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Hi, my name is Sandra and I love Prison Break!

There I said it, phewww wasn´t even that hard :) But seriously, I have been loving PB from episode 1. And since we´ve only had 2 seasons on tv over here, I´m watching via internet.

I just love this site with all those amazing writers. Recently I´ve started writing again, but didn´t feel cinfident enough to post them. But then I decided what the heck, I´ll just give it a try. If people don´t want to read it then I´ll stop posting. But so far so good.

A couple of things about me:

My name is Sandra, I´m 27, gonna be 28 in december. But I have to say, I don´t look that old. :) I had to show ID 2 days after my 27th brithday when I wanted to buy a bottle of wodka (you can buy alcohol when you´re 18, here in Germany) Yup that´s the story of my life. :)

I have a boyfriend and we´ve been together for 6 years now. And two years ago the love of my life, my son Tim was born. YAY!!!!

I don´t know what else to say, so I´ll be going now! Thanks for reading. :)

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