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Alright, what to say? For the most part, I, Vee Donovan, am a recent inductee into the world of Prison Break, all it's trappings and the fandom itself. I really enjoyed the first two seasons of the series and are only continuing to watch Season III and IV/The Final Break (which are alright in small intervals) because I get to see more Lincoln Burrows (who is, without a doubt, my favorite character in the series) and need some serious closure outside of wikipedia descriptions. Besides that, the relationship between Lincoln and Michael is another aspect of the series that I totally adore. In regards to pairings, I like MiSa alright (but not for extended periods of time. Too much focus on Sara and Michael detract from my overall enjoyment of an episode's theme), but Lincoln/Veronica is my OTP as far as this series is concerned (I wish they'd dealt with their relationship and Veronica better than they did). Lincoln/Sara, with the occasional Lincoln/Sofia, are my alternate pairings.

To date I've only written one fic for this show, but I'm hoping to get another one out and rolling before my phoenix flame dies out for the time being and my muse wanders back to something else. Thanks for visiting my profile.

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