Linc shook his head and moved away so they were now lying in the sun and bouncing the ball he rejoined the guys. “Okay, me, Michael and Sucre vs. Paul, Derek and James” Linc called out “And we’re skins!”

“Ooo show time” Jess laughed as she pushed her upper body up to watch Michael, Linc and Sucre strip from their shirts.

“JESS!” Sara laughed

“Hey tell me what’s sexier, sun tanning or guys running around all hot and sweaty shirtless?”

“She’s got a point Sara,” Katie laughed as she also sat up to watch the guys try and show off.

Linc glanced over at the girls and notices Veronica eyeing him and he couldn’t help but smile. Tossing his shirt to the side he gave her a wink and then bounced the ball up the driveway towards the basket. Dodging past Paul and then made a lay up shot to put his team in the lead.

“Okay as much as I like you I’m afraid I ain’t going to go easy and let you show off to a curtain someone” Paul joked giving Linc a devilish smile.

“Shut up, Kellerman” Linc shot back as bounced the ball over to him.

When Paul had the ball he bounced it with confidence and even did a few tricks with the ball before dribbling around Sucre and passing the ball to James who took it up the driveway towards the basket and passing it back to Paul so he could make a fancy jump shot.

“Whose showing off now” Sucre called out as he rolled his eyes and then high fived Michael as he ran past him.

Over on the grass the girls couldn’t help but laugh as very quickly a friendly game of basketball turned into world war III. “Honestly and they wonder why we don’t play with them?” Jill scoffed as she shook her head and rolled over on her stomach to read her book.

As the competitive actions came out the girls had to tune out the shouting with music on their MP3 players and amuse themselves with books and magazines.


“YES IT DID! IT WAS FAIR AND SQUARE!” Linc yelled back still bouncing the ball.

“LINC YOU PRACTICALLY TACKLED PAUL” James called out joining in on the fight.

“No I didn’t”

“Huh Linc your set me flying across the drive way man!” Paul insisted.

“That’s bull”

“Linc come on it’s a game, we’re still winning” Michael argued.

“Yea well their trying to cheat and I ain’t going to let them,” Linc snapped back.
“The score is 20-12”

“No it’s 18-12” Derek yelled.

“Well obviously you don’t know how to count so lets ask the judges” Linc said as he turned to face girls on the lawn. “Hey did the basket count?”

Suddenly five head looked up at them all confused as to what Linc was complaining about now. “What?” Jess asked what every other girl was thinking.

“Did the basket count?”

“Basket? Oh Linc honey we stopped paying attention as soon as you did the jump ball thing” Jess laughed and all the other girls laughed and nodded their heads in agreement with her.

“Well it counted” Linc assured her.

“No it didn’t Linc!” Derek, Paul and James yelled back.

“God they are all unbelievable you would think this game could destroy the world,” Sara complained.

“Well in their world it could” Jill joked and Sara shook her head and laughed.


Amy pulled up to the clinic with Lisa in the passenger seat. Pulling the car into a nearby parking spot Amy put the car in park and looked over at her friend. It had been two days since they got the test result and in that time Lisa did a lot of thinking and decided that what she was about to do was for the best. They sat there for a moment in the parking lot not saying a word or attempting to get out of the car. “You know you don’t have to…

“Yes I do” Lisa insisted, “Without a doubt it’s Linc’s and at the moment we are not on the best of terms, I still have a life, cheerleading and I graduate next year and then I want to go to college somewhere across the country and not have any burden of a kid on my plate as well. It’s what’s best for everyone” Lisa assured her.

Amy nodded, “Okay if you’re sure…”

With a deep breath Lisa opened the car door, “I am” she answered firmly and then hopped out and made her way into the clinic. There were half a dozen women in the room all ranging in the age of 16-28. Stepping up to the front desk Lisa talked to the nurse who then handed her a clipboard with some information she needed to fill out.

“Do you have someone to give you a ride home after the procedure?”

“Um yes I do” Lisa said with a nod taking the clipboard.

Taking her seat in the waiting room Lisa started to fill out the form. Within ten minutes her name was called and Lisa was then lead to the one of the private rooms. “Just take a seat and we’ll be with you in a few moments.” Without making eye contact with the woman Lisa nodded and quietly took a seat on the examining table with her legs pressed together and her hands positioned on her lap looking very small. The room was white and had navy blue accents on the walls. There was nothing on the walls but a small diagram poster showing the stages of a pregnancy. Biting her lips Lisa looked as the different stages and then placed her hand on her stomach as she imagined what the baby inside her looked like.

Taking a deep breath she averted her eyes down at her lap and pulled her hand away from her stomach trying not to think about what she was about to do but how it was her best option, she couldn’t be the pregnant teenager at Crane High. A sudden a noise on the other side of the closed door caught her attention. It was a woman crying out in the hallway. Lisa’s heart started pounding as she listen to the muffled sound of the staff trying to comfort the distraught woman. Trying to ignore the commotion outside Lisa ran her fingers threw her blond hair, she glanced around the room until her eyes landed on a orange bag that said Biohazard Biologicos Peligrosos on the front and Lisa was sure that was where the remains will go, the baby… her baby.

“Afternoon Ms. Rix how are you feeling.”

“I’m okay,” Lisa said very hesitantly.

The short affectionate woman gave Lisa a small smile as she took a seat in the chair in front of Lisa and started to explain all her options and started to council Lisa was what was going to happen each step of the way. Lisa sat there silently without talking and listened to the woman.

Amy sat in her car reading her book and was caught off guard when the passenger door opened and Lisa climbed in with tears in her eyes and with her arms wrapped around herself as she sat down. Amy placed her book in between the two seats and looked at her best friend.


“I couldn’t do it’ she blurted out in a trembling voice.

“What?” Amy asked her quietly trying to process everything.

“I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t kill my baby,” she cried letting her emotions take over. Without hesitating Amy leaned forward wrapped her arms around her and allowed Lisa to cry on her shoulder. She had no idea what she was going to do at this point other then the fact she couldn’t go through with the abortion.

They sat there is silence for a couple minutes both trying to process Lisa’s decision. Clearing her throat Amy turned to her distraught friend and placed a hand on her shoulder. “You know your going to have to tell Lincoln.” Amy told her calmly.

Lisa turned and looked at her friend with terror in her eyes. How was she supposed to tell the guy who now despised her that she was pregnant with his child?


After another day at school Linc pulled the car up on the driveway at their house and the brothers along with Veronica climbed out. Since Linc and Veronica had decided to call it truce and promised to get along they fell back into their normal routine of Linc driving them to school. As Michael observed his brother and Veronica he couldn’t help but think about how all this could lead to someone getting hurt. Linc seemed to think that him and Veronica were patching things up would eventually lead to them dating again but Veronica claimed that they could only ever be friends now.

Throwing his backpack on his back Michael walked up the front steps to the porch while Linc and Veronica talked by the car for a few seconds. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out the brass key and stuck it in the lock and turned it slowly and once hearing a click he turned the handle and pushed open the door. By the time Michael strolled over to the kitchen and place his bag on the table Linc was walking in the door looking all confident with himself.

Michael glanced over at his brother while he opened the fridge looking for something to drink. Looking at Linc’s face and how happy and full of lust made Michael realizes this was worse then he had hoped. Shaking his head while he reached into the fridge for a soda he spoke with out looking at his brother. “Linc you need to stop this.”

Linc’s smile faded and he glared at his brother, “Stop what?”

With a sigh and closing the fridge door he moved to the table and looked at Linc who had a confused look on his face. “Stop flirting with her, acting like your dating and planning a future with her”

Linc rolled his eyes at his brother as he leaned up against the counter. “Michael I’m not doing anything you’re reading to much into this”

“Am I?” Michael questioned him. “The other night out at Annie’s you kept going on about how you may be friends now but you were planning on you and Veronica to start going out again soon. What you need to realize is that Veronica isn’t planning on the two of you getting back together, in fact she is more then curtain that all that the two of you can only now be friends. Look I know you don’t want to listen to this but you need to understand this and not get your hopes up because it will only end badly for one of you and at this point it’s going to be you” Michael explained in a firm voice to Linc.

“You need to mind you own business man” Linc snapped at his younger brother.

“Listen Linc…”

“No drop it Michael! What happens between me and Veronica has nothing to do with you. I don’t care what you think so I don’t want to hear you talking about it again! Got it!” Linc yelled.

Shaking his head in disbelief Michael stood up from his seat and as he picked up his backpack he glared at Linc one last time. “Whatever” Michael mumbled. “I’m going over to Sara’s to study”

“Do what you want I don’t care” Linc snapped with his arms crossed over chest and glaring at his brother as he left the kitchen. When he heard the front door slam Linc pushed his body away from the counter and started to make himself a snack. Rummaging through the cupboards looking for something to eat and creating a mess as he did it. Reaching into the snack cupboard he grabbed a package of popcorn. After placing the packet in the microwave he strolled over to the t.v to see what was on. When he heard the beep on the microwave go off he got up from the couch and as he poured the hot buttery popcorn into a bowl then he heard the sound of the doorbell.

Stopping in the mist of pouring he glanced towards the hallway wondering who that would be. Setting down the bag and bowl he slowly moved to the hallway and over to the door to slowly open it and there on the other side was Lisa standing uncomfortably on the porch with a serious but terrified look on her face. Both Lisa and Linc said nothing but stared at each other.
Chapter 61 by 27kate17
~Chapter 61~

It amazing how quickly a person’s life change, one minute you think you have it all and the next a hug bomb drops on you. Linc sat in the dark in the basement staring at the wall in complete shock after his conversation with Lisa. It was less then an hour ago that she had come over to tell him the new and since then sat in the dark trying to wrack his brain around what he had just been told.


Lisa stood on Linc’s doorstep with her arms hidden behind her back and her shoes trying to dig into the porch. She had made eye contact with Linc only for a second when the door opened but after that she looked down at her shoes hesitating on what she was about to do.

Linc stood there holding the door open shock and confused to see Lisa standing on his doorstep. “What are you doing here Lisa?” he asked in a not too impressed tone.

“We need to talk,” she told him.

“Look I don’t know what your up to now but you need to go!” he told her firmly.

“Please” she pleaded as she placed her foot in the doorway to stop him from closing it on her. “I need to talk to you and once I’m done I’ll leave but there is something you need to know” she said in such a desperate tone.

Linc looked at her and couldn’t help but see how scared to looked. He had never seen Lisa Rix look like anything but confidant, pride, high class and the girl her had everything. Right now he looked at a lost and terrified Lisa and he couldn’t help but feel nervous about it. “What’s wrong?”

Glancing around at her surrounding and feeling very exposed from where she stood right now which wasn’t a place she wanted to explain things to him. “Not here, can I come in?” she asked him.

He was a little hesitant at first but finally obliged and opened up the door for her. The last thing he needed was for Veronica to look out her side window and spot Lisa on his porch. If he had any hope of getting back with Veronica he didn’t want anything to interfere with it. She stepped inside and Linc closed the door while Lisa paced in the hallway floor. “Okay Lisa what’s going on?”

Turning to look at him Lisa bit her bottom lip, “You might want to sit down”

“No you need to tell me what’s going Lisa, no offence but I really am not in the mood to listen to you today. Veronica and I are trying to work things out and I don’t need you…”

“I’m Pregnant!” she blurted out.

Linc fell silent and just stared at Lisa in complete shock. His jaw dropped and had to force himself to lean against the wall so he didn’t collapse. His eyes were wide open in disbelief his closed fist was pressed against his mouth trying to pray he had heard her wrong. Neither of them had said anything since Lisa dropped the pregnant bomb. she stood on the other side of the hallway watching Linc nervously for him to react but got nothing.

It felt like hours had past since they had spoken last and it was driving Lisa crazy not knowing what was going on in Lincoln’s head. “Lincoln…”

“How?” Linc snapped at her.

His question surprised her and with a confused look said, “How, what do you mean how?”

“It was just one time and we used protection!”

“Yeah well a condom isn’t 100% effective” Jane explained as she took a few steps towards him.

‘No, no this has to be some kind of joke! You can’t be pregnant I’m planning on getting back together with Vee!” he yelled at her.

“I not joking around Linc” she cried and the stuffed the ultrasound picture into his hands. “Look I didn’t come here to start anything or cause problems, I just thought you should know considering it’s yours but I’m not expecting anything from you” she told him.

“So you’re keeping it!” Linc asked.

“Yes but I’m not pressuring you to do anything” she told him.

“Well whether I like it or not if you tell people your pregnant people are going to put two and two together!” Linc yelled. “God I’m trying to get back together with Veronica I don’t need this!” and then it hit him, how was he suppose to tell Veronica the girl he loved that the person she couldn’t stand was pregnant with his baby. “Oh god Veronica, this is going to kill her.”

“Look you don’t have to tell Veronica anything, no one has to no it’s yours”

“Lisa people know we slept together it’s only a matter of time people start figuring this out, god how could you let this happen!”

Lisa’s jaw dropped in shock that he was blaming this all on her. “Well if I remember correctly you were there two Lincoln! Look forget it just forget I told you!”

“Forget! This isn’t something you can just forget Lisa!”

“Well what do you want me to do?” I gave you an out so take it!” Lisa yelled at him and then quickly grabbing her purse she headed for the door and slammed it shut behind her leaving Linc alone and to think over everything that had just happened.

*End of Flashback*

Sitting back on the couch Linc buried his face in his hands trying to figure out what to do. That one mistake had completely changed his life.

For the rest of the week Linc had complained of being sick so to avoid going to school and having to face everyone. Although no one knew about the pregnancy he couldn’t bring himself to look at his friends including Veronica. This news was going to crush her, he could picture her shocked and sad face when he would break the news that he was having a baby with not only another woman but with someone she hated.

Trying to keep his mind busy with other things he went to the basement to play a little game of pool by himself. The plan wasn’t working and he just seemed to get frustrated as he couldn’t get the balls to go in the hole. Letting out a loud grunt in anger he threw the pool stick at the wall by the stairs and just missed Paul and Derek by a few inches as the two came down the stairs. “Whoa man what’s wrong with you?”

Glaring at his friends Linc scratched the back of his head and then walked over to collapse on the old gray sofa. Paul and Derek watched him closely and both gave the other a worried glances as they saw their friend look lost and helpless. Continuing down the stairs the two boys hurried over to Lincoln wondering what was going on. “When you said you didn’t feel like partying tonight we came right over” Paul explained.

“What’s going on Linc?” Derek added grabbing a stool and taking a seat in front of Linc.

After sitting there in silence for what seemed like forever as he looked down at his feet contemplating how he should explain this he let out a troubled sigh. The was only on way to do this, deciding to rip off the band aid of this secret he whispered very quietly, “Lisa’s pregnant.”

At first both Paul and Derek thought they had heard wrong but when they both realized what Linc had said a look of panic showed on their faces. “What are you sure? How? Is it yours?” Linc heard his friends start to ramble on and throw like a hundred questions his way trying to get all the facts.

“Oh god what the hell are you gonna do and what about Veronica man?” Paul yelled.

“Fuck I know I know!” Linc yelled back as he jumped off the sofa and began pacing the floor. He was so stressed out and his body was tense as he tried to think what to do. There was no way out of this and whether he liked it or not Lisa was pregnant. “God I mean how the hell does one stupid idiotic mistake change everything. One minute I’m thinking on planning to get Veronica back and the next thing I know Lisa’s fucking knocked up and now what?” he yelled at Paul and Derek not really sure if he wanted an answer from them or if he was just venting. “What am I suppose to do?” he whispered as he leaned against the far wall and slid down into a huddled position.

Sitting there is silence with his head down Linc didn’t even move nor did Paul and Derek who were still dumbstruck by the whole thing. Suddenly as Linc was hunched over he heard the front door open upstairs and the sound of keys being dropped on the front hall table. “Hello?” Linc heard his mother call and then just like that his heart started to pound faster and faster. He knew what he had to do whether he like it or not. He had to tell his mother and face the disappointment in her voice to come. The only thin harder then telling his mom was telling Veronica.


For Sara and Michael it was another late night at the library as the worked frantically to finish their project. The two were huddled over by a computer in the corner finishing the last minute touches to their project. “There I think that just about finishes it” Sara said cheerfully.

“Finally” Michael whispered close to Sara’s ear as he ran his fingers across the back of Sara’s neck and let his hot breath tickle the side of her face causing Sara to giggle in delight. When he heard her laugh Michael couldn’t help but chuckle and kiss her shoulder. “It will be nice to be done school for the summer” Michael said his head rested on her shoulder while he read their paper on the computer screen.

“You’ve got that right” Sara told him and then turned to kiss his forehead. “But seriously I think our prison Fox River will defiantly get an A” she told him.

“Well unless we print it and hand it and do the presentation we’ll never know so lets print this puppy” Michael said happily as he clapped his hands together and headed to the printer while Sara pressed print on the computer. After clicking okay she felt a huge weight being lifted off her shoulder. Getting up from her seat she walked over to the table where her and Michael as all their work spread out. Gathering up their papers she put them in her bag and then looked around for Michael knowing he should be done by now.

“Michael” she called as she left her bag and their stuff behind and headed over to the printer over by the bookcases looking for him. Glancing around the area she jumped a bit when someone took her by the waist and twirled her around and pressed her body against the bookcase. Sara couldn’t help but smile as she realized it was Michael and wrapped her arms around his neck. “What is this?” she asked just before Michael leaned in and kissed her.

Sara heard herself moan and let her body relax into his as his hands trailed up and down her sides. When he pulled away she whimpered in protest and Michael just smiled at her as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a paper origami rose and held it in front of Sara’s face. She couldn’t help but smile as she accepted the rose and brought it to her nose as if to smell it and twirled it in her fingers. “You really need to show me how to make one of these,” she told him.

“I’ll get right on that” Michael said with a chuckle as he leaned in again for another kiss and this time slowed it down and held Sara even closer as the kiss deepened. Pulling her closer his hand ran up the side of her body and into her soft silky auburn hair. Her heart was racing with excitement and her arms tightened around his neck enjoying the pleasure.

“Just imagine a summer of you and me lying around the pool in the hot sun, wearing nothing about bathing suit, late nights together and doing what ever we want” Michael whispered in a hot husky voice that made Sara’s toes curl in excitement.

“Sound like heaven, let’s get this project handed in and finished our exams” Sara whispered in his ear before pulling him back in for another passionate kiss.

After collecting their finished paper and the rest of their belongings Michel and Sara ran to the library exit hand in hand. Both were very touchy and flirty with the other as they headed out into the parking lot twirling around in each other’s arms. Sara giggled as Michael would swing her out and then pull her in close for a kiss. His arms helping to support her as she was walking backwards down the street as they kissed.

He loved the way she giggled around him, it was so refreshing and he couldn’t get enough of her. Cupping her face he pulled her in for another kiss while also trying to stop her from falling while she walked backwards with her arms around his torso. “If I fall or run into something it’s your fault” Sara warned him as she is not quite exactly sure where she’s going. “I’m watching” Michael laughed. As they continued the kiss Michael glanced behind Sara and then started to freak out. “OH MY GOD WATCH OUT!!” he called out pulling her closer to his body.

Sara jumped and let out a scream and grasped hold of Michael as tightly as possible and didn’t dare to look to see what was behind her as she pretty much crawled on top of Michael in the process. Suddenly the sound of Michael laughing made Sara look up at him all confused and when she turned to see what was behind her she saw nothing, they were alone on the street. “GOSH DON’T DO THAT!” Sara cried as she slapped Michael’s chest in disapproval of his little joke. “I thought I was going to hit something.”

“Your face was priceless” Michael said while his laughing had yet to stop.

Glaring at him with the coldest look she could do she turned her back to him and started walking away from him trying to show how angry she was. Yet her anger went away when Michael ran up behind her and wrapped his arms around her while the walked and kissed the side of her face trying everything he could to get her to smile and unfortunately for Sara she couldn’t keep the straight face. “I’m sorry,” he said against the side of her face.

“You should be” Sara told him and when she looked up she noticed they were now in front of Michael’s house. It was dark but when they looked at the house they saw a light on in the kitchen and they were loud voices coming from the house and Michael was sure it as yelling. “I wonder what’s going on?” Sara asked still in Michael’s arms standing there looking at the house.

“I’m not quite sure” Michael answered her as he took her hand and lead her up the driveway to the front door while Sara held on to their project bristle board. The closer they got the louder the yelling got, Michael glance back a Sara as they stood a the door wondering what Linc must of done because they hardly ever got is fights with their mother. With a deep breather Michael turned the door hand and then pushed it open. As they stepped inside he could hear his brother and mom in the kitchen just down the hall. “Wonder what Linc did now?” Michael said softy to Sara.

Suddenly catching both teens off guard Michael’s mother heard the front door shut and saw Michael and Sara standing there. “WHERE HAVE YOU TWO BEEN?” she yelled at her younger son.

Michael was a little shocked by her outburst considering he had called her earlier to explain how he was going to the library with Sara to finish their project. Holding up their Bristol board that Sara had just leaned against the wall Michael answered, “The library like I told you.” He was still confused as to what was going but only got a nodded from his mother before walked back into kitchen with Linc.

“God Linc how could you be so careless” Christina moaned as he paced the floor looking exhausted.

“I didn’t do it on purpose, I mean it not like I woke up that day and said hey I think I’ll get Lisa Rix pregnant today” he snapped back.

“Lisa’s pregnant!” came Michael’s voice and both Linc and Christina turned ort see Michael and Sara standing in the kitchen doorway now.

“Shut up Michael!” Linc yelled.

Feeling like she was intruding Sara stepped behind Michael and tapped him on the shoulder. As Linc went back to arguing with their mom Michael turned to Sara. “Look I think it’s best I go, it’s getting late so I’ll see you tomorrow” she whispered. Still in complete shock of the news he had just heard about Linc Michael nodded his head and gave Sara a quick kiss before she headed for the door and left quietly.

Turning back to his brother and mother he saw them both fighting tears although Linc would defiantly deny it later. “Okay I need to go lie down this conversation is making my head spin” their mother said and then quickly left the room and headed upstairs where she slammed her door.

Still full of anger although not sure are who, maybe himself Linc grabbed a plastic cup from the counter and threw it at the wall. Michael watch his troubled brother as he rubbed her forehead trying to figure out what to do and left the kitchen and went to collapse on the sofa then bury his face in his hands out of total exhaustion. Quietly Michael followed his older brother and went and sat next to him trying to give him the support he need at the moment. Patting his back Michael comforted his brother as he finally let the tears he could no longer hold back fall. “I don’t… I don’t know what I’m going to do” Linc cried, “God the only thing I do know…”

“Is that you’re going to be a father,” Michael said softly.

“I’m going to be a father.”
Chapter 62 by 27kate17
~Chapter 62~

As the days slowly went by there were many different rumors going around about Lincoln and Lisa. Neither of them had done as much as acknowledged that the other person existed and the once spoiled rich loud mouth Lisa Rix didn’t seem like herself at all these days. The only one who didn’t seem to know anything was going on was Veronica and that was because she was away in Washington DC for a class field trip for Law, which was in Lincoln’s opinion that best thing until he figured this whole thing out.

At lunch Sara and Jill were making their way thought the cafeteria line while listening to the whispers of the other student as they pasted them.

“I hear Linc and Lisa are still sleeping together even when he is trying to get back into Veronica’s pants”

“Someone told me that Linc wants something more serious with Lisa but she is still wants to play the field”

“Linc’s playing both girls and Lisa just learn he is still screwing that Veronica chick”

Listening to the other kids talk was really starting to get on Jill’s nerves, although she didn’t have a clue as to what was going on with Linc she couldn’t believe some of the outrageous stories students were coming up with. “Honestly this school is like a freaking tabloid when it comes to relationships” Jill said quietly to Sara as she slid her lunch tray down the counter.

Sara just nodded her head following behind Jill silently since unlike all of these people making up creative versions as to what was going, knew they real story. “It’s definitely crazy, some of the stories people have come up with” Sara answered placing a small carton of chocolate milk of her tray and then followed Jill over to the table where the others were sitting. Sucre, Katie and James were playing cards on one side of the table while Kristine sat on the other side of the table studying science.

Jill started to giggle as she slipped into a seat beside Kristine and peaked over at her notes with a smirk, “thank god I had science last term and I don’t have to memorize that periodic table again” she laughed and nudged Kristine in the shoulder.

“Oh shut up” Kristine scoffed as she rolled her eyes and then looked down at her notes again.

“Oh so now it’s not funny because you’re the one who has the class. I believe I remember someone acting all happy and rubbing it in our faces back in January” Sara pointed out with a smile before taking a bite of her pizza.

Sara couldn’t help but laugh as Kristine started to mumble something under her breath about them. She wasn’t paying much attention and felt herself jump out of her seat a little, out of surprise when someone’s fingers ran across her back and then Michael leaned in and kissed her ear just before he took his seat. “Hey!”

Turning to look at him Sara’s smile grew when she saw him take his seat next to her. “Hey where were you? I thought you were going to meet me at my locker? You never showed up” she asked him.

Biting his lip Michael looked down at his lap before he made eye contact with Sara, “I had to talk to Linc” he mentioned quietly and silently Sara nodded fully understanding.

“Yeah about Linc, what’s going on with him and Lisa” Sucre asked curiously after having heard a bunch of gossip about the two throughout the week.

“It’s nothing” Michael assured him.

“It doesn’t sound like nothing, I mean Lisa seems to be hiding something and isn’t her loud self lately” Katie spoke up before she looked over at Lisa’s table and saw the once queen bee of the school sitting in her seat looking so small and very antisocial with the girls around her.

“It’s nothing,” Michael repeated and this time it was a little more firmly then the last. He hadn’t mean to come off so harsh but when he looked up to see everyone at the table looking at his suspiciously he knew his tone caught all of them off guard. With a sigh Michael scratched his cropped hair and then got to his feet, “I’m not that hungry I’ll see you guys later” he said and then gently touched Sara’s shoulder before making his way out of the cafeteria.

“Okay that was a little strange?” Jill said as she watched him leave and now she couldn’t help but worry about what was going on with Linc.

Looking down at the crust on her pizza Sara pushed her tray forward no longer hungry and started to fidget in her seat as she watched Michael leave the cafeteria looking so troubled.

“Okay now I’m sure there is something going on,” Kristine said after witnessing Michael’s odd behavior and quick escape.

“I should go make sure he’s okay,” Sara said softly as she got up from the table where her friends were sitting and quickly followed Michael out. Gently pushing her way through the crowd she slipped out the door and came face to face with another group of student hanging round the door. There was no sign of Michael in the entrance way so Sara sneaked around the rowdy bunch of girls and headed down the hall and there leaning against the wall at the other end was Michael looking exhausted and completely stressed out. She couldn’t help but feel worried about him as he seemed to be joggling so much on his plate and some of the stuff is totally his problems to begin with. He hadn’t seemed to hear or notice Sara approaching him until she reached out to touch his shoulder. She felt him flinch for a quick second before he realized it was her and then he seemed to calm himself down and let out a tired sigh as his head fell back to rest against the old stone wall of the hallway.

“Hey, you okay?” she asked his softly as her hands came up to cup his face to caress his cheek and get him to look at her. He looked so exhausted and lost, he appeared to be not sleeping and this worried Sara considering he was also pushing himself with his studies since exams were less then a week away.

He gave a weak smile and his hand came up to touch her hand that was caressing his face. He gently guided her hand to his mouth and gave her a tender kiss to thank her. “I’m okay, things have just been very hectic these days at home. Linc’s picking fights with everyone, and my mom spends her nights crunching numbers to see how we can handle this financially and every night I can hear her crying… god everything is spiraling out of control” Michael complained and covered his face with his hands as he leaned forward.

“It’ll be okay” Sara assured him as she knelt down and wrapped her arms around him. He let out a shaky breath as he brought his one arm around her waist and pulled close. With her chin resting on his shoulder Sara thought about the plans they had made about a week ago all before the whole thing with Linc and Lisa’s pregnancy came up. “You know we can cancel tonight if you want?” she told him as she caressed his face.

Looking up at her with wide eyes he quickly shook his head and ran his fingers through her hair as she leaned against his body and her arms around his waist. “No, no” he told her again and again while shaking his head. “If anything I need this right now. Things are so out of control with Linc that I need to get away from it all even if it’s just for a few hours. Plus we had a bet that I could spend less then ten bucks on a romantic date and there is no way I’m going to let you win”

Sara smiled and leaned forward to capture his lips in a quick kiss before pulling back and with a smirk she let out a giggled. With his hands on her waist and pulling her closer, Michael couldn’t help but smile at her questioningly her mischievous smirk. “What?”

“Well I was just wondering if your mom will even let you out of the house with me especially considering Lincoln’s current situation?”

Michael couldn’t help but laugh as he intertwined his fingers with hers and playfully pushed her away and then quickly pulled her back in to pressed a tender kiss to her forehead. “I’m consider the good son so I think we’ll be okay.”

“Well you may be the good son but that don’t mean that I’m the good girl” Sara said flirtatiously before leaning in for another kiss.

“Oh really?” Michael said with a laugh as he pushed his body away from the wall. Finally forgetting about all the problems his family had to deal with a the moment he wrapped his arm around Sara shoulders as they walk down the hall, pressing her body against his and as Sara wrapped her arms around his waist he leaned his down to capture her lips while giggling and walking down the hall.

Around 7:30 o’clock Michael walked up to Sara’s house holding a picnic basket and made his way up the steps of Sara’s house dressed in a pair of black dress pants and a button-up collared burgundy shirt. After taking a deep breath Michael reach forward and rang the doorbell. Once he could hear the doorbell chimes in the house go off he took a step back and patiently waited for the door t open.

When the door opened Sara’s mother; who seemed to be in great spirits now days after discovering she was cancer free welcomed him in. She quickly greeted him and stepped back so that he could enter the front foyer as they waited for Sara to come down stairs.

“Sara, Michael’s here!” her mother called up the stairs. She was answered by Sara’s voice calling back to let them know she was on her way down. Michael bit his lip as he waited patiently for Sara to join them. It didn’t take long as they soon heard her footsteps as she descended down the stairs. Looking up at her Michael couldn’t help but feel his heart start to race as she smiled at him. She had on black capris with a dark purple palm-printed halter-top with a small black-jeweled bust to complete the top.

“Wow you look…” was all Michael could stutter out as he got lost in her beauty before her eyes.

Sara felt herself begin to blush and quickly looked away from him and ran her fingers through her long straight auburn hair that seem to have a lot of red coming out of it tonight. “Thanks” she managed to say.

“Well we should get going to we don’t miss dinner and the show” Michael said quickly as he put his hand out to hold hers as they made their way out the front door.

“Not too late,” Sara’s mom called out to them. “Your not on summer break yet, there are still exams to write!” she told them as she waved goodbye to the two teenagers as they ran down the driveway and waved back to her.

Once they were no longer had parental eyes on them Michael turned to face Sara and gently cupped her face before leaning in for a passionate hot kiss. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that,” Michael told her once the two finally came up for air and rested their foreheads together.

“Things still hectic with Linc?”

“Yea but I don’t want to talk about it, not tonight because tonight is about you and me” Michael told her and Sara couldn’t help but feel the chills running up her spine as she leaned in for another kiss.

Making the their way through the park hand in hand Michael was holding on to a small picnic basket and leading them up a small hill that had a great view of the sunset. Setting the basket down by the big willow tree Michael turned around to see Sara standing their looking up at the sky. “I told you it was a going to be a beautiful show,” he whispered as he strolled up behind her and wrapped his arms protectively around her.

She felt his lips brush up across her cheek and her eyes closed as she relaxed in his arms. Everything felt so perfect right now, nothing could ruin this moment for them no matter what everyone else in the world was going through at the time. “It’s beautiful Michael” Sara told him in a hushed whisper before turning her head slightly towards his face and leaning in for a kiss while her arms wrapped around herself and holding his arms tighter.

When they broke Michael couldn’t wipe the smirk off his face as he released his hold on her much to Sara dislike and moved over to the basket to unpack their dinner. Taking off the lid he pulled off the blue blanket that had been neatly folded up inside the basket and threw it up in the air while still holding on to one side and letting it spread out over the grass.

Turning around to watch him Sara was in aw, as Michael seemed to have thought of everything while still remaining under their deal budget. Taking out some battery-operated candles that he had found in his basement storage closet he switched them on and set them out on the four corners of the blanket.

“Well it’s this romantic!” Sara said cheerfully as she kneeled down on the blanket and admired the candles.

“Yeah I figured we would use the ambiance,” Michael said with a chuckle.

“It’s perfect,” she told him and then eagerly waited to see what else he would pull out of that basket.

“Ah sandwich de sous-marin” Michael said in the best attempt at a french accent as he pulled out two six inches sub sandwiches, one with turkey being Sara’s favorite and the other being a BLT, his favorite. “Sorry my french isn’t up to par like yours” Michael said with a smile knowing Sara was quite fluent in spanish and french since she was home schooled.

“I’m actually impressed,” Sara said with a smile as she accepted the sandwich.

“Gee thanks” Michael mumbled teasingly.

“I didn’t mean it like that, I’m just saying you’ve got the accent down pretty well” Sara offered as she leaned over the picnic basket and pressed a slow and romantic kiss against his very eager lips to deepen the kiss.

After their dinner they got settled in the middle of blanket facing the sunset, Michael was leaning back on his elbows and one of his legs stretched out while the other was bent. Reaching his hand out for Sara he pulled her down onto the blanket close to him with her back resting against his chest as they both stared up at the sky that was a mixture of pink, orange and blue colors in the sky surrounding the sun. “I can’t believe summer is almost here,” Sara whispered.

“Yeah it’s been quite a year,” Michael said softly with his lips close to Sara’s ear and he felt her fidget in his arms a bit from his breath tickling her ear. When he heard her giggle and he couldn’t help but smile. He loved her laugh; he would listen to it all day if he could. “What does that tickle?” he asked her as he whisper to let his hot breath against her ear.

“Stop it!” Sara giggled as she pulled herself out of his arms and stood up.

“Hey where do you think your going?” Michael said with his eyebrow arched and scrambled to his feet to chase after her.

When she saw him coming at her Sara felt her body get all excited and ran behind the tree with Michael hot on her tail. Spinning around in the field Michael would wrap his arms around her and then quickly let her go again so that she could run away. With a devilish smile on his face Michael watched as Sara kicked off her dress shoe and started to climb the tree. “What are you doing?” Michael laughed.

“What does it look like?” Sara laughed as she climbed onto a branch one at a time higher and higher up the tree. “What, are you afraid of heights or something?” she teased with a flirtatious smile.

Quickly Michael ran back over to the tree and started to climb up it with Sara giggling above him. When he reached to the point where Sara was he leaned against the tree trunk facing Sara and the branch she was sitting on. “I haven’t climbed a tree in like forever,” Michael said with a chuckle.

Sara smiled and looked over at the sunset, “It’s beautiful isn’t it?”

“Yeah” she heard Michael answer and when she turned to look at him leaning against the large trunk she saw he wasn’t looking at the sunset at all. Instead he was looking right her as the glow of the sun shone down at her auburn hair and gave off a golden glow on her skin. When she realized he wasn’t talking about the sunset Sara couldn’t help but blush as she looked down for a moment. A smile crept up across her face and as Sara raised her head to look at him again her heart was pounding faster and faster. How was she so lucky to have a guy like this in her life?

She bit her lip as she notice Michael leaning in towards her while his one arm stayed wrapped around the tree trunk and after a brief hesitation their lips touched in a slow tender kiss. Soon Michael made the kiss more demanding and his tongue brushed over Sara’s bottom lip. Without much thought she parted her lips and welcomed his tongue into her warm sweet tasting mouth to touch and dance with her own tongue. The moment was so perfect and she never wanted the night to end.

When the kiss finally broke with both of them in desperate need for air Michael’s forehead rested against Sara’s and neither of them said anything. Instead they let their eyes do the talking as they stared into the others eyes of love while the sun went down behind them and the sky filled with darkness.
Chapter 63 by 27kate17
~Chapter 62~

By the next day word of Lisa being pregnant with Linc’s baby started to spread throughout the school. Linc pulled the car into the school parking lot and couldn’t help but notice how many of the students were staring at him. Putting the car in park Linc turned to Michael who sat in the passenger seat and then looked back at Sara in the back seat with a puzzled look. “Do you know what is going on?” Linc asked them while catching a number of students staring at them.

“I’m not sure?” Sara answered as she glanced at the people walking by the car.

Before any of them could say anything Lincoln heard his cell phone ring and when he picked it up and looked at the caller ID he saw it was Paul. Flipping it open and putting it to his ear he said, “Hey man what’s up, how was Washington?”

“Forget about Washington, man pretty much everyone knows, you better start doing some damage control” Paul said quickly.

“Knows what?” Linc asked, as he looked back at all the students walking by the parked car where him, Michael and Sara were still sitting. Suddenly everything that he had been dealing with came crashing back to him, about Lisa and the baby; his baby. Falling back in his seat he remained silent as he tried to think of what to do, and then a horrible realization hit him. If Paul was back from Washington that meant Veronica was as well. “What about Veronica?”

“Relax she doesn’t know yet, she was sick yesterday on the ride home so I doubt she will be here today” Paul assured him.

Closing his eyes and letting out a sigh of relief, he had at least a day before word got to Veronica about the baby. “I’ll see you in a couple minutes” Linc said and then flipped his phone shut.

“What’s going on?” Michael asked as he saw Linc open his door to get out of the car.

“Secrets out” Linc said and slammed his door shut.

Michael and Sara followed Linc and had numerous questions about everything. Throwing his backpack over his shoulder Linc headed for the front door and doing his best to ignore the stares from the people around him.

“What about Veronica?” Sara asked him knowing she was the one person Linc was afraid would find out from someone other then him.

“She’s not here today, she’s sick” Linc explained feeling pretty confident about that statement.

“Linc it’s the 21st century, people have cell phones and internet. You don’t have to be in the same room to talk now,” Michael explained. “Plus high school likes spreading gossip”

“Yea well I can’t think about that right now” Linc turned to say to his brother before swinging open the front door and walking into the front foyer full of students talking.

Looking around at everyone Linc bit his lip as he saw a few student point and stare at him. Michael and Sara remained standing behind him glancing at each other knowing that this was going to be a long day.

“Well look who finally showed up!” came Jess’ voice as she came storming up to Linc looking angry as yell. “When were you planning on filling the rest of us in on this. What about Vee!”

“Relax Jess, I know Vee is your best friend but this has nothing to do with you” Linc snapped at her.

“The hell it does, Veronica is my best friend and I had to help her pick up the pieces when you slept with Lisa. How could you do this to her!” Jess screamed and hit Linc on the forearm. Quickly Derek stepped forward and pulled Jess away from Linc, but he wasn’t able to shut her up as she continued to yell and with every word was like another knife is Linc’s heart. “Your fucking lucky she forgave you for sleeping with Lisa but a baby changes everything Linc!”

Linc could only stand there frozen in his spot as everything Jess said hit him. He may hate what she was saying and wanted her to shut up but it didn’t mean she wasn’t right. There was a big guarantee that Veronica and him could never be a couple again.

With everyone watching Jess’ little out bust at him, Linc dropped his head down and headed down the hall trying desperately to escape the eyes of everyone around him. Michael and Sara still stood in the middle of the foyer holding hands and glanced around at everyone. Michael looked down the hall at his brother with Paul and Derek and then over at Jess, Jill and the others standing by the stairs trying to calm Jess down. “I should go see how Linc is,” Michael whispered and Sara could only nod.

There was so much anger and it looked as if people were going to pick sides. Looking up at her boyfriend Sara knew he had to be there for his brother, and when she looked over at Jill and the girls there was no doubt they would support Veronica in this mess. She felt torn between being there for Linc, who was not only her boyfriends brother but also her friend or Veronica who she was also very close to. It was teen drama like this that made Sara think it would drive her insane.


After first period Sara was walking over to her locker alone with her book in hand. Balancing them in one arm she unlocked her locker and as she swung it open Jill came strolling over and leaned against the lockers beside Sara. “Hey, you’ve been pretty quiet this morning”

Sara smiled at her friend as she placed her books on the top shelf of her locker, “Yea well I think there is enough noise in this school today” she answered.

“Yea tell me about it, its like world war three and everyone is picking sides.”

Before Sara could respond Sucre and Katie joined them. Just like everyone else in the school their big topic was Linc and Lisa. “I still can’t believe she’s pregnant. Lisa Rix, captain of the cheerleading team is knocked up.”

“Lets just say she won’t be doing any flips in the air for quite sometime” Sucre joked with Katie as they approached Sara and Jill.

Sara gave a small smile as she continued to organize her locker. Katie slipped over to stand by Jill and held her books close to her chest. “Hey do any of you know if Vee knows? I know she’s not here today?”

“Don’t know but if I were Linc I’d think fast on how to tell her before she find out on her own” Jill said.

“Jess hasn’t said anything yet has she?” Sara asked a little surprise considering Jess and Vee were best friends.

“Not yet,” Jill answered. “She agreed to give Linc until the end of the day to tell her or she would.”

“Well he better think fast because pretty much everyone in the school knows and it will only be a matter of time before word gets back to her.” Sucre quickly said as he glanced around the hall and listened to the main topic that was being whispered down the halls of Crane High.

For Linc it seemed like the longest day ever, he could hear the whispering as he walked down the hall. Paul and Derek had tried to keep Linc’s mind off everything that was going on and keep him preoccupied. It didn’t really work but he was happy to have them there. As the final bell rang to dismiss everyone, Linc quickly headed out the main exit not looking up at any of the people that he passed on the way out.

When he got to the outside he looked up for the first time and saw Lisa walking slowly over to her car. He watched her for a moment knowing that she was the reason everyone knew. There was no doubt in his mind she had told people she was pregnant and had them spread it all over the school and more importantly she wanted Veronica to find out. “Hey!” Linc called out to her as he ran across the school’s front lawn over to Lisa.

When she heard him, Lisa spun around on her heels and saw an angry looking Linc running towards her. Biting her lip Lisa stood in one place and waited for Linc to come to her. “What do you want?”

“I want to know what you’re playing at? Telling everyone that you’re pregnant and that I knocked you up!” he yelled at her.

“I didn’t say anything!” Lisa snapped back at him. “When I went to the doctors office the other day that Bellick kid was there because apparently his mother is the fucking secretary! He must have told people because it wasn’t me!”

“You didn’t do anything to stop him!” Linc yelled back.

“Well I’m sorry I’m still a little shaken up about being pregnant to worry about that idiot Bellick kid and his motives!”

“Yeah well thanks to him pretty much everyone knows!”

Lisa watched Linc for a moment and saw how freaked out and agitated he look and knew there was something else he was worried about. More then anything there was someone he was worried about. “Look Linc I have enough to worry about right now to really care about you and Veronica and her getting her feelings hurt!” Lisa told him firmly. “Now if you don’t mind I have better things to do then to stand here and talk about you and Veronica’s screwed up relationship.” With that said Lisa flipped her hair back and turned around and walked over to her car without even another glance in Linc’s direction.

Shaking his head in frustration and running his fingers over his buzzed cut head, Linc slowly started walking over to his car where he found Michael and Sara leaning up against it in a very serious lip lock. “Get in or you’re walking!” he grunted at them and immediately after realizing they were no longer alone Michael stepped away from Sara.

Without even glancing at Sara or Michael as they climbed into the car, Linc started the engine and quickly left the parking lot and making his tires screech on every turn.

The ride back home was deathly quiet in the car, Linc remained focused on the road ahead while Michael and Sara were afraid to speak incase Linc blew his top off at them. It was one of the quietest rides ever and they were all more then eager to get out of the car once they arrived home. Killing the engine Linc swung open his door and got out, he had so much going on in his mind that he was completely unaware when Veronica came out of her house next door and started walking across the lawn towards them.

“So where’s my welcome back Vee we missed you?” Veronica called out to them when neither of them seemed to notice her approaching them. They were all a little shock when she came strolling across the lawn.

“Gee I’m gone for a whole weekend and I don’t even get a hello?” Veronica joked.

Once the shock had passed Linc quickly shook his head and let out a nervous laugh while he opened his arms to give her a hug. “Oh sorry about that I didn’t see you coming. I heard you were sick so I didn’t expect to see you at all, but here you are so welcome back. How was Washington?” Linc asked her while trying to act as normal as possible.

While he held her in his arms the thought went through his mind that this could be the last time he’d ever get to hold her and he wasn’t ready to let go. His head rested on her shoulder and felt himself relax in her arms while his nose took in the smell of her lavender shampoo. As he held her his eyes looked up at Michael and Sara who were standing a few feet away and both had serious looks on their faces. There was no question in Linc’s mind what they were thinking about.

When he pulled away from Veronica he bit his lip and reached out to push a loose strand of her raven colored hair behind her ear. “Hey you want to come in for a bit?” he asked her and with a smile Veronica headed into the house. Linc was about to follow her when Michael reached out and grabbed Linc’s arm to stop him from following Vee into the house.

Once Veronica was in the house and couldn’t hear them Michael looked at his brother with a firm serious look. “Linc you need to tell her.”

“I will just…”

“Linc like it or not she’s going to find out tomorrow at the latest and that’s not the way you want her to find out” Sara told him.

“Look I just need to find the right time and figure out how to best break it to her, plus she might not even go to school tomorrow” Linc said knowing it was more like hoping she wouldn’t be up for going to school tomorrow.

“Linc if you don’t tell her then I will because I don’t want Veronica finding out from one of Lisa’s friends” Michael told him before releasing his arm and leading Sara into the house after Veronica.

“So we got to meet with the secretary of defense and let me tell you I am debating whether I want to peruse a career in law or politics” Veronica said as she took a seat on the couch in the living room. The others were right behind her and Michael came in carrying drinks and handed one to Veronica before taking a seat next to Sara on the sofa opposite to her.

“Your interested in politics?” Michael asked her just trying to make small talk while Linc tried to figure some things out.

“Well I wasn’t at first but after being in Washington and getting a tour of the White House and everything… Politics is something I might look into more” Veronica said before taking a sip of her soda. “So what’s the new gossip at school?” she asked jokingly.

The other three in the room look at one another nervously and this didn’t go unnoticed by Veronica at all. “What, what happen?”

Biting his lip Michael got to his feet and pulled Sara with him. “Well Sara and I have some studying to do” Michael said just before he gave Linc a firm “tell her” look and then lead Sara out of the room.

Linc began fidgeting in his seat as he position his body on the sofa so that he was now facing Veronica who was sitting on the other side of the sofa. She watched his actions carefully and realized what ever was going on was serious. She started tugging at her long hair and twisting it around her fingers. Neither of them said anything for a couple minutes and the silence was definitely freaking Veronica out. “Lincoln?”

She could see the pain in his eyes and had to fight the urge to hold him because whatever he was trying to tell her must be big and bad. Instead she settled for reaching her hand out and taking his hand in hers. At her touch Linc held a tight grip as if as soon as he spoke she would pull her hand away and he wasn’t willing to let her.

“Something happen or at least was confirmed when you were away” Linc started to say.

“Linc your scaring me” she told him and tried to pull her hand way but Linc wouldn’t let go of his grip. “Lincoln!”

“It’s Lisa” he finished quickly and suddenly the fear in Veronica’s eyes seemed to fade away and was replaced with fury and anger.

“I told you before I don’t want to talk about her!” Veronica said in a firm voice as she tried once again to pull her hand away from his. She was more determined this time and was able to break free, and not being able to sit anymore she got to her and took a few steps away from Linc where he remained sitting on the couch.

“We have to talk about this Vee” Linc begged.

Her body was becoming tense and as she gritted her teeth together as she spun around and glared at Linc from across the room. “Why! Why do we have to talk about her! What she does has nothing to do with me and if you want us to even be friends that you’ll stop bringing her up!” Veronica yelled.

“She’s pregnant Vee!” Linc blurted out in anger. He immediately regretted using the tone he did when he saw the horrified and broken look on Veronica’s face. The room was silent not one of them said anything for quite sometime and the longer Veronica didn’t talk, scream or cry the more frightened Linc became. When she first made a hint of movement and she pointed at him with a shaking hand and there was no doubt in Linc’s mind that she was asking him if it was his.

He wanted so badly to hold her but when he stood up Veronica took a step away from him without lowing her arm as she pointed at him. He tried desperately to hold it together and not break down in tear right in front of her as he slowly nodded his head to confirm her question. “Vee I’m sorry,” he told her.

Shaking her head as the tears started streaming down her face she couldn’t breath. She felt like the room she was standing in was getting smaller and hotter. Her breathing became erratic and Linc looked at her with worry. She had said nothing to him for minutes now and her whole body was shaking uncontrollably. When her eyes met his for the first time Linc felt his own heart start to pound faster and painfully as he saw all the betrayal and hurt in her eyes. “Vee please say something” he begged her.

Instead Veronica’s hand covered her mouth and she quickly turned on her heels needing an escape. She couldn’t feel her legs but they were moving faster and faster as she ran out of the house. She could hear Linc’s voice calling out to her but she didn’t turn around, she just kept on running needing to get away, needing to wake up from this horrible nightmare she was in.

Linc was quick to follow her out of the house but came to a halt on his front lawn as he saw Jess’ car parked on Veronica’s driveway and when he look up by the house he saw Jess holding and trying to sooth a crying Veronica. Jess looked up at Linc for a second as if to tell him with her eyes to leave them alone. Nodded and feeling helpless Linc slowly went back inside his house and stormed up to his room passing Michael and Sara studying in the kitchen.

He slammed his door behind him and started angrily throwing things across his room. Clothes, books, and ipod anything he could get his hands on he threw it across the room as he screamed and grunted. Finally not having the energy and nothing else to throw Linc collapsed in the corner of his room and let the tears that had been threatening to fall all day stream down his face as sat curled up in a ball in his room. That was it he had lost her forever, Veronica and him would never be the same again.
End Notes:
Okay so I've decided to change this into a series. The next chapter will be the last for story and then then I will start a second part. I changed the name to "The Best and Worst Times: Freshmen Year" so the next part will be called "The Best and Worst Times: Sophomore Year"
Chapter 64 by 27kate17
Author's Notes:
Final chapter for this part. Read the bottom for more info.
Chapter 63

As Mr. Mahone talked at the front of the class going on about a boring lecture Paul, Derek and Linc sat at the back of the class daydreaming and watching the clock. Being the last day of school most teachers were having parties but not Mr. Mahone. No his classes went on as if it was a regular day. Doodling on his binder Paul was drawing funny immature pictures and then showing them to Linc who was sitting beside him. “Honestly Mahone seems to have no life outside this school so wants to spend every last second of this school year in hell” Paul whispered and Linc just chuckled softly.

“Something you boys find interesting?” Mahone snapped at the troublemakers at the back of the class.

“I find Science fascinating” Paul said charmingly as he balance on the back to legs of his chair.

“Well at least you’ll enjoy taking it again in summer school then Kellerman” Mahone snapped back at him before he turned his back to the class to write some last minute notes on the board.

Paul slouched down in his chair and did his best to ignore the chuckles coming from Linc and Derek. “Shut up” Paul growled turning to look up at the clock he saw that there was just seconds before the bell would ring. “This is it!” Paul said with a grin as he tossed his pencil down to the desk. “Summer here we come!”


The three boys let out cheer and jumped out of their seats and tossed pieces of paper up in the air. “KELLERMAN, BURROWS AND SWEENY THAT WILL DO!” Mahone growled at them.

“Aw come on Mahone, cheer up it’s summer, you get to spend two whole months without us” Linc teased.

“I think he’s going to miss us” Derek chimed in.

“Give me a break and get out of here!” Mahone grumbled as he moved to his desk and away from the kids as they packed up their stuff. “See you in September Mahone!” Linc called as him and the others grabbed their bags and left classroom.

Standing in the hallway the guys looked down the hall at all the students holding their yearbooks and getting their classmate to sign them. “So you got the stuff?” Derek asked with a smile.

“Yea in my locker” Paul said with a grin. Calling out and sing school’s out for the summer the boys danced down the hall. Random kids from their classes passed year’s books to them and they each signed them and let the books travel down the hall. When the got to Paul’s locker the guys couldn’t hide their excitement. Swinging it open they found a number of balloons, party horns and streamers.

“NO MORE SCHOOL!” Linc cheered and then blew up a balloon and then sent it flying around the hall. A lot of other kids got in on the fun and before long the sound of party horn and cheers filled the halls and streamers and balloons flew around them.

Leaving their classroom both Sara and Sucre joined the madness in the hall, they were both very speechless. Kids were going nuts emptying their lockers and celebrating with friends. “Wow this is crazy” Sara said in amazement as she watch all the students.

“Oh yea this is your first last day of school” Sucre said remembering this Sara had been home schooled until this year. “Middle school was kind of like this but with fewer students,” he explained as they tried to make it down the hall.

Dodging in between students they finally found some familiar faces as Jill and Michael were busy cleaning out her locker. Upon seeing Sara and Sucre approaching Michael smiled at her but before he could say or move towards her Jill beat him to it and started jumping up and down in front of Sara. “Oh my god finally school is all over and we have two whole months to do what ever we want! It’s going to be so awesome!” she squealed as she wrapped her arms around Sara.

Sara couldn’t help but smile as she thought about the summer she had ahead of her. Over the last year of school she had made so many new friends as well as found the perfect boyfriend. As Jill went on about everything they could do over the summer from staying up late, going to the beach, camping and shopping. Sara smiled and made a glance over at Michael who was talking to Sucre. She also couldn’t wait to a perfect summer with Michael.

“Alright what do you all say we get out of here so summer can begin!” Jill said with a smile and turned to collect her bag that was sitting by her empty locker. As soon as Michael swung his bag over his shoulder he then stepped forward to wrap his one arm around Sara and press a kiss to her temple. “So how was your last day of grade nine?” Michael asked her as the walked down towards the school exit.

“Well obviously all the students seem to go insane about,” Sara said with a laugh as her arm went around Michael’s waist. The gang headed out of the school and were met by more students celebrating on the front yard of the school. Looking around almost everyone seemed to have a smile on their face.

“This is madness,” Jill laughed and then when she spotted Kristine and Katie by the big oak tree she waved to them. She glanced around the yard and then all of a sudden James popped up in front of her. “Hey babe!” he said with a smile before cupping her face and giving her a tender kiss.

Suddenly a loud booming noise came from behind the gang and as they turned around one of the seniors, Anthony come out with a big boom box resting on his shoulder playing loud up beat music. The others couldn’t help but laugh and then running out behind him was Linc, Paul and Derek cheering and yelling out “No more school!”

Sara leaned back into Michael’s chest as she watched the guys jumping and fooling around. For the most part her eyes were on Lincoln who she couldn’t help see was in a better mood then he had been for the last week. “Linc seems to be enjoying himself,” she mentioned to Michael quiet enough so no one else could hear.

“Yeah well he said he wanted this one day, one without mentioning Lisa, Veronica and the situation. He knows he has to take responsibility and deal with the baby thing and all but he just wanted to have this one-day because he has the whole summer and the rest of his life to worry about that stuff. He knows it won’t go away but for one last time he wants to feel like everything is alright,” Michael told her before leaning in and pressing a kiss on her cheek from behind.

The two were then brought back to everything that was happening in front of them when Anthony, the one with the boom box started shouting to get the attention on everyone in the yard. “Hey, so seeing as this is the last day of high school ever for some of us, I say we end it with a football game!”

Linc, Derek, Paul and a bunch of the grade eleven players all joined in on shouting and agreeing for a game of football. “TO THE FIELD!” Linc yelled and got everyone in the crowd to cheer.

“Crane high rocks!” Sucre yelled getting into the moment and everyone cheered back at him as they all ran down to the field. “Lets go mami, ain’t no way we can do this without our star left wide receiver” he said with a smile.

Jill’s smile grew and after giving James a kiss for good luck she followed Sucre down onto the field to join her teammates. They split themselves up into two teams and got right to playing while other students in the stands cheered and yelled out chants.

As Sara and Michael sat with James, they were soon joined with Katie and Kristine to watch the game. They all had smiles on their faces as they watched the football players on the field try showing off all their ticks and having a blast. At one point Michael looked behind him at the people in the stands and caught sight of Veronica and Jess sitting at the top. He saw the smile on Vee’s face as she laughed with Jess and Michael couldn’t help but feel happy that Veronica seemed to be having a good time even with everything that was going on in their lives.

It was good to see her smile for ones this week, because just like their rest of them she needed this day, a day of fun and laughter because soon reality would kick in again and everything they had to deal with. It had been quiet a year here at Crane high, one that started with Michael and his friends staring grade nine at a new school, Sara starting school for the fist time and meeting everyone and becoming very close. At the beginning of the year him and Sara weren’t dating and now he couldn’t imagine not being with her.

At the beginning of the year Lincoln and Veronica were so happy but now were dealing with broken hearts, betrayal and a pregnancy. Things changed so quickly here at Crane high and no ones life was they same. So much was ahead of them that would be hard and life altering but at least they would have this one-day. A day with them all having a good times with each other and a perfect way to end the school year and begin what should be an interesting summer holidays.

(but to be continued in part two.)

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Okay so as a mentioned before I'm going to split this story into parts so this chapter completes part one. i will soon post part two so keep an eye out for ~The Best and Worst Times~Sophomore year.
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