~The Best and Worst Times~ Freshmen Year by 27kate17
Summary: High school is a whole new world for teenagers to discover as well as find themselves. Teen drama of love, lust, control, curiousty, danger, lost, temptation are a few of many experiences teenagers go through during this time in their lives. A young Michael Scofield starts high school with his close friends and together they face all the new challenge that high school throws at them. High school is a major event in a persons life, it is both the best and worst time of ones life. Enjoy!
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Genres: Angst, Drama, Family, Fluff, Friendship, Humor, Romance
Pairing: Lincoln and Veronica, Michael and Sara
Warnings: Original Characters, Sexual Situations, Underage Sex
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Series: The Best and Worst Times
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Chapter 1 by 27kate17
Chapter 1

“Woohoo, last one is the pool is a rotten egg!” Lincoln Burrows called as he jumped into the pool.

Right behind him was Michael Scofield Lincoln’s bother and Veronica Donovan Lincoln’s girlfriend, they were followed by Fernando Sucre, Jill Rose, Nika Volek, Paul Kellerman and Kristine Kellerman. The close friends laughed as they played in the pool together. Tomorrow was the first day of school and for Michael, Fernando, Nika, Jill and Kristine it would be the first day of high school. The group had spent countless days and nights together doing stuff like swimming in the Burrows and Scofield pool over the summer break. Tomorrow they would start a new chapter in their lives.

“Well I hope you guys enjoy your last hours of freedom because tomorrow Principal Henry Pope controls the next four years of your lives” Paul warns them.

“I can’t believe how fast summer went” Jill said.

“I know seems just like yesterday we graduated middle school,” said Nika.

Lincoln splashed in the water and then turned to the others. “Oh and by the way, at school you don’t know V, Paul or me because we don’t associate with niners” Lincoln jokes.

Michael swam over to his brother and put Linc in a headlock and pulled him under water. The others laughed at the two brothers as they wrestled in the pool. After a few minutes Paul and Sucre joined in. The girls took this time to hop out of the pool and dry off. “Boys they never grow up” Veronica laughed.

“Yeah” Nika said as she watched Michael.

The guys finally got out of the pool to dry off. It was getting late and everyone had to start getting home and ready for school tomorrow. Paul and Kristine were first to leave and followed be Sucre. Veronica made her way over to Linc on the patio and sat on his lap. “Well tomorrow it’s back to reality,” she said and giving him a kiss.

In the house Michael was finishing cleaning up the kitchen. Nika wondered in after getting changed in the bathroom. “So are you excited” Nika asked him.

“Yeah I guess, it will be different,” Michael says while putting the last few dishes away.

Nika moved over and put her hands on the counter and licked her dry lips. “So what are you doing after school tomorrow?’ she asked.

“Ah Sucre and I might be getting together” he tells her.

While they stood in silence Jill entered the room. “Well Nika it’s time to go, my mom is here to pick us up,” she told her.

They said their goodbyes to Michael and the two girls left. Jill and Nika chatted all the way to Nika’s house and promised to meet up tomorrow at school. “So are you excited?” Jill’s mom asked her as they left Nika’s place.

“Yeah and nervous” Jill admitted.

Once they got home Jill got out of the car. She looked over at her neighbor’s house and realized there was movement in the house. “It must be the new neighbors,” she thought. She saw a girl with auburn hair sitting on the front porch. She looked to be about her age and wondered of she was going to Crane High as well.
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