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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is my first fanfic in many years. Be gentle with me! :)
Major shout out to my beta, Elizabeth! Thanks for the encouragement!

Oh.. There's also some suggested 'mood music' at the beginning of the chapters. I used the music myself because it helped me set the pace I wanted. I love all the music suggested and happily recommend it.
Muse - Hysteria

“That was incredibly stupid! You’re not getting out of here by playing word games with Michael. You’re going to die. Do you understand me? You’re going to die.” Susan scowled at Sara, towering over her as she struggled against the two goons holding her back from ripping Susan to shreds.

LJ screamed for them to stop, begging Susan to let them go. His pleas went unanswered. Sara had their full attention. Even as Susan continued berating her earlier escape efforts, Sara kicked, clawed, bit, head butted and thrashed around – trying everything she could think of to break free.

“Where’s Michael, Sara?” Susan taunted. “Where is he? You’re never going to see him again!”

Sara managed to get an elbow free before smashing it squarely in the nose of the goon holding her on the left side. Throwing her body weight forward, she drug the remaining goon with her, covering half the distance to Susan before the butt of a gun cracked the back of her skull open, slamming her into unconsciousness.

Susan’s expressing remained mostly neutral at the scene in front of her, looking between Sara’s crumpled form and her goon, cradling his broken nose as blood seeped through his fingers. A flash of annoyance flickered momentarily. “You’re completely useless to me.” Without any hesitation, she raised her pistol and double tapped the trigger, both bullets impacting in the goons chest, efficiently killing him. His body joined Sara’s on the floor, slightly covering her.

In the deafening silence to follow, LJ’s panicked breaths sliced through. The remaining henchman regarded his employer carefully, not sure if he was about to meet the same fate as he awaited further instructions.

“Put her in the bathtub and clean up this mess.”

Without a word he used his foot to roll his ex-partners body off Sara and plucked her body from the floor, throwing her over his shoulder as he moved past LJ. “Please don’t hurt her,” he begged, scared out of his mind.

“She brought this on herself, LJ. We have no choice now but to contain the situation and discourage this from happening again.” Susan moved to the corner of the room, retrieving a duffel bag. LJ watched as the bag was unzipped and Susan removed a tarp, dark apron, long gloves and a hack saw wrapped in a long rag.

His eyes bulged in their sockets, sick realization washing over him. He shook his head, a strangled sob escaping. “What are you going to do? What is that for?”

“Your father forced me to do this. I don’t want to do this anymore than you, but I’m doing what needs to be done. You do what you’re told and you will make it out of here. All your Dad and uncle have to do is stop screwing with me!”

The remaining henchman returned empty handed, intending to carry out the second part of Susan’s order. “Take him with you. Don’t let him out of your sight. If he tries anything, kill him.” Susan barked, slipping the apron over her head.

LJ threw caution to the wind, yelling obscenities and pleas for Sara’s life until he was backhanded so ferociously it knocked his chair over and split his lip wide open. Undeterred, he continued his barrage, shouting from the floor. Though he didn’t hear Susan’s phone over the noise he made, he saw her answer it and his volume increased if it was possible. The last image he saw before the goon closed the door was of Susan, pulling the long gloves on, holding the cell phone between her shoulder and ear. “I’m taking care of it right now.”
Chapter End Notes:
I realize that this doesn't paint a pretty picture for Sara, but stick with me folks. I won't make the same mistake as Fox. :)