Invisible by 27kate17
Summary: High School isn't a place Sara really enjoys and even after attending the school for four years no one really knows who she is or seems to care. So when Fox River High's mysterious bad boy hottie Michael Scofield ask her out it is a complete shock but the question is, is he dating her because he likes her or is it because he is being paid based on a bet and a favor for Jane and her friends. Chapter 28 posted
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Genres: Angst, Drama, Fluff, Romance
Pairing: Lincoln and Jane, Lincoln and Veronica, Michael and Sara, Sara and Jane
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Sara Tancredi by 27kate17
Chapter 1- Sara Tancredi

At some times high school is like a chick flick movie where the pretty goddess super model type is the popular girl. She’s the one that the football players and pretty much any guy wants to date or just be in close proximity with. Other girls want to be her friend and she has her own little click of girls who will do anything she wants without any questions. She’s the girl who always wins prom queen, finds her place in almost every page on the yearbook that you can’t help but admire sometimes.

Her life seems so perfect… no it is perfect. She is a celerity super star in the making, the designer clothes that her parents will pay thousands of dollars for, the red sporty convertible everyone can’t help but take a second glance at as she drives down the street in it.

Yes life is a fairytale movie for her in everyway possible. Well as great as her life is I’m not that girl, hell I’m not even the kiss up girl to her right of her who serves her on hand of foot just to be called her best friend. No if high school were a movie I wouldn’t really be in it at all, I would be the one sitting at home on a Friday night renting the damn movie because I am nothing like those girls, there are no hot guys knocking at my door looking for me, no the knocks at my door are people looking for my cousin Jane, the popular girl at Fox River High that everyone want to be around and I am the invisible one that no one really knows even exists. Welcome to my world.


The sound of the annoying beeping alarm started to go off on her bedside table, with a groan Sara reached out with her head faced down in the pillow to hide her eyes from the bright morning sun. Once the annoying sound was gone Sara slowly raised her head off her pillow and reached out for her ugly thick brown rectangle frame glasses. When she glanced at the clock she realized it was 7:40 pm. Letting out a gasp when it hit her that there was twenty minutes before class and had missed the bus. Scrambling out of bed she got herself tied up in her blankets and ended up falling off the bed.

Groaning in pain she was sure she had bruised her elbows, getting to her feet she padded across the floor and out of her room and to the bathroom to look at the scary reflection in the mirror. Her frizzy matted auburn hair was in horrible condition but due to time she didn’t have the time to fight with her unruly hair and was afraid that would only anger it more. Running out of the bathroom she headed back to her room to find something to wear. Her selection of clothes was very limited unlike Jane who had pretty much had every new trend.

Searching through her small closet Sara grabbed a pair of ratty old jeans and a dark brown sweater that was three times too big for Sara’s small body but feeling self conscious Sara felt comfortable in this then she would in say a tank top and mini skirt. Grabbing her backpack and stuffing all her notes and books into it she ran down the stairs in a hurry. As she ran through the living room she knocked over one of the hundred of picture frames that had pictures of Jane in the house. In fact if someone were to walk into the house for the first time they would have no problem figuring out Jane lived in the house. Her parents had pictures of her on practically on every wall and any free flat surfaces. Trophies from pageants, dance competitions just to name a few Jane had won decorated the stone fireplace mantel. Making her way to the front door Sara hoped Jane hadn’t left yet and would be able to plead for a ride but just as she opened the front door she saw Jane and her friends speeding off in her sports car without even a glance Sara’s way.

Letting out a deep sigh she made her way around back to pull out her old rusty bike to ride to school and possibly make it before class ends. Praying it would remain in one place she peddled down the driveway and noticed that the handle bar was actually crooked from the front wheel so had to position the handle at a 25 degree angle so that the wheel was straight.

On her way to school she was almost run over twice by cars and also managed crashed into a few trees on the way but by 8:10 she was pulling into the school grounds. She placed the bike in the bike area and ran to the front door and towards her class. The halls were empty and the sound her feet tapping on the floor as she ran towards her classroom echoed loudly. Pushing open the door she felt thirty pair of eyes look up at her as she entered the classroom. Averting her eyes she avoided the stares and smirks coming from Jane and the other girls and the guys were trying to hide their laughter.

“Nice sweater” one of the guys called out which made everyone laugh.

“Thanks” Sara murmured as she slid into her seat with her shoulders hunched over and her head down. She continued to hear the snickering from the other teenagers and then suddenly felt a scrunched up piece of paper hit her in the back of her head.

“Okay, that enough everyone lets get back to work!” the teacher yelled getting everyone’s attention.

Sitting there quietly she started to bite her nails and pulled at her notes and pretended to read them while the other kids seemed to have moved on and Jane was gossiping about the latest and this left Sara to go back to being ignored by everyone. This was the life of Sara Tancredi.
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Life isnít a Fairytale by 27kate17
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Chapter 2- Life isn’t a Fairytale

As a kid I never really thought too much about the future like many children. At the age of nine I seemed to have the perfect little family in Phoenix Arizona, I was an only child but I never had a problem with that because I was really close with my parents and we did a lot together like traveling around the world. My parents worked hard and were very successful in the workforce so we could afford to live a privileged life. I had been to many parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia as well as many places in North America all before I was nine. Change wasn’t something a really thought about for my family, I mean I always heard stories about other parents separating, moving away or money problems but I never thought anything could happen to my family because like everyone else says about their own family “It will never happen to us.”

I was wrong, horribly wrong because with in half an hour my life was flipped upside down and has never turned right side up. I remember that I was at my karate lesson on a warm Tuesday evening and after the class I got a ride home with my friend Sofia’s mom and that wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Yet on that particular day my life would never be the same because when we turned onto my crescent I could see black smoke filling the bright blue sky. My house was on fire, the home I had grown up in and had been in earlier that day was on fire.

Much of what happen after arriving home is a blur to me, I remember crying and faceless people that I don’t remember were trying to shield me from the scene but it was useless because if I remembered anything from that day it was my childhood home up in smoke. I lost both my parents that day, leaving me alone in this big world. I had to pack up the little belongings I had including a family portrait that survived the fire because somehow it was in the backyard instead of in my room on the second floor. Thinking back I remember that when my father gave me the portrait he told me it had all the answers because I could always count on family and when I would look at this picture I would know they were never to far from me. That was about six months before the fire. I had to leave the hot desert of Phoenix and move in with my Aunt, uncle and cousin Jane in the cold city of Chicago my dad was never close with his brother but after my parents death they were my only living relatives whether I liked it or not. My mother read me the story called Cinderella as a child and to be honest my way of life makes Cinderella’s look like a picnic.


When the bell rang to end class Sara quickly packed up her stuff and made her way the door like all the other students. She was caught of guard when one of the bigger kids whose name she knew was John Abruzzi shoved her out of way so he could get out of the class and caused Sara to loose her balanced and fall right into the classroom garbage can with a loud thud.

“Oh my god” Sara her Jane laugh as her and her wannabes left the class room

She didn’t even try to get up while kids were still pushing to get passed so sat there uncomfortably in the garbage can waiting for everyone to leave the classroom. “One of these days you’ll be able to walk out of these classrooms without any obstacles” she heard a familiar voice say and as she looked up she saw Lance her one and only friend or at least the closest thing to had to be more accurate.

Putting his hand out he grabbed hold of Sara’s and helped pull her out of the trashcan and brush off all the garbage. Padding her jeans she felt something wet, looking down at herself she saw just what she needed, a coke stain. “Great just great” Sara mumbled pulling down her big brown sweater to try and hide the stain as much as possible.

“You know I hear stains are in style,” Lance explained trying to brighten the mood.

Sara just gave him a look of annoyance while fixing her glasses and pushing her hair away from her face before turning around to get her bag and leaving the classroom with Lance following behind her. The halls were very crowded with students and they would push right passed Sara without a care in the world. One kid ran right in front of her and when he heard his friend call out to him he quickly turned and his backpack that felt like it was full of bricks hit Sara and she started to tumble over but luckily Lance was their to catch her.

“Whoa I think one fall is enough for today,” Lance whispered in her ear as he helped her walk around the guy. They made their way to Sara’s locker but when she was standing about ten feet away from it she came to a halt and stared at the group standing around her locker. “What is it?” Lance asked.

“You know what I really don’t need anything from my locker” Sara tried to say as she spun around on her heels. They were a group of kids Sara referred to as “the schools hopeless kids” because they were seen as trouble makers and juvenile delinquents that the school had come to realize they weren’t worth the schools time trying to help because they didn’t care and their only goal in life is to see which one of them can get thrown into prison the most and the longest. She was sure they all had their names carved into their future cells especially the one who was rumored to have spent last year, his junior year in jail for some kind of fight in a bar he had snuck into with a fake ID.

“Come on Sara” Lance said encouraging and pushing her towards her locker and the gang that was standing around it “Don’t let them scare you, listen I have to go I’ll see you at lunch.” Taking a deep breath she took the few steps over towards the group. They were talking pretty loudly but she ignore them and their pointless conversations and tried to sneak passed them. It would have been a success but the Puerto-Rican one started to laugh historically at something one of the other kids said and backed right into her.

“Oh I didn’t see you there” he chuckled.

“Yea” Sara mumbled as she pushed passed them only to come face to face with some punk leaning confidently against her locker. He was dressed all in all black dark with long messy dark almost black hair that was partly covering his piercing blue eyes. He wasn’t really paying attention to Sara; instead he was flirting to the gothic chick hanging off his arm.

“Do you mind?” Sara snapped not feeling very patient at the moment.

He turned to face Sara for the first time and eyes her closely as if he just noticed her there for the first time and had a devilish smirk on his face. “Mind what?”

“That’s my locker you're leaning on,” she explained.

“What this one?” he asked as he turned to look at the locker his body was covering.

Rolling her eyes she let out a sigh, “No the other one genius” she said sarcastically.

“Oh it’s got a sense of humor Michael” Sara heard the gothic girl say to the guy who was blocking her locker, the tone made Sara uncomfortable as the others started to laugh so quickly she stepped up to her locker and started to unlock it.

“It?” the Puerto-Rican one repeated.

“Oh come on look at the outfit and that scary hair, that is a sad excuse for a girl,” she teased as if Sara wasn’t standing right there. “I mean where did you get those ugly old clothes? The homeless guy down the street who was even too cool wear them?” she laughed.

“Now, now Gretchen” Michael said to the gothic chick while Sara try to ignore them and continue to get what she needed from her locker. “Maybe she like the homeless look” he joked.

Sara couldn’t believe the way they were talking about her while she was standing right there. Pulling out one of her textbooks from the top shelf a separate piece of paper fell out and onto the floor. Quickly Sara turned to pick it up but was too slow as the spanish kid snatched it first. “What do we have here?” he scoffed.

“Hey what you find Sucre” Michael asked.

“Give it!” Sara growled trying to grab the piece of paper.

Sucre held it over his head so Sara couldn’t reach it and as he glanced up at it to see it was some kind of poem. “Well looks like our homeless kid has a dark side,” he laughed reading the poem Sara had written that was filled with dark cold words of sadness and anger. “Hey Mike this poem could be about you” Sucre laughed holding it out to show him.

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Sara snarled.

“She’s a feisty one isn’t she” Michael laughed as he grabbed the poem from Sucre.

“Give it!” Sara yelled at Michael.

“Wow for such a small person you have a lot of anger in you” Michael laughed after reading the poem.

“No I just don’t want to waste my time with people whose main priority is to figure out where they’re going to get high next” she spat at him in a venomous tone as she grabbed her poem from Michael then slamming her locker closed she took off down the hall ignoring the nasty comments they call out to her as she heads down the hall.

Her next class was pretty uneventful and since today was one of the very few sunny days at this time of year Sara decided to sit outside in the school’s courtyard and enjoying the piece and quiet to work on the latest story she was writing during lunch. She found a quiet place underneath a big oak tree that was nicely shaded, finding a comfortable spot sitting against the tree trunk got her materials out of her bag. So focused on her writing she wasn’t aware when Lance strolled over with his lunch bag to sit under the tree with her. “Hey Tancredi whatcha up to?”

“Just some writing” Sara told him without looking up from her work.

“And what’s this one about?” he asked taking a bite of his sandwich.

“Parents of a three year old girl divorce and the father is a cop disappears with their daughter, leaving the mother heart broken an trying to convince the police who are her ex husbands loyal co-workers to help her.”

“Wow sounds deep and interesting but dark, have you ever thought about writing something happy, like a fairytale?”

Sara let out a little chuckle and shook her head but never looked up at Lance while she continued to write. “Fairytales don’t exist, life never has a happily ever after.”

“Well hello Miss. Doom and Gloom” Lance joked.

“Shut up!” Sara chuckled looking up at Lance for the first time. Putting her pen down she ran her fingers over the paper feeling the indent of her work under her finger tips on the smooth paper. She always wrote something based on her mood but she had to admit that many of her pieces were dark and full of misery and sadness. Looking up from the page she rested her head against the tree trunk. Pushing her glasses up on the bridge on her nose and letting out a sad sigh she looked over at a number of student including Jane and her boyfriend of the moment who she thinks named James Whistler, they were hanging out on the bleacher laughing and joking with each other. It had been too long since Sara laughed and smiled like that. For her, life seems to always feel like she is drowning and can’t quite reach the surface, she can see it and how happy others are but can’t reach it herself. Fairytales don’t exist and no matter how much she desperately wants her knight in shiny armor to pull her out of the water it’s not going to happen. Life isn’t a fairytale.
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Inspired Writer by 27kate17
Chapter 3- Inspired Writer

(Sara’s pov)

Writers and authors have the talent to originate or give existence to anything no matter how insignificant it may seem in the first place. They’re able to create something that interest them and explain it or give it a deeper meaning. What inspired the writer in the first place or how the idea came to them can come in many shapes or forms. Some of the best authors thought of their ideas from a simple walk in the park during the early cool spring morning or a dream. Some kind of life changing experience or everyday chores have been known to be the stepping stone in creating a master piece. For me it’s the people around me or objects that seem so simple and one sided that inspire me. I observe the many things people take for granted or don’t give a second thought like family or that small tree in the backyard that doesn’t seem to grow. Everything has a history, a purpose as to why things are the way they are and how they came to be or what is holding them back. When I was younger I never really put much that into it but the loss of my parents changed the way I view life and how I want to communicate with people.

There is always something that inspires us something that changes our lives and a writer response to that call or event through words and trying to help others to see a deeper meaning.


Peddling home was much a challenge as it was for Sara has going to school. Having to keep the handlebars at a 25degree angle the whole time just so she would go straight. Leaving the school grounds she started to bike across the street when it was clear. The sound of screeching tires came out of nowhere caught her attention and when she looked to the left she saw an old gray car that was hardly in one-piece stop just inches from her feet. With a look of horror in her eyes she turned to see who it was and almost immediately she heard the laughter she never wanted to hear again and as she looked at the occupants in the car she felt her blood boil while staring at Michael Scofield and his friends in the car laughing.

Letting out a grunt Sara hit the hood of the car, “Watch it!” she yelled.

“Hey don’t touch my car or you’ll pay for the damages,” Michael yelled at her out the driver side window as he hand pushed his long messy hair out of his eyes.

Sara let a sarcastic laugh and rolled her eyes, “I’ll give you $20 for the whole car, its a piece of junk! Oh and while I do that lets get your hair cut so you can see something other then that greasy mop on your head you call hair!”

Gritting his teeth Michael sat back in his seat and let his engine roar to inform Sara to move or he would run her over. The two glared at each other from a moment and then getting back on her bike Sara finished crossing the street and over to her favorite old used bookstore while she heard the loud sound of Michael’s car speeding off.

Parking the bike just in front of the bookstore so it was leaning against the old gray brick building, she didn’t really see the point of locking it up because what idiot would steel a bike that didn’t ride right. Even if it did somehow went missing while she was inside it wasn’t like she would care considering it was a piece of junk to begin with.

Reaching for the glass door she pulled it open and the door chime went off to inform the owner someone was entering the store. It was a small bookstore that was dimly lit and had the smell of old books as soon as you stepped into the room. For a very small bookstore is had hundreds of old book, their were many narrow dark wood bookshelves that had as many books as possible squeezed into them and then more piled up on top and up to the ceiling as well as piles on the floor. There wasn’t much room to move around luckily Sara seem to be the only customer who came at this time during the day.

Quickly glancing at the books she looked to see if there was anything new she hadn’t read yet. When she got to the center of the bookstore there was a dark wooden check out desk but the owner wasn’t behind it. Assuming she was in the back room Sara pulled off her backpack and set it down on the burgundy armchair to her right before strolling down an isle to look at the books.

Running her fingers over the spine of the books she looked at all the books she had read more then once. Stopping on one in particular book she had read probably a thousand times by now she pulled it off the shelf and started to turn the dull yellow colored pages and gazed over the words inked on the pages. While reading it she could hear some noise coming from the backroom and then when heard the squeaky backroom door opening she leaned back on her heels and smiled when she caught a glimpse of Susan Hollander the bookstore owner.

“Oh Sara dear, I was wondering when I would see you today” she said with a cheerful smile as she walked over to greet her favorite customer. “How are you?”

“I’m okay,” Sara answered a little wary due to what she had experience at school earlier that day.

“So what book had you chosen today?” she asked moving to check out Sara’s book and couldn’t help but laugh when she caught sight of the cover “To Kill a Mockingbird”. “Sara exactly how many times have you read that book?”

“I lost count” she blushed. “Oh I um brought some of my old books to see if you’re interested in reselling them.” Remembering the books she had packed in her bag this morning she walked over to the armchair where her bag was sitting and unzipped it and took out her books. “Here, I’m not sure how many copies you have but…”

She held them out for Susan and she gladly accepted the collection of books and made her way to the other side of the desk and started to type something into the computer. “So did you get any new books dropped off this week?”

“Oh we got a few, um check the front window, an older gentleman brought is some of his old books” Susan told her and with a smile and a nod Sara skipped over to the front window and scoped out the collection looking for something she hadn’t read yet.

“Have you read Bronze Horseman?” she called back to Susan.

“No not yet, but I have heard it’s tale of passion, betrayal, and survival in World War II Russia. Very memorable, which is also what I would like to say about your latest story you wrote.”

“It’s nothing,” Sara said.

“Sara your work is amazing you should really think about getting it published” Susan said with a serious tone.

“Susan you’re the only one who reads that stuff and it’s only because you ask me for them and won’t stop until I give it to you” Sara said with a chuckle.

“Well you may not believe in yourself but I do” she told Sara. “I look forward to your next story.” Sara felt herself blush even more and started to fidget in her spot letting her hair fall in front of her face trying to hide her embarrassment. There was an awkward silence and the only the tapping of Sara’s fingers nails on the wooden desk echoed in the bookstore. “I mean they way you explain things in such deep detail it’s like the readers there or is the character. Your very talented Sara, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

Biting her bottom lip nervously and bouncing up and down on her heels Sara lifted her head and fixed her glasses that were sliding down her nose. “Do you… I mean am I… I don’t know” Sara rambled in a troublesome voice.

“Are you what?”

Looking anywhere but Susan Sara pushed her body away from the desk and moved near a bookshelf admiring the book while still in perfect view of Susan as she contemplated her next words very carefully while thinking back to what some of the kids had said about her stuff. Tapping her fingers on the spine of the book she remained quiet and Susan just stood at the desk waiting for Sara to express herself.

Watching the troubling hurting girl in front of her Susan wanted nothing more then to comfort her. She had known Sara since she first moved to Chicago when she was nine. In the beginning Sara would always wonder over on weekends looking at the books in such amazement. It became a recurring thing and eventually Sara started to open up to Susan a little more and more. She would talk about her parents and about her life in Phoenix and Susan believe that allowing her to do that was important since her aunt and uncle never seem to have time for her. It broke Susan’s heart to see such a young child go through so much at such a young age. Yet she was always please when she would get the odd smile or laugh out Sara either from a happy childhood memory with her parents or over a discussion of a book. She felt very protective of Sara as if she were her own daughter because with everything she had been through she needed someone and her family only seemed to be letting her live with them because they were her legal guardians but never show the poor girl any love which is something a child needs especially when she loses both her parents tragically.

Sara voice brought Susan back to the present and tried to focus on what was bothering her. Sara was pacing back and forth down the isle a couple times but when she came to a stop she looked up at Susan with a troubling face expression. “Am I angry and dark?”

This statement caught Susan off guard and immediately started shaking her head, “No dear, what make you think that?”

“My stories and poem they aren’t happy, none of them really if you think about it. Do you think I could be angry, sad and depressed without really realizing it?

“Where is this coming from?”

With a sigh Sara moved to the armchair and as she set her bag on the floor she collapsed in the chair looking so small and lost to Susan. “Someone said I had a lot of anger in me and that I that I must be sad and depressed because of the things I write about. I never put much thought into it but none of my writing is happy. What does that say about me?”

Setting the books down on the desk Susan walked around the desk and towards Sara. She knelt down in front of her and grasps hold of Sara’s hand to let her know she wasn’t alone, that someone cared about her and everything would be all right. “Authors right when they feel inspired by something so simple it catches their attention and before you know it, it has a different meaning and the story begins. Your stories aren’t depressing, they’re deep; they touch a person and help them relate. There aren’t many people who can do that Sara, but you can,” she said in a quietly and comforting but also firm hoping to get Sara to believe her. Sitting in the armchair Sara was staring right at Susan and felt a smile slowly creep across her face. “There you go” Susan whispered with a smile after seeing the smile.

“Thanks Susan” Sara said wholeheartedly as she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Susan.

“Anytime sweetie, now what books are you interested in today?” Susan asked as she stood up from her spot on the floor and strolled over to the other side of the desk to ring through Sara’s purchases.

“Okay I’ll take Bronze Horseman and To Kill a Mockingbird today” Sara answered getting up from her seat. Picking up her backpack she walked over to the desk and placed her books in her bag and then zipped it up. “Thanks again” Sara said making her way to the door.

“See you later Sara”

Pushing open the front doors of the store she heard the bell go off again and as she returned to the bike that still stood leaning against the wall she waved to Susan one last time through the big window before hopping on the deformed bike and heading home or the place she had not choice but to call home.
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Ugly Duckling by 27kate17
Chapter 4- Ugly Duckling

For some families they only see their cousins once a year at Christmas and for many years that’s what it was for Jane and I, which was fine with me. My dad and her dad never really got along and their different ways of raising children was also a conflict so we avoided each other then for Christmas or if it was unavoidable. Considering we are same age, comparisons were often made between us much to my dismay. She is the pretty one, the busy social life that people can help but gush over when her name comes up. To me Jane has always been so full of herself due to her parents spoiling her and treating her like the woman who ended poverty which is pretty funny considering she’s probably not sure what poverty means. As kids she was always the princess and I was her either servant or the peasant in her make believe game because princesses are super models were pretty and my look didn’t cut it.

After my parents died and I was shipped off to live with Jane and her family I was hoping since I hadn’t seen her for a few years she would have changed and when I arrived there Jane had indeed changed but not the kind of change I was hoping for, she was worse it’s like she thinks the world revolves around her and her alone. When I wasn’t willing to play her game what was left of our very awkward relationship went down the drain. When at school we don’t associate because apparently it’s bad for her reputation and I don’t even think anyone at the school even knows I live with her.

Who ever said families are the people you can always count on to be there for you never had an encounter with my family or Jane for that matter.


In the warm weather Sara’s favorite place to be was in the big oak tree just outside her bedroom window. It offered the peace and quite and fresh air while she read her books or do some writing. For Sara it was on of the popular spot during the weekend so that she could avoid Jane and her annoying friends who were always hanging out in the house. She sat on a thick branch and the leaves helped to hide her from people walking or driving by.

When Sara first moved in with Jane and her family she needed a place where she could go to get away from them but since she was only nine her choices were limited considering she wasn’t really allowed to wonder off. One evening after a fight with Jane and her parent about nothing other then Jane’s amazing beauty and modeling career Sara ran to her room to escape them. She had only been living with them for about a month and a bit but it felt like years of misery and it didn’t help that the hated it when she brought up her parents. The walls weren’t very thick and she could hear still hear Jane’s parents gushing over their daughter, as she got ready for a modeling gig. Needing to get a Sara opened up her window and climbed onto the flat roof surface at the back of the house. She slowly and carefully made her way over to the big oak tree that always blocked the bright in the morning and climbed onto it and finding a comfortable spot where she could hear nothing but the birds chirping and always felt a nice breeze and from that moment on it became Sara’s escape form the hectic house.

It was Saturday afternoon and just like every other Saturday she had her nose in a book and enjoying the silence. “SARA!!!!” she heard Jane’s annoying voice say. Scrunching up her face and clamping her eyes shut she tossed her head back on the tree trunk knowing her moment of silence had come to an end.

Looking over at her bedroom window she saw Jane push open her window and look out trying to Sara. “What the hell are you doing? My dad wants to talk to you,” she yelled from the window.

“Fine” Sara mumbled as she folded the top corner edge of her current page in her book and the closed it.

“NOW!” Jane snapped.

“I said I’m coming!” Sara growled as she stuffed her book into her pocket. Slowly turning her body around Sara hugged the tree as she tried to balance her while she stood up on the branch. Grasping hold of the branch above herself she shifted her feet and hands along the branches and making her way over to the roof on the house. She leaped onto it and strolling over to her window and climbed back inside. Jane had already left her room and probably went down stairs to rejoin her friends. Closing her window behind her she scratched her head and sauntered out of the room and went to see what her uncle wanted.

Taking the steps one by one she could hear the voiced of Jane and her friends getting louder as she got closer to the kitchen and family room. When she entered the room she saw a lot of the same faces she usually saw Jane with although usually during those time Sara was hidden away in her room not wanting to get in the way or have to deal with their taunting. Although they had no idea who Sara was she knew exactly who they were. Sitting on the kitchen counter stools were two girls wearing what was no doubt designer clothes. The curly brunette was Trishanne; she was a very perky girly girl who wore clothes one would think where two sizes to small for her. Beside her was another wealthy girl named Caroline, someone who took pride and joy in humiliating kids at school.

Over at the table were two guys and another girl along with Jane. The guys, Derek and Lincoln were joking a laughing about something while Nika and Jane were doing everything to get their attention by flirting with them. None of the seem to notice Sara at first so they didn’t catch her staring but before she could leave the room, Trishanne seem to notice Sara and looked at her with a puzzled expression. “Who the hell are you?”

Her nasty tone caught Sara off guard but before she could say anything to respond Jane sighed looking annoyed that Sara was there, “She’s my dad’s dead brother’s kid, she moved here several years ago” she growled in a tone that made Sara want get out of this horrible situation as soon as possible. She bowed her head and her messy auburn hair fell forward and covering her face as Sara uncomfortably fidgeted with her glasses.

Being around these kids made Sara so self-conscious because of the way they treated others and on more them one occasion her was the target of their cruelty and yet they never seem to know who she was.

“Meaning she’s your cousin?” Derek asked.

“Yeah whatever” Jane mumbled.

“I didn’t know your cousin lived with you?’ Linc questioned as he stepped behind Jane and glanced over at Sara.

“Oh this coming from the guy who somehow was able to hide the fact he had a brother?” Nika laughed. “What’s his name? Mitch or something.”

“It’s Michael but that not important, I mean last time I talked to that kid was at my crazy mothers funeral,” Linc grunted.

“Yea well at least you don’t have to live with him,” Jane said quietly but loud enough for Sara to hear.

The way they talked about her like she wasn’t standing right there in front of them made Sara feel so small. She so badly wanted to scream at Jane and it idiotic friends who seem to care about no one but themselves. Jane was the one who came looking for her, Sara was quite happy just to hide away form them and pretend not to exist. “Look what is it your dad wants from me?” Sara snapped not wanting to have to listen to Jane and her friend any longer then she had to.

“Oh yeah” Jane giggled as if she forgot why she had interrupted Sara’s reading in the first place. “I need you to clean the kitchen and stuff tonight”

“But it’s your turn” Sara argued.

“Yea well unlike you I have a to get my hair done for a modeling photo shoot I need to go to tomorrow, so you have to do it” Jane explained.


“Because my dad and I said so, god Sara don’t you ever listen?” Jane snapped. “I mean some of us have careers they have to worry about, I mean it’s not like you have a job that has you reading all the time.”

“Didn’t you just have a photo shoot last weekend, when I did your chores the last time?” Sara questioned her.

“Yes but unlike you Sara, I’m expected to be one of the best models in the business in a couple years and it’s not like you will ever be the next sexiest model, I mean look at you” Jane joked making Sara looked down at her appearance while Jane and her friends found the whole situation and idea hilarious. “Sexy and you just shouldn’t be said in the same sentence. So the chores Sara?”

“Fine!” Sara grunted and then quickly turned on her heels and left Jane and her friends and she could hear their laughing as she did so.

‘Wow she’s quite the character” Derek chuckled. “Does she go to our school?”

“Unfortunately yes” Jane answered.

“Really I’ve never seen her before?” Nika stated joining the group over at the table.

“Yeah well she isn’t exactly the type of person you want to remember meeting’ Jane told them and the others couldn’t help but laugh. “She’s nothing but a ugly loner I refuse to let people even suspect we know each other, never mind being related.”

Unknown to Jane and her friends Sara was leaning against the wall on the stairs listening to Jane’s nasty comments. Wiping away the tear in her eyes Sara stopped herself from crying and ran back to her room so no one could see or hear her. Throwing open her bedroom door Sara ran inside and slammed it shut just as she started to break down. Throwing herself on her bed she buried her teary wet face into her pillow. What did she ever do to deserve any of this?
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The Plan by 27kate17
Chapter 5 The Plan

Sara's "pov"

A person’s importance popularity always seems to be decided on where you sit in on the pyramid. The higher you are the more exposed you are and the more people can judge you by how you act, how much money you have and for girls what you wear. There is a lot of pressure to be the best a pretty much everything that matters. Well so I’ve heard. In high school it seems that the only real priorities some of the kids have is who is having the Friday night party and who makes the guest list. All these parties all lead up to the one big one spring break party and who gets to host it is determined by their popularity. Since not every one really has the money or the permission to fly south each spring break one lucky guy or gal host the party of the year. I chance to forget about school and see who can get wasted; this is not something I look forward to every spring break but for Jane and her gang that’s all that spring break is about. Its times like this Jane defiantly doesn’t want me around incase people get suspicious of her and me. This year was no different but in so many ways her plan was like no other she has ever tried to pull.


Setting her tray of the cafeteria’s famous cucumber salad down on the table in the cafeteria Jane let out a troubled sigh as she collapsed into the uncomfortable blue cafeteria chair next to Nika, Trishanne and Caroline. “Okay so it’s settle the big party next is at my place and there is a lot that need to get done, most importantly my unwanted house guest.”

“Sara?” Trishanne question looking over at the sad excuse for a girl who wore clothes she was pretty sure were guy clothes.

“Shhh not so loud, I don’t need that depressing news getting out. It would ruin me,” Jane said taking a bit of her salad. “But seriously it need to be taken care of and soon!” Jane had gone through all of middle school almost all of high school without people suspecting anything and she wasn’t about to let her loner of cousin ruin the best party of the year and have everyone discover they are blood related relatives.

As the girls discussed further what was needed to make the party a success and one people wouldn’t forget they were unaware of Lincoln and a couple of the other guys made their way over to the table and huddled around the girls. “So I hear your having the spring break bash,” Linc said as he wrapped his arm around Jane while she felt herself start to blush. Jane had had a huge crush on Linc forever, she wasn’t sure what it was about him but what ever it was she couldn’t seem to get enough of him. He was year older then her but had failed to graduate with his class last year so was now part of Jane’s senior class. As the months went by and the closer they became Jane desperately waited for the perfect chance to make Lincoln hers.

Remembering what she was talking about and trying to remain focus she answered, “Yeah we just need to take care of a little problem” she nudged her head towards Sara as she was on the other side of the cafeteria looking so unfashionable as she fixed her crooked glasses while she took her seat across from the guy everyone was sure was gay Lance or what ever his name was.

“You mean ugly Betty?” Linc joked. Suddenly Nika busted out laughing as if it was the funniest thing she had ever heard. The other girls glanced over at her questionably because the comment Linc made wasn’t that funny. Nika sat back in her chair and started to blush terribly. She had this huge crush on Linc for god knew how long but it wasn’t ready to have all her girlfriends know about it especially Jane who seem to be just as in love with him.

Shaking her head and ignoring Nika, Jane leaned in closer to Lincoln to whisper so that not everyone in the cafeteria could hear her. “We need to somehow get her out of the house for the good part of the weekend. My parents are planning to go away for the weekend but Sara is a huge loner and it will take a bit of planning to get her out of the house.

“Can’t you just change the locks on the house?” Trishanne offered with a giggled.

“Well changing the locks won’t do much it she is still in the house” Jane pointed out.

“Why not just ask her to leave?” Derek insisted.

“Sara is selfish and won’t do anything out of the goodness of her heart because she doesn’t have a heart” Jane explained and due to all the frustration bowed her head and ran her fingers through her hair irritably.

“Oh it got it!” Linc said excitedly as he snapped his fingers. “We pay someone to take her out”

“Like a hooker?” Caroline asked a little confused as to what Linc was getting at.

“No, no, no” Linc said shaking his head realizing it came out wrong. “We find someone who wouldn’t be caught dead at one of our parties and could use the extra cash.”

The others including Jane sat there and thought about the idea. It did seem possible, there were always kids looking for ways to make some cash for booze and other stuff so it wouldn’t be to hard to find someone who could play the part of a guy interested in Sara just for a night. “Wow Linc I’m am so impress you are quite the genius,” Jane said in a flirtatious voice as her index finger twirled in her hair. “How ever did you not graduate last year?”

“The teachers suck” he said charmingly. Jane smiled and let her slender fingers fall gently on his arm and slowly trail up and down in a very seductive motion.

“So who do you suggest be ugly Betty’s date?”

“How about one of the schools hopeless kids” Linc suggested as he glanced over at the kids hanging around the back corner doing who knows what. They were all dressed in black clothes and gathered together passing abound stuff Linc was sure was probably illegal. Sitting on the back of the old bench at was stuffed in the corner was Michael in a black t-shirt that showed of his full tattoo arms and ripped jeans. It seemed he was busy talking to that spanish kid Sucre and totally unaware of Gretchen trying so hard to get him to pay attention to her in her very short black skanky outfit that Linc couldn’t help but find hot.

“How about Michael?”

“What your brother? Come on you can’t be serious didn’t he go to prison last year for a bar fight or something?” Derek asked.

“So I heard but he’s perfect, I mean he would defiantly need the money for stuff like bailing himself out of jail the next time, he would never be at one of our parties and I’m curtain he would be able to find a way to keep Sara away from your house for the party.”

“I don’t know” Jane said still feeling a bit iffy about the idea.

“Come one Jane, a guy like him is always is looking for some extra cash no what they have to do to get it.”

“So this is your plan?” Jane asked.

“Just leave it to me Jane, I’ll talk to Michael, explain our terms and you just be ready to throw the best spring break party ever.” Linc told her, as he got up from the table feeling confident with his plan.

“All right but he’s got a week to convince Sara to go out with him Friday night” Jane insisted.

“Leave it to me” Linc told her and just like that him and the other guys left the cafeteria hoping to put their plan into action. Jane and the girls stayed behind thinking over everything that was discussed about Sara and Jane wondered it they could really pull it off. Glancing over at Sara and her unfashionably look and then at the messy haired dirty kid in the corner she prayed that with the right amount of money they could convince Michael to go along. Her popularity status depended on it.

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Brothers Broken Bond by 27kate17
Chapter 6- Brothers Broken Bond

(Sara’s pov)

When you’re a small child there is no other person in the world that one looks up then their siblings. As a baby your watch how your older sibling interacts with others and see how they act. By the age of one your goal is to be like them and as you take your first steps all you want to do is follow them. As a person grows so does the bond between them and it’s a unique bond like no other .The bond is precious and one that needs to be nurtured just like any other relationship or the outcome is a horrible picture. As you grow you can learn to look out for each other and help the other because when it comes to family matters they know exactly what you’re going through because they are experiencing that same thing. A parents separation is a troubling time and in some cases the kids are forgotten within the fight and leaving them to lean on each other for support.

When your parent break the promise of always being there for you when they walk out the door the last thing you need is for you sister or brother to do the same thing. When the people you trust most in the world turn their back on you it can be unbearable and you feel as if that special on bond as been shattered like a piece of glass when it hits a hard rock. You feel alone in the world and can’t get yourself to trust again because the pain of watching that one person leaving was too hard. The bond is broken and it feels like you’ll never be able to pick up the pieces and try and build it again.


Sitting on the wall of the front steps in the far left corner Michael leaned against the schools red brick wall and reached into his leather jacket to pull out a cigarette and lighter. Holding the cigarette between his lips he raised his hand to help block the wind as he lit the end with his lighter. When he took that fist puff he pushed his long mess hair away form his face and felt his insides relax, as it had been more then two hours since his last smoke and his last period test didn’t help much to take away the craving.

As he sat their with his one leg hanging down the side he heard Sucre exiting the school chatting up some girls in spanish and Michael had a pretty good idea they had no idea what he was saying to them but that didn’t stop them from giggling annoyingly at his every word. Spotting Michael sitting on the wall Sucre said goodbye to the girls and as they walked away he couldn’t help stare at their asses and imagine what he could do to them and couldn’t stop himself from smiling.

“There ain’t no way you’ll get up in that Sucre!” Michael laughed.

“Oh yeah, just you watch” Sucre yelled back feeling pretty confidant.

With her books held closes to her chest Sara and Lance pushed open the front doors of the school and stepped out in to the warm spring breeze as they talked about their American history class. Neither her nor Sucre were paying much attention but as he was making his way over to Michael he bumped right into her and she lost hold of her books and went tumbling into the wall Michael just happen to be sitting on herself and bumped her head.

“HEY WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING!” Sucre yelled at her.

Wincing in pain Sara brought her hand up to touch the back her head and felt something wet. Pulling her hand away she realized she was bleeding. This was just what she needed. Fixing her hair to cover the spot that was bleeding she slowly got to her feet and fixed her glasses.

“I thought glasses were suppose to help you see?” Sucre taunted and both him and Michael started to laugh.

Lance had reached down to help by picking up Sara’s books and heard Sucre to go on teasing her. “Hey shut up you ran into her!” he yelled.

“Oh yeah and who are you?” Sucre growled as he shoved Lance against the wall. “I wasn’t fucking talking to you!”

“Who are you the boyfriend because dude I thought you played for the other team and well as far as we know even though it’s hard to tell she’s a girl” Michael laughed pointing at Sara as he blew smoke into her face causing her to start coughing when she inhaled the smoke.

“Shut up!” Lance yelled at Michael. “And you get your fucking druggie hand off me!” Lance yelled as he shoved Sucre back and made him loose his balance and tripped down a few of the front steps.

“Hey you fucking ass whole!” Michael yelled, dropping his cigarette bud on the ground he jumped off the wall and lunged at Lance. Sucre quickly got to his feet as well and joined in the fight and throwing punched at Lance. By this time there was a crowd of people circling the fight and chanting while Sara yelled and pleaded for them to stop.

Suddenly Sara felt herself being pushed out of the way as four of the school security came over and pulled the guys off each other. The one security guard yelled telling them they all had detention and if he caught any of them fighting against he would have them suspended and ordered the rest of the students to leave the school premises immediately.

“Are you okay?” Sara asked in a worried tone as she checked his busies and black eye.

“I’m fine” Lance said before leaving Sara to follow the security back into the school along with Michael and Sucre for their detention.

In detention hall there were about ten kids in the room including Michael and Sucre who sat at the back of the class quietly talking to each other and tossing crumpled up pieces of paper at the back of Lance’s head who sat near the front and at the farthest desk possible from them. As another one hit his head Lance bit his lips and tried to prevent himself from turning around and yelling at the two jerks. He hoped that if he didn’t acknowledge them they would get board and stop but that didn’t seem to be the case. “Quit it!” he yelled as he turned and glared at the two.

“Alright that’s enough! I want complete silence for the next fifteen minutes!” the teacher who was supervising the detention hall yelled as he started to walk down the rows of desks.

Finally when the timer went off to end detention they all got up from their seat. Lance was the first one out of the class wanting to desperately miss running into Michael and Sucre while he left. Stepping into the hallway he saw Sara stand up from her spot on the floor against the lockers and make her way over to him. “You didn’t have to wait Sara” Lance told her although he was happy she did.

“I needed to see if you were okay,” Sara told him.

“Oh look his girlfriend waited for him, isn’t that sweet” Michael laughed as he punched Sucre in the arm playfully.

“Go away!” Sara growled at him.

“Oh well aren’t we feisty” Sucre laughed as him and Michael pushed past Sara and Lance and headed for the school exit.

“See yea tomorrow man” Sucre called out as he took off down the school steps.

After watching him leave Michel pushed his messy hair out of his eyes and reached into his pocket for another cigarette. Leaning against the wall he lit it and took his first puff. While he stood there he heard people leaving the school and then spotted Lincoln who was probably just finished soccer practice. The two made eye contact for a second before Michael looked away to take another puff.

Linc said bye to his friends and once they were gone he strolled over to his estranged brother. “You know smoking is bad for you” was all Linc could think to say.

“Gee that’s some great brotherly advice how about get lost and leave me alone!” Michael snapped back.

“Shut up Michael you’re not as tough as you think you are. The messy greasy hair, black clothing, tattooed body, the drugs and smoking doesn’t make you tough,” Linc said.

“Bite me” Michael snapped as he pushed his back off the wall and headed down the steps of the school. Flipping his messy hair out of his eyes he left the cigarette in between his lips and stuffed his hands into his leather jacket not daring to look back at his so called brother while walking down the steps.

Rolling his eye Linc knew that the favor he needed Michael to do wasn’t going to be as easy as he first thought. “Look Michael lets just forget for a moment who we are” Linc started to say as he ran to catch up to Michael.

“What the hell do you want Linc, we haven’t been in the same room since moms funeral last May and we haven’t talk for about four years so what could we possibly have to talk about?”

“God not this again” Linc moaned as he rolled his eyes. “Look you made your decision to stay with mom after the divorce” Linc told him chasing after Michael.

“Well I wasn’t going to live with that son of a bitch!” Michael snapped.

“What, you mean DAD come on Michael don’t be like that” Linc said.

“Aldo treated her like crap no matter what mom did, he was abusive Linc how could you stand by that piece of shit!”

Linc fell silence as he remembered how it used to be before the divorce, their father would come late without an explanation or totally drunk. Christina always made sure the children were out of the room when she your approach Aldo to find out where he was or talk about his drinking. Yet that didn’t stop them from going too far and they would sit on the stairs watching as their parents fought in the kitchen. Whenever Michael saw Aldo become physical and start to hit Christina, Michael always tried to go in and stop him but Linc would grab Michael by the shoulder and told him that this was between their parents.

“Look you may not have wanted to see it but mom always looked down at him,” Linc yelled.

“Yeah so because mom didn’t want Aldo drinking and coming home at late hours after he was off fucking some other bitch that makes mom the bad guy in this picture” Michael said sarcastically.

“If mom treated him like her husband dad wouldn’t had to go off and get drunk and shit.”

“Whatever” Michael growled and tried to push passed Linc.

Realizing that this reunion wasn’t going at smooth as he had hope Linc knew he had to work quickly and change the subject if he had any hope of getting Michel to agree to this deal. “Michael wait!” he yelled as he chased his brother to the street.

“Fuck off Linc” Michael called as he got into his old bet up gray car and drove off leaving Linc at the side of the road cursing and calling out to him.

End Notes:
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The Art of a Deal by 27kate17
Chapter 7- The Art of a Deal

(Sara's pov)

No one is ever completely satisfied in life; there is always something that could make it better. Our goals in life are to have it all and be happy and we will sometimes go to great mean to make it happen. When others have something we want, need or that could help us we will try to persuade them give it to us. This is the art of a deal made between two or more people, both having something the other desires. We usually don’t care about the others motives as long as we get what we want, what we need. We make deals with people everyday some smaller then others that we don’t really think about it. Yet some deals made between people do, in fact it can involve other people that we just see as pawns in getting what we want. They’re feelings are not taken into consideration in the agreement as long as we are happy. You don’t think to much of the consequences that go along with the deal and neither do you take into consideration how one simple agreement can change everything, your look on life, your mind, heart, the way you see that individual who was once just your pawn in a deal.


After his first attempt to convince Michael to go along with his plan failed Linc knew he had to make this more of a business deal and keep personal problems out of it. Standing on the in front lawn of the school leaning against a tree he waited for Michael’s car to pull up into the parking lot. Glancing at his watch he saw it was about 7:45am and class would be starting in fifteen minutes. When he heard the sound of loud pumping music Linc looked over to see Jane in her red sporty convertible pulling into the parking lot laughing with Trishanne, Nika and Caroline. When they spotted Linc the girls waved and called out to him. They hopped out of the car together and started to make their way over to him.

“So any luck?” Trishanne asked.

“Not quite but I’m still working on it” he told them as he looked down and dug his foot into the dry dirk. “We had a bit of a family reunion and didn’t quite get to the deal yet.”

Jane looked a bit worried as Linc’s attempt to get his brother to help distract Sara wasn’t going to be an easy task. Biting her lip she tried to think of other ways to keep Sara away and glanced over as the school bus that pulled up to the front of the school and Sara stepping out of it. She was wearing big overalls and her hair tied back in a ponytail. The glasses she wore were too big for her face and it was all you could really see of her. As she walked everyone around her just pushed by her like she wasn’t even there but Sara didn’t seem to bothered as she kept walking and reading her book. “Well hopefully you can convince your brother because I’m not letting that anywhere near my party.”

“Relax I’ll take care of it” Linc told her with a smile. Jane felt herself blush as she and the girl waved bye and headed inside the school. After watching them leave Linc turned and watched as Sara took a seat on the other side of the lawn under another tree to read her book and not paying any attention to those around her much like that didn’t pay attention to her. Hearing the sound of a loud engine approaching the school he turned his head to the left and caught sight of Michael getting out of his car followed by Sucre and the hot goth chick known as Gretchen.

Taking a deep breath Linc clapped his hands together once for encouragement that this was it and then strolled over to Michael and the others as they headed up to the school. “Michael!” he heard himself call out as got closer to the gang. He notice Michael stop and he seemed shocked that Linc was even talking to him especially with so many people to witness it. “Listen we got off to a bad start last night” Linc started to say.

“Really, I thought it was pretty good for our family” Michael grunted. Beside him Gretchen laughed and clung to Michael’s tattooed arm trying so desperately to get Michael to notice her.

“Can we talk and this time leave out our screwed up family problems?” Linc asked. He watched as Michael thought about it and once he got a nod from his brother he watched as he pulled Gretchen off his arm and left her standing there with Sucre looking very annoyed. Turning to follow Michael back over to the tree he was standing under not more then ten seconds ago Linc watched as Michael pulled out another cigarette.

Flipping his hair out of his eyes he looked at his older brother waiting for him to continue with what ever he wanted to talk about as Michael lit his cigarette. “So what is it?”

“Are you interested in making some extra cash?”

Michael pulled the cigarette away from his lips to let out a puff of smoke as he stared at his brother, “How, you don’t have any money?”

Linc nodded his head and stepped in front of Michael to stop him from walking off before they could come to an agreement. “I know but I know people who do.”


“Jane” Linc answered.

“That freaky spoiled bitch? What the hell do you want Linc I’m not doing some rich bitches chores” Michael grunted.

“Look Michael I have a way that you can make some extra cash for what ever you spend your money on if you do something for us. It will be the easiest $75 you have ever made.”

“I’m not selling you drugs,” Michael told him.

“This isn’t about drugs, I need you to keep a curtain individual occupied next Friday night” Linc told him.


“Sara Tancredi” Linc answered.

“I don’t know any Sara Tancredi” Michael told him, as he shook is head.

“Okay” Linc said as he looked around for Sara who was no longer under the tree. Quickly glancing around the school ground he tried to spot her which wasn’t easy but when he finally did he found he at the top of the school front steps talking to the gay guy but couldn’t remember his name to if his life depended on it. “Her” he said as she pointed up at Sara.

Michael turned around to see who Lincoln was looking at and then started to laugh, “You’re fucking joking right? I’m not spending my Friday night with that freak!”

“Seventy bucks an hour” Linc offered looking as desperate as hell.

“Why do you need someone to keep her busy?” Michael asked.

“Jane’s having a party and well she doesn’t want HER around” Linc told him.

“Why would she be around Jane’s anyway?”

“Sara’s her cousin” Linc said a little unsure if he had just given away too much information. The last thing Jane wanted was everyone knowing and now that Michael knew he could tell the whole school if he wanted to.

“No fucking way” Michael said in disbelief as he took another glance at the loner who he now knew as Sara Tancredi.

“Please Michael, we have even agreed to give you half up front” Linc begged.

“So let me get this straight you want me to take her out to a movie or something just to keep her away from Jane’s party? How long are we talking?”

“Um six, seven hours probably”

“Okay so if I take her for dinner that’s about fifty bucks alone then the movie which costs about ten bucks but we also need popcorn and shit so that’s about fifty bucks so that rounds up to about lets say hundred and twenty bucks alone”

“That doesn’t equal a hundred and twenty,” Linc argued as he did the math.

“Well it does if you want this done so a hundred and twenty for the date and then seventy-five bucks an hour,” Michael offered.

“NO WAY!” Linc said firmly using hand signal to show he didn’t agree with the terms.

“Fine I hope Jane had likes that the nights gossip will be about her unknown cousin?” Michael said and he watched as Linc frantically tried to think of away to make this work. With a nod Michael took one last puff of his cigarette and then tossed it on the ground and started to walk away.

“Okay! Alright!” Linc called out and Michael had a smirk on his face and he turned back around to face Linc. “Fine, a hundred and twenty for the date and seventy-five dollars an hour but only if you can convince Sara to go out with you by the end of the week, deal?” Linc said as he stuck out his hand to shake on it

“Deal” Michael mumbled and then turned and left Linc holding his hand out as he headed inside the school.

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Not a Victim by 27kate17
Chapter 8- Not a Victim

(Sara's pov)
People talk about hearing a little voice in the back of their head when we experience different things especially when it involves something that doesn’t feel right. It’s our conscious we hear that telling us to stay way or that something isn’t right about the situation. Something happens or people who don’t usually associate with curtain people out of the blue want to talk. You can hear that voice telling you tell run and not to listen to a word they say because this isn’t a norm. We feel conflicted not sure if we should listen to our conscious or to believe what isn’t norm is possible.

We flee, listening to our conscious telling us to stay away because the outcome is less painful then the alternative. Fear of the truth makes us obey our conscious because other agendas may be involved and we could get hurt.


Following another uneventful day at school Sara packed up all her books and belongings into her bag and headed for the entrance of the school. Ignoring all the students and voices around her she pulled her blue sweater tighter around herself as she made her way to the front door and outside. She watched as many of the students left in their cars with their friends as she strolled over to the tree just to the left of the school and took a seat. Taking out her copy of the “Godfather” she sat down and settled against the tree comfortably. There were a number of students hanging around the same area but neither them nor Sara paid attention to the other. While she sat there minding her own business and reading her book she felt a strange feeling wash over like she was being watched or something.

Looking up she at the people around her she tried to see if anyone was watching her but no one seem to stand out. Going back to her reading Sara fixed her glasses and got resettled against the tree. As she continued her reading she suddenly felt more shaded then she did a couple minutes ago and being watched for sure this time. With a little hesitation she slowly looked up and the person standing there. Her heart was pounding in fear and she also felt annoyed while she looked at him. His over confident smirk, messy greasy long messy hair, tattoo arms standing over her.

“Hey” he said in a somewhat nice tone that actually caught her off guard because the last time she had a run in with the jerk Michael Scofield he was horrible to her and Lance.

She glared at him for a few seconds and then as if to pretend he didn’t exist Sara resumed reading her book. She hoped he would get the message that she didn’t want to get in to it again. He didn’t seem to get the message as he remained in his spot staring down at her.

“Sara right?” he said with the smirk still on his face. She said nothing to acknowledge that she heard him speak as she kept her head down. “Um you speak English right?”

With a groan Sara slammed her book shut. “Go away” she snapped as she got to her feet. “Oh good you do! Now listen I was thinking that maybe…” but before he could finish Sara has collected her bag and walked off. “Leave me here so humiliated” he finished in complete shock that she had walked away from him like he was nothing.

Keeping her fast pace Sara left the school property and headed home where she could get away from the world and people like Michael Scofield who take great pleasure in making others miserable. She could hear footsteps tapping against the sidewalk as they got closer and she could tell they were running. She felt her heart start to pound. She was on a deserted street one she only took because is a short cut home. Holding on to her bag that was full of books she tightly griped the straps ready to swing the bag if the person made any move towards her. The footsteps were getting louder and louder and when she felt the person’s hand on her shoulder she whipped her bag around and hit the guy in the stomach.

Watching him fall with a groan she caught sight of his face, Michael Scofield. “What the hell was that for?” he yelled at her.

“Why are you following me?” Sara growled ignoring his last question.

Getting to his feet and brushing of the dirt he said, “Because you walked away from me when I tried to talk to you back at the school.”

“Look what ever your up to I don’t want any part of it you son of a bitch!” Sara yelled before turning on her heels and walking away

“Wow you have quite the mouth on you” Michael said as he put his hand on her shoulder to stop her.

“Don’t touch me!” Sara yelled and slapped his hand away from her.

Putting his hands up to give her a little space he watched as she took a few steps away from his but kept glaring at him like he was the enemy. “Okay calm down, I just want to talk.”

“Talk” Sara scoffed. “Since when does Michael Scofield just want to talk, your main goal in life is to see how many people you can bully around and how you’ll get high to celebrate it! I will not be your victim.” she snapped at him.

“Oh so you think you have me all figured out huh?” Michael yelled back at her. “You know nothing about me!”

“And what you think you know me and that I enjoy the way you treat me and others like we’re objects for your sick enjoyment! You’re a jerk Michael now leave me alone!” she yelled at him. Michael was in too much shock to respond as Sara let out a huff and then turned on her feet and left heading home and away from Michael.


The next day at school Michael had tried countless of time to approach Sara as well as make sure his friends didn’t see him. He had yet to tell them about the deal he had made with Lincoln and until he did he didn’t want any rumors about why he was talking with the loner Sara Tancredi.

He had waited for her on the sidewalk in the same place they talk the day before knowing it was the way she walked to school but she just pretended he wasn’t there and kept walking. He followed her to the library during lunch knowing no one he hung out with would be caught dead in the library. When he tried to sit at the same table with her she would quickly gather up he stuff and go somewhere else.

By the end of the day he was still where he started and he was getting really frustrated with her. After school Michael stood against the wall of the school smoking a cigarette waiting for Lincoln to explain his progress or lack of it was more like it.

When Lincoln caught sight of Michael he split from the other soccer players and wondered over to him hoping he had good news. “So…”

“The kid won’t give in” Michael spat out as he brushed his messy hair out of his eyes.

“What so you have nothing?” Linc said panicking that things were not going to be taken care of.

“Listen I need something to go by something about her that I can use to catch her interest because as of now she isn’t giving me a second glance so get me something” Michael told him.

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, have Jane give you some ideas about what she likes and that I can use as a stepping stone because as of right now Jane is going to have an unwanted party guest at her party” Michael told him as he took another puff of the cigarette.
Common Thread by 27kate17
Chapter 9- Common Thread

(Sara’s pov)

Carl Gustav Jung once said “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

If we were all the same in life then life would be boring and very repetitive. We tend to think that similar personalities and lifestyles between two people as simple and easy but the thing is there is no discovery or adventure in getting to know the other person. It’s true when they say opposites can attract and when they do it’s not the simple common thread they find they have in common but a deeper and more personal one they can connect on that no one else can see. From the outside looking in people can’t help but wonder what two very different people could possibly have in common that brings them together? The truth is as I think about it I myself never understood it at first with goals and desires being so different from the other how could it work?


Lincoln arrived at Jane’s not long after school ended to explain the progress with “the Sara situation”. Fortunately with Sara out of the house Jane led Linc and Trishanne up to Sara’s room to try and get an idea of what Sara was into and different possible things Michael could bring up in a conversation.

Opening Sara’s bedroom door they walked into the clean lavender purple painted room. There was a double size bed with a black and gray bedspread on the left side of the room near a big window that looked out at the big oak tree in the backyard. On the opposite wall from her bed Sara had a large bookcase filled with about a hundred books plus about a dozen she had sitting on her desk to the right of it. “Wow she’s a bit of a bookworm isn’t she?” Linc stated eyeing her big collection.

“Yeah I guess” came Jane’s voice from Sara’s closet while she was looking threw her stuff.

Trishanne was on the floor looking under the bed and pulled out a stack of college catalogs. There were a number from places like then University of Chicago, Stanford and quite a number from Princeton. “Seems that this kids got her mind set of going to college” Trishanne mention flipping threw the Princeton book.

“Yeah well my dad’s not going to pay for her to go to college” Jane scoffed while searching through a box of old stuff Sara had kept over the years since she moved in.

“Is she smart?” Trishanne asked.

Linc was now remerging through Sara’s desk where she had a number of her test and assignment and every single one of them had either an A or an A+. “Well I would say she is quite the school geek, take a look at all her tests and stuff, hell I’ve never had an A on any of my papers” Linc laughed. Setting down the stack of test he picked up one of her essays called “Killing from it’s First Puff” he took a quick glance at it then looked up, “Well is seems she’s very anti-smoking.”

“She’s apparently also big on family I mean what’s with the picture of her parents and her, if I were her I would burn it.” Trishanne laughed looking at the large picture on the wall that was all Sara had left of her past with her family in Phoenix.

“Okay so books seem to be a big thing, does Michael like books?” Jane asked stepping out of the closet.

“Um I don’t know” Linc said with a shrug. “Like I told you earlier I haven’t really had a relationship with him for years. When our parents spilt I went to live with dad and he went to live with mom then when she died he moved in with a friend of my mom’s the um the Donovan’s or something, I think they have a daughter named Victoria… Veronica… or Valerie I don’t know” he told the girls as he opened the bottom drawer of Sara’s desk and came upon a number of short stories, poems and some written work as long as short novels. “Well would you look at this, seems someone likes to write.

“Is any of it good?” Trishanne asked.

“Oh come on it’s Sara so I doubt it, she’s nothing but doom and gloom” Jane said with a smirk as she made her way over to Sara’s dresser and went through her drawers to see if their was anything hiding in between her clothes. “Well it seems that’s all we’re going to get, do you think that enough for your brother to go on?” Jane asked moving over to sit on bed with Trishanne. Both had had enough going through Sara’s stuff considering there wasn’t much that interested them. This wasn’t exactly how they wanted to spend their evening, they didn’t find Sara interesting as a person so were not surprised when her stuff wasn’t interesting either.

“I’ll see what Michael can do” Linc said putting Sara’s writing back in the bottom drawer and left the room, “See ya ladies” he said with a wave and as he made his way to the stairs he nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw Sara standing in front of him.

“What are you doing?” she asked him while he had a dear in a headlight look on his face. Studying him closely and when she didn’t get a verbal answer, her eyes then turned to look at her bedroom where Jane and Trishanne came running out of both looking as guilty as hell. “What the hell are you guys doing in my room!” she demanded pushing passed Linc to glare at her cousin.

“I don’t have to answer to you this isn’t your house” Jane said not being able to think of much else in the short amount of time. Biting her bottom lip nervously her and Trishanne shared a look while Sara didn’t seem to except Jane’s response.

“What were you doing in my room Jane?” Sara asked again in a firm voice as she stood her ground and didn’t allow them to pass by her. Wearing a big off white knitted sweater and her bushy auburn hair flowing over she shoulders she crossed her arms waiting for Jane to explain herself.

“Look I don’t need to explain myself to you! I live here and my parent didn’t have a choice but to take you in until your eighteen” Jane snapped. Flipping her silky blond hair back Jane glared at Sara with a smug look on her face. “Now get out of my way!” she snapped bumping into Sara’s right shoulder with her own shoulder with so much force Sara let out a gasp in pain. Smiling at the reaction she got from Sara, Jane started to skip down the stairs with Trishanne and Linc following behind her.

“Stay out of my room!” Sara called out to them as she rubbed her hand over the spot on her shoulder where Jane hit her as she shook her head and stepped into her room. Looking at the mess in front of her Sara gritted her teeth, “Unbelievable” she mumbled under her breath and then knelt down in front of her bed and gathered all her college brochures and stuffed them back under her bed.


The next day at school Linc wondered over to the soccer fielded during his lunch knowing he would find Michael and his friends hanging out under the bleachers. Sure enough as he climbed down behind the bleachers he found Michael and a group of his friends drinking. Michael was sitting on a metal gray bar that was holding up the bleachers, he had a beer in one hand and his other hand was reaching above his head holding onto a bar to help keep his balance. Sitting by his feet was a very drunk looking Gretchen who seemed to be trying to be as close to Michael as possible as she drank her beer. Across from them were two other guys Sucre and James and Linc was curtain that wasn’t just cigarettes they were smoking.

Slowly making his way over to them he tried not to draw attention to himself until he was standing only a few feet away from them. The gang was laughing at something one of them had said and Michael looked up and saw Linc standing there and his smile faded. “What the fuck is he doing here?” Gretchen spat out, as she and Michael were the only ones who weren’t so high that they were still aware of what was going on around them.

Michael and Linc shared looks for a couple of seconds and then tossing the empty beer bottle on the ground Michael got to his feet and walked over to his brother. Gretchen was confused as to what was going on, lately she would see Michael talking with the soccer jock Lincoln Burrows. “Michael?” she called out to him questioning what he was doing. Looking back at Gretchen as she made an effort to stand up and follow him until Michael put his hand up to stop her.

“I got it Gretch,” he told her in a tone that came off a little annoyed. Stuffing his hand in his leather jacket pockets Michael kept his head down as he strolled passed his brother leading him further away from the others to stop them from eavesdropping on the conversation. When they were far enough away Michael pulled out a cigarette and lit it.

Whipping the sweat off his forehead Lincoln followed. Things turned out to be a little complicated then he had hoped but if they did this right and use Sara’s interest against her they might just pull this off. “Okay so we are still trying to find some more things about Sara but right now but there are some things that you can do right to get you started and warm up to her and possibly find a common thread between you two.”

“Like what?” Michael snapped back throwing his arms out with the cigarette in his hand.

“Well first off you gotta quit the smoking man,” Linc said as he reached out and took the cigarette out of Michael’s hand and tossed it to the ground much to the Michael’s dismay. “Come on Sara seems to be totally against smoking and wrote an essay on it at the beginning of the year or something” Linc told him. “She likes books and stuff, oh and on another note the hair, you gotta cut the hair man.”

“What?” Michael said in shock and stepped back from his brother and tossed his messy hair back so he could look up at his brother. “Look the deal was I get her out of the house nothing about having to change everything about me!” Michael said loudly.

“Yeah well as of now your look alone isn’t getting her attentions so clean it up a bit” Linc told him and by the look on Michael’s face it showed that he didn’t really agree. Rolling his eyes and shaking his head Michael gave in and warned his brother his pay better be good.

End Notes:
Thanks for reading!
Change Yourself, Change Your Future by 27kate17
Chapter 10- Change Yourself, Change Your Future

(Sara’s POV)

Change isn’t always an easy thing to deal with in life, in fact human are so use to a similar routine that anything out of the ordinary we didn’t see coming can be terrifying. It’s full of fear and can be threatening because things can get worse. From the death of a parent which changes your world completely and normal feels like it’s gone forever to something as simple as a haircut or giving up a bad habit. Change may sometimes be for the best but either way it’s usually never easy. A hair style helps express who you are as a person and when it’s changed you can’t help but wonder sometimes it you made the right decision.

Many changes may seem questionable at the beginning but once you gave it a little time you can start to see things in a whole new light, it can be a second chance that you never thought possible. I know I did.


Michael unlocked the front door of the place he had called home for about a year and a bit since his mother passed away. When he entered the front foyer he dropped his bag in the corner and then sauntered over to the kitchen to stare into the fridge while he tried to decide what he wanted to eat. As soon as he entered the kitchen he saw the table covered with textbooks and notes and some led a trail over to the family room where Veronica had pretty much every inch of the room claimed for her studying.

“Wow” Michael said when he caught sight of her mess, “Vee isn’t this a bit obsessive with the studying?” Michael laughed having to step over all her textbooks and notes very carefully just to get to the couch.

“Ha ha very funny, this coming from the guy whose room is over flowing with books and you refuse to get rid of” she said sarcastically looking up from her the paper to was jotting notes down on. “Watch it don’t crinkle any of my papers” Veronica warned him as Michael collapsed onto the couch as he opened his can of coke.

He let out a chuckle and lay back on the couch, starring up at the ceiling he thought about his conversation with Lincoln. “Hey Vee how do you think I would look with a shaved head?”

The questions shocked Veronica and she wasn’t sure if she had heard him right. Looking up at Michael she just stared at him waiting for him to break into a smile showing that this was a joke. When he didn’t show any signs that he was joking Veronica started to giggle to herself. “Where is this coming from? I’ve been trying to get you to cut your hair for ever now and you said nothing would make you consider cutting it.”

“Maybe it’s time for a change,” he said before taking a sip of his soda.

“Does this have anything to do with that girl what’s her name… Gretchen?” Veronica asked.

Michael’s eyes looked over at Veronica and he glared at her, “No it’s got nothing to do with Gretchen and nothing I do again will have anything to do with her” Michael answered in a serious tone.

“Well thank god because I couldn’t stand her,” Veronica said with a smile as she resumed jotting down some notes.

“Yea and you never did hide how you felt about her,” Michael laughed, “Don’t worry Gretchen and I are over for good. I’m suppose to go out with a girl named Sara Tancredi” Michael old her.

“Sara Tancredi? I went to that school for four years I don’t remember any Sara Tancredi” Veronica said.

“Don’t feel bad she’s not that memorable, I didn’t even know who she was until yesterday.”

“Well if that’s the way you feel why are you going out of her in the first place and why are you cutting your hair for her?” she asked him dropping her pen down of the coffee table that she was kneeling beside as she studied around it.

“It’s a long story,” Michael stated getting up from the couch and leaving the room. Not satisfied with his answered Veronica got up from her spot on the floor and quickly followed Michael upstairs and into the small bathroom where he stood looking into the mirror. Running his fingers through his long messy hair that came past his ears and fell in front of his eyes. “Do we have a razor or something?”

“You’re actually going to do this?” Veronica said with a giggle. Looking under the sink in the cupboard Veronica found the electric razor and waved it in front of Michael. With a smile she plugged it in and set the razor on the counter. “You know once we start you can’t go back?” she told him.

“I know Vee.” Taking a deep breath his eyes followed Veronica’s hand as she picked up the razor and flicked the switch to turn it on, he could hear the buzzing of the razor ringing in his ears and closed his eyes as it got louder while Veronica brought it closer to his head. Gripping the side of the counter he felt the razor begin to run over his head, there was cool breeze that he suddenly felt as his dark hair began to fall to the ground and he was afraid to look.


The next day at school Michael drove up to the school in his old beat up gray car and parked in the back corner of the lot away from many of the other students. Pushing open his door he stepped out in worn faded gray jeans and a navy blue sweater with his hood up and covering his face as he walked across the parking lot with his head down and hands stuffed in his pockets after swinging his bag over his shoulder.

Making his way up the steps of the school he passed a number of students hanging around outside. Making his way to the top he came face to face with Sucre and James who both had confused and shock looks on their faces when they caught sight of Michael. “Mike um what did you…” Sucre started to say and then reached forward and pulled down Michael’s hood to expose his now short-cropped hair. “Wow Michael what the hell did you do?” Sucre laughed.

“Shut up!” Michael growled pushing past his friends and making his way into the school.

“Okay seriously Michael what are you doing?” James asked as him and Sucre chased Michael into the school and down the hall towards his locker.

“I’ll explain later but right now is not the time” he said quickly to friends and the turned the corner leaving Sucre and James confused and a little curious as to what was going on with their friend. At this time there were a lot of students in the school preparing before their first class and as Michael walked down the hall he got a number of stares from people and many didn’t seem to recognize him as the bad boy. As he passed a group of the popular kids the girls including Jane couldn’t help but sneak a peek at the handsome mysterious boy walking down the school halls. “Wow would you look at that?” Jane said with a grin on her face while leaning against the lockers with Trishanne and Nika.

“Who is that? I’ve never seen him before” Nika asked gawking at Michael as he walked past them.

He didn’t take much notice of the girls looking at him considering he never gave the spoiled rich kids a second glance himself. Making his way up the staircase taking the steps two at a time he raced up to the second floor pushing past any of the students that seemed to think the stairwell was the perfect spot to stop and socialize about weekend plans. He had a few minutes to waste before class would start and he quickly strolled down the busy hall until he caught sight of what he was looking for.

There at the end of the hall getting her books and stuff out of her locker while trying to mange not getting knocked over by people pushing past her was Sara. Standing down the hall from her he watched her like a lion watches its prey before the pounce. With a little menacing smirk he slowly started to saunter towards her.

Sara stood up on the tip of her toes as she reached on her top shelf of her locker trying to reach one of her textbooks. Out of no fault of her own she was slammed into her open locker as two guys were fooling around and one of them pretty much accidentally body slammed right into her. “Watch it!” she said with a grunt as all her belongings that she had been holding fell to the floor when she hit her locker. The two guys acted like nothing happened and took off down the hall without as much as a glance in Sara’s direction.

Shaking her head at their arrogance and mumbling to herself Sara knelt down to pick up all her belonging that were now scattered on the floor. Tossing her notebooks, pens and other material into her bag, she glanced a few feet away from her she saw her “To Kill a Mockingbird” book laying in the middle of the hall. Reaching out her arm out to get the book she was unexpectedly came in contact with another hand that was reaching for the book and they touched accidentally. Both hands froze for a second as they connected and a warm strong sensation went through her body. Looking up she saw a somewhat familiar face kneeling down in front of her as their hands remained touching and they just stared at each other.
More Then What Meets the Eye by 27kate17
Author's Notes:
OKay sorry it has taken so long to post a new chapter. I do plan to continue but things were very hectic and busy for the last month but hopefully I'll be able to update more soon. Here's a new chapter, enjoy!
Chapter 11- More Then What Meets the Eye

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, yet we can’t help it. The same goes for people we can’t help but think about what their life is like without even knowing anything about them other then their appearance. When you see a kid dressed all in black and a number piercing you can’t help but categorize them as the kind that hate life or stories are made up about someone who continues to miss classes and no one really knows why.

We over hear rumors that make us see these people in a negative light when really we have no proof that any of it is actually true. We all do it whether we like it or not realize we are doing it. We have a opinion about a person and depending on that view will decide how we will treat them when we come in contact. We become surprised when the other person responds differently then we expected to because the truth is we know nothing about the other person. When we actually decide to get to know them and just like when we finally decide to open up that book we will discover a whole knew perspective.


Kneeling down on the floor in the middle of the school hallway Sara stared up at the familiar stranger. It took her a moment to realize who this was standing right in front her, she quickly let go of her book and frantically got to her feet. She averted her eyes from him and pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose while she fidgeted in her spot. She was a bit shocked to see Michael Scofield with short-cropped hair, considering he had always had long messy mysterious dark hair, it was quite a change. She took a step back from him and wrapped her arms around herself protectively as if hoping whatever he did to her, she could protect herself.

Slowly Michael got to his feet and stood up straight while holding the book Sara had dropped on the floor. He didn’t take his eyes off her for a second and the two remained silent for neither knew how long. Eyeing her closely Michael could see how nervous and uncomfortable Sara seemed to be and he couldn’t wipe the smirk off his face as he watched her. Looking down at the book he recognized the book right away as one he had read about a dozen times. “To Kill a Mockingbird… I think I’ve read this one” he fibbed trying to sound like he was just a casual reader.

“Well considering it was a grade ten requirement I’m not surprised” Sara snapped, as she remained about five feet away from him while gathering up all her belongings.

“Hey I’m just trying to make conversation,” Michael said with a chuckle in his defense to Sara’s quick and snappy tone. “So you like reading?” Michael questioned.

Swinging her bag over her shoulder Sara rolled her eyes at him, she wasn’t sure what Michael was up to but she had no intention of getting involved in what ever he had plan. Slamming her locker door shut she started down then hall while holding on to her backpack straps by her shoulders. She had hoped Michael would have got the message that she wasn’t in the mood to talk to him but just like all her studies and books she had read on male behavior he was slow and didn’t catch on to that fact as he came sprinting down the hall after her.

“So is this book one of your favorites?” Michael asked her in a cheerful voice as he strolled up next to her.

With a huff Sara realized she was going to have to be a little more forward with his type to get her point and wishes across to him. Stopping dead in her tracks she let out a nervous shaky laugh and turned to face the obnoxious Michael Scofield. “You know we don’t have to do this here.”

“Okay we can do it anywhere you like,” he answered her with a smirk knowing full well he was getting on her nerves. “I was thinking, how about we…”

“I don’t think so” she interrupted him.

Michael’s jaw dropped in shock, he wasn’t use to girls turning him down in fact he was the one known for saying no to them. Hell he used to get all his past girlfriends to do what ever he wanted and Gretchen was the example. He and Gretchen had dated or screwed each other for almost a year and Michael pretty much had Gretchen being his little puppet, what ever he said or wanted she would jump up and do it for him.

Sticking his finger in his ear thinking maybe he had heard her wrong he gave Sara and confused face expression, “Come again?”

Glaring at the boy so full of himself Sara felt herself tensing up and gritted her teeth together. “I said no, I don’t want to talk to you or go anywhere with you!” she said firmly in a tone she didn’t use a lot when talking to people but for some reason when it comes to Michael Scofield her blood just boils.

“Hey what’s that suppose to mean?” Michael snapped really getting annoyed with the girl.

“What has no one ever said no to you before? Sorry if I break your track record but no I’m not going anywhere with you. Not only do I not want to talk to you but we are two totally different people with nothing in common!” she spat out at him in full rage. She wasn’t sure what it was but something in her snapped due to Michael’s over confidence and she wasn’t going to give in to the jerk.

“You think you know me! Cause let me tell you Sara, you know nothing about my life!” he argued with her in a firm voice as he used aggressive hand motions to express his point.

Sara wasn’t stepping down so easy either and crossed her arms over her chest, “Yeah well I have no intention of getting to know you!” she growled at him before turning on her heels and heading down the hall.


Things didn’t continue to go well in Michael’s attempt to woo Sara. In fact he was sure he was getting further and further from getting her to agree to go out with him. He wasn’t used to this kind of denial from girls and even though he had no intention of actually dating Sara that wasn’t the point. Hell during the last few hours in the school a number of girls came drooling over to him trying to get him to pay attention to them, one of them being Sara’s annoying spoiled cousin Jane and her squealing posy.

Once the bell rang at the end of the day, Michael was one of the first ones up and out the classroom. Swinging his dark blue bag over his shoulder he wondered down the hall with a number of female eyes on him.

He ignored all of them and continued over to his locker to throw in his textbooks and homework he’ll probably never do inside. Glancing down the hall of lockers he spotted Sara amongst a crowd of people, as she seemed to be getting ready to head home. He stared at her for a moment wondering how to best convince Sara he wanted to hang out. He had never met someone so stubborn and so… god he wasn’t even sure how to describe her. Out of frustration with her, Michael bit his bottom lip and shook his head and was unaware when his friend James Whistler came strolling up beside him. Michael jumped back a bit in surprise by the sudden sound of his locker door being slammed shut in front of him. “Hey man, Sucre and I are headed back to my place and make company with my friend Mary Jane?” Whistler said with a wink and nudging Michael in the shoulder.

Smiling at his friend Michael shook his head, “Come on James you know I don’t do that kind of stuff anymore” he told him.

“Okay well just come and hang out then, my brother just bought a case of beer yesterday,” James told him trying to persuade Mike to come with him and Sucre.

“Sounds like fun but I have some thing I have to do” Michael explained and after giving James a quick pat of the back Michael headed down the hall. He walked past Sara’s locker with a grunt when he realized she had already taken off. Running down the flight of stairs he tried to track her down but instead of coming across Sara he almost walked into Linc as he was leaving the front of the school.

“Hey nice hair” Linc said with a smirk. “You sure do clean up nicely Mike.”

Standing in the middle of the front foyer of the school Michael glared up at Linc with a death stare. “Don’t start Linc” Michael warned as he pushed passed Linc roughly.

Realizing Michael wasn’t the joking type at the moment he quickly spun round and followed Michael out of the school. Time was quickly running out before the party Friday and Jane, along with her friends were wondering how things were progressing with Sara. “Okay I’m sorry Michael” Linc called out as he chased his brother down the front steps of the school.

“How’s it going with Sara? Any changes? Is it a done deal?”

When Michael reached the bottom of the steps and still had Linc throwing questions at him one after the other, Michael came to a stop and let out a sigh in frustration. Slowly he turned around to face his brother. “Look I’ve tried everything, the girl is not budging. I’ve tried accidentally running into her, trying to chat her up but it’s useless and frankly I’m tired of wasting my time with this so either you offer me more money or I’m out.”

“Look we’re already giving you a hundred and twenty dollars, plus seventy five bucks an hour,” Linc argued.

“Well my price just went up eighty-five bucks an hour” Michael told him.

Linc shook his head and let out a nervous chuckle as he took a step back from Michael trying to figure another way to get this done. “No way, I’m not giving you anymore money because so far you haven’t made any progress with her.”

“Well I’m not feeling so motivated with our previous agreement” Michael explained. He watched as Linc tried to work around give him more money but Michael wasn’t buying any of it. “Come on Linc why don’t we stop with all the fighting back and forth when we both know that in the end I will get what I want because they only thing more valuable to Jane than money is popularity and she will happily hand over the money if I get Sara out of the house.”

“Well you better make some progress Michael because it’s now Tuesday and as of now you have nothing.”

“Don’t worry I’ll take care of it” Michael said with a smile and then set off down the street leaving the school grounds. Once Linc was out of his sight Michael leaned up against a tree and tried to think of how he was going to pull this off with Sara. He was deep in thought when his eyes glance across the street to see the stubborn auburn hair girl that was on his mind making her way into a used bookstore.

He watched her for a moment as she pushed a loose strand from her ponytail behind her ear as she slowly but somewhat gracefully walk up to the door of the bookstore. With a smile on his face Michael reached into his backpack and pulled out the book To Kill a Mocking Bird that Sara had dropped in the hall earlier and had run off before he could give it back to her. With an idea a smile grew as he knew the perfect way he could connect with Sara and possibly lead to him getting the deal sealed for Friday.

Shattered Dreams by 27kate17
Chapter 12- Shattered Dreams

(Sara's POV)

From the time we are young we have dreams and I wasn’t any different. As children we dream of simple things like toys or different things you can do with your family, like trips to places like Disney World. As Children, life is so simple and when things don’t happen a curtain way and dreams don’t come true we are devastated.

If we experience some kind of life alternating event like the death of a parent we stop making dreams because the one thing we do want we can never have again. The day my parents died all my dreams were shattered. They were my life, the people I could count on to be there for me. Dealing with the loss is hard and unthinkable for those who haven’t experience anything like it. You feel like you’re in a dark hole and can’t see the light, your not even sure you want to look for it. Yet as time goes on and we learn to adjust to the darkness and to life we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. A light filled with hope and dreams you want to reach out for.

You desperately what to get out of the darkness and reach your dreams because then maybe happiness can be found again in a world were you had to create a whole new kind of normal. We need dreams and when someone or something takes take dream away from us we fall and it feels like nobody is trying to save us.


Once the city bus came to a stop at the curb, the front doors opened and Sara came bouncing off the bus. With her dark blue backpack on and her frizzy wavy auburn hair pulled back into a ponytail, Sara fixed her glasses as she continued down the street heading back to her aunt and uncles place.

She had spent a good three hours in the bookstore checking out some new books and bought a couple to take home. Mrs. Hollander and Sara did some catching up and talked about Sara’s own writing, Mrs. Hollander couldn’t help but rave about Sara’s latest work and tried to convince her to get it published. Yet like every other time Sara would just blush and smile while gripping her stories and poems close to her chest. Mrs. Hollander could see so much potential in her future but Sara couldn’t see it, especially with so many other people in her life telling her she is worthless and not good enough to do anything.

She walked to the front of the house property and she could see that they had the sprinklers on, on the front lawn. With an unpleasant sigh of frustration Sara took off running up the path with the sprinklers spraying her from both sides. Reaching the porch Sara was breathing heavily and her clothes were drenched. Pushing her loose strands of wet frizzy hair away from her face she looked back at the lawn and expensive garden the Philips had put in and have cared by a professional gardener because they didn’t have time to do it out of their “busy” schedules.

Reaching into her left jean pocket Sara pulled out the house key and pushed it into the lock. When she heard the click she turned the handle and swung the door open, she could hear voices coming from upstairs but didn’t make much of it as she brushed her shoes on the mat before closing the door. Bouncing over to the kitchen she made her way to the fridge and opened it up and grabbed herself an apple. Once she found one that was to her liking she shut the fridge and twirled on her heels and took a bite as she headed up the spiral stairs.

The higher she climbed up the stairs the louder the voices got and when she was standing on the top landing she looked around and then notice the voices were coming from her room and her door was ajar so she could see some movement inside. Very confused as to what was going on Sara started walking down the hall to her bedroom and her pace got quicker until she pushed her door open and found Jane sitting on her bed with a smirk and her aunt and uncle standing on the other side of the room. Sara’s eyes darted between the three people in her room and then down at the floor where all her college information and books she had been collecting.

“What’s going on?” Sara asked them a bit annoyed that they had been going through her stuff.

Jane had an evil grin on her face as she sat at the end of Sara’s bed with her feet swinging up and down. Sara had no doubt in her mind that Jane was the one who started this and knew the nothing made Jane more happier then to see Sara feel unwanted and like an imposter in their home. Biting her bottom lip with a smile Jane pushed her self off the bed and started to stomp all over Sara’s college brochures and information pieces. “I think the question is what are you doing thinking your going to college?” Jane said with a mischievous smile and tone.

“Hey don’t” Sara snapped at her cousin and stepped up to her and pushed her away from her stuff. Crouching down she began to collect all her college information and stashed them back under her bed. She could feel the rage growing inside of her thinking about the lack of respect and privacy her own flesh and blood gave her. “I know it’s a shock but nothing in here has anything to do with you. It’s my room and you can’t just come in here and go through my stuff like it’s yours!” she yelled at her cousin.

“Sara this is our house we have the right to check on you if we want” her aunt said and Sara couldn’t help but laugh at her aunts and uncle’s excuse as if they were doing it for her own good.

“Yeah I’m sure that’s why you were in here” Sara scoffed.

“Hey don’t talk to your aunt like that young lady!” her uncle yelled. “This is our house and you play by our rules, if it wasn’t for us taking you in out of the goodness of your hearts you would be out on the street. Your parents didn’t have a will so you were left with nothing.”

“Yeah I’m sure it was, you have my eighteenth birthday marked off on your calendar because then you can finally kick me out.”

“Well you didn’t think we were going to let you live here forever did you?” Jane joked and Sara’s aunt and uncle couldn’t help but laugh a little too.

She couldn’t believe these people; they were supposed to be her family. They were the only family she had left and they didn’t seemed to care what happened to her once they were able to throw her out and wipe their hands free of her. “Well don’t worry I’m going to college next year and you’ll never have to hear from me again.

“And whose going to pay for that Sara?” her aunt asked.


“Well we can’t afford to send both of you off to college,”

“Jane, go to college? Who would take her? She isn’t exactly Ms. Academic,” Sara snapped.

Hearing the insult Jane started to scream and throw and tantrum like a two year old not getting her way. Suddenly she lounged at Sara and pushed her so hard she fell back and hit the wall and her glasses fell to the floor. “YOU BITCH!” Jane screamed as she walked over and stomped on Sara’s glasses.

Hearing the crack Sara’s eyes widened in shock as she looked down at her now deformed glasses. “The only thing you will ever be is a bum on the street not even worthy to look up at those walking past you!” she growled down at Sara.

There was silence in the room for a moment as Jane glared down at a teary eyed Sara. Suddenly Sara’s aunt stepped forward and with a gentle hand on Jane’s shoulder pulled her daughter away. “Come on Janey no frowning, we don’t want winkles on that beautiful face when you have a photo shoot tomorrow.”

As Jane and her mother stepped back Sara still sat on the floor and collected her glasses up and saw that they were cracked and bent in multiple places. There was no way they were even wearable now.

“Look Sara you are wasting your time looking at colleges like Princeton because you will never be able to afford it. Once you realize where it is you stand and that you are not college material the better off you’ll be because there is no way we will be wasting our money on sending you to college,” her uncle told her firmly.

“Okay” Sara finally said feeling defeat and heart broken. They were right, colleges like Princeton were expensive and there was no way she would be able to raise all the money herself.

“Now that that is all straightened out, we are off to dinner to celebrate Jane getting a part in a big ad so you’re on your own for dinner” her uncle told her. Not having the strength to talk yet in fear she could start crying Sara just nodded and sat on the floor waiting for them to leave her room. When she heard the door slam Sara finally let her tears fall and threw herself on her bed, she buried her face in her pillow to muffle her cries. It seemed like all her dreams were slipping away out of her reach so fast and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

End Notes:
Some MiSa interaction coming up in the next chapter!
A New Light by 27kate17
Chapter 13 A New Light

We judge a book by its cover so quickly before we even give it a chance. Yet if we do give it a chance even just for a moment we may be surprised. As we discover more about the book we find that it’s nothing like we expected. Same goes for people, if we judge them too quickly we will be amazed at what we can learn when we do allow ourselves to get to know them. The truth is you can never know someone completely until you let them in. Everyone’s got a past, a history, a story that isn’t advertised when your first introduced. Everyone has secrets that you can discover if you give them a chance. You may not see it at the time but by allowing yourself to know this person can lead you on a amazing journey and possibly find the one person you have been looking for.


She remained there on the floor of her bedroom curled up in the far corner waiting holding in the tear threatening to fall as she listened to the noise downstairs of her aunt, uncle and Jane. They were all heading out the door to celebrate the fact that Jane’s parents paid to get her into the ad in the first place. When she finally heard the front door close Sara pulled herself off the floor and when she grabbed her jacket she took off down the stairs and out the door. She needed air and needed to get out of the house that had been like a prison to her for years.

Slamming the front door shut Sara looked both ways down the quiet street before setting off down the driveway and towards the park with her arms crossed over her chest. Her long wavy auburn hair blew in the wind as her pace increased down the sidewalk carefully considering she wasn’t wearing her glasses. She still didn’t allow the tears to fall as she walked quickly to the park. While walking down the path she passed a few people who were either walking their dogs or families with their parents.

She climbed the small hill in the park and took a seat on a big gray rock that had a perfect view of the park and the playground down below where she could watch the children play with their parents. Pulling her legs up close to her chest as she sat on the rock she watched as a little girl around the age of five run around the playground laughing and giggling as he father chased after her. Both looked so happy and care free together, a feeling Sara hadn’t felt in a long, long time. She watched as the father caught the little girls and wrapped his arms around her protectively and holding his daughter close and keeping her safe. A smile spread across Sara’s face as she watched the little girl smile and hug her dad. She looked so happy in the security of her father’s arms and looking so innocent and seeing life so simple. Pulling her legs even closer and burying her face against her knees as the tears that had been threatening to fall finally couldn’t be held in any longer.


As Michael was heading home he decided to cut through the park. With his hands stuffed in his leather jacket as he strolled down the path. He glanced around at the people around him and couldn’t help but but annoyed about the screaming kids and parents forcing family time on them. He quickened his paced as the reason he would normally avoid walking through the park came back to him. He was about to start running and get out of the park but suddenly he came to a halt as his eyes fell upon a girls sitting at the top of the hill on a rock looking down at the playground on the other side of the park. He was about to continue on walking until he realized that the girl on the rock was Sara and she looked like she was crying.

Biting his lip Michael turn back to continue on walking but felt himself fighting between walking away or going up the hill to see if she was okay. Looking back at her one last time he let out a huff and then turned back around and slowly headed up the hill to see her.

He was behind her so she didn’t see him approaching until he finally spoke and watched as the sudden sound of his voice coming from behind her startled her and made her jump. Knowing he had scared her Michael stopped in his tracks a couple feet behind her and raised his hands up to let her know he wasn’t there to hurt her. “Sorry I didn’t mean to startle you”

When Sara saw whom it was she stared at him for a moment with her watery eyes before turning back around to look down at the playground. “What do you want?” she asked in a shaky voice as she tried to wipe the tears away from her face.

Watching her and seeing that she was indeed upset Michael moved to stand beside the rock she is sitting on and carefully watches Sara’s actions to see how she reacts to him. “I was wondering if you were okay? You look upset,” he told her.

She let out a scoffed laugh and shook her head, “Since when does Michael Scofield care or notice how other people are, especially someone like me?”

“I’m actually very observant” Michael joked but when he saw Sara didn’t even crack a tiny smile he knew something bad must of happen. He immediately regretted the comment. He took in her appearance and saw how close she was holding her legs to her chest in a protective manner and like she was trying to close herself off from people. His eyes gazed at her and then he caught sight of what looked like blood. “Hey are you bleeding? He asked her as his hand reached out to touch the back of her head.

At the feel of his touch Sara flinched and pushed his hand away hand away and covered the wound with the palm of her hand. “I fell,” she said blankly and Michael could tell she was lying.

“What about the red marks on your arms and broken glasses your holding did you somehow manage to fall back and hit your head and then forward and smash your glasses? ”

Turning to look at Michael in disbelief Sara glared at him, “And who the hell are you, a damn detective?” she snapped at him.

“I just wanted to know if you were okay?? He told her, a little taken back from her tone.

“Am I okay? Am I okay?” she yelled at him as she jumped off the rock and started pacing. “I’m living in hell and there is no escape! My cousin takes great pleasure in making sure I’m miserable, I’m a laughing stock at school and an easy target for people like you and the only thing I can look forward to in life is a dead end job making minimum wage because I will never be able to afford going to college and my aunt and uncle could careless what happens to me after I turn eighteen.”

“Did Jane do this to you?” Michael asked still concerned about the cut on the back of her head and the marks on her arm.

“It doesn’t matter and since when does Michael Scofield care about anyone but himself?” Sara growled at him. “You take pride in seeing others teased and miserable” she told him as she stood several feet away from him “You don’t care about others and what their life is like!”

“So what you think my life is perfect?”

“Well let me just say you and I are totally different people and you could never understand what I go through on a daily bases.”

Michael turned to stare at Sara while she was determined not to return his gaze. She didn’t trust him and wasn’t about to let her guard down around him just so he could find some knew way to humiliate her. Michael watched how closed off Sara’s body language was and not wanting to scare her off too soon he gave her space and just kicked his foot into the ground and few times. “So you think you have me all figured out huh? I’m not exactly an open book”

“I know enough though,” Sara snapped.

“Look I’m not here to cause any trouble” Michael told her and reached into his back pocket and pulled out the To Kill a Mockingbird book that Sara had dropped in the hallway at school. “You dropped this at school” he said and held it out for Sara to take.

She stared at it for a second trying to remember when she could have possibly dropped it and then slowly reached out take back her book. She let her thumb slide over the edge of the book as she flipped through the pages and saw that unlike the last time she had read the book about a week ago there were now hand written notes on the pages. “You graffitied my book” Sara said with a hint of a smile.

“Their margin notes, stuff I write down while reading,” he told her.

This statement caught Sara by surprise and for the first time allowed her eyes to look up at Michael. “You’ve read it before?”

“About seven to eight times” Michael confirmed with a smile.

“I didn’t know you liked reading?” Sara said curiously as she slowly moved back over to the rock and took a seat while she continued to flip through the book and read some of the marginal notes.

“You never asked,” he told her as he stepped closer to her and took a seat on the grass in front of the rock Sara was sitting on. “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence,” Michael said with a smile.

Sara looked up in shock and felt her jaw drop in surprise. “That’s Helen Keller” she said excitedly, “I’ve been in aw of her and her work all my life. Everything she wrote spoke to me in a way I could never explain. “When one door closes another one opens; but we so often long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we often do not see the ones which open for us” Sara said as she leaned back and looked up at the sky. “I have a whole drawer full of her stuff.”

“Seriously?” Michael asked and Sara could tell he was definitely interested about this.

“Yeah her work help inspire some of my own” She said but as soon as she heard the words slip from her lips she regretted it.

“So do you write a lot?” Michael asked her.

“In my free time, nothing powerful or even worthy people to read” Sara told him as she looked down at her feet. “Pretty much only Mrs. Hollander reads it and her opinions are kind of bias.”

“Can I see some?” Michael asked her.

Biting her lip Sara looked down the hill at the park as it began to empty as darkness was descending upon them. “Trust me I’m, not that good” she assured him.

"Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we often might win by fearing to attempt." r32;Michael told her with a smirk.

“You think quoting Shakespeare will get me to let you read it,” she said with a laugh.

“Come on one piece and after that you can kill me and no one will ever know” He said standing in front of the rock Sara sat on. “Please?”

With a sigh and rolling her eyes in defeat she slowly got up off the rock, “Okay one piece, but I don’t have it on me we’ll have to go back to my uncle’s house” she told him.

With a smile and putting his hand out he said, “Lead the way!”

Done Deal by 27kate17
Chapter 14- Done Deal

After spending years alone in this world where no one cared how you are, you learn to except that is life from now on. At one point in life I did have those people, the ones who took care of me, were there for me when I needed them or even when you thought I did they were there.

We take it for granted having someone there to help us and when that comfort and stability is gone we feel lost and alone. We need others no matter how much we try to deny it, but if we’re left alone for so long then it would be hard to let someone else in. In fear of letting them see the real us or terrified that after letting them in they too will leave and you feel you can never get over yet another loss.


The walk back to the house was full of talk about recent books they had read and whether the other had or should even bother reading it. They seemed to be having a decent conversation with each other that didn’t involve yelling. Walking up to the house Sara checked the driveway to make sure her aunt and uncle were still out and wouldn’t have to deal with them. She inserted her key into the lock and turned it until she heard a click and then swung open the door. Upon entering the house Michael followed Sara out of the foyer and they past the living room that seemed to be over flowing with pictures of
Jane. He stood there for a moment trying to take it all in and it dawned on him that there were no pictures of Sara in the house.

“Are you sure you live here?” Michael asked her with a bit of a chuckle trying to lighten the mood.

Sara walked back into the room holding two sodas and handed one to Michael. “Oh well according to my uncle I’m more like an unwanted guest they can’t throw out yet” Sara explained. “I’m lucky enough they gave me a bedroom.”

“Well giving you the closet under the stairs has been done by Harry Potter” Michael joked and Sara couldn’t help but laugh.

“They think that if they put pictures up of me I will feel like I’m at home and won’t want to leave” Sara said sadly. “Anyway it doesn’t matter, I’m out of here as soon as I can”

Michael took a sip of his soda but didn’t take his eyes off Sara, because although she was saying she didn’t care that her aunt and uncle didn’t accept her Michael could tell by her body language that it did bother her. There was an awkward silence between them as she just stared at her soda and watched it fizzle. Michael watched her closely and saw sadness is her face, her head was down and her fizzy wavy auburn hair fell in front of her face as if she was trying to hide from him. He felt the urge to reach out to her and comfort her but did his best to fight it.

After a moment Sara looked up at him and put of a brave smile, she didn’t want to talk about her family anymore and Michael wasn’t going to press her. “So how about you show me those stories of yours” Michael suggested changing the subject and he could tell she was thankful for it,

“Um yea, follow me” she told him and the two made their way up to Sara’s bedroom. As they entered the room there was no doubt that the room was Sara’s due to all the books displayed around the room. Michael stepped into the room and walked over to the big bookshelf and began to check out the different book she had and whether he had read them or not. Sara remained silent during this time and just watched as Michael browsed through her books. “You have a great collection here,” he told her.

“Thank you” Sara answered as she made her way over to her small desk. Kneeling down she slowly opened her bottom drawer where her many stories were. Setting a book back on the shelf Michael strolled over to the desk and peaked down at all the written work of Sara’s.

Looking through them he saw a number of poems and short stories. His eyes caught sight of one called “Prison Break” and pulled it out of the drawer. “This one seems interesting, what’s the plot?” he asked her as he flipped through the papers while he turned to sit in the desk chair.

“Oh that’s one of the ones I finished about a month ago, I gave it to Mrs. Hollander for her to read and I just got it back” she answered as she closed the door and moved to stand behind Michael. “It’s based on two brothers, one is sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit and the other breaks him out.”

“Sounds pretty cool” Michael said.

Sara tried to stop herself from smiling as she moved to stand by her window. “Don’t get too excited about it, I mean I’m no professional writer so I doubt you will be impressed.” She told him.

“Do you want to be a professional writer?”

After hearing his question Sara looked away from Michael as the events from earlier that night came back to her. Her own cousin going through her things and then her aunt and uncle claiming that her plans about going to college would never happen because she didn’t have the money for it. Michael didn’t miss the sudden change in her facial expression and when he saw his question seem to upset her so he quickly set her story down on the desk and got up and walked towards her. “Look Sara I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s okay” Sara interrupted him as she shook her head, “It’s just getting out of here and going to college isn’t as easy as saying that’s what I want to do” she told him.

“What do you mean?”

“Michael look at me, and think about it. My parents died when I was young and didn’t have a will. I don’t have even a penny to my name and my aunt and uncle have no desire to help me pay for college. There is no way I could afford to go to a college like Princeton” Sara told him.

She didn’t make eye contact with Michael as she stepped back from him to sit on her bed. He watched her and all of a sudden he was seeing a whole different side of Sara. She wasn’t just the invisible girl nobody new about or cares to know anymore, she had been through probably more or put up with more then anyone he could think of. “I’m sorry about your parents,” he told her sincerely.

“Don’t worry about it, it was along time ago. I was nine and they died in a house fire,” she told him as Michael took a seat beside her. “That picture by the door,” Sara added as she pointed to the family portrait that was taken a few months before the fire, “Is the only thing I have left from that life.”

Michael turned to look at the portrait and couldn’t help but smile as he looked at a young pretty looking Sara with her auburn hair curly and all done up. Her proud parents standing behind her and Michael could see the resemblance between Sara and her mother. “It’s a nice picture,” he told her.

He turned back to Sara and saw the embarrassed smile creep over Sara’s face. A smirk grew on Michael’s face as well and when Sara looked up at him their eyes connected. An odd feeling grew in both of them and for some strange reason neither of them could look away. They sat inches apart and Michael swallowed hard as he stared at Sara, he wanted to say something but all of a sudden the sound of noise coming from downstairs broke their trance and then Michael saw the sudden fear in Sara’s eyes.

“You can’t be here,” she whispered.


Sara got up from her bed and ran over to close her bedroom door. “My aunt and uncle find out I had you here, I’m dead” she said in a terrified voice.

“I don’t understand why can’t…”

“Please Michael you have to go!” She pleaded desperately.

Michael realized that Sara wasn’t kidding around. Grabbing Sara’s story off the desk he quietly followed her over to her window as she was propping it open. “You can walk across the roof and then climb down the big tree,” she told him.

With a nod Michael climbed through the window and on to the roof. Once he was out Sara started to pull down the window but suddenly stopped when Michael popped his head back in. “What are you doing?” she whispered.

“Friday night, I heard there is a big book fair in the park. Do you want to go and then maybe see a movie after?” he asked with a nervous look on his face in the process.

“You mean go together?” she questioned.

“That’s kind of why I was asking you?” Michael said with a chuckle.

She was in total shock, this was Michael Scofield the guy who would make fun of her in the halls. This all seemed so strange and maybe a little to good to be true that someone would be interest in her; a nobody. “I don’t know,” she said honestly.

“Please, we can do the book fair and if it goes alright you can decide if you want to do the movie” he offered.

She was completely caught off guard about this, she looked at him and then over at her closed bedroom door knowing an minute someone would come barging in and she didn’t want them finding Michael. Biting her bottom lip she turned back to look at Michael and saw that he was still waiting for an answer.

“We could start with lunch or a cup of coffee if your not sure about the book fair,” he offered.

“Um okay I’ll do the book fair,” she answered and Michael gave her a quick smile and then he was gone.

As Michael climbed onto the tree he watched as Sara closed the window and then pulled the drapes shut. He had done it; he got the date just like Linc had wanted but for some strange reason he felt both happy and heartsick about the idea now.
Itís All for the Money by 27kate17
Chapter 15- It’s All for the Money

(Sara’s POV)

Over the years everyone has been influenced to do something by others whether it was for a good reason or not. Peer pressure has impacted everyone at some point and we can’t help but try to please other’s. For the most part peer pressure usually involves doing something we are not comfortable doing normally.

It’s horrible to think that people can have this hold on us and make us feel awful and like we don’t fit in if we don’t follow the crowd. For the most part the situation isn’t at all fun for those involved, especially if you have no idea you were a involved in the situation to begin with. I know what that’s like and from where I was standing it seemed like it was too good to be true but at the same time it was a moment I actually liked because I felt more then just the invisible girl.

Peer Pressure can change everything, and make a person act differently to impress others. To make the decision less difficult we tend to push away our feelings and force ourselves to think away that is more expectable to our peers. No matter who could possible get hurt in the process.


Michael lay in bed Friday morning with Sara’s story in his hand, he had been up most the night reading it and trying to finish it, he had done not much else over the last couple days but read her story and to say he was amazed was an understatement. Her style of writing and the way she always kept him wanting more was incredible. He glanced over at his alarm clock to see the bright red digit numbers reminding him that he had to get up for school, but not until he finished the chapter he was on he told himself not wanting to put it down.

When he did finally drag himself out of bed he placed the stapled pages of Sara’s story on his bedside table and forced himself to get ready for school. He wasn’t sure how exactly he felt about walking into the school today. For one thing he knew Linc would be waiting at the front doors to see if Michael had Sara taken care of. A part of him didn’t feel right about what he was doing to Sara but he could also use the money.

Once dressed, he grabbed his backpack and headed out of his room and down the stairs. As he walked into the kitchen he found Veronica and her mother laughing about something as they made breakfast. When he entered the kitchen he could smell the bacon and eggs and he couldn’t help but smile. “Bacon and eggs made fresh, I’m guessing that all of Vee’s tests and assignments are done for spring break”

“You got that right!” Veronica said with a cheerful smile. With a skip in her step she made her way over to Michael and handed him a plate.

Michael couldn’t help but laugh at Veronica’s excitement and he could easily tell that she was stress free.

“Well I’m glad we can finally have the house back, your father, Michael and I have had to step over all your books and studies.” Veronica’s mother said as she walked over and put a hand best friend’s son who she had taken in after her death. “So Michael any big plans for your spring break?” she asked him.

“Nothing big, I have plans to night but not much else” he said and then with a smile Veronica’s mother left the room and left Michael and Veronica alone.

With her mother out of the room Veronica grabbed her breakfast plate and took a seat across form Michael with a curious smile on her face. “So plans to night huh?” Veronica said.

“Um yeah I have a date with Sara” Michael said softly.

“The girl who got you to finally cut that ungodly long messy hair and quit smoking? Please when can I meet this amazing girl able to tame you?” Veronica asked as she reached out and grasped hold of Michael’s hand.

“Well if you’re free you can meet her today after school” he told her him a smile. “I was wondering if you could maybe take her shopping for tonight. She doesn’t really have a very supportive family so I was hoping you could take her out and help her find an outfit for tonight.”

“Oh sure, I can pick her up after school and hand in my final essay” Veronica told him and then as both of them smiled the picked up their forks and ate the rest of their breakfast in comfortable silence.


Just like Michael had suspected Linc was standing just outside the school waiting for him. With his car parked Michael slowly walked up to the school with his hands stuffed in his pockets. When with Linc saw Michael approaching the school he gradually moved towards his brother.

“Hey man” Linc said once he stood in front of Michael, “So this thing with Sara…”

“It’s done” Michael answered quickly, “She won’t be a problem for Jane tonight”

“Alright that’s great” Linc said with a smile and patted Michael on the back.

“The money?”

Linc nodded and reached into his bag and pulled out a small white envelope. “You get half now and half after,” Linc instructed. “Just keep her out of the house” Linc added and then turned around and left Michael standing their holding the envelope filled with cash. Quickly he stuffed it into his bag and with a huff made his way into the school.

He past all the chattering kids as he made his way down the hallway, his mind was swarming with so much and felt a headache coming on. He was so busy with his own thoughts he wasn’t paying much attention but when he looked up and down the hall he saw Sara standing there by her locker with that Lance kid. He watched as she was putting textbooks into her locker and seemed to have a slight smile on her face.

His eyes stayed on her and not paying much attention to those around him, so were caught off guard when James Whistler and Fernando Sucre came up behind him and wrapped their arms around his shoulders. “Yo Mike did you not hear us calling you” James asked.

Michael was still only half paying attention to his friends as they talked but when they called out his name again he finally looked up at them, “What?”

“Are you paying any attention to us? I said do you want to come back to my place tonight and try out the new stuff I picked up? James asked.

Michael turned to look at his friend and shook his head, “James I told you already, and I don’t do drugs anymore. I promised my aunt I wasn’t going to do that shit anymore” Michael told him as he turned on his feet heading the opposite way of Sara.

“Yea and apparently you don’t smoke either? What the hell is going on with you?” Sucre asked his friend as they followed him.

“I guess I’m just over it” Michael said shrugging his shoulders

“Yea and have moved on to that freak redhead, I don’t even know her name” James said with a laugh.

“Shut up, her name is Sara and she isn’t important” Michael assured them.

“You have been spend a lot of time with her and your brother, who the last time you said you hated” Sucre said standing in front of Michael so he couldn’t walk away. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing” Michael said with a nervous laugh.

“You’re not, I mean you and her”

“Oh god no Sucre don’t even think that” Michael snapped and shook his head. “Listen my brother is paying me to take her out and keep her busy. She means nothing to me, all I want is the money,” Michael told him.

“Well that’s good because we all including Gretchen thought you were, you know” James said with a laugh.

“Don’t worry that will never happen, I take her out tonight and I make more then four hundred bucks and then we are going to party” Michael said with a mischievous smile.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about” James said excitedly and patted Michael on the back. “Saturday night we are going to get hammered!”

Michael laughed with his friends and then after clapping their hand together as the bell rang to let student know to go to class the three went their separate ways. Once Michael was away from his friend his fake smile fell from his face and he turned to see Sara heading to her class with Lance.
Scared to Trust by 27kate17
Chapter 16- Scared to Trust

Trust, it’s a scary thing because we are putting our vulnerability into another persons hands in some cases. If you have been on your own for so long and have never let another person in, it can usually be for two important reasons. One, trust can involve letting another person in and opening yourself up to them about things that you wouldn’t usually let people know. Then there is the second reason, which is that you have once been betrayed or trusted someone who wasn’t there when you need them the most.

I trusted easily as a child like most kids, at a young age life isn’t filled with heartbreak in most cases so we trust our parents. If there is a monster under the bed or a scrape of the knee you trust your parents to make it all better. You trust them to be there when your sad, scared, happy, excited and nervous. The last thing a child ever wants to think about is that the people they trust most in the world won’t be there one day and you are left alone.

Losing the two most important people in your life can change your life and how you interact with others. The lose can shatter your ability to trust or making it harder to find someone to put your trust in because you become afraid that they too would either let you down or leave you alone once again. Trust wasn’t easy for me and Michael Scofield didn’t help.


The bell rang to dismiss everyone from school at the end of the day and for the weekend to begin. Sara left her last class of the day and slowly made her way to her locker. The last couple days of school had been quite difficult considering she didn’t have her glasses, and her aunt and uncle refused to buy her a new pair.

As she opened her locker she noticed a small paper crane fall to the bottom and with a confused look on her face she reached down and picked up the white origami paper crane. She studied the figure for a moment flipping it around in her hands. Her head shot up to looked at the students coming and going down the hall for a couple seconds and then she looked back down at the crane.

She noticed a kind of ink mark on one of the wings flap and as she flipped it open she saw some writing and after looking at it and remembering the writing in her To Kill a Mockingbird she knew that it was from Michael.

With a smile she read:

I have a surprise for you; go to the big oak tree out front.


Her smile grew as she realized that he was still planning to take her out. Over the last couple of day she hadn’t heard much from him, sure they had passed each other in the halls and would smile discreetly at each other but nothing more. She had assumed that he had changed his mind about taking her out but with a smile she realized he wasn’t changing his mind.

Sticking the paper bird in her pocket she swing her backpack over her shoulders and shut her locker. There were a number of students walking in the halls now and Sara tried her best to get by them and out as quickly as she could. Stepping out of the school she walked into the warm spring weather.

She looked around for Michael but there was no sign of him anywhere, she headed down the front steps of the school and crossing the yard to the big oak tree. Suddenly she was becoming nervous and was second-guessing her choice to come down here. Maybe he was playing her; maybe he was looking for a way to humiliate her some more. She couldn’t deal with that again especially since she had shared some things with him earlier. She wanted to kick herself for confiding with him and letting read one of her stories. Oh god what had she done, she put the grenade in his hand and was almost begging him to launch it at her.

Knowing how big of a mistake this was Sara was ready to turn around and leave but before she could walk away she heard some calling out her name. She froze where she was unsure as to what she should do. She slowly turned back towards the big oak tree and notice a girl maybe a couple years older smiling and walking towards her. Sara wasn’t sure who this girl was but she seemed to know who she was and this made Sara nervous.

She faced the girl who had a smile on her face and she seemed to be quite friendly. The girl was now walking towards her and Sara gave her a slight smile still unsure what was going on. “Sara, right?” she said once she was standing in front of her.

Sara gave a nervous nod and eyed the girl closely wondering who she was, how she knew her and way she was here?

“Hi I’m Veronica, a friend of Michael’s,” she told her as she stuck out her hand to shake Sara’s hand. “I’m not sure if he told you but he thought you might enjoy a little girls afternoon before your date tonight?” Veronica said. “You know find something to wear, get your hair done”

“Um I don’t know” Sara said still a little unsure about what was going on.

“Come on it’ll be fun. Plus I’m dying to know how you were able to convince Michael to cut his unruly hair and quit smoking” Veronica joked and then with another genuine smile reached out for Sara, “So what do you say?”

Sara bit her lip and glanced at the students hanging around celebrating the fact it was spring break. Looking back at the girl named Veronica, Sara had to admit she seemed very nice and didn’t seem to be up to anything. Knowing her other option was to go back to her aunt and uncle’s place she knew not much could be worse then that so as small smile crept across her face Sara nodded and reached out to link arms with Veronica and allowed the cheerful Veronica to pull her along as they skipped towards her car.

Back at the school Michael stood by the brick wall behind a bush and watched as Veronica left with Sara. A smile played across his, as he was happy to see Sara with a smile on her face. When he over heard his friends coming out the front doors Michael averted his eyes away from Sara and Veronica as he saw Sucre, James and Gretchen come into view.

“So Papi are you sure you don’t wanna come” Sucre asked as he leaned against the wall beside Michael pulling out a smoke.

“Yeah I’m sure,” Michael answered.

“Oh come on Michael, its spring break time for a little fun” Gretchen said as she wrapped her one arm around Michael and let her other caress the side of his face.

“No” Michael snapped as he pushed Gretchen away. “I’ve got things to do tonight.”

“Oh yea that’s right, you have a date” James laughed.

“What, a DATE?” Gretchen said with a shocking tone.

“Looks it’s not a date” Michael said ignoring Gretchen and looking at James.

“Right well once you finish with her and get your money feel free to come over to my place and take the edge off” James told him and then him, Sucre and Gretchen took off leaving the school and heading to James’ place. As they left Gretchen looked back at Michael, hoping it was nothing but a job to Michael.

The Beginning by 27kate17
Chapter 17 The Beginning

The loss of say parents is hard on a child no matter what age. The idea of having to live in a world in which they no longer exist seems well, crazy and impossible. It’s not something you can totally prepare yourself for like people say.

Everyone learns to deal differently and you can either come out being a better and compassionate person or come out badly where you give up on yourself or let your anger run your life.


As Veronica drove out of the school parking lot she headed straight for the mall as Sara sat nervously in the passenger seat. Still unsure as to what was going on and why everyone was being so nice to her she promised herself to keep her guard up and be careful.

Veronica did seem nice as they drove to the mall and making small talk. She had a friendly smile on and would ask Sara about school and her favorite courses. “So you like books and writing I hear,” Veronica mentioned as she quickly glances at Sara before turning back to the road again. “Michael is too, I mean he’s got more books then I have clothes. Not to mention the few he borrows from the library every week.”

Sara looked over at Veronica with a smile, she seemed really nice and her motives seemed genuine as they talked all the way to the mall. She bit her bottom lip as Veronica pulled into a parking spot and then turned off the engine.

With an encouraging smile Veronica stepped out of the car and Sara soon followed. “So um how do you know Michael?” Sara asked as she clutched her purse close to her chest and walked beside Veronica through the mall making their way to a Starbucks.

Veronica gave a smile and kept walking as she answered. “I grew up with him and his brother.”

“Michael has a brother?”

“Yeah not many people know cause they aren’t exactly close. Their parents divorced about four years ago and it ended badly. Their mom was very independent and career driven yet still great a mom don’t get me wrong. Their dad on the other hand is possessive, jealous and didn’t like his wife having a career, thought she was cheating on him when she was at work so he became violent towards her. Lincoln that his brother was and still is obnoxious, his mom and him never saw eye to eye and fought about everything. When their parents divorced Linc refused to go with their mother like Michael wanted to. They both ended up taking sides in the divorce which drove a wedge between the two of them that only got worse when they were in the same room.”

Sara nodded still in disbelief about what Michael’s life was like behind the wall he had built around himself. Getting up from the table Sara went up the two of them some coffee and when she returned Veronica smile and mouthed thank you as Sara took a seat. “I guess that explains why he’s so angry,” Sara said before taking a sip. “Guess it’s true what they say, you never truly know a person.”

“Yeah it does I guess, but things changed after the divorce for Michael. With Linc living with their dad and him with their mom and not talking to each other Michael didn’t have his big brother anymore especially when his mom got sick. She had cancer and it was hard on Michael having to take care of his mom at sixteen years old. The pressure got to him and he got in with the wrong crowd of friends, drinking and drugs. She died last May and well after her death thing got worse, Linc and him fought at the funeral and afterwards Michael took off to get high with his so call friends. He moved in with us after the funeral and at first things were tough but slowly but surly we’re trying to turn his life around.”

“Seems like he’s been through a lot,” Sara said quietly looking down at her cup.

“He has, but I have to say some of the improvements are thanks to you” Veronica added with a smile.

“Me?” Sara responded quite confused.

“The unruly hair, the smoking, I even think that his grades have improved since he started mentioning you” Veronica said happily. “I don’t know what you did to get through to him but keep it up and the old Michael will soon come back.”

Sara shook her head not believing what Veronica was thanking her for. “I…I had nothing to do with any of that.” Sara told her although a smile was creeping across her face. Over the last few days she had come to see a whole different side of Michael. One where she wasn’t on the receiving end of his practical jokes that only left her feeling like a freak. Listening to Veronica talk about Michael’s past she realized that he was in pain over losing a parent just like she was of losing both her parents. In a way Michael did lose both his parents, an absent father and a deceased mother all before he was seventeen.

“You do, and to thank you for not taking any of his crap I want to help you get ready for your date. I swear Sara Tancredi when Michael sees you tonight we might be needing to pick him up off the floor” Veronica said with a laugh. Quick getting up from her seat and tossing out her empty cup she reached out for Sara’s hand and the two girls took off into the mall to begin shopping.


“Are you sure about this?” Sara asked nervously as she sat in the middle of Veronica’s bedroom facing the mirror while Veronica circled around her with scissors her hand. Slowly her eyes looked up at Veronica wondering what she was going to do, she had wanted to trim up her hair but now Sara wondered if Veronica had other ideas. She had wrapped a big blue towel around Sara’s shoulders and had used a spray bottle to dampen her frizzy wavy hair.

“Don’t worry Sara, I’ve done this before I know what I’m doing trust me” Veronica told her as she put a hand on Sara’s shoulder for reassurance. She smiled down at Sara and with a deep breath Sara smiled back and nodded her head. “I promise you will thank me after” Veronica added as she ran a comb through Sara’s long damp auburn hair and brought the scissors up to meet Sara’s hair for the first snip.

The two had had a very fun afternoon together as they got to know each other and found an outfit for Sara. They went from store to store and each one Veronica would walk in and grab a number of items and lead Sara to the changing rooms. Sara found herself amazed at how good of a fashion sense Veronica seemed to have. She would quickly be able to mix and match clothing and come out with some great outfits that Sara would never of thought of herself. After many great outfit they both settled on a Asymmetrical beige and chocolate brown diagonal stripe boat-neck top, a pair of dark skinny jeans and finished off with a multi-strand chain necklace with faceted drops and a pair of flat almond-toe booties with small straps and studs. As soon a Veronica saw Sara walk out in it she knew without a doubt that this was the outfit for her.

Afterwards they made their way to Sephora (a makeup store) and they bought Sara some makeup that would not only go with the outfit they had bought but would also bring out Sara’s eyes and make her that more irresistible for Michael.

So here Sara sat now with her eyes shut not sure if she wanted to watch as the ends of her hair fell to the floor. Veronica moved quickly trimming Sara’s ends and then blow drying her hair. For the first time while Veronica had pulled out a straighter to go over Sara’s hair she looked at the reflection of herself and a smile spread across her face in amazement.

“See I told you I knew what I was doing” Veronica said with a smile. “Your beautiful Sara, you just need to have your hair shape around your face and then know how to do your makeup to show it off.”


Pushing his key into the door, Michael swung it open and dropped his bag at his feet. After school he had stopped by the bookstore to pick up a new book as well as drive to the theatre to get the ticket for him and Sara. With a sigh he checked his watched noticing he would need to pick her up in about an hour and a half.

Strolling to the kitchen he grabbed a soda out of the fridge and in on quick swift motion he jumped and slid onto the kitchen counter with his soda and book in hand. Setting the novel to the side for a second to snap open his soda and could hear the fizzy sound before taking a big gulp.

“What are you doing here?”

Veronica’s voice cutting through the silence shocked Michael and out of the sudden sound of her voice he looked up not realizing she was home. “Hey, last time I checked I still lived here and your parents hadn’t kicked me out” Michael joked as he looked up at Veronica standing on the stairs starring at him at the end of the room.

“No what are you doing here now, I thought you wouldn’t be back for another hour” Veronica told him as she looked a bit surprised and frantic.

“Why what’s going on?” Michael asked her questioningly.

“Well I’m helping Sara get ready up in my room” Veronica informed him and then suddenly saw the shock in Michael’s eyes.

“Wait what do you mean? She’s here?” Michael asked as he jumped off the counter and ran over to the stairs.

“Like I said I’m helping her get ready, and as I looked at the time you should really be getting ready to go too” Veronica told him as she glanced at her watch. “Sara will be ready soon” she added and turned and ran back up stairs to where Sara was waiting.

Michael bit his lip and drummed his fingertips on the railing. He wanted this night to go as quickly as possible because it was getting to the point that his conscience was getting the best of him and he was second guessing his priorities and going through with everything. He didn’t want to deceive Sara, she seemed like a nice girl and although he didn’t know what kind of past she had knew it couldn’t of been easy. He could hear voices coming from Veronica’s room so knew that Sara would be coming out soon and he wasn’t ready.

With a sigh he climbed the stairs and making his way to his room Michael turned on the stereo loudly and retreated to his closet to find something to wear. He grabbed a pair of faded jeans and a black Beatles shirt. He had thought about dressing up a bit more but didn’t really own any dress tops and didn’t really want to waste his money since this wasn’t a real date.

He was now back downstairs sitting in the family room waiting for Veronica and Sara to reappear from her room. The book fair was going to be starting within half an hour and he was hoping to get there early so that him and Sara could get some good books.

Just before he was about to get up and go call out to them he heard Veronica’s door open and then the sounds of whispering. Sitting up straight Michael prepared to greet his “date” for the evening so put on a fake smile as Veronica came down the stairs with a huge excited smile of her own.

“Michael, Let me introduce to you the not new but fashion improved Sara Tancredi” Veronica said as she lifted her hand and motioned for Sara to come down the stairs. After a few seconds and there was no sign of Sara Michael go to his feet and peaked around the corner a bit to see if she was coming and then looked at Veronica unsure as to what was going on.

Veronica let out a huff and then yelled up the stairs, “Sara get your sexy butt down here!”

The sexy part caught Michael off guard as first but when movement could be heard on the steps of the stairs he turned back and watched as a pair of black dress ankle boots appeared and then slowly but surely a very different and gorgeous Sara appeared.

He had to blink twice just in case his eyes were playing tricks on him as he looked at the beautiful woman coming gracefully down the stairs. She looked nothing like the girl he had walked by so many times in the halls. She was wearing clothes that actually fit her and weren’t two sized too big; her skinny blue jeans showed off her long and sexy legs many women would die for and her outfit fit her slim body perfectly. Slowly Michael’s eyes continued to stare and observe as he looked at her face, her hair was no longer had bushy frizzy of hair, it was no trimmed and the cut to frame her face and straightened. Contacts replaced her oversized broken glasses that always overshadowed her eyes but now Michael couldn’t help but look into her breath taking chocolate brown eyes that had just the right amount of makeup to help make her eyes stand out that much more with a bronze shaded eye shadow.

A speechless Michael didn’t know how to react; he never thought he would find himself in this situation with Sara Tancredi. She looked amazing; no she looked like a sexy gorgeous goddess that could no doubt be in a magazine. Realizing he hadn’t said anything since she had entered the room he found himself stuttering for words.

“Uh… I…uh Sara you looked…” he found himself getting hot and unable to take his eyes off her. “Sara. Uh you look amazing” he was finally able to make out.

“Really?” Sara asked feeling a little self-conscious since Michael had hardly said anything to her.

“Yeah, I mean wow you look incredible” he said and this time with a huge sincere smile.

Veronica glance between the two kids and felt herself getting all excited, “Well my work is down here, Sara you do look amazing and I had a lot of fun with you today and would love to do it again sometime.”

“Yeah it was a lot of fun, thank you” Sara responded and Veronica couldn’t help but reach in and give Sara a big hug.

“Well you ready to go” Michael asked her as he stepped closer to her and put his hand out to take hers. Sara’s smile grew as she accepted it and the two of them headed out the door with Veronica standing at the door waving them off as Michael opened Sara’s door and help her get in. She couldn’t help wipe the smile off her face as she watched them leave. After such a hard few hard years for Michael she knew he need someone like Sara just as much as she need someone like him. As she stood there watching them drive off she knew that this was no doubt the beginning of an incredible love story.
First Date by 27kate17
Chapter 18 First Date

First dates can be nerve racking for many and I was no different. The idea of getting all dressed up and trying to impress someone and see if you have chemistry is a terrifying thing. Not only was I dealing with it being my first date but also it was with someone who always intimidated me. Michael Scofield was the bad boy of Fox River High, someone many tried to avoid in the halls.

So much pressure is put on first dates because it is during that first date many people say a connection can grow. The evening begins with both being cautious as to what they say or do. Its all about impressing them, pleasing them, learning their likes and dislikes. It’s a stressful time and you don’t want to push too much incase you scare them and move to fast. Yet by the end of the date if all had gone well during, both parties begin to feel comfortable around each other and then you can see the fireworks.


The car ride to the park was a quiet one, both unsure who should speak first and both unsure as to what to say. Sitting in the passenger seat Sara had her hands together and stared out the window while she bit her bottom lip. She hadn’t looked at Michael since he had opened the door for her. Beginning to feel self-conscious as the silence continued she started to fidget with her clothing and running her slender fingertips along her blue skinny jeans.

Beside her Michael was driving and his mind was racing. When Sara had slowly descending from the stairs and revealing her unbelievable makeover. Michael was in aw and shocked that this was the same girl he had walked by in the school halls countless times. His grip tightened on the steering wheel as he continued down the road. He had glanced over at the undeniably beautiful girl sitting next to him.

“So I’ve heard there are some great books this year” Michael said breaking the silence after clearing his throat.

The sudden sound of Michael’s voice came as a shock to Sara but when she turned and looked at Michael she gave him a smile and nodded her head. “Um last year I think I bought about five books and finished reading them within a month” she said softly with a smile.

“Anything in particular you are looking for?” Michael asked her.

“I’m hoping they’ll have some James Joyce, I’ve heard about his work but have never been able to find one so hopefully someone is selling it here.”

As Michael pulled the car up to the curb by the book fair he nodded and smiled. “James Joyce, I’ll keep an eye out for him” Michael responded.

Sara turned and looked at Michel with a smile, “Thanks, um anything you’re looking for?” Sara asked as they both hopped out of the car.

“Something by William Faulkner” Michael told her as the two awkwardly walked beside each other towards the book fair. Once in a while Michael would sneak a glance of Sara as they walked and couldn’t help but be fascinated by her beautiful features. What drew him in the most were her chocolate brown eyes that were defined by her makeup. Usually she wore glasses that over shadowed her eyes and let her hair fall in front of her face. Not today, no he could clearly see her eyes and the little sparkle as they walked.

As they got to the tables of book Sara was quick to get lost in all the different books and in no time had an arm full of them. They both would find a book that one of them had read and go into a quick description about it. “Hey have you read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand?” Sara asked.

“No I have yet to make it through it” Michael told her as he picked up a book of his own.

“Yeah it took me a second time to get through but she is an amazing writer” Sara told him.

“Rand is too much of a political nut,” Michael said with a chuckle.

Sara laughed and looked over at Michael holding up the book, “True but whom else do you know can write a forty page monolog like her?”

Michael had to give her that and he smiled as he watched Sara holding the book out for him. “Okay, I’ll give another try” he told her and allowed Sara to put The Fountainhead on his pile of books. “Hey but since I have to endure reading Ayn Rand you have to read… For Whom the Bell Tolls,” Michael told her as he found the book amongst the many to choose from.

Sara bit her lip and then took the book from Michael so she could read the back. At first glance it really wasn’t her cup of tea but with a sigh gave in. “Alright, I’ll read it if you read the fountainhead.”

Michael gave a nod and said, “Deal.”

They wondered down the tables of book picking up a few as they went and to Sara’s delight she found one by James Joyce. Michael had to admit that he was having fun with Sara even though he considered canceling a few times. Suddenly he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket so while juggling his book he reached for his phone. As Sara continued to look, Michael stayed back a little when he saw the call was from Linc who must be checking up on him. Looking up at Sara for a moment he explained that he needed to take the call and told her to go on looking. She gave him a nervous nod but continued to browse through the book wondering if this was Michael’s escape plan of a fake emergency.

He made sure Sara was out of earshot before answering it. Turning his back to her, Michael stepped away from the table of books and flipped open his phone. “What is it? I don’t have time to talk” Michael said firmly as he talked softly to Linc.

Michael could hear the sound of music and screaming teenagers in the background. There was no doubt in his mind that the party at Jane’s had started and was off to a very loud start. “Hey man yea just making sure you got it taken care of cause we don’t want anything to mess up this party” Linc said in a drunken tone.

“Yeah whatever look I got a go,” Michael snapped at him.

“Yeah alright just keep that girl away and you’ll get paid” Linc said as he seemed to be rejoining the party and what Michael could only assume was a group of girls from their high pitch squeals. Shaking his head he snapped his phone shut and turned back to join Sara.

As Sara added another book to her pile she looked up at Michael as he came back beside her. “Is everything okay?” she asked wondering whom he was talking to.

“Yeah, it was nothing” he told her as he smiled. “So um looks like you got a good pile of books,” he laughed.

Sara gave a small smile and looked down at her pile, “Yeah it should do me for all of spring break. What about you?”

Michael had about four books in his hands and showed them off to her, “Yeah I think I’m good too. Besides it may take be a little longer to go through The Fountainhead” he joked and followed Sara to the checkout. “Here let me,” Michael said as he pulled out his wallet.

“Oh Michael you don’t need to do that” Sara insisted.

“Don’t worry it’s fine, I want to” he told her with a smile.

She couldn’t believe this was the same Michael she had known for years; he was so generous and selfless. Biting her bottom lip she gave him a smile and allowed Michael to pay. “Thanks.”

Michael smiled as he looked at Sara standing beside him playing with the hem on her shirt. For the four years he had gone to high school with Sara he never even noticed her until now. He had had the same classes as her but never once saw her as someone he could have a lot in common with, and really enjoy spending time with her. After paying for their books Michael and Sara gathered up their purchases.

“Hey you want to get some ice cream? We have some time to kill before the movie,” Michael asked her as he eyed a little ice cream shop across the park. Sara agreed and the two headed over to the shop. “So you a big ice cream lover?” he asked her.

As they entered the shop and got into line Sara shrugged her shoulders slightly, “Well I’m not an ice cream fanatic really, only have it in the spring and summer.” She told him.

“Yeah same here, although my favorite flavor isn’t a common one, this is actually the only shop that has it” Michael said.

“Well somehow I bet mine is a lot more uncommon” Sara challenges as she looked through the glass of the cooler holding the many flavors. “Many people think it’s disgusting, but it was my mom’s favorite and ever since I got a taste of it, it has been my favorite. Black licorice.”

Michael’s eyes widened in shock and then started to chuckle, “Your kidding right? Black Licorice is the best ice cream ever!” Michael laughed as he found something else him and Sara had in common.

The two got their ice cream and then proceeded their stroll through the park talking about school and future plans. They talked about Sara’s dream to go to Princeton and become a writer. They discussed her work and the recent story Michael had read and believed she should get published. He could tell Sara was very unsure about the idea and he figured after living with Jane and her family and being told she wasn’t good enough at anything she was starting to believe it herself. He felt anger growing in the pit of his stomach for how Jane and her family could treat Sara after all she had been through at such a young age.

“I’m out of there is a few months anyway, once I turn eighteen and graduate I’m out of there. What I’ll do after I have no idea, school isn’t cheep and I’m only making so much for working at the book store.”

They moved on to talk about Michael and how after his mother died he gave up on school and let his grades slip. For a while he didn’t see the point of school but over the last several months Veronica’s parent had been working to get him back on track and he even gave Sara some credit to his improving grades.

“Seeing what you go through and the strength you have, it amazing. You have so much hope for the future even though life hasn’t been easy for you. You are a brilliant writer and after reading your work and seeing you trying to reach your goals has got me thinking about what it is that I want, you know.”

The two discussed Michael’s interest in engineering and possibly pursuing a career in it. Sara seemed really curious about the idea and it got Michael feeling good about himself as he talked about engineering and what he wanted to do.

Checking his watched Michael realized that they had better be heading to the theatre for the movie. Getting up from the spot they had taken a seat by a tree Michael put his hands out to help Sara up and then gathered up their books. As they made their way back to Michael’s car they turned their conversation back to books and unlike at the beginning of the date the two walked closely beside each other looking very comfortable.

They placed their books into the trunk of the car and then Michael moved around to open up Sara’s door. Sara gave him a smile in thanks and Michael felt himself becoming nervous all of a sudden. He had been on many dates but even though this wasn’t suppose to be an actually date he couldn’t help but feel that he wanted this to be perfect.

End Notes:
there is a shock in the next chapter so stay tune! thanks for reading!
Mystery of Death by 27kate17
Author's Notes:
OKay so it has been a long time since I updated but here it is.
Chapter 19 Mystery of Death

Sara POV

Life is very unpredictable and we can never be sure where our journey will take us or when it will end. Everyone comes in all shapes and sizes and different backgrounds but the paths life will take them is different for every single person.

Death is a scary and horrible thing that one day everyone will experience but we never know when death will come knocking on our door. Death is never easy for loved ones, even if you had months to prepare when it finally comes it’s a pain that only time can slowly stitch up the wounds of hurt but their will always be a scar that holds the memory of that loved one.

When it’s a sudden death, one we never thought was a possibility it shakes our life like nothing else. We go into denial, we want to wake up from the nightmare, do anything to end the pain that came out of nowhere. Where we once saw a great future we now question how one can live while another dies. Why does death take one and leaves everyone else questioning the mystery of death.


They had made it to the movie theatre in good time and now were sitting in the dark theater with many people surrounding them. They had chosen an action movie due to Sara not being big on romantic stories. For about half way through the movie both stayed completely still in their seats. Only moving to take a bite of the popcorn or a sip of their sodas.

If Michael had had to take a quiz on what was happening in the movie he would of failed completely? Instead of focusing on the movie, his mind was thinking about the girl sitting inches away from him. He could smell her perfume and although settle it seemed to make him think of nothing but her as he sat there.

He would every so often sneak a glance at her as she watched the movie. The light from the movie reflected off her face and allowed him to see her beautiful features. Her chocolate brown eyes drew him in, as they were no longer hiding behind big broken taped up glasses. Her soft pink lips pressed together and suddenly Michael felt his heart start to pound as he thought of her smile, her laugh and the idea of kissing her.

These feeling were so new to him, and he couldn’t understand where they were all coming from. Weeks ago he wouldn’t have given Sara a second glance, she was a nobody and someone he would never have anything to say to. Yet now here he sat in a movie theatre ignoring the number one movie in the box office because all he can think about was Sara and wanting to know everything about her.

With a lump in his throat, Michael’s breathing was very shaky and he wasn’t sure why. She was just a girl, just a girl he was suppose to be keeping occupied while Jane had a party. He tried to get control of himself and for a moment he noticed Sara look over at him. He forced himself not to look back at her not trusting himself if they made eye contact.

Biting his bottom lip Michael’s eyes wondered over to look at Sara’s hands as the one closest to him was resting on the armrest. He stared at it for what seemed like hours although it was only seconds as he contemplated what he wanted to do. He rubbed his palms on his jeans trying to calm his nerves and then forcing himself not to put too much though into it he reached out and slid his hand into hers.

Sara seemed startled at first and looked over at him but in no way pulled a way. As his fingers intertwined with her own she allowed her fingers to tenderly wrap around his hand. She liked the feeling and bit her lip to stop herself from smiling. For the rest of the movie the two sat there holding hands while their thumbs brushed against the others hands.

When the movie ended it was quite late, Michael had texted Linc to see if it was okay to drop Sara off. Once he got the text he drove Sara back to her house and feeling a little guilty about everything again he remained silent the whole ride home. When they reached the house Sara looked out her window and saw a few kids stumbling away from the house.

“Looks like Jane took use of having the house to herself,” Sara stated as she sat in the car with Michael.

Michael just shrugged his shoulders before hopping out of the car and walking around to open Sara’s door. She gave a smile as Michael reached for her hand and helped her out of the vehicle. They were now the only ones on the front lawn and the house seemed to be empty as well. As they walked up the front steps they didn’t break their hands apart and continued to walk in silence.

When the came to the front door they turned and looked at each other with smiles. “I… ah I had a great time tonight” Sara told him honestly.

“Yeah me too” Michael said softly as he reached out to brush a strand of hair away from Sara’s face. “Did you get all your books?”

“Yeah I’ve got them here” Sara assured him as she held them in her free hand. “Thank you for a nice evening.”

“No problem” Michael told her has his smile grew even bigger.

Their eyes met and it seemed impossible to look away, a feeling swept through both of them neither could explain. “You look so beautiful,” Michael whispered.

Sara gave a nervous giggle and forced herself to look away for a moment. When she looked back up at Michael she noticed he hadn’t taken his eye off her one bit. He only smiled as he leaned in closer. Sara’s heart was pounding, as she knew what was coming, she had thought about this moment for quite some time now and here is was. He was going to kiss her and she was sure Michael could hear her heart beating so fast.

He was less then an inch away from her lips when the sound of his cell phone ringing halted him in his place. With a sigh Michael apologized and reached for his cell phone to see the ID show it was Sucre. He quickly hung up the call and stuffed it back in his pocket.

“Always something getting in the way” he joked.

Sara gave a nod and then looked back at Michael as started to lean back in to kiss her. She forced herself to calm down and not back way as Michael came closer to her. Unfortunately Michael cell phone went off again and with a heavy sigh and chuckle Michael pulled it out again to see it was Sucre again.

“You can take it…if you want” Sara told him.

“I’m sorry about this,” he told her.

“It’s okay” she nodded and backed away to give Michael some space.

Shaking his head Michael flipped open his phone and turned his back to Sara. “Sucre what’s up?”

“Michael man… Michael oh god I…. I have a problem” he heard Sucre mumble.

“Your high that’s your problem!” Michael snapped.

“Noooo it’s James…. Something’s wrong he’s not breathing”

Michael froze for a second trying to gather what Sucre was saying. “Sucre what are you talking about? Is this a joke? What the hell is going on?” Michael yelled.

“No, no joke man, he’s… what do I do?” Sucre said in a panic.

“Call 911! Call the an ambulance!” Michael ordered.

“Michael we have cocaine and illegal drugs here I’ll get in shit!” Sucre told him.

“Then get out of there!” Michael yelled.

When Sucre hung up, Michael stood there listening to the dial tone for a moment. Swallowing hard he turned to Sara with an apologetic look then dialed 911. “Hi yes I need an ambulance I just found a friend of mine and he might have had an overdose!” Michael told them and then gave them the address.

When he hung up Sara was giving him a worrying look, “What’s going on?”

“A friend of mine… James Whistler is in trouble. I’m sorry but I have to go” he told her.

“No of course you should go” she told.

Michael nodded and then jogged down the driveway to his car. Sara watched as Michael got into his car and drove off with hardly a glance in her direction as he did so. He wasn’t quite sure what was going on but what ever it was it had to be bad.


Michael drove like a mad man trying to get to the hospital to see James. He couldn’t believe what Sucre had told him about James, he had just seen him hours ago and he looked fine. His mind was racing, James was one of his best friends and someone who understood taking care of a parent since James’ dad had become an alcoholic since his mother left them. His brother had pretty much taken off when he turned nineteen only coming back when his drug stash was getting low to meet up this his drug dealer that James went too.

He quickly pulled the car into a parking spot and then jumped out in a hurry. “Everything is going to be fine” he told himself as he ran into the busy hospital ER. People OD all the time and doctors are able to bring them back. James was going to be okay, he had to be.

Making his way to the front desk he past a number of car accident victims, drunks and other badly injured patients. When he reached the desk the nurse seemed to be on the phone yelling at someone about a patients care. Biting his lip and waiting patiently as he could, Michael tapped his finger on the desk repeatedly trying to clam his nerves. When the nurse finally hung up she looked up at Michael.

“Sorry about that, what can I help you with?”

“I…I looking for a friend who was brought in um… James Whistler” Michael stuttered out.

“James Whistler…” she repeated as she typed the name into the data base. “Yes they have him in room 230” she told Michael.

“Thank you” Michael answered and then started running down the hall and caring about nurse at the front desk who was yelling at him to come back. He didn’t care what the hell she had to say right now all he wanted to do was see James. As he ran down the hall he counted the room numbers, 224…226… 228… 230!

Running to the door when he found the right room he was looking for he came to a sudden stop as he looked in to see doctors and nurses surrounding James’ bed. He felt his breathing stop as he watched them all take a step back from him and shake their heads. He saw one of the doctors look up at the clock and then say something to the others with a sad expression. He watched as one of the nurses reached back to turn off the monitor he was hooked up to and as the horror continued Michael looked at the lifeless body of his friend as he was so pale and had dark rings around his eyes.

Michael shook his head; this couldn’t be happening no it wasn’t possible. This was James Whistler he was only 18. He watched as one of the nursed pulled the white hospital bed sheet up and over James’ face before one by one they all left the room. Most of them didn’t even make a glance at Michael but the ones that did gave him a sad sorry face expression.

One of the doctors, the one who seemed to be telling everyone what to do came out of the room and made eye contact with Michael. “Are you family?” he asked Michael.

“Ah no I’m a friend” Michael answered, “Is... Is he…” he couldn’t finish.

The doctor slowly shook, “I’m so sorry… We did everything we could but the amount of drugs he had in his system was dangerous and I’m sorry he didn’t make it.”

As the Doctor left Michael looked back into the room where James lay before feeling his legs collapse beneath him and he fell to the floor as the tears he had been holding took over him. His friend was gone; hours ago he was laughing and talking about plans for tomorrow and now… now he was dead. It made no sense how things could change so quickly, how a once fun and enjoyable night could end with him sitting on the floor of the hospital mourning the loss of his friend. How did death decide it was time for James to go?

End Notes:
James' death may seem to be out of no where but in the next chapter you will learn how the death will affect Michael and Sara's relationship and whether he decides to keep using her or not. Stay tune!
Saying Goodbye and Dealing with the Aftermath by 27kate17
Chapter 20 Saying Goodbye and Dealing with the Aftermath

Sara’s POV

The sudden loss of a classmate can bring on many different emotions. Most people feel surprised, sad, or even confused. News of the event can be upsetting to some fellow classmates for days. Death is not something any of us think will happen to us or someone we might know so it can be very shocking to learn of someone that we know has died. When you were close to the person the effects can last even longer and we tend to wonder if we could of saved them.

It is times like this we can see how precious life is and something we shouldn’t take for granted. We feel vulnerable and become more careful and try to avoid anything that reminds us of death. It’s a hard thing to deal with because sudden deaths leave us without any closer. No chance to say goodbye is a hard thing to wrap your head around, especially if you’re a teenager.

This isn’t something one has to go through alone; cutting everyone else off in your life won’t make the loss of a friend easier. Trust people find someone who will listen or may be able to relate to what you are going through.


The days following the death of James Whistler were full of shock and sadness. As the students returned to school no one was the same as they were when they had left for spring break. The hallways were quieter then normal and whether they knew James personally or not they paid their respects.

In the atrium at the front of the school was a memorial set up for James. A large brass frame held James’ school photo and the ground surrounding it was covered in flowers and cards of sympathy for the family. His fellow classmates would stop by and place flowers on the ground and say a prayer.

The loss was a shock to everyone but especially those close to him. Michael found himself very distracted this week and spent more time standing in front of the memorial area for James thinking about what happened when he died and replaying what he did that day. He should have been there that night, to stop him from going to far and possibly saving his life. Sucre was by Michael’s side most of the time, he felt so guilty himself as he was so high himself that night to even realize how bad things were until it was too late. Out of fear of what would happen if the police had found him in the room full of illegal drugs he ran, hiding out while his friend was dying.

Thursday was the day of the funeral and most of the school attended the afternoon service at a cemetery just outside of Chicago. The warm sun shone down of the service while the big oak trees did little to shade them from the sun. It was quiet and peaceful, no car engines or people yelling. Everyone was able to focus on what was happening as the minister stood at the front beside the light oak wood coffin which was James Whistler’s final resting place. As the minister talked, the song Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley played softly in the background.

His father and brother, Conner wore their black suites and just stared straight ahead, still in shock and unable to follow what was being said on behalf of James. His mother was absent much like she had been for the majority of James life.

A couple rows away from James’ family, Michael was dressed wearing a black suit and white-collar shirt with a navy blue silk tie. He sat still, eyes looking at the minister but his mind miles away thinking of memories he had of James. Beside him was Sucre and although he was dressed up, he was having a hard time trying to prevent himself from crying. Beside Sucre was Gretchen, who wore a black knee length dress with spaghetti style straps. Her raven color hair was dead straight with her side bangs covering her right eye slightly. She held a tissue up against her nose and mouth as she cried uncontrollably for her friend.

Near the back, Sara sat with Lance and Veronica who had noticed Sara when she arrived and decided to sit with her. Sara was happy to see Veronica and quickly introduced her to Lance before the service had started. In a way Sara and Lance felt a little awkward about this whole situation, James wasn’t exactly their favorite person in fact he was nothing but mean to them all through out the four years they had gone to the same school. Yet he was a fellow classmate of theirs and one who was taken from this world too soon.

Sara had her auburn hair with loose curls at the ends and a few strands rested over her shoulders. She wore black dress pants with thin silver pin stripes up the legs, a black silk top with a side tie strap just below her rib cage finished off the outfit and strangely enough Sara felt like she had a few random eyes on her through out the service.

As the minister finished his final prayer the volume on the song Hallelujah increased and people got to their feet to place a final rose on the coffin to end the service. One by one Michael and his friends walked by the coffin saying their final goodbyes to their friend.

Once Michael, Sucre and Gretchen had placed their roses down they moved aside to let others through and went to stand next to a nearby oak tree. All had been very quiet since they had arrived and now as the service ended they all let out the breaths they had been holding.

“God this is so unbelievable!” Sucre sighed as he scratched his head agitatedly.

Michael just nodded his head and leaned against the tree trunk stuffing his hands him his pockets. Looking up at his friend he could see how guilty Sucre was feeling wondering how James died and he lived, “Sucre there was nothing you could do. James has had a problem with drugs for a long time but he was in deeper then any of us could of thought.”

Gretchen was pacing back and forth in front of Michael in her silver high heels. “It’s like a nightmare that I can’t wake up from!” she said with a sigh. “I need a smoke,” she claimed and Sucre agreed before pulling out a pack and after taking one for himself passed the box to her. She took one herself and then held the pack up for Michael.

“No” he told her shaking his head turning down the offer.

“Oh, that’s right… you quit!” Gretchen said as she rolled her eyes and then lit her cigarette.

Michael just ignored her and kept his gaze on the ground in front of him. He zoned out the conversation Gretchen and Sucre were having not really in the mood for talking. His mind drifted for a bit but was brought back to reality when he saw a pair of black flats style shoes came into his view on the ground standing in front of him.

His head shot up in surprise and he saw a nervous looking Sara standing there. “Sara…” he said in a soft voice as he quickly stood up straight. As he stared at her feeling speechless, he stared at those brown eyes that seem to make his heart skip a beat.

Since the night of their date and James’ sudden death he hadn’t talk to Sara at all. He had seen her a few times in the hall over the week but couldn’t deal with his feelings or what ever was going on between him and Sara until after everything with James as over. He had felt bad avoiding her but as he realized Sara was giving him space as well giving the circumstances he was relieved in a way for the space.

“What do you want?” Gretchen spat out in a harsh tone to Sara.

“Gretchen, don’t start” Michael warned her. He looked back at Sara and noticed Lance standing a few feet behind Sara glaring at Michael intently. Michael could tell Lance didn’t like him but then again Michael didn’t really blame him really. Over the years him and his friends haven’t been then nicest to him or Sara so Lance was just trying to protect Sara.

After Gretchen had snapped at her, Sara looked down at her feet, questioning why she was even bothering. With a deep breath she looked up again and looked at Michael trying hard to ignore Gretchen’s viscous stare. “I just… I just wanted to come over her e and give you my condolences.”

Gretchen’s laugh cut through the already awkward speech then blew smoke in Sara’s face. “Yeah, I bet you are” Gretchen snapped at her as she waved her cigarette around. “You never liked James and the fact is he never liked you so don’t bother coming over here acting like you care because the truth is we don’t like you so do us all a favor and get lost!”

“GRETCHEN! THAT’S ENOUGH!” Michael yelled at her and stared at her until she backed off. Shaking her head Gretchen turned and walked behind the tree to finish her smoke but kept her glare on Sara. Once she was gone Michael looked up at Sara and nodded, “Thank you,” he said as he didn’t know what else to say.

Sara gave a slight smile and then with a nod turned on her heels and followed Lance towards the parking lot of the cemetery. Michael watched her as she left and she didn’t once look back at him. So focused in watching Sara leave he didn’t see Veronica come up to him until she was right in front of him.

“Yeah, Mike how’s it going?” She asked him and then leaned in to give him a hug. Coming back from around the tree Gretchen stared at Veronica intently, knowing full well the girl never approved of her relationship with Michael and being the person she blamed for the break up in the end. Veronica gave Gretchen very much the same look from over Michael’s shoulder. When she pulled away she turned her attention to Michael and smiled. “Are you okay for getting home?”

“Yeah I’ll see you later” he told her and with a nod Veronica smiled and waved as she left.

With a sigh Michael gave a wave to Sucre and Gretchen and then headed off towards his car. He heard Gretchen calling out to him about something but he didn’t want to deal with her. Grabbing his keys out of his pocket Michael stood in front of his car door when a shadow appeared coming from behind him. Turning around he saw Linc standing there looking very awkward.

“Hey man…. Look first I ah I want to say how sorry I am about your friend” he said sincerely. “After it happened I ah… I wanted to give you some space but um I just want to thank you for taking care of the Sara thing and here.” Linc added and handed Michael the envelope of money. “Two hundred dollars as promised”

Looking around at everyone that was leaving Michael gave a sigh and quickly stuck the envelope in his pocket. “Yeah whatever” Michael mumbled.

Linc gave a slight smile and then turned his head to wear Sara was standing talking to Lance. “You know when I fist saw Sara on Monday, I was completely shock. Who knew something so fine was hiding under those baggy clothes and big glasses the size of China” Linc laughed.

Gritting his teeth and glared at Linc with a death glare he snapped, “Hey don’t.”

Linc shook his head and then looked back at Sara, “Hey could image if she went from being invisible to being some everybody knew and almost prom Queen. You interested in making some more money?”

Michael quickly shook his head and backed away from Linc. “No I’m done” Michael said firmly and got in his car. He left Linc standing there all shocked and confused as he drove off. Leaving the parking lot he saw Sara as she walked with Lance and at one point she looked up at him for a brief second. Feeling the pain in his heart for using her to get the money that was now in his pocket Michael looked away and sped out of the parking lot as quickly as he could.


The next day at school Michael was sitting in his math class trying to pay attention but couldn’t. He looked over a few desks away from him and saw Sara writing notes down in her notebook. He hadn’t talked to her since seeing her at the funeral and could tell she was doing her best not to come over and talk him in the halls.

He had the money in his bag Linc had given him in his bag because as he sat in his room looking at the envelope he couldn’t bring himself to do anything with it because he felt so guilty. Sara deserved so much more then to have people paying and betting a guy to go out with her. He had decided he didn’t want the money and was going to give it back to Linc and Jane. It wasn’t fair because what started as something simple was now so complicated.

Unable to sit in class anymore he left the room and stepped outside to get some air. As he walked his mind race thinking of what he should do. He liked Sara, she was fun to be around but did he deserve to be with someone he used like that? He figure it was best that he just leave her out of his life for now on and allow her to find someone better.

“Hey Mike!” he heard someone calling and as he looked over at the parking lot he saw James’ older brother Conner.

Finding it odd that he was here Michael walked over to Conner’s truck to see what was going on. “Hey what’s up?”

“What’s up is that the night James died he went to see Lechero earlier” Conner started to say and by his tone what ever he had to say wasn’t good. “James was suppose to sell some drug for him but now it’s all in the custody of the police.”

“So, what does that have to do with me?” Michael asked.

“He told Lechero you were his partner” Conner stated.


Suddenly for the first time since the conversations started he noticed someone in the passenger seat and then saw the guy step out of the truck. The guy was big, huge muscles and a scare by his right eye. As he came closer Michael stepped back unsure as to what was happening.

“James was supposed to sell those drugs and get me my money. Now he may be dead but I’m still out two grand” Lechero growled.

“I have nothing to do about that,” Michael told him.

“Well since Whistler’s dead you, his partner needs to get me my money!”

Michael shook his head and backed away from Lechero and Conner. “Look I wasn’t his partner, I’ve never heard of you before. Conner can’t you…” Lechero wasn’t having any of it and took hold of Michael’s collar and slammed him against the side of the truck.

“I don’t think you understand me kid!” Lechero growled as his hand went around Michael’s neck. “When someone owes me money I always get paid! One way or another, it’s up to you pretty, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

Michael felt Lechero’s hands pressing harder against his throat making it very hard to breathe. This guy wasn’t messing around and Conner wasn’t doing anything to stop him. “Conner… Please!”

Conner shook his head sadly, “Sorry Michael I lost my brother but his is yours and his mess!”

“What’s it going to be kid?” Lechero growled.

Couching and struggling to breathe, Michael finally gave in, “There two hundred dollars in my bag. Take it and I’ll find a way to get the rest I swear.” Michael said in desperate need for air.

Lechero gave a nod and then released Michael and watched him collapse on the ground gasping for air. Moving to the side of Michael he grabbed his backpack and ripped it open looking for the money. Once he had it he smile and threw the bag back at Michael. “I’ll be in touch for the rest.”

Michael remained on the ground trying to catch his breath while Conner and Lechero got back in the truck and drove off. Sitting there watching them leave Michael thought about all that went down and wondered how on earth he was going to get his hands on $1,800.
Wanting a Happy Ending by 27kate17
Chapter 21 Wanting a happy Ending

Sara’s POV

Our moods usually impact our work, and when writing it always plays a part. Everyone needs a way to express their feelings and thoughts and my way is by writing stories. When I feel sad or have experienced some sort of heartbreak in life I need to find a way to deal with those emotions and by writing stories I find peace and for once I feel in control. I decide the ending, I can make them feel my pain and in the conclusion end it. Happiness is not something I experience a lot of so those types of stories are few and far between. That is until the day a stranger came into my life and changed everything for me.

I never really had someone I could talk to and would completely understand what I was going through until I met Michael Scofield. We both had experienced a loss, forced to deal with family we would rather forget about and we shared a love for books. Finding someone like him has changed me for the better and I have discovered a whole new world when it comes to writing. For the first time in a very long time I feel happy and it’s an amazing feeling.


Sara and Lance sat outside in the school garden under the oak tree during lunch. It was a peaceful spot and one Sara found inspiration for her stories. With just a pen and paper she was able to write some of her best masterpieces and Lance was always the first one she would let get a sneak peek at her work.

The words seem to come to her so naturally now in was an amazing feeling that even Lance was surprised how concentrated she was. Her pen never left the paper and Lance couldn’t help but notice something completely different from the usual Sara he would sit with at lunch.

She was smiling, genially smiling as she wrote. “I have to say this is a change,” Lance said as he watched her.

Sara looked up for the first time but the smile did not fade. He had never seen her this way before she seemed so free and happy. “Want to take a look” she offered and she handed Lance her pad of paper.

Taking the pad of paper into his lap he sat back against the big oak tree to read her piece. To his surprise it didn’t have a dark tone like the majority of stories he had read from her. In fact this one was all about having a fresh new perspective, “The Calm after the Storm” she had called it. It was about a girl who hid as a storm approached and waited for the rain to pass. After the storm the girl skips along in the puddles seeing how things had changed in after the storm. The wet ground, fresh blooming flowers, birds singing and the air smelling so clean and clear all the little things we take for granted.

He was amazed at the detail and time she was putting into this story. He was curtain this was one of her best work and the fact that it wasn’t a dark story told him that something in Sara had changed. This was not the girl who he used to sit with always looking so sad. For one, her appearance had changed drastically, her hair was well kept and soft looking, her auburn hair shined in the sun. She had gotten rid of those big over size glasses that had been taped up for repaired in numerous places and replaced them with contacts, she also wore makeup that complemented her skin and eyes. Yet the biggest change of all had to be the fact that she was smiling a lot more. She didn’t let Jane get to her anymore and was hanging out with that girl Veronica or something. He was glad she had a female friend she could talk to and spends time with, he was but on the other hand he knew Michael Scofield was spending time with her and he couldn’t help but think something was up with him.

“This is amazing Sara, I mean it” Lance said as he handed it back to her. “Have you ever thought of getting any of your stories published?”

Sara looked up with a smile and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. “Well Michael mentioned that I should but I don’t no….”

Hearing Michael’s name made Lance grit his teeth, something was definitely not right about that guy and the fact he was hanging around Sara made him really uncomfortable. Once minute Michael was pushing them around and making fun of them and now all of a sudden he is hanging out with her and wanting to be friends? It didn’t add up and there was no way he was going to let a guy like Michael hurt her.

“Do you really think it’s the best idea to be hanging out with Michael? The kid has issues and is bad news;” Lance told her.

“Look you don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t know him,” Sara said to Michael’s defense.

“Sara please, the guy spent most of last year in jail, he does drugs and the people he hangs out with are horrible. He’s bad news and probably using you” Lance insisted.

Shaking her head Sara stuffed the pad of paper back in her bag. “Look Lance you don’t know what you’re talking about and you don’t know him like I do. He’s changed.”

“Sara he hasn’t changed! The only reason a guy like him would make you think he has, is to sleep with you! Trust me and stay away from him!” he said not happy that she was letting this guy use her.

Her sad eyes looked away from him not wanting to her tears to fall as she shook her head and got up. “I’ll see you tomorrow” she insisted without looking at him.

“Sara please wait” Lance begged as he watched her leave. He got to her feet as she started to walk away and didn’t bother to look back at him. “SARA!” he called again but it was no use.

She couldn’t believe some of the things Lance had said to her, why couldn’t he just be happy for her? Why did he have to act so jealous that she might have other friends then just him? Feeling so mad she stormed into the school not even noticing the number of eye on her. Making her way to her locker she pulled off the lock and started stuffing the books she didn’t need into her locker. At the moment she was so self involved with her own problems that she didn’t even see or hear Michael come up beside her. So angry and annoyed things weren’t fitting in her locker she roughly threw open the door just missing Michael’s head.

“Whoa!” he said with a chuckle and suddenly making Sara aware he was there.

“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t even see you there” she said a nervous chuckle.

“That’s all right I wasn’t very fond of my nose anyway” he joked hoping to cheer her up a little.

Sara laughed and gently closed her locker so as to not cause any more damage. She didn’t make eye contact with him and this made Michael even more convinced that something was wrong. “Hey are you alright? You seem upset” he asked her as he leaned against the lockers.

“I’m fine,” she said automatically like it was scripted.

“Come on something is bothering you” Michael said as he reached out to stroke her arm and gave her a smile.

She smiled slightly back at him as the clipped the lock back on the locker. “I ah I just had a fight with Lance” she told him and then bit her lip. “It’s nothing really”

“It is if it’s getting you all upset” Michael told her.

She bit her lip not knowing what to say, Lance was her best friend and she knew Lance and Michael didn’t see eye to eye so wasn’t about to rat Lance out to Michael and just make things worse. Shaking her head she threw her backpack over her shoulders. “I think I’m just nervous about my college applications. The acceptance letters are being mailed out soon so I’m kind of on edge,” she lied.

Michael nodded and assured Sara that she had noting to worry about and that she was definitely a shoe in for Princeton. Before Sara could say anything else the bell rang informing the kids to get to class. With a smile Sara waved to Michael and headed down the hall and unaware that across from where her and Michael were standing Linc and his friends were watching them.

Michael did see them unfortunately and wasn’t at all thrilled as Linc and the guys eyed Sara from behind. Pushing his body off the wall Michael started to stroll over to them with his eye glaring at Linc.

“I have to say man V did an incredible job with that one” Linc laughed as he clapped his hands in approval.

“Shut up Linc” Michael snapped.

“No Mike, Linc’s right I mean there is no way that that was the same girl we wanted you to baby-sit. Hell if I knew she looked like that I would have definitely loved to have her around for dessert!” Derek said as he licked his lips with lust.

“Yeah well she’s got standards that you can’t even reach” Michael said with a hiss.

“Yeah well last I check you backed out of the bet man, she’s fair game,” Derek said with a smile.

“Yeah well that’s why I’m here, Linc I want to talk about that deal,” Michael said wanting to get this over with before he changed his mind. The drug dealer wasn’t giving him much time and this bet with Linc was the fastest and easiest way to get his hands on $1,800.

“Alright what are we going to say?” Linc said getting

“Alright $500 from here until prom, another $300 if she is nominated, $100 for mine and her ticket to prom and then double it all if she wins prom Queen.”

“Hold on, you want $1,800 from us?” Linc said in shock by how high he was asking for.

“Look all you have to do is get a bunch of your rich friends to bet on it and your there” Michael said with a lot of confidence. “Look you worry about getting the money and I’ll worry about Sara.”

“Alright man your on” Linc said with a smile and reached his hand out to shake on it. “Jane’s gonna hate this!”
Saving Grace by 27kate17
Chapter 22 Saving Grace

Everyone needs a hero, a mentor, and some one to look up to in life. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the damsel in distress is rescued by the strong hero; like in fairytales, but it is someone we can turn to or trust. When we are little we want the super hero or prince charming to come to our rescue.

No matter what the problem is, no matter how much pain we are in someone can help. At a time when everything seems dark and cold we can find a light, a saving grace if you will, to help us find a redeeming quality that we need or second chance. We all deserve happiness in our lives, it just takes a while for some of us to find it or accept the help from a friend or stranger.


The warm sun shone down on the roof of the house as Sara and Michael sat comfortably on the roof in front of Sara’s window and looking out into the backyard. Michael sat with his legs stretched out on the roof and reading another one of Sara’s novels.

He found himself immediately sucked into the story and unable to put it down. It was called “Saving Grace” about a young eighteen-year-old girl born into a privileged and very public family who lives a troubled life behind the scene. The young girl, Grace has a father who is Governor of New York and lost her mother to cancer a year earlier.

Grace has a strained relationship with her father as he spends all his time working in politics. Over the course of the story you see Grace struggle through life with drugs and harming herself by cutting or letting others physically abuse her. Her father was so self absorbed that he never paid much attention to his daughter including the fact that she was hiding a horrible secret out of shame and disgust. One night before one of her father’s big dinner benefits, Grace was raped in an alleyway on her way home. Since that night and keeping that secret hidden, she has been on a downward spiral ever since then.

She became addicted to cocaine and heroin trying to stop herself from seeing the horrible images from her attack and allowed her boyfriend who was also her drug dealer abuse her and make her feel like damage goods that no one else would ever find attractive.

Michael found himself unable to put it down as Sara’s writing had him addicted to every word. It was in so much detail that he felt like he knew the characters and understood the pain Grace was in.

As Grace continued to struggle with the pain her boyfriend and also her bodyguard who were the only two to know Grace’s secret and used her vulnerability for sex saying they would keep the secret of her being raped so it doesn’t get out to the public.

As she attends some party with her boyfriend and a number other druggies, she meets a guy named Kevin who arrives looking for is druggie brother. As they party get out of hand they are all arrested and Kevin finds himself drawn to Grace and doesn’t like how her boyfriend beats her.

Kevin befriends Grace and tries to show her she is special and not worthless and damaged like she has been told. He not only saves her from those who a abuse her but also saves her from the pain she causes her self and even risks his life for her to prove that he loves her and wants no harm to come to her.

The story was beautiful and one with so much passion. Grace was the girl who grew up with everything and fell into the dark path of drugs, while Kevin was the kid who grew up with hardly anything and lived in a part of town where seeing drugs and illegal dealing as an everyday a currents. Two opposites finding each other in a time where Grace sees no point to life anymore.

“Sara… this is incredible” Michael finally said breaking the silence between the two of them for the first time in hours. His sudden voice made Sara jump is surprise as she had forgotten for a second he was there. They had sat together in silence so comfortably while he read and she wrote.

“Oh… thank you” Sara said with a slight smile as she blushed over the complement. She sat beside Michael with her knees kept close to her chest and her pen and paper held on her thighs.

“I mean it Sara, this piece is amazing! You should really consider getting some of your work published” he told her full of confidence that she had the skills to be a great writer.

“I ah…” Sara mumbled as she shrugged her shoulders. “Getting a story published costs money and I don’t really have any money. Plus any of the money I do save up is going towards school and getting out of this house.”

“Have you applied for some scholarships?” he asked her.

“A few, but still no word, college acceptance letters should be coming out soon so we’ll see if I get in first,” Sara pointed out.

“Sara, I know for curtain that you’ll get in. Your one of the smartest kids in our school and your always volunteering to help others” Michael told her not doubting Sara’s abilities for a moment.

A slight smile came across Sara’s face, but Michael could tell she was holding back and trying not to get her hopes up. For years people had been drilling in her head how she didn’t deserve good things. “Money is another obstacle, my parents never had an updated written will so everything went to my mother’s sister (Jane’s mother) since I wasn’t old enough.”

“But your their daughter” Michael pointed out.

“Yeah well the will was created years before I was born and clearly stated that Jane’s mother was the primary decision maker when it came to finances, property and stuff.”

“Shouldn’t the money they get go towards you?” Michael asked confused about how Sara wasn’t getting anything.

“Well they seem to think that allowing me to live with them till I turn eighteen is enough payment” Sara explained sadly.

Michael gave a look of disgust, how could Sara’s only living relatives treat her so poorly when she was nothing but sweet. “You deserve so much better” Michael told her truthfully and saw Sara turn and look at him not completely believing him. He truly hated how Jane and her parents always made Sara feel like an intruder to her own family. “Well its true what they say… you can’t choose your family. Cause if you could, mine would be with Vee and her family.”

“What about your brother?” Sara asked remembering Veronica mentioning Michael had a brother.

“Yeah, we don’t get a long really… I mean we took sides in our parents divorce although Linc just took Aldo’s side because him and mom were always fighting and it was a way to hurt her.” Michael said and Sara caught that he refused to call Aldo his dad.

“Divorce can be hard on a family,” Sara said looking over at a sad troubled Michael.

“Actually the divorce was a relief, Aldo was a drunk and took his anger out on our mom. I hate him for what he did to her, and I want nothing to do with a man like that! The only thing that worries me is that Linc is still around him and without having mom to take his anger out on, Linc is there.”

“You think he is hurting Linc?”

“The one thing Aldo and Linc have in common is the temper… A few times I thought Aldo was beating him and I confronted him at mom’s funeral because I saw some bruises on his arm but being the tough guy Linc denied it and we ended up fighting in the middle on the funeral.”

“I’m sorry” Sara said sincerely and reached out his hand. Michael took her hand without hesitation and started to play with her fingers and allowed a slight smile to spread across his face as he looked over at her.

“No matter what he’s still my brother and sooner or later his temper could land him into trouble...”

Unknown to both Michael and Sara as they sat on the roof of the house, Jane was inside Sara’s room starring at them through the window or at least Sara. For one thing she had a jealously stare as she watched Sara sitting with Fox Rivers hot bad boy who had become quite the talk of the school since cutting his hair.

A couple times Jane had tried to talk up Michael but he didn’t pay any attention to her, which was something she wasn’t use to. The other reason was that rumors had been going around that Lincoln Burrows wanted Sara to get nominated for Prom Queen and that title was hers. She was going to be the prom queen and she wasn’t about to let anyone and especially her stupid cousin win her crown.
True or False by 27kate17
Chapter 23 True or False

Rumors spread like wildfires, and before you can even do anything about it everyone seems to think that the rumor is the truth. After that it’s very hard to change people minds especially if the truth is less exciting which is usually the case.

Telling stories about someone could seem harmless between two people but its when the rumor travel from there to people who think that its true. It is a horrible feeling to hear rumors about yourself and I know exactly what that’s like but then again I’m sure at some point in everyone’s life they experience being the victim of a rumor.

You can’t stop it; it’s like a disease and in some cases can ruin your reputation. Make you out to be someone your not, and it can be really difficult to convince people otherwise especially if the rumor is been around for quite some time.


Standing at the counter at the ice cream shop, the cashier accepted the money from Michael and then handed him and Sara their black licorice ice cream cones. With a smile Sara thanked Michael as the two left the shop and headed into the park to enjoy a nice day in the sun. Summer was only a few months away and so was the end of school.

With their black licorice ice cream in one and Michael discreetly reach out to grab Sara’s free hand and was they walked down the path and over to a near by willow tree. “You know, you are nothing like I thought you were?” Sara spoke up as they two took their seats.

“What do you mean?”

“Well…” nervously Sara rubbed her hand over her jeans and fidgeted in her seat. “There are a lot of rumors going around at school and stuff.”

“Ah I see…” Michael said with a chuckle knowing exactly what she was talking about. “You want to know if their true?”

“Forget it it’s none of my business” Sara insisted and shook her head and wishing she hadn’t brought it up.

“It’s alright, you can ask me?” Michael told her as he reached out and held her hand.

Sara bit her lip for a moment and would every so often look up at Michael before taking a deep breath and wanting to get her questions off her chest. “Alright um were you really responsible for blowing up the science lab earlier this year?”

Michael laughed and lay back on the grass as he remembered having to pair up in science class for an experiment and how this one kid Tweener who was in the group beside him was really getting on his nervous and acting like a spoiled idiot so Michael had doubled up the kid’s doses and watched as the kid freak out as everything in his test tube exploded. “Yeah that was true,” he said with a chuckle.

Sara shook her head as she remembered being forced to evacuate the school that afternoon but luckily no one was hurt.

“Alright my turn, I think it’s only fair…” Michael said. “Is it true you get stuck having to help Jane with all her homework and you got so tired of her copying you stuff that you had her hand in a report that was suppose to be for history into her English class? I remember her freaking out at you in the hallway.”

“Well it’s kind of true…” Sara said with a laugh.

“Oh my god!” Michael laughed very amused.

“The truth is she would steal my papers and handed them in as her own, So when I caught on to what she was doing I um wrote out this fake report about aliens and robots and allowed her to find it thinking it was a report about Macbeth.”

At this point Michael was laughing so hard. Sara smiled and assured him the worst was yet to come. “Well turns out we had to present our findings to the class that day about Macbeth and so Jane eagerly put her hand up to present and well… I think you know what happen.”

“Oh your so evil” Michael insisted.

“I felt horrible but at the same time she deserved it” Sara said and Michael totally agreed.

“Okay true or false you slept with the math teacher to get an A in her class?”

“False! I’m actually pretty good at math” Michael told her, “True or false your aunt and uncle only give you Jane's old clothes that they can’t sell?”

“True except lately much to Jane’s dismay she as gain some weight and I’m a size smaller then her” Sara explained.

“Oh she must hate you!” Michael laughed.

“Shaking her head Sara laughed as well, “You have no idea! Alright this is the big one.”

“Uh oh!” Michael said with a chuckle.

“Last year you missed a good six months of school pretty much, did you really get into a fight at a bar and then sent to jail?” Sara asked a little scared to hear his answer.

“False! Last year I spent a lot of time taking care of my mom and then I needed some space after she died. Vee picked up all my homework from my teachers and that way I wasn’t falling behind. I’m not sure who came up with the whole jail thing but come on how was I going to sneak into a bar? I don’t look old enough to get into let alone get in a fight.”

Sara laughed and looked down at Michael with a smile, “Yeah I kind have doubted that one but it was a rumor everyone seem to know.”

“Well it did stop people from giving me a hard time because they were afraid of me so I guess it kept everyone off my back.”

Sara gave a small smile as she got herself comfortable on the grass beside Michael and looking up at the sky and the puffy clouds. Michael wrapped one arm around her and both look at the other in the eyes as the smiled. Neither said anything during the moment, instead they just enjoyed the silence and the sun shining down on them.

They had been quiet for a few moments and as Michael closed his eyes and took in the scent of Sara and enjoyed having her close. Biting his lip Michael opened his eyes and looked back at her trying to think of how to best ask the question he needed to ask her.


Looking at him with curiosity Sara gave him a smile and waited for Michael to continue with his train of thought. “What?”

“Well you know prom is coming up… and … well I was wondering if you ah if you wanted to go… with me?” he asked her quietly.

Sara’s heart started to pound and suddenly sat up and backed away from Michael a little bit but enough for him to notice.

“What? What did I do?” Michael asked her as he watched her push him away.

“Why?” she asked him.

The question had caught him off guard and he sat up himself and faced her wondering what was going through her head at that moment. “What do you mean why?”

Shaking her head Sara replied, “Why, why would you want to take me? Why do you even want to go to prom?”

Michael couldn’t believe the reaction he was getting from Sara, he expected her to be happy about if not questioning his motives. “What do you mean why would I want to take you? Sara its prom doesn’t everyone wants to go to prom?”

“Prom is a stupid tradition that everyone get all worked up about” Sara told him.

“Yea think of how much it would piss your cousin off. ”

Sara shook her head not very fond of the idea, “I don’t think so.”

“Why not?” Michael asked her, not too happy that she had quickly turned him down. “Come on why not Sara? Its’ prom!”

“Why are you pushing this?” Sara asked him as she felt he was trying to get her to go like it was important or something. “What’s in it for you?”

“Excuse me?” Michael said angrily, he couldn’t believe her reaction. Here he was asking her to prom, most girls would be happy and yet here was Sara all upset that he had asked her.

“You heard me! What’s in it for you!” Sara repeated.

Michael shook his head and backed away from Sara in frustration. “Okay seriously what is wrong with you? Is it too hard to believe that I’d ask you to the prom?”

“Yes!” Sara told him as she got to her feet and paced. “Why me? Why are you even hanging out with me? Months ago you wouldn’t have given me the time of day and now all of a sudden you want to take me to prom! Me out of all the other girls.”

“Okay Sara you have some serious problems and need help because this is getting pathetic!” Michael yelled as he also got to his feet and stared at her. “Because there is nothing in it for me! I’m not looking for anything! God you know you can be crazy and paranoid sometimes!”

Sara stared at Michael for a moment as she fought back tears. Biting her bottom lip Sara shook her head and turned and walked away from him and only when he could no longer see her face did she let the tears fall. She could hear him calling out to her to come back but she kept on waking not looking back.

He call out after her for a couple minutes but when he got no response he figured maybe he should give her space and watched her walk away. Out of frustration Michael turned and kicked the tree, he didn’t mean to snap at her but maybe it was because she was right and he was afraid she might figure him out.

With a sigh he decided he would talk to her at another time so started to head home and get some rest. As he exited the park he noticed a black car sitting in the parking lot and as he got closer he saw two men step out of it. They weren’t just any two men, they were the same men who had approached him a couple weeks ago and wanted him to get their drug money.

Michael came to a stop as the men made their way over to him. “I’ll get your money but I need more time!” Michael insisted.

“I’ll give you more time but Scofield your time is running out!” the drug dealer warned as he grabbed Michael’s shirt collar.

“I’ll do it!” Michael insisted. With a nod the drug dealer released Michael and then backed away from him but kept his eyes on Michael with an intense stare. Michael didn’t move he just watched as the men got back in their car and drove off leaving him alone and thinking about his options. He needed the money and Linc’s deal was the only way he could get it even if it cost him Sara in the end.

And the Games Begin by 27kate17
Chapter 24 And the Games Begin

It’s pretty much every girls dream to be noticed by the cute guy at school. It sends off butterflies in your stomach every time he smiles at you. You had dreams about this moment, you’ve seen romantic movies where the average girl is able to get the attention of the cool or bad boy in school. A romance that begins and turns into the greatest love story of the decade. A story with him taking you to your high school prom and dancing with you late into the night. Teenage girls dream about their prom throughout their high school years. What they’ll wear, how their hair will look to who will be their date. It’s a great night that help prepare for the end of your high school years and who knows you could even be one of those luck girls nominated for prom queen. It could be a dream come true but hey, I never once picture myself wearing that crown.


For the next couple days Sara kept her distance from Michael at school and Lance was more then happy to tell Michael to beat it every time her came near her. Now she sat at home reading a book by the pool enjoying the silence. While sitting in the sun tanning in her bathing suit and enjoying Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead Sara heard the gate open.

Turning her head to see who was just walking in she caught sight of Michael standing by the fence with his hands in his pocket.

She glared at him for a moment and without saying a word she turned back in her seat. “What do you want?” she mumbled while looking down at her book.

With a sigh Michael slowly started to walk towards Sara and once he was in front of her and about five feet away he stopped and looked down at her. Not once did Sara look up from her book, instead she ignored him as if he hadn’t moved at all. “So um…” Michael started to say. “You’re ah reading The Fountainhead?”

Sara rolled her eyes as she turned the page with her thumb. “What do you want Michael? I doubt you came here to have some small talk about my book!”

“Your right I didn’t” he answered her as he took a seat at the end of her lounge chair. “I… I came over here to apologize. I shouldn’t have snapped at you like I did, trust isn’t an easy thing for you and I over reacted.”

Sara looked up at Michael from her book and bit her lip. It was true trust wasn’t an easy thing, for years she had been forced to count on no one but herself and she could never trust Jane and her family to do anything for her and they treated her poorly. So for a long time it had been her and her alone. Now all of a sudden Michael was here and wanting to be apart of her life and if she was honest, it terrified her completely.

“Look I don’t want to push you into anything Sara. I just thought that maybe it would be nice to go to prom together.”

Sara smiled and nodded her head, “I’m sorry I reacted like I did, I’m just not use to there not being a string attach when I do something. I should know that you would never do that to me” Sara said sincerely and this made Michael’s stomach drop because of course there was a string attached.

Clearing his throat Michael changed the subject and focused on the book Sara now had closed beside her again. “Still don’t see how you can read this and not need to get up and walk around.”

Sara could only laugh as she remembered the conversation they had had at the book fair, “I thought you were going to give it another try?” Sara teased as she waved the book in front of him.

Michael laughed as well and shook his head, “Not until you read For Whom the Bell Tolls.”

Two teenagers hung out most of the afternoon, talking about books and lounging around in the hot sun. Soon they both became pretty hot and decided to go for a swim in the cool refreshing water.

Removing his t-shirt and remaining in only his board shorts Michael took a running jump into the water and made a big splash that even got Sara wet from her spot at the edge of the pool.

When Michael resurfaced from under the water he was smiling and started to swim towards Sara. “Come in the water is great!” he told her as he reached his hands out to her.

Sara smiled and placed her hands on Michael’s shoulders and allowed his to pull her into the water slowly. At the first feel of the cool water on her body Sara let out a high-pitched squeal which made Michael chuckle. “Come on it’s not that bad” he assured her as he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and bringing her closer to him.

To his delight Sara didn’t push away, instead she held him tighter herself and giggled as Michael walked them around the pool. Their eyes connected and smiles played on both their faces. No words were spoken for a few moments, only their eyes seemed to be communicating.

“Yes!” Sara said suddenly and this made Michael raise his eyebrow. “Prom, I would love to go to prom with you!” she finished clearing up the confusion.

Michael smiled and hugged Sara tighter and spun them around. Sara laughed as she saw how excited her answered made Michael and then started to question why she had been afraid of this in the first place.

“You have no idea how happy I am that you want to!” Michael told her.

“It makes me happy too!” Sara told him and before she knew what was happening Michael was leaning closer to her and their lips touched for the first time. Surprisingly Sara didn’t feel herself pulling away; no instead she was felt herself adding to the tender kiss. Her arms wrapped tighter around him and Michael had stop walking and they stood the middle of the pool, holding each other as they deepened the kiss.

Over in the house Jane was watching from the large glass window and glared at her cousin in the pool with Fox River High’s hot bad boy. This was completely a foreign feeling to Jane, usually she got all the guys she wanted but now for some strange reason Michael Scofield was more interested in sucking on her stupid cousin’s face.

Moving over to the kitchen table Jane flipped through the mail on the table and froze when she saw a few big envelopes with Sara’s name on them. Picking them up she looked out at the two in the pool once more before picking up the big white envelopes and saw that they were in fact Sara’s collage acceptance letters. Flipping through them she had one from Yale, NYU, Loyola and Princeton. Jane gave an evil grin and then headed for the garage with the letters. If Sara was going to take a guy that she as interested then Jane wasn’t going to allow her to have the happiness of going to collage.

Without even a second thought Jane hid the acceptance letter behind the garbage and with a happy hum Jane skipped out of the garage because now Sara would never know she got in and she would remain a nobody.


The next day at school Sara strolled in the front doors and couldn’t help but noticed the students were eyeing her closely. Not very comfortable with their stares she kept her head down and let her straight auburn hair cover her face. Some of the kids were smiling at her and others said hi for the first time ever. She found it so odd, usually people just ignored her but ever since she had gotten the makeover and was friends with Michael they were paying attention to her.

Quickly making her way over to her locker, she saw Lance standing there eyeing her as well. He smiled as she got closer but she just gave him a confused look. “What? I already have to deal with everyone else in this school staring at me please don’t you start!”

Lance raised his brow and leaned against the lockers beside Sara as she placed book in her top shelf. “So when were you going to tell me you were in the running?” he asked. “I’m your best friend this is something you should run by me!”

“Running for what?” she asked his with a confused look on her face.

Looking at her and her confusion Lance realized she didn’t know. “About prom queen!” Turing to the group of students walking by he grabbed a prom queen poster off one of the kids and held it in front of her. “You’ve been nominated for Prom Queen!”

Sara’s eyes went wide as she grabbed the poster out of his hand to read it. She couldn’t believe it out of the five girls chosen she was one of them. Someone had put her name in for possible prom queen.
Falling and Falling Fast by 27kate17
Chapter 25 Falling and Falling Fast

Love usually happens when you least expect it. The guy who holds open the door for you in the coffee shop, the girl walking her dog passed your house. In many cases we never see love coming, when we fall in love it can hit hard, it could hurt and the odds of recovery from it isn’t easy.

Love is a feeling that can grow over time and falling in love is a quick set of emotions that can lead a person on the path to love. This strong desire for love is something we as human beings need and finding love, is something many try to find.

When we are falling in love it can be a little confusing if the feeling is new to you. You don’t have to do anything to fall in love it just seems the happen making many people nervous and has them thinking a lot more about the other person.


“WHAAAAT!!” Jane screamed as she stared at a poster to get people to vote for Sara for prom queen. She let out a grunt as she ripped the poster off the wall and threw it to the ground. Trishanne and Nika followed behind their friend as Jane angrily stormed down the hall ripping off every other poster she saw of Sara plastered on the lockers. “No, no, no! That is my crown!”

“You are so right! Who does Sara think she is wanting your crown?” Trishanne said with a scoff.

“Yeah well just wait until I break the news of why she was nominated,” Jane said as she threw yet another poster on the ground and stomped on it. With a pout Jane looked around the hall and saw Sara standing with her little gay friend as random people approached her to say congratulations and good luck. “I’m gonna break the news to her right now!” Jane said as she started to storm towards her.

She had her mind made up to tell Sara but suddenly a hand came up and cut her off. “You really want to do that now?” Gretchen said blocking Jane’s way to Sara.

“Um yes, now get away from me you dirty druggie!” Jane snapped as she pushed Gretchen away from her like she had a disease or something.

“Hey I’m just saying princess model, that there are other options to deal with the situation to increase her embarrassment” Gretchen said with an evil grin.

The idea of embracing Sara really got Jane’s attention and she looked at Gretchen with curiosity. “What do you have in mind?” Jane asked her.

Turning around Gretchen saw Michael approaching Sara and giving her a hug. If all went well then Sara would be embraced and Michael would look like a bastard and in the process destroying their relationship forever. “Follow me,” Gretchen told her and then the two unlikely pair headed away from the crowd.


“Hey” Michael whispered in Sara’s ear as he approached her from behind.

Sara jumped a little surprised at first but when she realized who it was she smiled. As she turned around to say hello properly, Lance, who was standing in front of Sara just rolled his eyes and looked away from the two. He still didn’t like Michael and was sure the kid was going to hurt Sara somehow.

“I’ll wait for you at the stairs” Lance stated to Sara while he glared at Michael.

“Okay, I’ll be right there!” Sara told her best friend and then turned back to face Michael.

Michael looked up at Lance as he left and then smiled back at Sara as he reached down to clasp their hands together. “So your friend still doesn’t like me very much!” Michael said with a chuckle.

Sara bit her bottom lip as her and Michael’s hand swung back and forth, “Yeah he’s just really protective” Sara told Michael. “He’s afraid your using me but don’t worry in time he will come around” Sara insisted.

Her last statement really stuck with him as he remembered how he was in deed using Sara. Lance had every right not to trust him and Michael knew that once Sara discovered what was really going on she would be devastated and wished she had nevered trusted him.

“Anyway I better go,” Michael said as he leaned in to kiss her. “I’ll see you later” Michael told her and then started to walk away. “Oh Sara!”

“Yeah,” she answered as she looked up at him.

“Congrats on being in the running for prom queen” he said sincerely and then took off down the hall feeling really guilty. Quickly wanting to get away he pushed past a number of students and stormed into the washroom to splash water on his face. Leaning over the sink he tried to calm down his heavy breathing and then looked up at his reflection in the mirror.

“You all tight?” came a voice and Michael quickly turned to see Sucre standing in the doorway with a concerned look on his face. Over the past few weeks Sucre hadn’t seen much of his best friend. In fact they hadn’t talked much since James’ funeral and Sucre was starting to worry about his friend. “I haven’t seen you in a while…”

Michael stared at his friend for a moment and then looked down at the tap as he washed his hands. “Sorry I’ve been…”

“Busy, yeah I’ve seen you hanging out with Sara a lot lately” Sucre interrupted as he stepped into the washroom and closer to Michael.

“I’m taking care of some things” Michael insisted as he turned off the tap.

“What exactly, I mean the party was weeks ago. You don’t have to hangout with her anymore” Sucre told him.

“Yes I do!” Michael insisted.


“I need the money to pay someone off,” Michael said angrily.

“Who exactly?”

“James owed money to his drug dealer and named me as his partner so now they want me to get the money” Michael said as he paced the floor. “They said they need the money now and Linc offered me another bet to earn the money but… but now…”

“Oh my god…” Sucre said as his eyes widened as he started to piece things together and why Michael was so upset. “You fell for her huh?”

Michael stopped in his tracks at Sucre’s statement and shook his head quickly but he wasn’t too convincing. He tried to swallow but his throat was dry as his mind was racing with everything he was dealing with. Looking up at Sucre and seeing his wide eyes Michael just shook his head again and said he had to get to class and left the washroom in a hurry.
Prom by 27kate17
Chapter 26- Prom

Pretty much every girl thinks about her prom during her high school days. From what to wear, how they should do their hair to who will be her prince charming for the night. It can be quite a stressful time for a young girl; I know I was nervous. You want to find that beautiful dress that will take his breath away when he sees you.

Every girl wants that perfect night and to slow dance in the arms of this great guy. To have him whisper in your ear how beautiful you are, during this romantic setting. If only our dreams were so easy to come true.


“Come on Sara, the waiting is killing me! Let me see you in that gorgeous dress,” Veronica said as she stood outside of her bedroom while Sara changed. The two had been preparing for the big night all day.

With Veronica all done her finals she was more then thrilled to help Sara get ready for prom. It became a girl’s day, starting with manicures and pedicures, following with hair and makeup. At first Sara wasn’t too sure about going with Veronica but when Veronica starts begging Sara couldn’t say no. At some times Sara was sure Veronica was more excited about Sara’s prom night then she was herself.

After what seemed like an eternity the bedroom door opened and revealed a nervous but gorgeous Sara. “Oh my gosh!” Veronica squealed and was able to get a smile out of Sara.

Slowly twirling to give Veronica a better look she showed off her dress. The navy blue strapless dress was a Taffeta mermaid gown with a heart shaped neckline with a slight train. The bust line was embellished with a crystal beadwork that ran down along the right side to about the hip. The top part of the gown gathers across the bodice and lace up along the center back. Her hair was tied back in a curly pin up bun, which showed off her white gold and blue stone dangling earrings. She wore a similar necklace to bring the whole look together.

Veronica squealed again and Sara couldn’t help but show off a big smile. If you had asked her two months ago if she would be going to prom she would of immediately said no and wouldn’t care but as she prepares for tonight Sara couldn’t be more happy that she had decided to go and to go with someone who like her for her.

Down stairs Michael sat on the couch staring at a burning candle on the coffee table. Things were getting more complicated the longer he went along with the plan and the more guilty he became. Numerous times he thought about backing out and coming clean but he needed the money to make the drug dealers back off or who knows what they may do or who they would come after. The other reason was Sara; he was so deep in this now that there was no way for him to come out of it without hurting her.

With a sigh Michael leaned forward already wearing his tux and buried his face in his hands. Trying to put his worries out of his head he ran his palm over his shaved head and let out a deep breathe. Finally after what seemed like forever he could hear movement on the stairs and got up from his seat. Fixing his tux he stood up straight and waited for his date to appear.

Veronica came running down the stairs with a huge grin as she began snapping pictures of Sara as she came down the stairs. Michael couldn’t help but smile seeing how close her and Sara had become and all those hours they had spent looking for the perfect dress. Finally he caught his first glimpse of silver open toe heels and the navy blue dress. He allowed his eyes to start on her feet and slowly work their way up as Sara came into view for the first time.

Looking at her, he felt his body begin to shiver and his heart began beating a million times faster. She was so beautiful; no words could do her justice. His jaw dropped and he tried to put together sentence but nothing came out.

“So what do you think?” Veronica asked already knowing Michael’s answer by his face expression.

His mouth moved but with no full words forming and a gleeful Veronica snapped his picture. “Just what I thought!”

As Sara reached the bottom step Michael moved towards her and held out his hand. “Sara… you… you look so beautiful” he finally said and he could see the sparkle in her eyes. She looked so happy at this moment and he wanted to make sure that tonight all her dreams came true.

“Alright I think we need to get some pictures” came the voice of Veronica’s mother as Veronica’s parents entered to front hall with smiles. They too were very happy, things with Michael had been difficult after his mother passing away but for the first time in a long time the Michael they remembered was back. Sara had helped bring back the smart and great kid who they lost when he fell in line with the wrong group of friends.

Standing by the stairs Michael wrapped and arms around Sara and they both smiled as the cameras started flashing. For the most part Michael kept his eyes on Sara not being able to take his eyes off her. She was gorgeous and the big smile she had was one he had never seen before. It was a smile he hoped he could always see from her.


As the two arrived at the prom they walked in and looked at all the black and silver decorations. Leading them in Michael kept a hand on Sara’s back as they made their way through the crowd.

“Damn!” Derek said from across the room as he saw Sara and Michael enter. “That girl is smoken, are you sure that was the geeky nobody kid?”

Linc looked over to the two and nodded. “Something that fine was hidden for too long, Jane babe your cousin is soo fine!”

Jane, who was Linc’s date, began to roll her eyes. “Shut up!” when neither Linc nor Derek pulled their eyes away from her stupid cousin she gave a grunt and stomped her feet over to Gretchen.

“I can’t take it anymore! I want to ruin her now!” Jane complained.

After reapplying her red lipstick Gretchen looked over at Sara and Michael with jealousy and nodded. “Trust me, she won’t have that smile for long. They are going to announce prom King and Queen soon and when they do, when you win you crush our little Cinderella. Tell the whole prom what a bastard Michael really is.”


As the DJ started to play some tunes Michael and Sara made their way to the dance floor and had some fun. Twirling her around and pulling her in close they two of them couldn’t stop laughing.

Bringing her in close he brought his lips to her ear, “You are so beautiful.”

Hearing those words Sara felt herself blushing and when Michael smiled back at her she knew her face was just getting redder and redder. “Thank you,” she told him “For convincing me to do this. I’m having a lot of fun.”

“So am I” Michael told her and then leaned in to kiss her cheek.

Suddenly the music stopped and everyone turned to look at the stage. Betty the school secretary got up and made her way to the microphone and looked down happily at all the students. “Alright it’s the time you have all been waiting for. Time to announce Prom King and Prom Queen! Would the nominees please come forward?”

Taking a deep breath Sara left the comfort of Michael’s arms and headed up the steps of the stage to join the others. As she made he way to the line up Jane gave her cousin the evilest look.

“Voted by you the students, our Prom King of class 2011 is…. Nick Savrinn!” the gym roared with applause as Nick stepped forward and was crowned king. “Now Prom Queen, surprisingly won by a landslide is…. Sara Tancredi!!”

Immediately Jane stepped forward with a smile on her face thinking it was her but as Betty’s words sunk in she froze and her jaw dropped. “WHAT!!”

Not being able to hide her smile Sara stepped forwards and allowed Betty to place the crown on her head.

“This is wrong” Jane cried, as she looked a Trishanne standing next to her with a surprised look as well. “No, I don’t think so!”

As the gym cheered for Sara and Nick and clapped for them Jane pushed her way forward and grabbed the microphone. “I’m supposed to be Queen! She’s nothing but a bet made by Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield!”

Suddenly everyone in the gym went silent and Sara’s smile disappeared. In the crowed Gretchen smiled and Michael was shaking his head, “This can’t be happening.”

“Come on Sara do you really think that you would be up here if you weren’t!” she snapped as she looked over at her cousin. “It goes all the way back to spring break, when Linc offered Michael money to keep you away from the house. I mean isn’t that around the time Michael started showing any interest in you?”

Sara stood there doing her best to hold back tears as Jane’s words ripped her apart. They couldn’t be true she thought and then look down at Michael he couldn’t meet her eyes anymore.

“And when Michael did such a great job at keeping you away Linc and Michael decided to raise the bar and they made a bet you could be nominated for prom Queen. Isn’t that right Michael?” Jane called out and looked over at Michael.

Michael said nothing as everyone looked at him and if Sara had any doubts he had done this she knew now knew they were absolutely true.

“You see Sara, your still a nobody, you’re still that stupid invisible kid no one really sees.”

Having had enough Sara ran down the steps of the stage and the crown fell to the ground. Sara pushed her way through the crowd hearing the whispers and giggles as she went. She didn’t stop she wanted out of this nightmare, to go home and disappear.

Michael saw her leaving and quickly followed her out of the gym wanting to explain everything to her. “Sara! Sara please!” Michael called as she ran after her.

As she stepped out of the building she could finally breath but tears covered her face. She could hear Michael calling her name and when he was standing behind her and touched her shoulder she whipped around and slapped him right across the face.

She was angry and crying at the same time and it broke Michael’s heart. He wasn’t expecting the slap so when it hit it hurt like hell. He knew he deserved much worse but the look on her face killed him over and over again.

“You just wanted to spent time with me huh?” Sara yelled. “I didn’t want to come to this stupid thing and you promised me it would be fun. You lying BASTARD!!” she screamed as she slapped him again. “I hate you! I hate you, I hate you, I HATE YOU!” She yelled as she started hitting Michael in the stomach.

He did nothing to stop her; instead he just let her kept hitting him until he fell over. Once he was on the ground he looked up at her and saw the pain and devastation on her face. He did this to her, he hurt her in the worse possible way. He deserved everything she through at him and more and tears welled up in his eyes as he watched her run off away from everyone and away from him. She hated him.

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hopefully I still have some readers, sorry it took sooo long I just need to find the time to sit down and write it down.
Shattered Hearts by 27kate17
Chapter 27- Shattered Hearts

I was never a girl use trusted very well as you can see. For the longest time after my parents died it was pretty much just me, living in a big house with people who didn’t really want me there. I thought it was better this way, there was no way anyone could hurt me if I refused to get close to anyone.

The pain of losing your parents at such a young age is like no other pain and it was like no pain I ever wanted to experience ever again. Since that day, I never let anyone get close to me or someone I get close too. That is until I allowed myself to get close to Michael.

After what happen at Prom I felt so betrayed and hurt, I found myself back tracking to the girl I was before we started. The closed off girl trusting nobody, counting on nobody but myself. My Heart was shattered into a million pieces.


Sitting on her desk the phone vibrated for what did like the fiftieth time and Sara just sat on her bed on the other side of tissues surround the room. Closing her eyes she looked away from the phone, refusing to answer it knowing full well whom it was.

“Sara, It’s me… Michael. Listen you have every right to hate me; I hate what I did you. Sara I know I don’t deserve this but please I want to explain some things to you, not that there is really an excuse. Please Sara…”


With her hair tied back Sara entered the school Monday morning for the first time after prom. She walked at a quick pace avoiding all the stares and whispers as she went.

“Hey prom Queen” she heard someone yell as she got to her locker, forcing herself to ignore them.

Biting her bottom lip, Sara hugged her books tight to her chest as she opened her locker. The whispers were still behind her but she forced herself not to let them get to her. Placing her books on the shelf she reminded herself that in just a couple of weeks she would be out of this stupid school.

As Michael entered the school he got a mixed reaction from people. Some came up to him and were patting him on the back, while others glared at him in disgust. He pushed past everyone as he made his way down the hall. He could see Sara at her locker and had every intention of going to talk to her. That was until Lance stepped in front and blocked his path.

“I don’t think so, turn around” Lance told him.

“Look I just want to talk to her” Michael pleaded.

“I think everyone here already knows what you want? Listen bad boy you so much as look at her at all and I will kick your ass.” Lance threatened.

Frustrated Michael looked up at Sara and saw her looking back at him. The pain in her face expression broke his heart into more pieces that it already was. Looking back at Lance and seeing the guy wasn’t going to let him pass, Michael nodded his head.

“You know she trusted you, she let her guard down around you because she thought she saw something good in you. Do you have any idea what your betrayal did to her? She was willing to give you a chance even when the rest of us saw it as a lost cause. You blew it man and are truly not worth it.” Lance added and Michael was beginning to believe him.

Nodding his head Michael walked away deciding she needed more time and he needed to take care of a few things to end this.

“Hey man” Michael heard a familiar voice say. Turning around he saw Linc running up behind him. “So I didn’t get a chance to see you after the prom. I um I owe you this” Linc said as he held out an envelop. “The money, just like we agreed.”

Michael stared at the envelope as his mind was racing. He didn’t want the money, he wanted nothing to do with the money but without it he would never get those drug dealer off his back.

“You alright?” Linc asked as he watched the hesitation in Michael.

Michael looked up at his brother with helpless eyes and then looked down the hall at Sara and Lance. God he just wanted to throw the money away but who knows what would happen if he didn’t pay off James’ debt. “I’m fine,” Michael said as he reached out and snatched the money from Linc.

“Are you sure cause you don’t look too happy with your prize” Linc said.

“Stop! Don’t call it that!” Michael snapped.

“Whoa man” Linc said when he saw Michael’s outburst. Michael stormed off down the hall and Linc followed him. “Michael what’s wrong?”

“Why do you care?” Michael snapped.

Linc grabbed Michael by the arm and forced him to stop and look at him. “Because you’re my brother and something is obviously bothering you.”

“Just leave me alone,” Michael told him.

“You care about her huh?” Linc said and without hearing Michael’s answer he got his answer by his face.


“SARA!!!! SARA!!!” the annoying sound of her cousin’s voice could be heard throughout the house. Sara had ignored her the last ten times she had called her name but it seemed little miss princess wasn’t going to give up. Slamming her book shut she made her way to her bedroom door and threw it open.


“Well it’s about time you answered!” Jane said. “You have to do the garbage.”

“And why can’t you?” Sara snapped.

“Because I just did my nails, they’re still drying” Jane said holding her hands out flat at the nail polish was still wet and Sara rolled her eyes at her unbelievably lazy cousin.

Gathering up the garbage she head to the garage to dump the bags. As she threw them in one by one a wrapped fell to the ground. Kneeling down Sara reached for the wrapper and noticed something behind the garbage pail. As she got a closer look she saw her name on the package.

Forgetting about the wrapper Sara moved the garbage pail out of the way and picked up the big white envelopes. As she got closer look at them she saw that not only were they for her but they were her college acceptance letters. She had been waiting for these for weeks and was getting worried when they hadn’t come in the mail.

Seeing that the seal had already been open it was obvious someone had already taken a look at them. Pulling out the letters from the envelopes she saw that she was accepted to Yale, NYU, Loyola and Princeton. As the anger grew in her eyes Sara headed into the house and saw Jane sitting at the kitchen table applying more nail polish.

Looking at her cousin with disgust Sara slapped the accepted letters on the table in front of her Jane and glared at her with fury. Jane looked down at the letters and once she realized what they were she froze.

“Do you want to explain to me how these got hidden behind the garbage?” Sara asked.

“mmh” was all Jane could say as she went back to painting her nails.

“Did you hide these?” Sara asked her more clearly.

“Why would I do that?” Jane laughed.

“Did you?”

“So what if I did, I mean It’s not like you can afford to go” Jane said as she blew on her wet nails.

“BECAUSE IT”S MY BUSINESS! GOD Jane you are so selfish!” Sara said with all her anger. “Do you have nothing better to do then to ruin my life?”

“Come on you don’t have a life to ruin” Jane laughed as she glared at Sara.

Sara’s anger grew more and more as she stared at the self-centered cousin of hers. “You are such a BITCH!” Sara screamed. Jane jumped by Sara sudden outburst, she had never screamed at her like that before. With another grunt Sara stepped up to Jane and grabbed her hands.

“Wait what are you doing?” Jane asked.

“This!” Sara said as she shoved Jane’s wet nails into her hair.

Jane let out a shriek as he nails became stuck in her hair. With one last glare Sara grabbed her acceptance letters and then ran upstairs all the while hearing Jane screaming at her.
Light at the End of the Dark Tunnel by 27kate17
Chapter 28- Light at the End of the Dark Tunnel

Dr. Joyce Brothers once said, “Love comes when Manipulation stops; when you think about the other person then his or her reactions to you. When you dare to reveal yourself fully. When you dare to be vulnerable”

I’ve found myself thinking about this quote over the years. We hold control when we manipulate people and for many having that control makes them feel comfortable. Love doesn’t like to play by the same rules and in many cases sneaks up for a surprise hit.

When love becomes part of the equation all the rules change and because to the new mix so do our priorities. We begin to care more for the other then having the control. Love likes to play by it’s own rules and when its evolves, so do you.


Hanging up the phone with a sigh Veronica made her way into the living room where Michael was sitting on the couch flipping through the channels on the television. Taking a seat across from Michael she just stared at him with a disapproving glare. Michael turned his head to look a Veronica and knew what this was about. “I take it you talked to Sara?”

“Yeah, after weeks of ignoring my calls she finally talked to me and told me what happened” Veronica said with an upset tone. Michael then looked away guilty and ashamed of himself. Sara hadn’t talked to him at all over the last couple weeks and he’s done nothing but think about her.

“I mean Michael, What the hell were you thinking?” Veronica snapped. “My god I practically pushed this girl to you because I thought you actually cared about her. Yet now I learn if was all for money.”

“It wasn’t… I didn’t do it for the money” Michael called back quickly. “I mean at first I was in it for the party cash but that all changed quite quickly. I wanted to get out I did… but I couldn’t.”

What the Hell does that mean?” Veronica snapped as she got off the sofa and started to pace the floor.

Michael watched her and more guilt washed over his face as he leaned forward and put his head down. “I’ve got James’ drug dealers riding my ass for the money he owes them. I didn’t know any other way to get the money without anyone getting seriously hurt.”

“Other then Sara?” Veronica pointed out.

“NO… I… if I didn’t do this who knows what they would of done if they ever saw her with me. Look I never… I’ve wanted out for a long time but then god knows what they would of done. I just wanted this to be over with without anyone getting hurt. But then that bitch Jane went and blurted it all out to everyone at prom. God the look on Sara’s face when she realized what I had done…”

Veronica watched the kid who was like a little brother to her as he sat there with tears in his eyes and pain of what had happened all over his face. She could tell that he was definitely upset of over what had happen and that he did indeed care for Sara a lot. “You’re in love with her aren’t you?”

Michael looked up at Veronica and wasn’t able to put together a sentence and the look on his face told Veronica everything she need to know. Silently Michael just nodded his head and the buried his face in his hands.

Veronica slowly started to walk over to comfort him but before she could reach his side there was a knock on the door. With an apologizing look Veronica left the room to answer the door. As she swung open the door she was very surprised to see who was on the other side and was not too please to see him either. “What are you doing here Lincoln?” she said as she looked at a troubling Lincoln standing in front of her.

“Is Mike here? I’m here to help him.”


Sara sat in her room crunching numbers and trying to see how much college was going to cost her and how much more she would need. When the final number was revealed if she decided to go to Princeton her heart sank. There was no way she would be able to come up with all that money and attend the school she had always dreamed of going to. Out of frustration she slammed the calculator down and laid her head down on the desk. There was no way her aunt and uncle would pay for her to go to Princeton especially since their precious little Jane wasn’t even smart enough to go to clown school.

More tears fell as everything that had happened to her over the last couple weeks came back to her. The heart break she had felt when she learn Michael never cared for her and the humiliation she was put through out of the selfishness of her cousin.

As she lifted her head she looked across the room at the picture of her and her parents and felt he anger growing even more. Her mom and dad said they would always be there to protect and comfort her, but they weren’t. They were supposed to be there for her and keep her safe but instead she is stuck living in hell. As her anger boiled even more she grabbed a book off her desk and threw it right at the picture frame. “You said you would be here for me! All you left me was a stupid picture from the past I can never have again! How does that help me? ” Sara screamed at them as the book smashed the picture and knocked it off the wall and it fell to the floor in a crash.

After the realization of what she had just down sank in she wiped her tears away and ran over to pick up the large picture frame. The glass was broken and there was no way to fix it. Kicking herself for what she had done she pulled the picture out of the frame she assure it didn’t get ruin. As she pulled it out something fell out from behind it. Looking down at the floor she saw a folded up paper on the ground. Reaching down to pick it up she unfolded the mystery document and made her way to her desk to take a seat. She was completely shocked to discover what it was. It was her parent’s Will that was revised two years before their death that stated upon their death Sara owned everything and not her aunt and uncle


Standing in the deserted park in the dark, Michael was awaiting for James’ drug dealer, Lechero to arrive. Taking a deep breath Michael kicked the dirt on the grown, as he hoped that soon this would be all over and that they couldn’t come after him again.

He could see movement in the distance and waited as the dark figure came closer. His heart rate got faster and faster. As the man got closer Michael recognized him as the drug dealer Lechero whom had threaten him before. Trying to remain calm he waited for him to get closer to him.

“You got my money?” Lechero grunted.

“You’ll leave me alone after this right? Are business is done?” Michael asked.

“Yeah whatever man I have other clients to see so pay up NOW!” Lechero yelled.

Just then police lights and sirens went off all around them catching the Lechero off guard. He spun around as cops came closer and arrested him. He yelled and screamed at Michael for screwing him over but Michael just backed away wanting to get out of there as fast as possible. Waiting for him on the other side of one of the cop cars was Veronica and Lincoln. Once he was safely away Veronica leaped forward and wrapped her arms around Michael happy that he was safe.

When Linc had came over earlier he wanted to help Michael make things right with Sara seeing how much Michael seemed to care for her. Over the years the two may not of gotten along but he was still his little brother and in the end he wanted him to be happy. After Michael explained the whole story Veronica made a call to her friend Samantha Brinker who was a cop and told her about Lechero who was actually a drug dealer the cops had been trying to arrest for months now.

The cops came over to thank the three for giving them lead and then Veronica suggested that the get head home. Michael was definitely ready to get out of there and followed behind Veronica and Linc as they headed to his car.

“So what about Sara?” Linc asked.

Thinking about what he could do since he still had the money from Linc an idea popped into his head that he thought would make Sara at least smile. “I have an idea.” He assured them and both Veronica and Linc smiled.

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