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Story Notes:
Written for the December challenge at forxriver-fic with the prompt "Hot chocolate and a fireplace". Thanks to happywriter06 for the beta.
They may be dead, but at least they’re in Heaven.

Sara means it literally.

The three of them had to talk their way into the place, sure, but they got in. Not that tough for Veronica, whose biggest fault had probably been to dump her fiancÚ. But Sara and the drugs thing? Ouch. And Vee had to intercede on Jane’s behalf and plead a bit – clearly the woman killed a few people but those were bad people. Really bad, bad people. A short stay in Purgatory should do, shouldn’t it?

Vee had a hard time defining ‘short’ in an eternity length context, though. That’s not something you learn in law school, you know?

It’s doesn’t matter thought, the three of them are there.

* *

“A shooting practice ground by a crisp and cold day?” Veronica repeats with incredulity.

“What’s the matter?” Jane asks.

“Spending the whole day at target practice? This is your idea of a perfect winter day?”

“Hey, all that training was useful. I went down fighting. I didn’t receive a bullet in my head.”

“It’s not like I had a gun.”

“A lot of good it would’ve done you.”

“You’re a bitch,” Vee points out in a friendly tone.

Sara nods her head towards their company.

“Girls... girls. Watch it.”

* *

“Eggnog, Christmas lights and carols at your threshold?” Jane wrinkles her nose at Veronica. “You’re such a girl.”

The first notes of Holy Night play in the background, quickly replaced by Jingle Bells because Vee would like something more lively.

“Last time I checked, indeed, I was.”

The pretty and comfortable white gown may hide her assets, but still... it remains pretty obvious, doesn’t it?

* *

A fireplace materializes in front of them and a cup of hot chocolate appears in Sara’s hand. That’s the great trick about this place: you think it, and it’s done – that and also the almost celestial seats. Not to mention the wonderful sights: no damn buildings blocking the view.

Sure, you have to watch your language a bit, but the effort is totally worth it.

“A fireplace and hot chocolate?” Veronica smiles fondly. “You’re quite sappy, aren’t you?”

“I’m classical.”

* *

They had to fight their way in – a tiny bit – just like downwards they fought on their way out. The point is the three of them are there. It’s an association made in Heaven.