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Chapter 1- Sara Tancredi

At some times high school is like a chick flick movie where the pretty goddess super model type is the popular girl. She’s the one that the football players and pretty much any guy wants to date or just be in close proximity with. Other girls want to be her friend and she has her own little click of girls who will do anything she wants without any questions. She’s the girl who always wins prom queen, finds her place in almost every page on the yearbook that you can’t help but admire sometimes.

Her life seems so perfect… no it is perfect. She is a celerity super star in the making, the designer clothes that her parents will pay thousands of dollars for, the red sporty convertible everyone can’t help but take a second glance at as she drives down the street in it.

Yes life is a fairytale movie for her in everyway possible. Well as great as her life is I’m not that girl, hell I’m not even the kiss up girl to her right of her who serves her on hand of foot just to be called her best friend. No if high school were a movie I wouldn’t really be in it at all, I would be the one sitting at home on a Friday night renting the damn movie because I am nothing like those girls, there are no hot guys knocking at my door looking for me, no the knocks at my door are people looking for my cousin Jane, the popular girl at Fox River High that everyone want to be around and I am the invisible one that no one really knows even exists. Welcome to my world.


The sound of the annoying beeping alarm started to go off on her bedside table, with a groan Sara reached out with her head faced down in the pillow to hide her eyes from the bright morning sun. Once the annoying sound was gone Sara slowly raised her head off her pillow and reached out for her ugly thick brown rectangle frame glasses. When she glanced at the clock she realized it was 7:40 pm. Letting out a gasp when it hit her that there was twenty minutes before class and had missed the bus. Scrambling out of bed she got herself tied up in her blankets and ended up falling off the bed.

Groaning in pain she was sure she had bruised her elbows, getting to her feet she padded across the floor and out of her room and to the bathroom to look at the scary reflection in the mirror. Her frizzy matted auburn hair was in horrible condition but due to time she didn’t have the time to fight with her unruly hair and was afraid that would only anger it more. Running out of the bathroom she headed back to her room to find something to wear. Her selection of clothes was very limited unlike Jane who had pretty much had every new trend.

Searching through her small closet Sara grabbed a pair of ratty old jeans and a dark brown sweater that was three times too big for Sara’s small body but feeling self conscious Sara felt comfortable in this then she would in say a tank top and mini skirt. Grabbing her backpack and stuffing all her notes and books into it she ran down the stairs in a hurry. As she ran through the living room she knocked over one of the hundred of picture frames that had pictures of Jane in the house. In fact if someone were to walk into the house for the first time they would have no problem figuring out Jane lived in the house. Her parents had pictures of her on practically on every wall and any free flat surfaces. Trophies from pageants, dance competitions just to name a few Jane had won decorated the stone fireplace mantel. Making her way to the front door Sara hoped Jane hadn’t left yet and would be able to plead for a ride but just as she opened the front door she saw Jane and her friends speeding off in her sports car without even a glance Sara’s way.

Letting out a deep sigh she made her way around back to pull out her old rusty bike to ride to school and possibly make it before class ends. Praying it would remain in one place she peddled down the driveway and noticed that the handle bar was actually crooked from the front wheel so had to position the handle at a 25 degree angle so that the wheel was straight.

On her way to school she was almost run over twice by cars and also managed crashed into a few trees on the way but by 8:10 she was pulling into the school grounds. She placed the bike in the bike area and ran to the front door and towards her class. The halls were empty and the sound her feet tapping on the floor as she ran towards her classroom echoed loudly. Pushing open the door she felt thirty pair of eyes look up at her as she entered the classroom. Averting her eyes she avoided the stares and smirks coming from Jane and the other girls and the guys were trying to hide their laughter.

“Nice sweater” one of the guys called out which made everyone laugh.

“Thanks” Sara murmured as she slid into her seat with her shoulders hunched over and her head down. She continued to hear the snickering from the other teenagers and then suddenly felt a scrunched up piece of paper hit her in the back of her head.

“Okay, that enough everyone lets get back to work!” the teacher yelled getting everyone’s attention.

Sitting there quietly she started to bite her nails and pulled at her notes and pretended to read them while the other kids seemed to have moved on and Jane was gossiping about the latest and this left Sara to go back to being ignored by everyone. This was the life of Sara Tancredi.
Chapter End Notes:
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